Countdown: Drunken Liveblogging

Ding ding countdown to 8:00pm EST dong ding…

GAVIN (7:22): After much gee-whiz technofanfare, Jessica Yellin just appeared with Wolf Blitzer as a white-haloed figure, ‘via hologram.’ Nothing I could say would make this interesting, including “Help me, Obi-Wolf, you’re my only hope.”

GAVIN (7:28): Not drunk enough yet.

GAVIN (7:38): Alex Castellanos, with his staring eyes and mustache, is explaining that the Republican ‘silent majority’ may be smaller than it used to be — i.e., sort of a minority, pretty much. Seriously way not drunk enough.

MARITA (7:39): I think you need to break into those beers, Gav. If you keep yelling at Bill Bennett, the neighbors might complain.

GAVIN (7:45): Suzanne Malveaux at the Obama event in Chicago: “Hi Wolf, it’s [PEOPLE SCREAMING YEAAA-AAA-AAA-AAAH] with the [YEAAA-AAA-AAA-AAAH] when [WOOO-OOO-OOO-OOO!] every other [WHEEE-EEE-EEE-EEE] to you, Wolf.”

MARITA (7:54): Massachusetts polls will close 6 minutes from now. Massachusetts will likely be called 7 minutes from now.

GAVIN (7:55): McCain carries South Carolina with 44% to Obama’s 55% — I thought Negroes were 5/5 of a person these days? Woop-woop, developing! Massachusetts called for Obama.

GAVIN (8:01): They just called about fifty-eight states. Woop-woop, developing.

MARITA (8:03): As I was saying about Massachusetts…

GAVIN (8:03): It’s a shocker. BTW, Leonard ought to be along shortly. We still haven’t officially started, so it’s okay that nothing I said has been especially funny yet.

SEB (8:09): How many times will someone on CNN say they’re gonna be conservatives and count the votes?

SEB (8:11) John King says: “John McCain is underperforming George Bush (in 2004), which is a problem.” No, it’s not.

GAVIN (8:12) Leonard can’t load the site for some reason, so he’ll be appearing via hologram

MARITA (8:14) Some woman who looks like an albino Afghan Hound is at the McCain camp’s election extravaganza.  Some sort of funeral dirge is being performed on the stage.

SEB (8:19): CNN went to commercial so I was able to watch an old episode of 24 which is on RTL2 (I’m in Germany for those keeping score at home).

SEB (8:21): Why is Wolf Blitzer screaming all the time? I hate him.

MARITA (8:23): BREAKING NEWS – David Axelrod admits that Barack Obama carries “lucky charms” that have been given to him on the campaign trail.  He’s a witch!  I knew it all along!

GAVIN (8:22): Malkin suicide watch…

RETARDO (8.28): So how long til we can start putting ppl like Gary Ruppert in internment camps?

GAVIN (8:32): New Hampshire analysis, by level of education: Obama takes grad school, McCain takes grade school.

GAVIN (8:33): This oft-cited wingnut analysis is seeming iffy…

SEB (8:35): @Retardo: We can do that once we’re done nationalizing the means of production.

SEB (8:40): Go Pennsylvania!

GAVIN (8:42):

LEONARD (8:44):  Gav!  Missus Marita!  Seb!  Mencken!  Greetings from Bush country.  I think they’re fixin’ to call Florida and I need my third martini.

LEONARD (8:45):  Rachel Maddow:  Obama has not yet “flipped” a state.  Maybe they should offer him some lake trout and tea in a can.

LEONARD (8:48):  Whatever you do, do not read the Human Steyn.  He has gone all Multiple Miggs on us, masturbating furiously over Obama’s ugga-bugga relatives.

GAVIN (8:50): Frighteningly, Althouse seems to have vanished.

LEONARD (8:50):  David Axelrod’s “That’s what she said” moment:  “We’re obviously doing very well with women, but we’ve held our own with men.”

LEONARD (8:54):  “Hi, everybody, it’s me!  Political expert Tom DeLay!  I’m not in jail!”  They should just spend his segment laughing at him.

LEONARD (8:58):  DeLay is reminding everyone that now that the Dems are in charge, he’ll blame everything bad that ever happens again on them.  The Ole Perfesser:  “AT THE MOMENT, MCCAIN IS AHEAD IN POPULAR VOTES while way behind in electoral votes. I doubt that will last, but in light of 2000 it’s funny.”  Yeah, Glenn, I guess that is kinda funny.

GAVIN (8:59): A drama in two acts:

Barone [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

throws serious cold water on the Pa. calls.

11/04 08:25 PM

re: Pa [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

Fox has now called it for Obama.

11/04 08:28 PM

SEB (9:07): Bill Bennett starts off the “racism is over look at us everybody USA #11!!11!!!” train.

LEONARD (9:09):  Hooty Hoo Hewitt, inexplicably, has called NMex for Obama, but is still disputing Pennsylvania.

GAVIN (9:11): There’s a lot of disputation over Pennsylvania.

LEONARD (9:14):  I think you mean expectoration.  Crazy Pammy’s liveblog is pure hilarity:  she’s attempting to explain to her braindead legions what PUMA is, and one asks:  “You mean like Log Cabin Republicans?”

GAVIN (9:19):

Pamela, Atlas: ohio obama
[Comment From Randall]
I don’t trust any news outlet now
notorious erb: is ohio done now
[Comment From Christene]
I still don’t know what PUMA stands for,..well,..besides some awesome shoe’s!…I guess I can live with not knowing,….I’ve spent the last week Praying for America And Israel!
notorious erb: or is this bs?
[Comment From bhparkman]
My wife says she’s sleeping with her .45 rifle tonight and told me to hold onto the 12-gauge. She’s afraid of rioters.

GAVIN (9:24): It’s Hank Williams, Jr. at the McCain event, and he’s…bombing?

SEB (9:26): The upcoming CNN call? Hank Williams did in fact bomb.

LEONARD (9:27):  Ohio is called hither and yon.  Say goodnight, Sarah.  More words of wisdom from the Shrieking Harpy brain trust:

Can we be American? ISREAL HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE SAME……… Welcome to America where things are supposed to be cool. It still is the best place to live unless we are in the islands and self supportive. BREATHE ….Freedom is refreshing and gift. Take care of it, remember that the Al- Quida said they could not beat us in heads up war but would destroy us in the heart, which is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. They have done that, am I right ?

GAVIN (9:34): Ohio — ba-ba-boom.

GAVIN (9:41):

MARITA (9:46): has called a Yes vote for Question 2.  Smoke ’em if you got em.

LEONARD (9:46): The Malkinoids are quoting Bible verses at each other, and hiding ‘neath their blankets warm from the new Soul On Ice administration:

Black Panthers blocking whites access to voting booths. Nice. A tiny glimpse into the Obama regime.

“Who are the Prayer Warriors? There must be some word! I want ALL the Prayer Warriors! I want them alive, if possible. If not, wasted! But I want them. Send the word!”

RETARDO (9:51): Tonight we are seeing the future: A gay cross-dressing muslim abortionist’s high heel stomping on Doughy Pantload’s face — forever!

LEONARD (10:02):  I-oh-way called for Obama.  I’m switching to Rangpur gin, and it took me four minutes to type that.  The Human Steyn, on Failin’ Palin:  “If you’ve got organic style, you shouldn’t be shoehorned into generic campaign issue.”

GAVIN (10:06): I is more beer. Say, would you believe that the impeachment drumbeat has begun?

SEB (10:10): So far tonight everything has been excellent news for John McCain.

GAVIN (10:14): A drama in two acts at

Reply 194 – Posted by: Sheik n Bake, 11/4/2008 7:47:00 PM

From now on, I will only refer to the democrat party by it’s proper name : Communist Party.

It’ll be McCain-Palin by a landslide. Then we’ve got to get all the rest of the communists out of the government.

Thread Closed

PS: Despite a pasting error, this thread is not closed.

GAVIN (10:26): Okay, wait. Are the yellow states on the map called for Bob Barr or, uh, what’s his name — the guy with the blimp?

LEONARD (10:29):  Jonah, as always, puts country first:  “Looks like paperback sales of Liberal Fascism will be brisk!”

GAVIN (10:33): He’ll be doing a lot of laughing in the labor camp.

GAVIN (10:52): Whee!

folks concede we are now a communist nation we can’t stop it unless we spend the bullet

Posted on Tuesday, November 04, 2008 10:51:32 PM by Bengar

grab ur gun

SEB (10:57): Bill Bennett says no one (running for President or something) has given the country more than John McCain. Cry me a river.

SEB (10:59): Wolf says Obama was born in Hawaii — cue outrage. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

SEB (11:01): Bed time for Germans. Keep the party going, America.

RETARDO (11:07): ZOMMFG!! This is better than when the Cubs lost! Their misery was so great I wanted to lick the screen, then; right now I wanna stick my head through the screen, into the NRO’s Bizarro World, and just point and laugh. A lot. Yes, their grief is my sustenance. Mmm cry some more, wingnuts! Your tears are so delicious! It’s not enough that we’ve won; what’s really sweet is that the forces of concentrated evil have LOST. EAT IT, COBAGS!!!

LEONARD (11:17):  Ace:  “McCain lost honorably, as he wanted.”  Does he mean McCain wanted to lose?  Well, mission accomplished, but seems like he could have saved a lot of money.  Anyway, he must have seen a different campaign than I did, with the honor and all.

GAVIN (11:22): McCain: “America isn’t racist since other people voted for Obama.”

LEONARD (11:32):  The Malkinator:  “Here’s my promise to you: As long as I can still publish a blog and speak my mind openly about the next denizen of the White House, I will.”  Way to stand up against entirely nonexistent threats, Michelle.

GARY RUPPERT (11:50): The fact is, the Heartland will secede tomorrow. The fact is, John McCain can still win this election in court. The fact is, liberals eat poop and hate America.

RETARDO (12:02): Obama: “with malice toward none, with charity toward all…” Classy. Good on him. Of course, I’m the opposite: ‘To the labor camps, Gary, go!’

RETARDO (12:25): It didn’t really hit me ’til I saw Jesse Jackson weeping. This is truly huge.


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What is so significant about 8pm? Is that when we have the results for Virginia in?


There’ll be some results in and some activity happening, plus we’ll probably be nice and tipsy by then.


Obama “refuses to let up” while McCain “fights to the end”. And that was CNN. It’s going to be a long day (10.17 am in Oz).


What?! I haven’t even started drinking. No way I’ll be even marginally drunk by then…


John Cole has a contest for those who want to die of alcohol poisoning: One shot for every electoral vote for Obama.


Got a bottle of champagne on ice, but that cork isn’t going anywhere until at least 9:00 eastern time.


