Just for kicks, I’ve decided to recap the highlights from this week’s Pastor Swank columns in haiku form:

Catholic Ordained Females = Carnal Rebellion (Part I):

Rebellious females,
Ordained carnal rebellion,
Upstarts first-order.

Catholic Ordained Females= Carnal Rebellion (Part II):

John Kerry and spouse
Endorse killing womb babies
Enough already.

Bush Should Not Encourage Turkey to Join EU:

Wherever there are
Poverty and corruption
Islam flourishes

So Texas is an Islamic state?

Moralists Happy Re No-Homo-Nups:

God against Satan
Calif moralists have said
No to homo nups

Now if they could just stop killing womb babies.

Muslim Killer Camps Target US Citizens?:

“Peace Religion?” No
That’s ignorance maximum
Islam: Killing Cult.


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Oh great, I’m the Ed McMahon here, convulsed with gales of laughter while you get to be Johnny Carson.


“Homo-nups” is just a fun-filled phrase.


Bravo! And yes, “homo nups” is a winner.
Can we get next week’s in limericks?


Can we get next week’s in limericks?

That’s gonna take a lot more time. The beauty of haiku is that it doesn’t have to rhyme, it doesn’t need proper meter, and you only need to arrange words in 5-7-5 syllable form.

(OK, so *good* haiku is a lot harder than that, but Swank-ku doesn’t really have high standards.)


“In limericks!” D. Sidhe beseeches,
Brad’s comments on what Pastor Swank preaches.
In english most garbled,
from a cortex quite marbled,
to pews filled with whacked sonsabeeches.


tg- that’s not bad. I’ll e-mail you if I need help 😉


I just can’t wait for the Kaye Grogan sestina.

The Dark Avenger

Howbout “Sonnets from the Cooking-Impaired”?


tg, that limerick was just beautiful. i was having a truly shitty day but damned if that didn’t pull me right out of it (well, it could have been the 3rd martini, but i’m willing to give you the credit).


tg, it was inspired, bless you, and not in a creepy Pastor Swank way.
And, hell, I was just joking, I didn’t think anyone would take the time. Thanks!


How about Sondra Sonnets? 😉


How about Sondra Sonnets? 😉

NOOOOOOO!!!! Seriously, I can’t take anymore of her. It was funny at first, but now I have a massive headache.


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