I don’t have many standards, but the nastiness in the comments section has gotten to be way too much.

Por favor, if you’re going to make fun of someone, make fun of what they write or their ideas (or their crappy recipes), but not them personally. And yes, that means you shouldn’t call someone “white trash,” no matter how much you disagree with them.

Thank you.


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[cue Fat Albert Gang ‘auuugh’ animation]

He’s right though. ‘White’ and ‘trash’ equals nasty comment. No se pasaran.

We leave that gratuitous nastiness to outlaw sites such as War & Piece and Crooked Timber.


Yeah, those kids are Crooked Timber are mean, mean, mean.


Oy vey…

Very well – you are right, of course.

My sincerest apologies go out to Ms. Sondra K. She is the very definition of ladyhood, and I should have kept my grubby, uncouth, crude, and crass little typing fingers far, far away from the keyboard thus securing the dignity of said fair lady. I am a boorish nitwit not fit to even read her fascist rhetoric…I mean patriotic meditations, let alone comment on it/them/whatever.

My apologies extend also to the good gentlemen administrating this fine site, and the gentle readership thereof.

In pennance I shall say 10 rosaries, eat 3 Pawlik-pizzas, and gargle an entire bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Castille soap (mint flavor).


I shall further endeavour to post the above apology where the fair lady/biker/soldier/princess/whatever-she-is-today will see it.


She wasn’t exactly innocent either. In fact, she was probably the worst offender.

I’m just sayin’ that we need to be better than that 🙂


I think it was mostly the ‘white trash’ thing, yes?


Yes, I was apologizing for the WT comment…and I guess for the aging, angry bi@$h comment as well. And for whatever else.

I mean Special K!!!

No, wait…Sondra K!
That’s it.


‘White’ and ‘trash’ equals nasty comment.

I will in the future make sure I do not ask Sondra why she put the white chocolate in the trash!

Seriously, though, I think making someone eat Pawlik-pizza as penance violates the Eighth Amendment. It’s both cruel and unusual!


What kinda PC comment is acceptable, “Discarded objects what reflect all light rays in the visible spectrum equally”?


What kinda PC comment is acceptable, “Discarded objects what reflect all light rays in the visible spectrum equally”?

*sigh* I know, I’m a party-pooper, but IMHO, making fun of someone’s class is just as tasteless as making fun of their race or sexuality.


Interesting thread. I’m certainly not disagreeing with Brad R. setting the standards for his own blog (since I rule mine with a blood-drench iron fist), but I’m a little surprised to see that people find “white trash” out of bounds. I mean, while I clean up okay, and have managed to acquire some of that there fancy book learnin’, I am descended from generations of what you could only call white trash. My great grandfather was an honest-to-god sharecropper. That?s beyond poor. That?s, like, pizoor or something.

By the time I came along, pretty much the whole family had managed to claw its way up into the middle class, I suppose. But I?m not sure that makes us less ?white trash??it really is a cultural thing. I mean?my mom puts tiny marshmallows on top of sweet potatoes and bakes that shit. I mix a can of tuna into a batch of Kraft Mac?n Cheese and call it dinner (which officially makes me the world?s worst gay man, but that?s another topic). We may all have college educations and decent jobs, but we?re still kinda trashy, and perfectly satisfied with that.

It?s not like America has hoards of noble-born Anglo-Saxons, anyway. Most white people are pretty trashy, when it comes right down to it, both in terms of heritage and actual cultural practice. That?s why Martha Stewart is so rich?she provides the roadmap to help you navigate right on out of your trashy life. She?s the Underground Railroad to the faux gentry of severely restrained and understated tastefulness.

Anyway, this post doesn?t have much of a point, as I?m sure you?ve surmised. I just thought the topic was interesting. Oh, and Sadly, No! has become my favorite blog in the several days since I discovered it. I have never laughed so hard in my life.


I’m just anal about class prejudice. I think a lot of liberals make blanket statements about Wal Mart-shopping poor white people being “stupid” and then wonder why they don’t vote for us.

That’s not to say that they’re aren’t a lot of poor white people who happen to be stupid. But there’s also a lot of rich white people who happen to be *really* stupid (see: Assrocket). The basis of the critique should be the stupidity, not the class.

Again, just my opinion.


How about “moron”? Is that too nasty?



I mostly agree…I just thought it was interesting to see the term crop up, and being a blogger myself, I (surprise!) have a compulsive need to toss my two cents in.

Phoenician in a time of Romans

Well, I’m bummed. My mother has been touring around Ireland and sent this comment:

“Today we went Trinity College where Maggie and I believe our Great Grandfather Mulvaney was tossed out on his ear before he was sent to New Zealand as a remittance man.”

Does this mean that I’m descended from rich white trash?


No, Brad and Gavin are right. Even as the mighty whitey “man”, there are certain words we can use maliciously and expect to actually get a result. The internets are so course, that a paragraph-long obscenity-laden screed doesn’t rais an eyebrow, but a term like white trash can actually hurt feelings, because the person on the receiving end knows damn well that you’re trying to hurt them, as opposed to trying to cuss them out.

I shouldn’t have said it. I was going to post my apology on her comments section, but I just glanced at the crap she’s posting, and lost the urge. I hope she sees it here.-


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