PA and VA will tell the tale. Or PA and NC, or OH, or FL, or MO, or IN.
In any case, we’ll know the story fairly early.
Which reminds me, I need to eat and start drinking.


What?! I haven’t even started drinking. No way I’ll be even marginally drunk by then…

Most of the fellers at The Blood Clot mainline vodka when they’re behind in their drinkin’.


538 has a nice chart and a blank map for ready referral.

I’m leaning drunk, likely later and safely so soon enough.


Half a beer and one shot of vodka so far. Buncha wings of different flavors roasting in the oven. A few fresh veggies and some decent spinach dip.

Hats off to having places like this to drop into on a nerve-wracking night.


Way ahead of you.

Vaya con Devo!


Gavin M. said,

November 5, 2008 at 1:17

There’ll be some results in and some activity happening, plus we’ll probably be nice and tipsy by then.

Having completed my voting duty, I’m rapidly approaching ‘way ahead of you’.


Hats off



After all the abuse the Sadly authors have taken from wingnuts – most notably the eye-bleeding you’ve endured – I hope you all kick back and enjoy some victory punch with friends and family.


So close to see the wingnuts in tears….


I’m still at work, then driving, so until I can have one for me, please have one for me.

My election night victory drink of choice?

Benedictine and Pluto Water, with a sprig of mint.


What is so significant about 8pm?

That’s when the polls close in Chumuckla, Florida.


Countdown to Infinite Final Drunken Liveblogging




Palin did not hesitate to muse about a future that might not include being vice president come January.

“You know, if there is a role in national politics, it won’t be so much partisan,” she said. “My efforts have always been here in the state of Alaska to get everybody to unite and work together and progress this state.”

“It would certainly be a uniter type of role,” she added.

Okay. I go vote now.


I’ve been drinking for a couple of hours already, and I’m pacing myself. Expecting a loooong night.


“It would certainly be a uniter type of role,” she added.

Palin 2012: A Uniter, Not A Divider
Palin 2012: A Reformer With Results
Palin 2012: The Compassionate Conservative

… what?


Damn it! Djur beat me to it!!!


The Ho needsd to git his ass home already! It’s only 3:30 here but I want to start drinking. Now!

I promised I’d wait for him. Stoopid™ me.


Having slaved over a hot stove for nearly 10 minutes to produce egg-salad sandwiches and (Progresso) tomato-basil soup for dinner, I’m now having a second glass of wine and settling in with the laptop in front of the TV. Champagne is on ice waiting for the magic moment, and I’ve even sliced up fresh strawberries for plunking into the flutes. Oh my God this is like going into labor on Christmas Eve. No religulous implications intended, I just can’t think of anything else so exciting and monumental.


Dammit, I’m stuck at work ’til 8. And they won’t let us drink. I’ve already asked…


PS — Also thanks to Gavin and the Sadly Naughts for being available to share this awesomeness. Terminal red-statedness equals depressing dearth of DFH Lie-bruls down here to celebrate with.


Oh MzNicky that sounds good. I adore egg salad sammiches. And Progresso tomahto basil soup is way better than not half bad. But you gotta have potato chips! My god woman, WHAT ABOUT THE POTATO CHIPS?!?!


PeeJ: Lays classic original? I forgot to mention that? D’oh!

Egg salad is the old man’s favorite. I jazzed the soup up a bit with chopped fresh basil and a dollop of sour cream on top. Dessert is leftover Halloween candy.


As I said on the thread downstairs:

“Dammit, why the fuck do I keep flipping back to even though I know damn well nothing’s changed yet?

It’s like I’m hoping for McCain to just throw up his lil’ flippers and say “The hell with it – I condede!””


The lies and eulogizing have begun on Fox. Brit just snapped on Mort for saying we’ll have our first black President. Ole Girl is angry!

Best Night Ever!!!

Doctor Missus Marita

Palin 2012: A Uniter, Not A Divider
Palin 2012: A Reformer With Results
Palin 2012: The Compassionate Conservative

How about:

Palin 2012: Because it wasn’t terrifying enough when she was only the VP nominee.

The always charming Mr. provided me with a lovingly prepared Wendy’s Baconator for dinner. I don’t think I’ll need to eat again for 3-4 days.


Intrade now has the EC at Obama 375, McFlapduddle 163. Heh. MO, IN, NC, FL, VA, are all blue now, as PA and MI and etc. have been for some while.

It just keeps getting better.

Still keeping the Schadenfreude on ice though as it’s not over yet and revenge is brew best served very cold.


I’ve given up drinking during the week, but I feel a powerful thirst coming on. We’re currently helping the 8 year old make some shepherds’ pies for dinner (we’re doing the cutting, he’s calling out the measurements etc).

His Mom brought a cookbook home from her trip to merry ol’ and he is now consumed with cooking.

good luck to all tonight…


PeeJ: Lays classic original?

There’s other kinds of potato chips?


Palin 2012: Remember how much you loved Dubya? How about Dubya in a skirt?


Palin 2012: Distaff Dubya


I think I’m going to stop on the way home and buy me a bottle of celebratory bourbon. Anybody want to suggest something to me? If not, I’ll probably go with the Maker’s Mark.


Pirate Kinkajou: The Spouse would tell you that Jack Daniels is the only bourbon worth the name. This is history! Splurge on the good stuff.


I have another half-hour of work and then to the kitchen for my usual low-brow exercise in cooking – heating stuff up in the microwave. I’m too distracted to do any real cooking. Heck, I’ve been too distracted today to do any real work.

I want the electoral equivalent of a 52-10 football score. I want my team to pound the crap out of the other team – at least two touchdowns scored on 60+ yard passes, a punt return for a touchdown, 7 or more sacks and 100+ yards rushing for every running back on the team.

Go, Donkeys!

Smiling Mortician

And they won’t let us drink. I’ve already asked…

I think I see your mistake.

Dammit, why the fuck do I keep flipping back to even though I know damn well nothing’s changed yet?

I find that the live MSNBC feed at HuffPo is at least mildly entertaining, and easily bounceable (five tabs open and thinking of a sixth).


Dbati: For a really good Shepard’s pie, make sure the gravy is as rich as possible, and add a fair whack of lea and perrins, and shave the carrots instead of chopping them. And don’t forget a little grated cheddar on top about 15 mins before it is done.


Here we go. According to MSNBC:

Kentucky for McCain
Vermont for Obama

No surprises there.


MzNicky: Jack Daniels isn’t actually bourbon, and also it is foul.

For my money, Elijah Craig delivers a good price/flavor/proof combo ($19/good/94 in OR). Wild Turkey 101 is a favorite — stronger, tastier, and more expensive. But lots of people don’t like bourbon so strong. I’ll probably be going with the WT101 tonight. I don’t think WT80 is worth it at all.

Of course, Knob Creek is a spendy, delicious 80-proof. Generally a crowd-pleaser, but quite expensive for a bourbon. I don’t find the top-shelf bourbons to be worthwhile for a night’s drinking, because the distinction between a superb bourbon and a good bourbon is pretty much lost after the second drink.

Maker’s Mark doesn’t really do it for me — I don’t find it strong enough either in flavor or proof — but it is of course quite popular, and it’s not as expensive as Knob Creek and just a little bit more expensive than Wild Turkey.


Anybody wanna come over to my place? We’ve got a little thing going, and we got too much food and beer.


Wendy’s Baconator
That is some kind of bacon-flavoured doppelbock, right? And if not, WHY NOT?!


Now is not the time for half-measures, dbati. Shit, I’m still at the office but laying the groundwork for a Super Tuesday night. I’m predicting a blowout.
Open you up a bottle of wine and get to it!


I’m waiting for Virginia for Obama.

After that, you’ll have to pardon my typezoes.

A la lanterne les aristos!

Drinking beer at work. Already buzzed on the ‘it’s going to be difficult for McCain to pull ahead’ chugs.


MzNicky: Jack Daniels isn’t actually bourbon, and also it is foul.

Djur: Hush your mouth, boy, and I won’t tell The Spouse about your blasphemy.


Thanks, MzNicky! Not to argue with your Significan Otter, but JD is not technically bourbon, as it is manufactured in a slightly different way (“The Lincoln County Process”) than Kentucky bourbon. But whatever, I’ll salute Gentleman Jack as I walk by.


Obama takes Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire

McCain takes Kentucky

Indiana precincts reporting in, neck and neck…

Freaks And Goobers, Oh My

Well here we go… BBC World Service for me, and they are reporting the same projections; time to put some chips on, butter some pita bread, and snack through the night, and enjoy the wails of wingnuts!



The Lea and Perrins is in, the cheese is grated. It looks and smells magnificent.

tbati: I just brought up the idea of a beer, and lbati jumped at the thought!

Game on.


Okay, The Spouse has just confirmed to me that Jack Daniels is not actually a bourbon in the Kentucky sense, but rather, is “whiskey.” Well whatever. I’m a champagne kinda girl myself.


That is some kind of bacon-flavoured doppelbock, right?

Yeah, it comes with a little plastic pig tied to the bottle neck.


How about Palin/Wurzelbacher 2012?


dbati: I also am trying to hold to a no-drinking-on-weeknights rule, but damnation, this is a Special Occasion!


Technically speaking, JD is “horse urine”. Not really a whisky drinker, but If I had to make a recommendation, it would be Bells. Not sure about price and availability on your side of the pond mind you.

I’m now onto the cider.. Merrydown Dry. Very drinkable. Slightly regretting not getting any wine, a good cheap red plonk would hit the spot about now. Oh well.


“Yeah, it comes with a little plastic pig tied to the bottle neck.”

Hmmm. Maybe I’ll just pick up a sixer of Spaten Optimator on the way home, instead.


MzNicky, please try Blantons sometime. Or at least, bounce the idea of the spice.


it is foul.

Very much so – I’m always amazed at the popularity (that’s what ad money will do for ya).

Wild Turkey (101, not the 80) is the starting point for drinkable bourbon.

I’m more fond of rye, meself.


Are there any channels that have Democrats on them? The CNN lineup is driving me nuts, I mean — Bill Fucking Bennet?


Hey, is Olberman on tonight?


A delegate at our company’s conference got a McCain robocall today – in London, on an Irish mobile phone.


Sadie Baker! Long time no see!

Try MSNBC. You’ll have to endure Pat Buchanan but at least it’s moderately Obama-friendly.


The fact is, you are all going to be humiliated tonight as McCain sweeps the nation and you biased dream of free drugs and whites in concentration camps evaporates as freedom continues with McCain keeping up the war on terror and keeps battling socialism. I poled some of my friends here in a bar here in the Heartland, and we are 100% against socialism and black power and islam, so guess who we voted for.


MzNicky: my rule has been in effect for a while, but I do bend on certain occasions. tonight is one.

