In Other Skank-Related News…

I really wanted to avoid another discussion about skanks and hos, but dammit, Joseph Farah just won’t let it drop:

The pimp and the president

In the 2004 presidential election, exit polls showed 22 percent of voters cited “moral values” as the one issue that mattered most when considering how to vote.

More voters cited moral values than the economy (20 percent), terrorism (19 percent), or Iraq (17 percent). Across the nation, and particularly in key battleground states, the perception that George W. Bush stood for traditional, Judeo-Christian moral values helped him overcome staggering losses among voters who cared primarily about Iraq and the economy.

“These brave voters were willing to forsake their economic well-being to stop gays from getting married.”

Among those who cited moral values as their top priority, Bush defeated Kerry 79-18. The numbers were dramatic in Ohio, the state that ensured Bush’s victory. Self-described white evangelical, born-again voters represented 25 percent of the Ohio electorate and supported Bush by a 76-24 margin.

“But don’t let Howard Dean tell you that the Republicans are a white Christian party!”

Jobs were the key concern for Ohio voters (24 percent), but the moral issues contingent was right behind (23 percent). Much like the rest of the country, these morally minded voters supported Bush 85-14.

So only Bush’s voters can be “morally minded.” Of course, I did support Kerry because he wanted to mandate sodomy class for first-graders, so I guess Joe’s got a point.

But Bush doesn’t have to face re-election any more.

Thank God.

So, apparently, he is no longer concerned about perceptions.

Yes, ever since Bush got been re-elected, he became drunk with power, donned a long black robe, and changed his name to Darth Pornius.

Next week he will thank those voters who returned him to office by breaking bread and rubbing shoulders with a hard-core pornographer and a porn star who forked over $5,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee for a two-day fete in Washington.

The pornographer, Mark Kulkis, president of Kick-A– Pictures…

“…and co-founder of L-ck My N-tz Productions…”

…is boasting that he was personally invited to the 2005 President’s Dinner and is boasting that his presence there will “make pop culture history.”

He and his escort, Mary Carey, who hopes to parlay her career in the oldest profession into a one in the second oldest, politics, are using the appearance with Bush, congressional leaders, Karl Rove and other Republican heavyweights to hype their “industry.”

Yes, Joe, I know, this is the same damn column you wrote a couple of days ago. And I’m gonna give you the same response:

1.) I don’t care
2.) Pornographers still contribute more to society than Karl Rove

And until the porn industry attacks Hillary Clinton through a shady 527 called “Lesbian Porn Stars for the Truth (and Vaginas),” I’ll continue to proudly not give a shit.

Kulkis, by the way, also serves as honorary chairman on the NRCC’s Business Advisory Council, a group which describes itself as a “small, prestigious group of conservative businessmen and women.”

Indeed it does. It also “advocate(s) a progressive, conservative, pro-business agenda.”

With these research skills, I’ll have a job at WorldNetDaily in no time…

“We will try to use your name whenever possible in both our national and local advertising,” the NRCC explains to those interested in membership.

Kulkis says porn is going mainstream in America and he apparently finds the association with the governing party in America to be advantageous to his own business pursuits.

As does just about every other business in America. I take it Joe’s never heard of the K Street Project?

Once again, this symbolic and gratuitous gesture by the Republicans ? flipping off those who brought them to power ? illustrates why Americans really have no political choices between the two major parties.

Yes, Joe! Please, please, encourage your readers not to vote! You’d be my fricking hero!

What’s the alternative to the party of Howard Dean, who contends the GOP is exclusively for “white Christians”? What’s the alternative to the party of Barney Frank, who ran a male prostitution ring out of his congressional office, and the lying, duplicitous and arrogant Hillary Rodham Clinton? What’s the alternative to the treasonous antics of John Kerry’s party?

If Joe has his way, it’ll be a party centered around making up nasty shit about your opponents.

It’s a party that prostitutes itself by taking money from an industry that demeans men and women as sex objects and poisons the minds and souls of Americans for profit.

