Testing Powerline name…

test test test

jhg jhg jhg


[Heh heh. Since I’m ‘Trunkrocket,’ now Brad has to be ‘The Big Heinie.’]


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I always wanted to be Hindsocket.


I’m Douchebagger!

posted by Big Papi


dude, thanks for exposing every email account password I ever had in your third line there. if you hadn’t wrote this stupid post, no one would have ever known.


I few weeks ago I e-mailed Hinderocket and explained to him (in answer to a question on his blog) why he was getting gay-themed e-mail. He really didn’t know. I got a very angry response — the left has a sick mind, “hind” rhymes with “wind” and his son picked the nickname anyway.


Oh, and he’s friends with Wonkette!

The Big Heinie

Goddamn it, why do *I* get stuck with “The Big Heinie?”


What’s so funny here?

My nickname is “Assholefuckstick”. So what?

Hey – get your lefist minds out of the gutter, my dead grandmother picked that name. She said
“asshole” rhymes with…uh…with…my grandmother picked the name goddamnit!!!


Big Papi…isn’t it DoucheBAGGIE?

Is “Bonesmuggler” too obvious?



See how easy it is?


The Big Heinie

That’s “hiney”. Tush or tushy is good, too. Or tookus.


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