I just opened a Sierra Nevada, and we’ll have some wine with dinner. Maybe a Johnnie Walker to watch the talking heads on the boob.

Special night fer sure.


CNN = Cheney News Channel

At least since the mouth of the South sold out.


The fact is, even your biased liberal MSM cannot change the facts, that Real Americans want McCain and want Freedom.


Gary.. How the hell did you know about my secret fetish for being drugged and put in a concentration camp?


OBAMA, Japan celebrating
– Dancing, singing and playing the guitar, residents in the sleepy Japanese fishing port of Obama are readying to party for Barack Obama before Tuesday’s U.S. presidential election.


The fact is, you are going to loose. Republican power over USA forever, see ya later socialists and liberals who hate USA! We support McCain and troops, you support giving poor alchololoics money for voting three times in inner city, We will beet your voting fraud attempt with vigilant eyes of patriots.

Freaks And Goobers, Oh My

The Guardian has an interactive electoral map on it’s homepage, and it seems to be giving preliminary results I’ve not heard announced yet, in particular Florida…


My Name is Richard and I served in the US Navy for 20 Years. I am working as a civilian on a military base. I Have been following all of this since I found out about Barry Soetoro. All of his past is locked down. We all know he was born in Kenya, and is an Indonesian Citizen who used his passport to get into Pakistan in 80 or 81. Every one trying to find out anything is being detained, deported, being called liars (By a Lawyer). In 2001 he makes a public radio show saying that the Civil Rights Movement failed due to not continuing to “Redistribute the Wealth” and that the US Constitution was a “Flawed Document” (He’ll Be Swaring or Affirming on this document right?) due to imposing Restrictive Rights. He says that changes could not be made from a Legal Stand point, (His reason for becoming a Lawyer I guess), and must be changed in the Legislative side (His Reason for Running for President).

All of his friends are radicals, Terrorists Marxists and friends of Terrorists. He says he is not a Muslim, His Father, Step Father, Mentors, and Friend are muslims. He even let a Freudian slip out that he was a muslim. He doesn’t salute the Flag, Doesn’t know the Nation Anthem (sure he’s learned it by now), but he can sing the Muslim prayer like a pretty bird in the morning.

On July 2, 2008, he stated that he will be starting a “Civilian National Security Force” (Hitler’s SS anyone?, He was a Socialist too)that will be well financed and just as strong as the US Military. Speaking of the Military, he will Pull out of Iraq, Reduce Military Spending, Shut down bases (no doubt including Gitmo), Work out an agreement with Russian to deter Nuclear missles that we have pointed at each other, Start talks with world leaders to Reduce Nuclear Weapons (Iran won’t even talk to him), Stop all production of ‘Unnecessary” Missles in America, and Strip the US of our Nuclear Weapons.

I’m sure that after all of this Military Reduction will be the time that Sen Joe Biden says that “Mark My Word, Mark My Word” He Will be tested (the October 19th one with the bad audio, not the October 18th one with the good audio and the “Spine of Steel” Statement.

All of this is leading up to a point. There is Massive Voter Fraud happening all over the US. In Mississippi, there are more Registered Voters than actual people in that state. Our Local Radio show had a woman that said ;she went to an Obama Rally and they had ballot boxes at each entrance. People were stuffing the ballot box before going into the rally, and stuffing them again coming out of the rally.

This is NOT and election, this is a Coup D’état.

Most of the News Media (except Fox News), are following after this man like sheep. His Followers are following his every word. Anyone who says anything against him is either labeled a ‘White Racist’, or is just shut down by his campaign.

Osama Bin Laden recently released a tape saying to Discredit George W. Bush and bring the American People Against Him. The Obama Campaign has been doing just that, and bringing John McCain down along with him.

If this were anyone else in this country, we would be in jail by now or being transported to GITMO. I guess someone can be Above the Law. He is a Lawyer after all, and he will be the one making them. He will be a Socialist Democratic President, with a Democratic Congress, and a Democratic House of Representatives. So Much for Checks and Balances.

All these changes will not happen all at once. He will have to keep up appearances to the American people to keep them fooled. At least for Six Months after he swears or affirms on the “flawed document” when the global testing occurs”

Why Won’t the CIA, FBI, NSA, or any other GVT Agency do anything about this guy? Maybe they think America is Complacent and Needs a Wake Up Call. I Have problems sleeping at night thinking about this stuff. I am continuing to Pray for America, Pray for Freedom and Pray that none of this is true. If you don’t believe any of this is true, YouTube any of the things above and watch the Video of Mr. Obama (Soetoro) saying these things. He’s right there on camera, and the audio has been verified. Check it out for your self. The internet is a wonderful thing for finding out the truth. The News Media isn’t. The Obama Camp is messing up, but not enough to disuade the O-BOTS. Most People are fed up with the campain and will just vote to be voting. This man has hypnotised most everyone else. He is a great speaker when he has a Teleprompter or when he is pre-coached. He said to a 7 year old girl that this country was flawed and he will fix it.

I Hope I am wrong about all of this, I PRAY that I’m wrong about this. But I am really scared. Please let something be done about this man and let McCain and Palin win the election.


We need a Gary Ruuppert drinking game!

For each “the fact is”, take one drink.

For each “socialism”, toast your nearest tovarich and take a drink.

What else?


Two-buck-chuck chilling in the fridge…Oh, dear. I am enjoying the meltdowns this evening! If you want to enjoy that tall glass of schadenfreude even more, go have a peekie here:
where the full-tilt insanity is being celebrated (er) by Mr. Edroso . Sadly, I have neighbors that most likely have their rapture bags packed by the door tonight and would agree with this particular frothily rabid wingnut. Four years ago, they celebrated with fireworks and festivities in the front yard. This year, I cannot wait to return the favor. Oh, yes. Only louder. With alcohol.
I’m going to tip a glass to you all tonight. It’s been a fucking long 8 years, my friends. Here’s to change.


Thanks, MzNicky! I saw you were here and knew this was where the party was at.

I poled some of my friends here in a bar here in the Heartland

Sweet Jesus. Well I hope you at least bought them some drinks first.


Obama supporters in Canada set to party

Hundreds of people are expected to descend on Toronto’s Dundas Square today in anticipation of a Barack Obama victory party dubbed: “Welcome Back America. The revellers will coalesce downtown, waving American and Canadian flags, sporting “Yes, we can” T-shirts, their elation furthered by “Barack on the Rocks” cocktails being served at a local bar.

More than 800 people have confirmed their attendance at the Toronto party and a similar gathering in Montreal on the event’s Facebook page.

Yaletown Brewery, a downtown Vancouver pub is expecting about 200 people to watch the elections.

The World Wants Obama Coalition Web site lists events such as “La Nuit Obama” in Paris, an all-night pancake party in Rome and a victory party for “O’Bama” in Moneygall, Ireland, the hometown of Mr. Obama’s great-grandfather.

Kenyans in Mr. Obama’s ancestral home, where his face has adorned billboards and buses, were reportedly taking off work Wednesday to watch television and residents in the sleepy Japanese fishing port of Obama were practising hula dancing over the weekend in hopes of the Honoluluborn Democratic candidate’s victory.

Johnny Coelacanth

“My Name is Richard and I served in the US Navy for 20 Years. I ”

Richard, you’re fucking retarded and you give shellbacks a bad name.


Richard said,

November 5, 2008 at 2:20
But I am really scared.



I Hope I am wrong about all of this, I PRAY that I’m wrong about this.

Have I got good news for you!

Freaks And Goobers, Oh My

The comment from “Richard” is astro-turf, and was written already here on October 31st;


Well, we already know these tools aren’t capable of independent thought.


I poled some of my friends here in a bar here in the Heartland

What was the Coach’s SPREAD?


Ding, Dong, the witch is dead, and the old wrinkly guy is toast!


The fact is, Obama cannot win this. He is a black man. He is a terrorist. He is a socialest. He will destroy America. If you liberals support him and he wins, we will have to destroy YOU.


I think the guardians florida results must be from early voting? After all, it is showing a result with 0% of precincts reporting. It is a little confusing.

So what sources are you all relying on tonight? Mostly watching and the BBC here.


I implore everyone to ignore the trolls tonight. PLEASE. Don’t let them ruin the evening, I beg of you.


Halp! Somebody facejacked my flossmoat!!!


I thought you were sure we were going to loose? Maybe you need to pole more people.


I just re-read that last bit, and realized the hypnotoad got me! “my friends. my friends. my friends.” Jesus H. My poor goddamn brains want this to be over. More drink! Less talk! AHHHHHHHHH!

Smiling Mortician

Now that’s a RUGGED I can believe in.


Richard: Fuck off.

Freaks And Goobers, Oh My

Running BBC World Service online ,
Eschaton and the Guardian here… Atrios reported Mark Warner projected to win before the BBC I’ve just noticed, so I should get a good mix of sources. Hope I can stay up long enough for the ultimate celebration!

LA Confidential Pantload

So…..any sign of that Whitey Tape yet?


I’ve got to work out before I can justify partying… have fun everyone, and remember, ignore the trolls!


My Name is Richard and I served in the US Navy for 20 Years.

and evidently English is your second language.

Have fun there in the hoary netherworld of your paranoid imagination.

Trilateral Chairman

Buncha wings of different flavors roasting in the oven.

Wings…damn, wings sound really good right about now. I had some pizza, but I’m looking for something really, REALLY spicy for some reason. Like, spicy enough that when I take off my contact lenses five hours from now, my eyes bleed.

Glass #3 of wine–the two-buck Chuck. Yeah, I’m Althousing, but we’re trying to save money, and who really cares after the first two glasses?


I think I’m going to end up very, very drunk tonight. I should get an extra bottle of vodka to be sure


Oh dear. Out of wine, too early for champagne. What to do, what to do? Throw another bottle of white wine in the freezer? Get out the scotch? yikes. I do want to be sober enough to celebrate when this thing’s called.


Back in the day, I’d discovered , almost simultaneously, Donna Kossy’s “Kooks” book and the old “Illuminati: New World Order” card game, and they awakened a great love of conspiratology in me. So I’d take the INWO cards, spread them out at random, and wrap them all into great, long, faux-schizophrenic letters-to-the-editor, which I’d mail to random newspapers, just for giggles.

I’m thinking maybe I’d better re-learn how to write that way — I suspect I could get a cushy job writing for the Corner…

Trilateral Chairman

Fuckstick. I don’t even have any chips to make nachos. Damn, I’m unprepared.

Someone remind me to have some water or decaf tea at some point…I do have to work tomorrow.

Smiling Mortician

Anybody know what’s up with Virginia showing M 57, O42 so far on MSNBC? They’re not showing which counties are reporting, so I’m thinking maybe we’re only seeing results from the “real America” parts . . .