More disturbing still, perhaps, is the way so many die-hard Republicans and so-called “conservatives” have responded to this ugly crass money grab by the GOP. Silence. Or worse yet, defense!

“Or worse still, laughter!”

The spokesman for the NRCC, Carl Forti, told WND: “They’ve paid their money. No matter what they do, the money is going to go to help elect Republicans to the House.”

Would the Republicans take money from anyone? Would they take money from neo-Nazi skinheads who coughed up $5,000? Would they take money from environmental polluters or just polluters of our moral eco-system?

“The environmental polluters are OK- they just put mercury in our drinking water. And remember what Jesus said: ‘Blessed are the brain-damaged, for lo, they don’t look at dirty pictures.'”

Would they take money from mobsters? Maybe so, since the mob is known to be a major backer of pornography.

Millions of Americans may realize that morality is essential to good governance.

I dunno about that. Clinton wasn’t a very moral dude, but I was much happier with him in charge than George W. Bush.

But they have nowhere to turn to express themselves politically ? at least not within either of the two major parties.

And therefore they shouldn’t vote, right, Joe? They should just forsake the whole political process and leave us alone, right? Joe? You there?

Aw crap, that’s the end of the column.

Well, I’m outta here ’til Monday. Have a good weekend. (And incidentally, if we keep talking about skanks, I’m gonna have Seb (who’s now a daddy, FYI… make sure to send him some congratulations!) change our name to “Sadly, Ho!”)


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“These fools were willing to sacrifice the health and wellbeing of their families to elect people who promised to make other people suffer even more and who would pimp them out at the drop of a hat.

M. D.

Just anothe cynical ex-hippie working for the establishment.


Can someone please explain to me who Seb is? I know I should know this! Thanks,


Lucy- Seb’s the guy who actually founded this blog. He’s been absent since for the last coupla months as his wife got more pregnant (no, I don’t care if that doesn’t make sense) and foolishly left the car keys to S,N! to Gavin and me.


Congratulations, Seb! I hope the missus and little Brian Cherry [long effete-sounding French surname] or Amber Pawlik [long effete-sounding French surname] are doing well.


Joseph Farah…or Darth Flanders? I wonder if that’s a fake mustache he’s wearing to hide the sores he got from eating Amber’s “pizza.”


I wonder if that’s a fake mustache he’s wearing to hide the sores he got from eating Amber’s “pizza.”

OK that’s really funny.


I aim to plotz.


“Would the Republicans take money from anyone? Would they take money from neo-Nazi skinheads who coughed up $5,000? Would they take money from environmental polluters or just polluters of our moral eco-system? Would they take money from mobsters?”

Wow, Joe just isn’t paying attention, is he? Racist, Dominionist, polluting, military-industrial mobsters are RUNNING the government. Wake the f_ck up, Joe!


Would they take money from environmental polluters

Try and keep up, dude.

(I know that’s the same thing yagi said more or less, but I decided to say it while I was reading the column and dammit, I’m saying it anyway.)


Whoa, whoa wait a minute here.

Is Mr. Farah suggesting that smirking crude rich drunken pampered wealthy Ivy League frat boys don’t care about Bible-belt Midwestern Jebus loving values?

That’s so hard to believe. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.

I need to sit down.


Congratulations to Seb!


Jimbo, next they’ll be telling us that the smirking crude rich drunken pampered wealthy Ivy League frat boy is faking the whole down-home Texas thing.


Congrats Seb!


“What’s the alternative to the party of Barney Frank, who ran a male prostitution ring out of his congressional office”

What should be pointed out is that this refers to an embarassing episode in Rep. Frank’s career, where he was involved with someone who turned out to be rather seamy. However, Rep. Frank was NOT aware of the prostitution by this guy (“Gobius” I think was his name), and apologized about it. I’ve just seen Rush Libaugh and others cite —and distort— this episode to make it seem that Barney Frank is the chief gay orgy-master of the beltway.

(that’s Ken Mehlman’s job, in fact!)


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