It has not been done since!

Rush opines:

All I know is that Jack Romanos was at Simon & Schuster when my book printed 2 million original copies. [It was the] first time in non-fiction it had ever been done, it has not been done since …

Jack Welch’s “Jack: Straight from the Gut” was published in September 2001. Its initial print run? 2 million copies.


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A fortnight until the Amish barn raising,
Teadrops roll on down the silicone surfaced waterfall,
and frankly speaking, someone put the fluff in the snuff.

Because I know something that has never been done before,
I know nothing because it’s all been done before,
“History repeats itself.” said the first cavewoman as she gave birth.

Take this foot from me! It makes me wal beside raging waters.
Skip the tentacled circus tent and don’t blame the elephant.
Your man’s in, your man’s out. Just sit at the desk and enjoy prison.

Spikes of great heigth are to be built at true North, South, East and West all referenced together equally. And no spam!
Now there is a way to calculate the centrifical force of a hoola-hoop traveling around the waist of a teenager under the influence of soda pop and candy.

Red/Blue/Green/Orange/Turquoise/Mauve flashing lights that sound like nuclear rotiserie chickens just at the point of re-entry to the atmosphere after three and a half months in outer space learning cosmic spice lessons and galactic herbology.

He was previously self-employed and the boss he worked for was an idiot.
He did not weep. He did not cry. He sang a lullaby.
He did take some chances and he sang his song and perished.

In three years he’s back. He marries the church secretary.
He goes t work in the zoo as a worm-handler and shoveler.
Sometimes the wind blows the wrong way and you get a snout full of foul air and it cripples and paralyzes you. I sold my part.

You can talk all day on the subject and it does change one thing.
It changes your demeanor.
How about living lie a giant inflatble Howdy Doodiedol for once in your scruffy little life? You can still eat crowder peas.


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