I haz no cheesburger but a glass of elitist white wine and some fried pork Thai thing I have no idea the name of (but it’s damn good).

Oh, and a cat on the keyboard. Say hello to Kayla the red tabby.


Gavin: Yeah, I saw that hologram thing on CNN. They were so into it it was embarrassing. WTF.



as somebody who really is so far left that I don’t exist in America (a strange world, where sparkle ponies and libertarian SOCIALISTS frolick), I hope you all have a better time this election.

I don’t agree with a lot of your politics, but at least you are decent human beings worth listening to and learning from, in sharp contrast with those you have to put up with.

I raise my mug of lukewarm tea (what do those of you who can’t drink alchohol drink?) in a salute to the brain-numbing work you put yourselves through, and the sense of decency and optimism with which you brighten my day with.


So I’d take the INWO cards, spread them out at random, and wrap them all into great, long, faux-schizophrenic letters-to-the-editor, which I’d mail to random newspapers, just for giggles.

Your ideas interest me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.


Fuck it, I’ma get high.


Yeah, I’m Althousing,
Althausen Syndrome. Patient exaggerates or invents his or her degree of intoxication, in order to gain attention or sympathy.


popular vote right now with 1 percent in:

Obama 51 percent, McCain 48 percent.

Obviously very early, but still.

A la lanterne les aristos!

Any Sadlynauts in SF going to Zeitgeist, the Edinburgh Castle or Mezzanine?


The psychos are starting early.


I’m hoping Obama wins, but I don’t expect it. I try to never underestimate the stupidity and racism of the American people.


Fuck it, I’ma get high.

I hope all the Massholes voted yes on 2!

Doctor Missus Marita

CNN isn’t showing it much on air, but their website shows county-by-county updates. Take a look, and Virginia will make more sense. Lots of red rural precincts reporting.


It’s early election eve. No real results yet. Let’s see how our friends at Free Republic are doing.

Actual quotes from a thread called, Remove all “signs” of McCain/Palin Support from your yards and cars

“The thugs will probably be out driving around the neighborhoods causing trouble.”

“While driving home tonight I saw roving cars of young black men stealing McCain/Palin signs and celebrating…”

“I think we will win this. Be prepared for an uprising like we’ve never seen.”

“I have an itchy trigger finger too.”

“I would imagine seeing your car in flames or all the windows in your house broken to not be a pleasant feeling.”


Nimrod Gently said,

November 5, 2008 at 2:39

Fuck it, I’ma get high.
You waited this long? I can barely see, I’m so blazed.

Trilateral Chairman

Althausen Syndrome. Patient exaggerates or invents his or her degree of intoxication, in order to gain attention or sympathy.

Not *quite* what I meant…3 glasses isn’t enough to get me sloshed (you’ll notice I can still type, and I’m even aware that the DSM-V isn’t out yet!). I was actually referring to the usual smear about Althouse drinking cheap wine.



Soda water, ice, fruit: White Wine Sangria.

If you like that sort of thing.

A la lanterne les aristos!

So wait… we’re *not* setting cards on fire? Well, poop.


Can somebody put a roofie in Richard’s beer? KTHXBAI


Why Won’t the CIA, FBI, NSA, or any other GVT Agency do anything about this guy? Maybe they think America is Complacent and Needs a Wake Up Call.

Or maybe they did not line their hats with tinfoil. Or maybe they think America needs more Random Capitalization.

I Hope I am wrong about all of this, I PRAY that I’m wrong about this.

God’s got your back – you are indeed wrong.


Mehaps I’m projecting here, but I just saw a bit of Mr. Magoo just now on MSNBC and damn if he didn’t sound like he was slurring his speech a bit (hmm, drink or stroke?)


I had to vote after work because the line this morning was incredible. There was nowhere to park and I think the line went around the little Lutheran church about 8 times. It was awesome. But when I went in tonight at 5:30p it was pretty manageable. However, when I got into line, he little boy (don’t they have to be at least old enough to vote to work the polls? I swear he was about 12) that had hold of the roster said he couldn’t find my name. He asked if I was registered. “Um, YEAH!” I replied. I told him I voted in 2004 (shame on me for missing 2006 and local elections, I know) and I had been told that I didn’t need to register again. He said “Oh, yeah. We’ve been hearing that alot. Well, you’ll have to do a provisional ballot.” WTF?! So I filled out my provisional ballot, fat lot of good it will do. I’m in OH and I’m just sick with the thought that my vote may not count because of some fuck-up asshat telling me that I don’t have to re-register.

And it’s not like I don’t feel guilty anyway. I lived in FL in 2000 and OH in 2004. I think it’s all my fault. But that may just be my enormous ego.

Anyway, I have the shiraz open and flowing and (I’m sooo sorry, wine gods) a frozen Totino’s pizza (with my own added toppings and herbs) tossed into the oven. I’m nervous and excited and sick with anticipation. Oh lords that may be let me be able to intone “President Elect Barak Obama” in just a couple of hours!!


I’ve never really liked this habit of calling states too early. I suppose we only have ourselves to blame, being far too eager for the results to come in, but I would rather wait for certainties. After all, we have had “its very very likely” for weeks now.

I think I shall go take a nap instead.


(hmm, drink or stroke?)

A little from column A, a little from column B…



I tried to send you some recipes for White Wine Sangria (rather than wait for the wine to chill), but WordPress doesn’t approve.

Cheers, anyway.

Xecklothxayyquou Gilchrist

what do those of you who can’t drink alchohol drink?

Coca-Cola. Not that domestic crap, though, the kind imported Mexican stuff.

Trilateral Chairman

I’ve never really liked this habit of calling states too early. I suppose we only have ourselves to blame, being far too eager for the results to come in, but I would rather wait for certainties.

I know. I have my own map, and I’m waiting to color in states until things are more nearly certain. Yeah, I know about statistics and sampling and estimation and the like. I just don’t care. Give me SOLID RESULTS.



who was the crazy right-wing blogger on the bbc just now? the stupid ran strong with that one 🙂


SC goes red. WHAT AN UPSET


My remark was directed at Capitalizing Richard up there.


Goddammit! I just remembered that I meant to purchase a satchel of arugula for tonight’s ‘elitist motherfuckers feast of kings’ this evening. Damn. And it would have been so nicely washed down with the two buck chuck, too.


what do those of you who can’t drink alchohol drink?




I’m up of the couch, and, er, on the other couch, the one with the computer.

I’m switching from NyQuil to Laphroaig.

I’m on NBC. Not sure how you can bear that freakin CNN, but rock on.






There goes PA.

Ohio OR Virginia tips over and it’s all over.

Well, all over but the horrendous keening cries of wingnuts everywhere…



103 electorals for Obama, 34 for Mr. Magoo
Sorry, must be the chuck kicking in…finally….thank you chuck…

Freaks And Goobers, Oh My

Did someone say Pennsylvania for Obama?


My goodness! But “The Truth” promised he’d be here, and that PA would go for McCain, which would be the beginnings of the end for our happiness…. but … this is completely the opposite! How can this be?!


Thread is not complete until someone says “For all intensive purposes”.


Woo! PA!

Doctor Missus Marita

CNN has not yet given PA to anyone.

I’m intrigued by Indiana at the moment…

Xecklothxayyquou Gilchrist

Waitaminit – PA called already? How much of the reporting is in? And where can I look at it that’s not the TV and not Kos?


I wish CNN would stop projecting McCain wins. I feel nauseated every time I see that.


Aaaand here come the excuses.

“Well you know not all the votes in PA were counted and there was a gas leak in one of the polling stations so they have to keep it open overnight soooooooo soooooooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”

Trilateral Chairman

Did someone say Pennsylvania for Obama?


Kathryn Jean Lopez did, which scares the dickens out of me. CNN (website; can’t bear the TV) doesn’t have it yet.


Obama has nearly 60% of the electoral votes in TEXASS

Doctor Missus Marita

The people who have called PA have done so based on exit polls, I think. I’m happy enough for CNN to wait. I don’t like to be teased.


I’m still not drunk enough for this. My bad, though. I’m the fuckass who bought PBRs.

(Recession, union made, blah blah blah)

Trilateral Chairman

The people who have called PA have done so based on exit polls, I think. I’m happy enough for CNN to wait. I don’t like to be teased.

Same. I’ll feel somewhat optimistic when fivethirtyeight calls it. I don’t really care about exit polls unless they reveal a HUGE difference between the candidates. I’m willing to believe that Vermont went for Obama and Oklahoma for McCain, but aside from that, I want confirmation. The margin of error on exit polls has got to be huge.


Did someone say “insensitive porpoises”?

‘Cause I’ve found them highly empathetic to my concerns…


Freaks And Goobers, Oh My

BBC is repeating PA for Obama too… looks pretty solid prediction, unlike say, Truthies prediction he’d be here. Ho ho ho!


I called it based on the BBC saying so, and everyone knows you can’t believe anything until the BBC says it’s true.


It’s over. Barry has taken Pennsylvania. All he has to do now is flip one red state. Ohio, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, New Mexico. Just one of those and it is all over.

Freaks And Goobers, Oh My

BBC listing the following for Obama that I caught;

Delaware; Illonois; Maryland; New Hampshire; PA; New Jersey; Maine; Connetticut; Vermont




That “Richard” thing is what is commonly known as “copypasta”, and stale copypasta at that.

I may have to have a drink tonight for the first time in ages. I’ve still got a little bit of a nice anejo lying around.

This is going to get interesting.


Dole lost????? Oh My God.


am switching to BBC from CNN now!


That is a good idea. Particularly since they just said JOHN SUNUNUNUNUNU HAS GONE AS WELL.


Is it sure, Nimrod? Oh, God, that would be good. Only Saxby Chambliss losing would be sweeter.


Welp, the BBC told me.


wrong link

this one is tracking the polls (without all that CNN projection shit)


Sweeter than Dole losing, I mean, though Sununu’s loss is also deeelicious.


I’d like to eat 1500 or 2000 mics of really good acid and wander around mccain hq tonight. That would be hilariously funny.

Of course, I’d like to eat 1500 or 2000 mics of really good acid and do just about anything.

But you feel me, G?



Dear Sadlies,



Yes, I’m coping with the stress quite well, thank you.


henry lewis: Bless yore heart. I love white sangria, got a super recipe for it my own self. Yah, that fresh bottle of white is just about cold enough. Cheers!!


(I may have to have a drink tonight for the first time in ages.)
Ah, Justme, you poor baby! How evah have you managed to survive these dark, dank years? Hats off, you have the mental strength of amazing proportions. Myself, I have survived by swimming the length of the liquor pool.


I made a bet with the conservative RIM here. He’s going to owe me $300. Does he show up?


