You gotta give him credit for this one:

But there never seems to be any sanction imposed on left-wing editorial cartoonists who misrepresent facts.

It’s funny, I could say the same thing about Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter, who are basically cartoons too (to say nothing of the wingnuttery espoused daily by Mallard Fillmore).

Of course, I’m not fascist enough to say that people who “misrepresent facts” while writing/drawing an editorial should face “sanctions”- then I wouldn’t have anything to blog about.


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I’m sorry, but “assrocketry” kills me.

Also, good point.


We definitely need Powerline names around here.

Actually, they’re not using theirs anymore — one of us can be ‘Trunkrocket,’ and the other can be ‘The Big Heinie.’

I wonder how easy it is to change those settings…


Strangely enough, I have never seen a cartoon properly represent anything.
Must be all that left-wing literature I’m reading.

*goes back to reading a Superman comic*


“I’m sorry, but “assrocketry” kills me.”

I find that you can create great descriptive words just by adding the suffix “-ry” to them. My favorite has always been “Assholery”


Sanctions? What kind of “sanctions” did he have in mind? Imprisonment in a gulag? Sorry, I mean “Happy Fun Democracy Camp”.

Of course there are no sanctions or re-education camps on tap for cartoonists like wingnut Michael Ramriez, at least when Assrocket likes the lie they tell,ie:

Sorry, but this lying, stupid, anti-free expression, hypocritical crybaby wingnut bullshit is really pissing me off.


assclownery, fuckwittery, toolboxery . . .

yeah, it works.


assclownery, fuckwittery, toolboxery . . .
shrill douchebaggery


Jimbo beat me to the punch with his smackdown of the odious Michael Ramirez. I can’t believe that my hometown paper got him to replace the amazing Paul Conrad. *sigh*


Ummm, yes, cartoonists should be held to a higher standard of factual accuracy…

What a tool.


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