Kiiiiiiiiitten Kombat!!!

The Editors have been going crazy with kitten pictures this week, so I figured Sadly, No! could use some kitten pics of its own.

But our kittens aren’t the snuggly, fuzzy creatures the Editors are so enamored with. No, our kittens are battle-scarred hell-beasts that will demolish the Editors’ beloved critters!!!

Now attack, yon kitties, attack!!!!1!!









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Man, that orange one’s got a bad-ass tattoo in the ear! Must be a right-wing biker cat.


The first one just looks constipated. Maybe it has worms.


What’s with the Lieberman pic? I thought you were showing cat pics.


There is nothing that rocks my world harder than angry, pissed-off, crazy cats. There is nothing funnier. NOTHING, damnit!


That last one in the green plastic container is going to give me nightmares.


Bad Kitties of the World Unite! Now, go get Dr. Frist…


I want the gray hairless one. Alien kitties are awesome.


Is dat a socialist, devil worshipping, pagan peace symbol in dat cat’s ear?


No! it’s a rune, dammit! You ultramaroon!

hat tip to Sondra K.


What in the hell did you do to those cats? The first one looks like it should be being stroked by a third world dictator as we speak.
The hairless one’s a bit lame though. They always look evil.


You guys should check out the book Bad Cat, by Jim Edgar. 244 pictures of take-no-prisoners badass cats like this. Funny as hell, too.


Interesting site, and very organized too. Good work. It’s impossible to experience one’s death: , while they only recover


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