Lesley: Go to MSNBC. They’ve got Obama up by more than CNN, somehow. CNN suxx and Vulfie Blister gives me a tummyache.

Trilateral Chairman

ooh. BBC’s at least as good as fivethirtyeight.

One more swing state and Obama has it nailed down, I think.


Dimbleby just said the first dismaying thing: they’re going to be talking to John Bolton.


John Bolton soon to appear live on the bbc 😉

Xecklothxayyquou Gilchrist

So how do these networks and stuff call a state one way or t’other when 0% of precincts are reporting? I never did understand that.


Oh, all I’m asking for is to be able to cry tears of joy, rather than abject horror. Methinks it’s looking good for the joy sob, yes? Mmm, cheap wine starts to taste better after the first bottle. Oh yeah, seems the sweet taste of impending victory helps, too.
Twoofie, ya poor bastard. NOOOOOOOOOOOOT!


Xecklothxayyquou Gilchrist: Exit polling, perhaps?


this vote counting business is almost too much to bear for the winning side…like a long slow orgasm.


I’m trying to decide on the right theme music/song for election night.

I’m working with Eve 6 “Open Road Song”. But it doesn’t line up for me.

Springsteen’s “No Surrender” is good, if sappy.

What are you guys using?

And will it be anything I’ve ever heard? Might I have it in my library?


Xecklothxayyquou Gilchrist

Exit polling, perhaps?

Oh, duh. That must be it.

Not sure I trust it. I think I’m going to go find a drink!


MzNicky & X.G.: yup, it’s based on exit polling.


Libby Dole goes quietly off to her Retirement Home for Aging Bigots.

Another Senate Ca-Ching!



malkin suicide watch

is the flag in that sunset pic at half mast?


via malkie comments:
( #40
On November 4th, 2008 at 8:20 pm, vsatt said:

No matter what happens, I serve an Awesome God and He’s the same yesterday, today and forever! All things will work together for His glory and that’s all that really matters.)

HA! There. there, wingies. Yayz for your Awesome God!

Freaks And Goobers, Oh My

Ahh, could this be the real “The Truth”…? Considering a simple google search can find your months of gloating about the election night, would you like to comment on the first major result of the night? From, let’s say… FOX NEWS?

“Obama Wins Pennsylania, Takes Early Lead With East Coast Victories”


Half a million to one-freaking-million people in Chicago expected for Obama celebration tonight. Ah, wish I could be there. Wish I could bring my boys there.


Yes, I remember FL in 2000. What electoral fraud has to do with PA I don’t know.

Freaks And Goobers, Oh My

No Truth, you really don’t have anything entertaining planned; you’ll be at best a sideshow to the entertainment, which will be the joy Liberals will feel at a result you had no influence upon except for your vote, and weren’t even able to predict despite all your claims. All you’ll do is humiliate yourself by trying to salvage some sort of trolling cred, which no one will care about at all… it’s just so much small beer compared to the end of the Republican era, and the election of the first black President. So if you have any self respect, realize today is not your day. You’ll no doubt be able to annoy them here at SN! by debasing yourself again in the future, but right now… it’s over.


The Truth – you’d better hope so. Without PA there is no McCain victory.

Expect NY to turn blue at 9:01pm. Perhaps the same with Colorado.


UberUber: Aren’t those images from Chicago extraordinary? Unbelievable. Black and white faces all excited and yelling for Obama. What a night.


It’s one step from over.
Fucking wow. It’s real.


I told MzNicky earlier. I’m going to vomit. And it’s not from too much elitist wine. I don’t do suspense.


that balance of power bar graph is looking good and blue


if philadelphia can win a championship, we can have a black president.


hey my crazy bitch friend!! You’re at the right place.

Look, Obama is gonna do it. He just is. He’s gonna do it. The waiting is the hardest part. I’m not real good at waiting either.


WTF is with McCain winning the popular?

Yo quiero mandate, dammit!


There will not be a mandate. I predict 65 million votes for Obama and 60 million for McCain.


The fact is, MCH, most of Americans are whites, and Christians. Liberals hate this.


“Hi, everybody, it’s me! Political expert Tom DeLay! I’m not in jail!”

Talk about somebody who should NEVER be given a platform. I changed the channel instantly, I’d rather watch a fucking commercial.


Of course, 0.1% was a mandate last time.


Remember FL in 2000?

Sure do, troofy. You think the Supremes are gonna deliver another special 5-4 decision “never to be used as a precedent” just to steal PA for you?



Fox calls Ohio for Obama.


Nimrod Gently said,

November 5, 2008 at 4:03

Fox calls Ohio for Obama.

I’m pretty sure my vote this evening put him over the top.



Wow, DeLay sounds like he’s half in the bag. I seriously need to catch up.


51 in the senate, including Lieberman, as of now… they’re projecting 55.


Greenwald on his liveblog:

“At 8:25 pm, Kathryn Jean Lopez excitedly announced that Fox News genius Michael Barone “threw cold water” on the other networks’ projections that Obama won Pennsylvania.

Three minutes later — three minutes — she had to go back and post that even Fox has now called Pennsylvania for Obama.

Around 7:00 pm, I was hating today and wishing it were over. Now I hope it goes on for another 15 hours or so.”


WTF is with McCain winning the popular?

Would it be too babe-in-the-woods of me to suggest seeing McCain in the lead on TV is going to force every last Obama voter to the polls?


Tom DeLay??! WTF? Why isn’t that jerkfuck in prison?


62% for OH per ABC. YAAAAAHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE! oh lord i’m drunk now and oh gods please…


I can’t remember. Was he putting off his trial or was he convicted and now on his appeals?

Freaks And Goobers, Oh My

BBC saying, unofficially, the McCain camp in Colorado don’t think they’ll be able to hold the state… “volunteers look despondent”.


Trilateral Chairman

51 in the senate, including Lieberman, as of now… they’re projecting 55.

Wait, projecting 55 or saying that the current tally is 55? I suspect the latter–CNN has called NH, NC, NM, and VA as flips, which would make the current total 55, and we haven’t heard from Oregon yet.


I’ve got a herb free range chicken in the oven.

I’m drinking scotch.

You guys need do relax a little and just let it wash over you.

You’re not getting good data, the polls and 538 are going to turn out to be way more right then wrong, so deep breath now.

Enjoy history. Let the future be now…



I have opened the Mumm’s.

Oh, and I’m drinking it.


Rural voters come in first. Those will go mostly McCain. That’s why it seems close right now.


I’m obviously biased but… Is Dian Swayer drunk?


Why does Tweety love Delay so much?


Cheers gentelwoman.

Welcome to the NEW reality.

I can’t think of anybody I’d rather share it with!


Trilateral Chairman

I’m obviously biased but… Is Dian Swayer drunk?

Shouldn’t we all be, with the exception of the alcoholics and the Mormons? I mean, Christ on a Segway, what a day.


Guys, I’m not seeing the Faux and ABC Ohio calls for Obama. I think yer all drunk or somethin’.


Christ on a Segway is my new favorite saying. I spit pizza crumbs reading that.


Anyone heard anything about Al Franken in Minnesota?


They’re calling 52 as of now, and projecting another 3 as sure things, making the 55. I think there were a couple others too close.


John Bolton just said that Sarah Palin was actually the best thing about the ticket.


*clinks glasses with mikey*

Backatcha d00d. Hope yer cold is better!

*thinks about Liddy Dole and John Sununu, giggles and drinks champagne*


MzNicky, need you really aks..azk..axs..erm…. whatever. Yeah, I’m drunk. I’m in OH. What the hell else is there to do?


Sarah Palin IS the best thing about the ticket.

There are multiple things about John McCain and his campaign that are less funny than Sarah Palin.

Speaking of Funny, where is Righteous Bubba?

I need guidance…



I’ve been watching Franken. 0% reporting. Try


Just called the 55 as done deals. McConnell reelected, though- booooo!


75,000 people in Grant Park in Chi-cah-gah. Fuckin’ awesome.


Oh God the BBC are calling Bolton on his bullshit, he’s gonna Hulk out



Traditional Sha na na na Sha na na na Hey Hey Goooooodbyyye!


Exit polls have Franken pretty high up. But we know how exit polls are


Yeah…what MzNicky said…………..I don’t see ABC or Faux news calling Ohio for Obama. You know, the first thing to go is your eyesight, then your hearing.,,,,,,,,,,,



Pitting John Bolton vs. competant historian (Simon Schama). Hope it’ll be on youtube for everyone to enjoy.


Liddy’s wondering why her hate campaign didn’t work.


MSNBC calls it for OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


ABC hasn’t called OH yet, but the crawl at the bottom of the screen has OH at 62% for Obama.


MSNBC calls Ohio for Obama. IT IS OVER BITCHES!!!!!!


Here’s a good place to watch Franken:

0% reporting.


Ohio for Obama.

Lets call it over.

Now, about those h8ters in california…



Ohio will go to Barack Obama, Reuter’s declares





Ohio is Obama’s. It’s official, peeps.


Pop the corks. Ohio is blue for the first time since 1996


Well, Volf Blitzah called 55 in the Senate but they haven’t updated the graphic yet. Still, looks like Lieberman can be told to stick it.


BBC calls Ohio for Obama. Goodnight, and thank you.


Woo hoo! Anomaly in the popular corrected.

That calls for a Narragansett. Moving up in the world…


It’s game over, man, game over.

Holy fucksticks.


O!M!G! Ohio’s for Obama!!!!!!!

Okay, I’m breakin’ out the champagne.

Oh My God.


OHIO BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just scared my cat b/c i screamed so loud. so happy.


My state just got called by MSNBC. Praise Jeebus.

Now I’m going to really have a drink.

Oh, thank you Barry!


Nuh uh, Mister Leonard packed up the punch bowl and came here.



schadenfraude beers all around!



“CNN projects Barack Obama will win Pennsylvania, a state where John McCain campaigned heavily. “




From the BBC site:

0226 Big news! Obama’s formally projected to have won Ohio. What will the state’s most famous son, Samuel Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the (unlicensed) Plumber, make of that? Looks like the state’s voters have told Joe to pipe down.

The BBC rules. I’m glad this election has taught so many people that fact.

Freaks And Goobers, Oh My

Ohio was the state that broke my heart in 2004… Today, I’m in love again. Thank you Ohio!


Rural voters come in first.

I meet many farmers in my work. They’re the nicest people. Why do they vote so?


MzNickey and I are the only 2 blue bitches in this fucking red state. Or so it seems.

I’m popping corks.


Obama has 66% of the votes counted in PA


henry lewis:

Dunno. Obama’s voting record re: farmers is at 100%, whereas McCain’s is at 0%.


Florida to be called soon.

MSNBC just called New Mexico! OBAMA


New Mexico, FUCKING YES!!!!!


