Tonight’s Bizarro-world moment

Malken’s latest manufactured outrage and cause celebre (see below):

A Blame America Monument is not what we need or deserve. But it looks like one is already in the works.

Plus Assrocket (see below):

A Sick Distortion of Reality

In my opinion, some of the most irresponsible political commentary in America is done by editorial cartoonists.

Equals, um…Back to you, Ms. Malkin:

Cox & Forkum’s latest cartoon says it all.

Once again, Mr. Assrocket:

But there never seems to be any sanction imposed on left-wing editorial cartoonists who misrepresent facts.

Bizarro say, “Happily, Yes! Smart people and excellent points!”


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Personally, I blame Ms. Maglalangadingdong. Encase her in bronze, prop her up there and let her endure an eterity of pigeon shit.


I am getting so. Fucking. Tired. Of these Patriotically Correct morons. They’re just looking *everywhere* for something to get offended by.


Sign This Because Howard Dean is strong and Bush is a pussy who wrote a check with his mouth that his ass couldn’t cover, we have to do that, and now he is quietly suing for peace.

US in talks with Iraqi insurgents


Why are right-wing editorial cartoons never funny?



Speaking of the patriotically correct, I saw a bumper sticker yesterday: “First Iraq, then Hollywood!”

Yes, because every time one of those damn liberal movie stars opens their mouth, it fucks up everything Il Douche is trying to accomplish. Social Security would have been privatized by now if Martin Sheen hadn’t spoken out against it. Iraq would be as safe as a Christian school playground if Sean Penn hadn’t gone over there and fired up the insurgency single-handedly, not to mention he probably hid all the WMD. Dubya’s approval rating plummeted 45 points after Chevy Chase made fun of his intellect. And we all know about Michael Moore!

Well, that was fun, but back on Earth, the only thing Hollywood did was provide symbolic opposition that didn’t amount to a damn thing. But to these junior varsity fascists, even that is unforgivable. As true herd animals, they cannot rest until everyone, and I mean everyone, is marching in lockstep with them.


Mr. Mordant, I think I can one-up you. I saw the following on Newbury Street in Boston, of all places:

“USA- 1
Iraq- 0


Yeah, all the Red Staters hate Hollywood so much, they just can’t stop buying People Magazine and shelling out $10 a ticket to see “The Longest Yard.”

Honestly, they are like closeted crack addicts when it comes to celebrities.



Hell, I’ve never seen a Mallard Fillmore that’s funny,and he has 3 panels, not just the one most editorial cartoons have.

I don’t hate right wing cartoons because they’re right wing. Far from it, actually. I’d love to see a funny right wing cartoon. But I’ve never, ever, ever seen one. Mallard Fillmore makes Garfield and Cathy look like comic platinum.


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution threw a comics-page sop to the right-wing whiners in the form of Prickly City. It’s actually rather satisfying to think this is the best the right can do, especially in the light of The Boondocks, Doonesbury, or La Cucaracha. On the other hand, what a waste of ink.


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