MzNickey and I are the only 2 blue bitches in this fucking red state. Or so it seems.


The Hohenwald elephants are blue. Unfortunately they can’t vote.


cnn’s map isn’t updating. dang.


Oh, man, this is too much fun!! I spent 5 minutes over at the Malkin Suicide Watch – hysterical.

Hey – where’s Twoofy? Gary?


Bolton just getting smacked down on the ‘nation is center-right’ bs

“Where’s the evidence ambassador?” priceless


I wonder if the Log Cabins will keep the PUMAs away.

It’s strictly “Katie bar the door!” over at the GOP!

I’m so excited I put two exclamation points in that sentence! I’ve been waiting for this since Reagan.


Any time now, Truth.

Any time.


Get-A-Job Palin Get-A-Job
Get-A-Job Palin Get-A-Job

Ahhahahahahahaha! Oh lordy. That was too goddamned close. Still too goddamned close.

sha na na na…

“…if you can hold it.” 60 more days of nailbiting terror, and then there’s feet-fire-holding to do! ah, I do look forward to that bit.


Florida & Virginia ? Calling them soon….


obama has 194 electoral votes
mcnuts has 69


Truth, we’re looking at over 290 electoral votes for Obama if ‘leans’ hold

Trilateral Chairman

Ohio’s called?


Goodbye, old man. I liked you well enough when you were deriding the evangelicals as “agents of intolerance.” If a Republican had to win, you’d’ve been near the top of my list.

Goodbye, you crazy moose-shootin’ lady. I know you’ll be back, but I’ll be happy to go the next few years without hearing your voice. To be perfectly honest, it’s probably better for your family if you don’t uproot them and haul them off to DC.


I spent 5 minutes over at the Malkin Suicide Watch – hysterical.

In every sense of the word.


Okay it’s twenty to three am I am high as balls and I really need to get to sleep now kthxbtsubzzzz


Ken Lowery,

That’s good then!


Malkin bahaha

8:15pm Eastern. NBC has called Penn. for Obama. Take it for what it’s worth…

So much for those bitter, clingy racists, eh, Barry O?

By the end of the evening she’ll be fizzling like a spent balLOON.


Yes Lesley, thisbitchiscrazy is my homegirl down here in the glorious border state — we’ve been sweatin’ this thing for months and sometimes feel like the only sensible people in this whole fucking red state. The elephant preserve is one of the outliers of this nutty place.


Hell, I’ve just started drinking. Where’d everybody go?


Im enjoying the schadenfreund and gloating.

I’m schadengloating!


It looks like you americans may actually vote sanely for once.
Cheers, from Denmark.


Nation’s voters to wingnuts: Tongue jack our collective shit box.



obama has 200 electoral votes
mcnuts 124

the cake is baked.


So much for those bitter, clingy racists, eh, Barry O?


They don’t make grapes that sour.


the crawl on ABC has Obama 51%-48% for FL. OMG.



Trilateral Chairman

Hell, I’ve just started drinking. Where’d everybody go?

I’m here. I wanna see the final Senate count (or the near-final count; I’m not waiting for Alaska) and I sure as Santorum want to see what happens with Prop 8 in Cali.





I went down to the rally in Cleveland on Sunday with Bruuce and barry x and the crowd was fantastic. Oh, the love was flowing and the entire scene was overwhelming.



ittdgy: I’d click over to TGW and see whazzup but I’ve promised myself never to click there again. Fuck ’em!!


Prop 8 in Cali.

Want to know about the slot machines in Maryland.

Glad to see state tax is still in effect in MA.

All this is grand, but if Prop 8 goes through, I’m just going to start firebombing.



“High as Balls”.

I do not see the analogy, as much as I like the phrase.

It’s like “Faster than Corn”. It says so much, so nonsensically.

What does bush/cheney do in the next couple months?

How do they monkey wrench the transition?

What horror will they saddle president obama with?

Keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times, peeps.

This might get a little bumpy…



The fact is John McCain’s kamikaze run into the bridge of the SS Obama is almost complete. He just needs to eject just before impact.


OK, Truth.

Waiting on the gloating.


Love this over at the GOS.


What the fuck just happened on CNN? Some dickhead starts ticking off every yellow state as a red one.. I know that was conjecture, but what a dick,


No, we’re going to be insufferable forever, so maybe you should leave now and keep some of your pride.


The elephant preserve is one of the outliers of this nutty place.

MzNicky, where there are elephants, there is hope. Someday we’ll take back the symbol from the R party. They don’t deserve it (and elephants don’t like those people. I have this on good authority.)


Mikey, I have a huge intellectual crush on you, and I think you are brilliant, but please…

Give me my celebration night before you make me think of depressing facts again.

All love.


I’m schadengloating!

Ha! Perfect.
I’m too antsy to schadengloat just yet, but it’s looookin’ gooood…

Dragon-King Wangchuck


egalia has a post timestamped 4pm. There’s too w00t comments on it from an hour ago. And that’s it.


Oh hell no, Anthony. Truth can stay all he wants!



yes, it is still too early. Anybody think Franken can pull out a win in Minn?


I wish you wouldn’t encourage the poor sick bastard, Ken.

Trilateral Chairman

Nate@538 calls it. Wow.


Nah, I’m sick of his shit. He gloated and gloated about whooping and hollering all up and down our threads at exactly this time, and now he’s a quiet little mouse who’s “pleased about a few things.”

Come on, Truth. Lay it on.

Dragon-King Wangchuck


John King was trying to answer the impossible. Someone asked “show me a McCain path to victory without Ohio” – so he then went and ticked as much red as he possibly could and came up with 266 (that’s giving JiSM3 all the contested and Iowa) – so basically King was saying that it’s all over but hte drunknighsingalong.

Then again, McCain can still pull off the surprise win in California!


Random comment at Malkin

We are screwed. We, who want less, have been overruled by sheep who want more. What makes it so galling, the folks that want less are the ones that will provide more to the sheep who provide less! Semper Fi to the Constitution!


RETARDO (9:51): Tonight we are seeing the future: A gay cross-dressing muslim abortionist’s high heel stomping on Doughy Pantload’s face — forever!

I’ll have what he’s having.


Ken, he’s crying in his cheeto pile.

Xecklothxayyquou Gilchrist

Tonight we are seeing the future: A gay cross-dressing muslim abortionist’s high heel stomping on Doughy Pantload’s face — forever!

For some reason, the YouTube link isn’t working for me. FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT


Geez, Dhalgren, I’d steer clear of that place. That’s some serious stupidity.


In regards to the Malkin comment, does anyone have that map of states that give/receive federal funding.


In regards to the Malkin comment, does anyone have that map of states that give/receive federal funding.

As you would expect, red states get more federal money than they pay in. For all their pissing and moaning about welfare, they are the ones getting it.

Xecklothxayyquou Gilchrist

Nate@538 calls it. Wow.

Shorter: 538 MUP FTW


5 minutes until he’s over 270


Thanks, Dragon-King Wangchuck! Can’t hear the TV where I am. Looks like I’ll stick with beer. Whiskey is so 2004.


Truth? What about all that gloating you were going to do when America showed us what it REALLY thinks?



OH, sweet Schadenfreude of life at last I’ve found yoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Because you’re infantile and eat paste?


Ah, Lesley, on my worst day I’ll never be as miserable as a nasty, hypocritical liberal.

Yes, the insane often believe they are just fine and it is the world that is wrong.

Seek professional help. Seriously.


just spoke with tbati, he sends his best to all sadlynauts… and would like to reiterate…OHIO BITCHES



Seems to me she’s been trending back towards sanity, MzNicky.

But what do I know?

Freaks And Goobers, Oh My

Truth, seriously, we can all guess what your “response” will be; a poor attempt to claim that you made liberals focus on you, due to claims of manipulatory skills… even though it’s hard to really claim any such skill when you are told in advance what people here will be happy to react like, and with regards to precisely which stimulii and conditions.

There’ll be a weak attempt to claim that you aren’t a Republican, but an independent, free spirited individual who just dislikes “Liberal lockstep”… despite being so addicted to being contrary that you’ll always react in far more predictable ways than even the worst partisan on either side.

There’ll be some badly phrased, poorly argued attempts to appear cute or humorous, but which considering the months of being hypocritical will just make you look childish. And then you’ll try and forget, as you always do, any question you’ve been asked which you can’t just strike a trolling pose with, just as you have tonight, by refering to your posting, which in turn didn’t answer any of the questions put to you about just how WRONG your predictions were…

… but all through out it all, you’ll tell yourself you are in control, are impressing the small number of fellow “independents” that are out there, and even if you aren’t, well you’ll feel better about yourself just because you couldn’t be able to live if your little facade wasn’t maintained.

No, you’ll have no surprises for us. Just disappointment for those who still think there’s something maybe worth caring about in “The Truth” after they see how much you’ll debase yourself, rather than ever face just how long past the point of sense or reason you’ve taken a joke which was never funny in the first place.

And it’ll be another 4 years before you’ll truly be able to repeat the same joke again, because you truly will be whistling past the graveyard. We’re getting the President we’d prefer, no matter what.

No. Matter. What.

(and this took me 2 minutes to write. Whilst listening to the BBC. You aren’t even distracting me from my enjoyment of the night, sorry)

Dragon-King Wangchuck

via TPM, Rocky Mountain News has just called Colorado for Obama.


Ah, we all know Truth is going to try and make up some shit about a “stolen election,” despite that notion requiring perhaps the most massive conspiracy in the nation’s history.

Please, Truth, enlighten us. Gloat! You were so very certain you would be. You wouldn’t want us to be disappointed, right?


Mikey, for musical accompaniment I’m gonna go with this.


via TPM, Rocky Mountain News has just called Colorado for Obama.

That would be truly remarkable.


Shorter The Truth:

It is hard to type coherently through this veil of tears.


It takes a pretty sick individual to be proud of being the turd in the punchbowl.


Who is this “Seb” person?



More Shorter Truth: Obama’s win will be bad news for Democrats.

I’m giggling in my margarita already. Bring it on, Truthiness.


You can sense bile? How does it taste? Is this some ability like on “Heroes”?


You know what? I look forward to it. Even if it’s totally real and I piss my pants in shame for gloating about this election. It would be cathartic, so let’s go!


Allison, the really weird thing is that my bro in law is named Leonard Bernstein.

Not the same one, but hee hee….



My undergrad thesis and class tomorrow says I can’t get smashed tonight, so I’m drinking coffee and watching the electoral map at Daily Kos. …I would probably be more productive drunk, though; I am fucking *vibrating in place* from nerves and caffeine.

(I rocked the vote for Obama in PA this afternoon, though, so I’m going to heaven when I die from the tension! :D)


I’m your only friend
I’m not your only friend
but I’m a little glowing friend
but really I’m not actually your friend
but I am…


The revelation is that half the country was actually on Punk’d. You’ll see lie-berals


You are TOTALLY going to heaven, Bagelsan.

Freaks And Goobers, Oh My

See? Taking the cute poses…. I can’t wait for the surprise! “I’m collecting all your words, which I shall publish on my blog, muahaha! I shall show I’m so smart by… repeating words you were proud to write! And you’ll imagine millions of people laughing at them because, mumble mumble mumble”.

Meanwhile, my being controlled by The Truth has been interrupted by the horror that Megan McArdle is about to be interviewed as part of a panel on BBC World News. NooooOOoooOOOoooo! But only because she has equally strong psychic powers over us weaker beings…


Bummer. TPM reporting Mitch McConnell hung on to his Senate seat.


I’m schadengloating!

I’ve burned 300 calories in the last hour, I’m schadengloating so hard.


You think you irritate us? Dude, we eat people like you for breakfast, and you’re just another plate of eggs and bacon.. You are our amusement, our life’s breath, the cream in our coffee. What’s the point of gloating unless there’s a dead-ender around to taunt?


I saw Nooners on CBS earlier tonight. It’s like a God damn circlejerk – why are these people given air time?


D-K W: Thanx for the report from insanePUMAland. I figured as much. I’d be surprised to see TGW last out the year. RIP fuckers!! Oh that wasn’t very ladylike, was it. Hahahahahaa

Man, this is the schadenfreudiest night I have ever known in my whole life.


Mary Jo Kilroy (I voted for her a mere couple of hours ago) has taken Deborah “the Pryce is right!”‘s seat here in OH-15.



Wait! I know. It will turn out all along that Obama was just William Kristol in a mask, and he’ll rip it off during his victory speech and immediately start bombing everything that isn’t Israel. Then we’ll have been shown.


Shorter The Truth:

Meaningless insult, invective, deflection.


I’ve spent a lot of time .

Shortered and fixed your comment, troof.


Yeah, Troofie.
It’s the liberals who are the real meanies!
Because we gloat at morons like you.
Yep, that SURE makes us equivalent with racists and homophobes!


the idiot will post comments from the 2004 election where we all thought everyone was stupid. and now everyone is voting for obama and they got smart.

well, they did didnt they? back in 2000 i knew that bush and the republican congress would be an unmitigated disaster. im sure the rest of you thought the same. time has proven us 100% correct.

we were right in 2000, right again in 2004. everyone else has finally caught on. took my family dog awhile to learn not to piss on the rug, but he finally learned too.


Yes, how sad the country is turning toward making freeloaders like you pay for their government services. How sad that money is going to build roads, that regulations will be put in place to keep speculators from crashing the economy, that some folks might get to hang onto homes they otherwise would have lost.

The country is turning toward civilization. How very disappointing that must be to Republicans, who are, of course, against it.



how’s mean jean doing? I’m up north (Cleveburg), and I’m not watching the local stations.


Um, Rugged? Oh Ruuuuuuuuugged??? Wherefore art thou?


Dragon-King Wangchuck

Nah, Freaks. You’re just helping to validate my theory that liberalism is driven by hatred. That’s the ugly reality, and I’ve spent a lot of time pointing out your hate filled hypocrisy.

He’s right. I don’t know why you guys are all so happy, I mean with all the Kill Whitey we’ll be doin’ in hte next eight years, we’re gonna be pretty tired lib-tards. I mean, won’t anyone think of teh childrens!


When do polls close in CA?


You people need to have more elections, since they seem to bring Gentlewoman out from her undisclosed location.


I haven’t seen anything from that area, either, dbati.

(That area = Ohio’s pennsyltucky, of course)

I donate to Victoria Wulsin in 2006 and 2008, so I’m hoping.


No, the only thing for it is Truth is buying for us all. If he stays, he’s gotta buy the drinks.

Bartender – that guy’s picking up the tab!!!


I like how Troofies only argument boils down to:

Trilateral Chairman

Listenin’ to the Wolf:

We gonna romp and tromp till midnight
We gonna fuss and fight till daylight
We gonna pitch a wang dang doodle all night long
All night long, All night long, All night long

Dragon-King Wangchuck

15K lead with one third of the votes in. Looks like Rep. Schmidt will be around to call more marines cowards.


I tried to convince my stepmother to vote for Obama. She agreed with me the Republicans have performed terribly in regards to Iraq, and that McCain would likely start a war with Iran. She agreed with me that Republicans have crashed the economy with a needless financial bubble. She agreed with me that we desperately need to invest in infrastructure to keep bridges from falling.

Yet she could not vote for Obama. She can not vote for him simply because he is black. It’s sad.

I can’t say I’m surprised, though. My stepmom is from Jena, Lousiana.


Here’s Cali’s polls:

Starting at 8pm Pacific.

You’re welcome.


how’s mean jean doing?

I think she won again.

Some dogs never do learn not to pee on the carpet.


Um, Rugged? Oh Ruuuuuuuuugged??? Wherefore art thou?

He’s upstairs in Leonard’s thread.


media alert sadlies,

John Bolton on the bbc is about to blow big time, he’s sat next to an openly gay, european, liberal professor, and his face is turning puce!


And thank you, Ken


Hey, marijuana possession is now (almost) legal in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. Getting caught with an ounce or less now gets you a parking ticket.

And the cops keep your pot to smoke themselves.


Pitting John Bolton vs. competant historian (Simon Schama)
As in “The Power of Art” Schama? There will be blood.


You know what? ; The backwoods freaks in OH -02 can have her. How can people be so dumb? As a guy who has lived in bright blue Cuyahoga County for years, I just don’t get the thinking of some of these people.



I object to our Sadly overlords posting amongst themselves up there above us all. Some reason you guyz can’t comment down here with us plebioids? 🙂


Liberals are driven by hate?

That’s the twist? That’s lame.


MARITA (9:46): has called a Yes vote for Question 2. Smoke ‘em if you got em</i?

Were we supposed to wait?


I got one of those once.

Wasn’t even MY weed.

Thirty five bucks.

Ah well…



It thinks that’s clever, Anthony.



Suck it up, Pukes!

Elections have Consequences, LOSERS!!

Fossils take MILLIONS of years to form, MORONS!!!


Freaks And Goobers, Oh My

Oh dear… THAT’s the surprise? “Liberalism is driven by hatred”? Your surprise is behavior indistinguishable from the playground tactics of Nelson Muntz of the Simpsons?

Maybe we can explain something to you here; if you keep insulting people until they snap and yell at you, that ceases “proving” anything to anyone when they hit puberty and develop the ability to apply abstract thought and separate out inherent and stimulated qualities. Further more, it’s especially unpersuasive if they don’t snap at you as you claim. You’ve spent months lying, being insulting, desperately seeking attention, and the best you’ve got is people saying you are insulting and desperately seeking attention… you have never, in any meaningful sense, stimulated any genuine hatred.

And in my own case, all you’ve done is inspire pity. I feel sorry for you. So very sorry that you are so involved in this ridiculous effort to troll that you are reduced to claiming hatred where you only get pity because you’d sooner be hated, or at least try and lay claim to that hatred, to try and make yourself feel important. Even it’s all part of some sort of attempt at performance art, it’s so colossally weak that it’s hard to imagine what sort of point it could possibly have; there were guides to trolling the internet within a year of it coming live in the mid-90s and none of them since have ever said anything more insightful than “If you crap your won pants in public, people will react with disgust to you”. And congratulations, you’ve done that. But …. so?

And you’ve done it on a blog devoted to crapping on public things?

Remarkable. God knows how you ever conceived of this brilliant plan. A plan to persuade yourself by going to somewhere dedicated to the things you hate, getting them to hate you even more… and then resigning yourself to 4 years of impotence and committing to lying and being foolish and offended and hated before you’ll get a chance to get a triumph over hatred through someone else’s achievements?

No Truthie, I don’t hate you. I feel so sorry for such a colossal waste of life.

And it won’t stop me being happy that at last American politics is moving in the right direction.


Obama’s up by 180,000 by in Florida with 78% precincts. Have any TV stations called it yet?


I just don’t get the thinking of some of these people.

Jeebus hates gaybortions. Also, they have great big billboards that say “HELL IS REAL”.

(And when you’re driving down the highway in your automobile, you can’t see the fine print: HELL IS REAL. Brought to you by the rethuglican party.)


Yeah, that isn’t exactly Park Chan Wook, is it Truth?

Dragon-King Wangchuck

I must say that I love the “drama in two acts” mechanic. I do hope to see it make future appearances.


Right now, liberalism is being driven by laughter.

We haven’t forgotten the dead and dispossed, the hatred for anyone different, the threats and invective. All those moms and dads, sons, daughters–dead by our bombs, paid for by our tax dollars, celebrated by our fellow citizens. The dead scream for justice, and you have not even begun to fucking pay.


they have great big billboards that say “HELL IS REAL”.

They better hope not. Their grade on ‘Loving thy neighbor’ will be EPIC FAIL.


Mikey, once again you produce another surprise about yourself. You’re just all round surprises, aren’t you?

Gotta say, folks, I’m loving you all today – it’s just after lunchtime here, and since the boss is away, this cat will play. I’m just following the election results and giggling to myself. Later I may crack open one of the ciders I have stashed in the fridge – not champagne, but better than nothing. If only I can wait until I get home.

I’m so lovin’ the US right now. The whole planet is. Let the games begin!


I’m not a pothead, but I’m happy with how things turned out in Mass. and Mi.


God hates a coward, and they are yellow to the bone. “Oh noes, a bad man hates me! Invade and kill! Ooh, yucky, gays! They make me question my manhood! No, not science! God will get mad at me!”



I be happier than a clam in a shitmoat!


I’ve got youuuuu
Under my skin.
I’ve got youuuuu
Deep in the heart of meeeee…


Anthony, Park is one of my favourite directors – how can you mention his name in the same breath as Truth? Serious recommendation, folks: if you’re up for some heavy-duty cinema, check out Park Chan-wook. Particularly JSA, Sympathy for Mr Vengeance, and Old Boy. Man’s got a gift for films that smash you in the head (but in a good way).


Worth reposting again:


Saul said,

March 14, 2008 at 21:34

The bottom line is, John McCain is going to win the November election by a landslide. He is a Moderate Conservative Patriot who is smart, capable and with alot of needed experience in the military and politics. I predict (you mark my words on this one) that in addition to the 31 States that Bush won in 2004, McCain is also going to win New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan. New Hampshire is a Independent Libertarian State where John McCain is very popular I predict he will win New Hampshire with 52% of the vote. Pennsylvania with the exceptions of the Pittsburg and Philidalphea metropolitan areas is a Socially Conservative Rural State. It also has an idependent streak and a reputation as a Swing State. Because Pennsylvania is a Socially Conservative Swing State and because McCain is very popular amongst Independent voters I predict McCain will carry Pennsylvania with 51% of the vote. The States of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan have become much more Conservative and Republican over the years and are now decisive Swing States. I predict that McCain will carry Wisconsin with 52%, Minnesota with 51%, and Michigan with 51%. So all in all you mark my words, I predict a 36 State landslide victory for McCain in November.



If you think you can refute it, go for it

No, refutation requires an honest argument, an agreement on a shared framework. You present your finished conclusions, correct by your own internal decree and without connection to consensus reality.

You are merely making your very odd statements. To imply a discourse is taking place is a false statement.




Shays goes down. OMG.

“We lost because there was a tsunami on its way”


Troofy, why don’t you tell us a story about Pennsylvania going for McCain?

You sounded so much happier back then. *sniff*


And, in conclusion: Bwahahahahahaha!


Hey, 538 and are calling Arizona as blue. Fucking Arizona? Tell me I’m dreaming, here!


I think you’ll be surprised.

I don’t.


they have great big billboards that say “HELL IS REAL”.

They better hope not. Their grade on ‘Loving thy neighbor’ will be EPIC FAIL.

God to repubs at pearly gates: HAHAHAHAHAHAHNO


I bet you that’s Jonah Goldberg. Smug, stupid, oblivious, thick-headed. You know he comes here for the funny, since their idea of comedy is to fart and giggle.


Boy, your comments sure have gotten shorter and shorter, Truth.

It’s nearly 11pm, EST time. Weren’t you supposed to start bragging about now?


Don’t blame me, I voted for Nader.


Yay! My fellow citizens in Undisclosed Location gave Chris Shays his walkin’ papahs!


PS Ganesh Bengal Cat just horked up a hairball laughing along with me. He wants me to send it to Mehitabel as a token of his devotion but I doubt Teh Antipodes is suffering from a shortage of hairballs. Anyway, postage is prohibitive. And I spent all his ‘lowance on Mumm’s anyway.

Xecklothxayyquou Gilchrist

Fucking Arizona? Tell me I’m dreaming, here!

It looks like 538 hasn’t called AZ, to me – are you looking at NM?


Oooooooh I hope O wins Florida.


Susan, I have been saying that for awhile!

Xecklothxayyquou Gilchrist

You know he comes here for the funny, since their idea of comedy is to fart and giggle.

Well, you have to admit that farting is pretty funny.

But when you combine it with idiotic economic and foreign policy bloviating, it loses some of its charm – that’s NRO’s whole problem.

Dragon-King Wangchuck

I’m a bit sad about Georgia, but it looks like they’ve just about finished counting Virginia. O +13EVs


Obama is now ahead in Indiana!!!!


I did have the pleasure of voting for the Green Party candidate against Mark Pryor. No Republican even bothered to run.

Of course they didn’t need to, since Mark Pryor already is a Republican.


Well, it looks like Chambliss gets to stay.

So that’s 1 in the ‘there is a god column’
and 1 in the ‘there’s no god column’

Now we wait on Coleman.

Freaks And Goobers, Oh My


“And in my own case, all you’ve done is inspire pity. I feel sorry for you.”

“Freaks, why so angry?”

Honestly, do you still get caught with your hand in the cookie jar and try and blame it on the cat as well?

Also, imagining every single negative event in your life must come from only one source is a sure sign of mental illness, usually an obsessive or paranoic disorder. We already know you’ve become obsessed by DrDick in the past few weeks; Now I’m DrDick? And supposedly you’re “under my skin”? So where is that DrDick inserted, I wonder?

I tell you what, I’ll tell you about “purpose” here in responding to you; I’ll even spell it out very, very slowly…

I’ve… Been… Trolling… The… Troll… Because… Your… “Surprise” … Was… Predicted… Months… Ago… And… I’ve … Been … Encouraging… You… To… Show… How … Republicans… Like… You… Are… At… Best… Everything… You… Project… Onto… Liberals… And… In… Your… Personal… Case… Are… Clearly… Clinically… Ill… And… Socially… Maladjusted…

Got that? I’m not even American, can’t vote, but by god I could help influence the election; because your behavior has been the very thing, along with Sarah Palin and the Religious Right’s Propositions, that have helped us all persuade Middle America they don’t want to be on any side that you’ve taken. You are part of the complete discrediting of the Republican brand; hence the Landslide today… America’s first African-American President. It’s a wonderful day for the world. And you were too busy trying to take cute poses to work out what you were really doing… and too dishonest and immature to face the fact that you’ve added such joy to our triumph today.

So… lots of smiles, and no anger for you; our beloved useful idiot!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Some networks saying Virginia, although extremely close, has gone for Obama.

Ho ho ho 😉


Gentlewoman, if you meant Qetesh, the Antipodean Abyssinian, alas. She shuffled off this mortal coil a few months ago. But I’m sure she’d thank me for laying Ganesh’s hairball on her wee grave as a token of his affection.

Xec-wotthefuck, I may indeed have been hallucinating. Sorry about that. I feel like someone who shouts “There!” in the middle of an ambush.


Just Alison: 538 hasn’t called AZ, and the colors on aren’t projections or calls — just reflections of the current counted vote. If a big urban area gets counted first, it’s likely to go for Obama even in a big red state.


I’m really hating CNN, they’re using too many fucking colours…who knows what they all mean?


Gentlewoman said,

November 5, 2008 at 5:50

Yay! My fellow citizens in Undisclosed Location gave Chris Shays his walkin’ papahs!

Oh Shays, can you see?

GW, good to see you enjoying the




The capital of the CSA.

Went for Obama.

Waiting on that gloating, Truth!


Goddamn CNN has Blitzer and a row of Republican stooges and the *colors* bother you?


My whole dorm is screaming. What station just called it?


You’re just helping to validate my theory that liberalism is driven by hatred.

Any response other than hostility is both foolish & cowardly, when one is facing power in the service of evil.

As for your precious fill-in-the-blanks, spare us. If you think you’re accomplishing anything other than proving your own idiocy with that intellectually deceitful “gotcha” crap, I have a bridge you might be interested in, real cheap.

Looks like that whole gloating-at-the-silly-liberals-while-they-cry thing didn’t QUITE pan out, eh, Herr Trout?
Fail looks good on you. Leave it on.


Fox and CNN have just called it for President Obama.


hes dunnit hes dunnit Ca and Wa called


msnbc too.

We’re there..



Well, CNN just called the election. Only Saxby Chambliss keeps my joy from being complete.


BBC too


CNN calls it. Obama IS PRESIDENT ELECT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Let the head exploding commence.

Ace? Anything?

Malkin thing?


Do not go gently into that good night.

Just go…



Goddamn CNN has Blitzer and a row of Republican stooges and the *colors* bother you?

Little Pig, I don’t have a tv, just the intertubes. I download all the teevee I want to watch.




Djur, yes, I worked that out. I’m a little slow today, I guess.

Ohmigod, BBC say he’s got it! I’m crying, I’m actually crying. Congratulations, folks. I’m so happy I could, well, cry. :-)))))


The fact is, hello liberals.




So countdown until he says “Where da white women at?”




Oh, Alison, I am so sorry. 🙁 I was ill and offline for a bit, and I did not know you had lost your little goddess. I have made mine promise to outlive me, but since toona was involved in teh transaction, they were probably conning me, as usual.

Mehitabel is one of Smut Clyde’s feline overlords. Ganesh has always been a sucker for the Abys. Consider Qetesh’s wee grave duly yowled over by a heartbroken, witless, lovelorn Bengal Cat.



tigrismus said,

November 5, 2008 at 6:01

Well, CNN just called the election. Only Saxby Chambliss keeps my joy from being complete.

That useless twit can spend his next six years as one of the more ignominious members of an ignominious minority.


I lived thru a LOT of shit to live thru bush/cheney to get to this.

I’m comfortable now.

I can leave you in better hands.

Not that I plan on going anywhere, but the clock ticks, and you pulled it back from the criminals and the madmen.

Thank you…



I almost feel sorry for the Sadlynauts. ALMOST! The rightwingosphere will be eating their faces. I predict many shorters in the days to come! Whoohoo!


Looking forward to Mad Jack’s shame

Freaks And Goobers, Oh My




ah mikey. i’ve always loved you.


Wanna see Grampaw McPOW’s concession speech.

Wanna see it now.

Fuck wad…



So this is where Palin exits stage right for her spot on Fox.

Jesus, I hope that bitch lost/loses Alaska


That’s what a fucking mandate from the people looks like, bitch!


A toast, then!

From north of the border.

And the planet:

Afrikaans: Gesondheid
Albanian: Shëndeti tuaj / Gezuar
Arabic: Fi sahitak
Armenian: Genatset
Asturian: Gayola
Austrian: Prost / Zum Wohl
Azerbaijani: Afiyæt oslun
Bali: Selemat
Basque: Topa
Belgian: Op uw gezonheid
Bengali: Joy
Bosnian: Zivjeli
Brazilian: Saude / Viva
Breton: Yec’hed mat
Bulgarian: Naz drave
Catalan: Salut
Chinese: Kong chien / Yum sen
Cornish: Yeghes da
Creole: Salud
Croatian: Zivjeli / U zdravlje
Czech: Na zdraví
Danish: Skål
Das: Cheers Ya’ Basturd
Dutch: Proost
Egyptian: Fee sihetak
English: Cheers /Chin Chin
Esperanto: Sanon / Salutè
Estonian: Teie terviseks
Farsi: Ba’sal’a’ma’ti
Finnish: Kippis
French: À votre santé / Santé
Frisian: Tsjoch
Galician: Chinchín / Saúde
German: Prost
Greek: Gia’sou
Greenlandic: Kasugta
Hawaiian: Hipahipa / Okole maluna
HawaIrish: So Lawn chairs
Hebrew: Le’chaim (loc’hiem)
Holooe: Kam-poe Hungarian: Egészségedre
Icelandic: Santanka nu / Skål
Ido: Ye vua saneso
Indian: Apki Lambi Umar Ke Liye
Irish: Gaelic Sláinte
Italian: Salute / Cin cin
Japanese: Cumpai / Banzai
Korean: Konbe /Gombei
Latin: Sanitas bona / Bene tibi
Latvian: Prieka
Lithuanian: I sveikata
Malaysian: Minum
Mandarin: Gan bei
Maori: Kia ora
Mexican: Salud
Moroccan: Saha wa’afiab
Norwegian: Skål
Occitan: A la vòstra
Pakistani: Sanda bashi
Philippine: Mabuhay
Polish: Na zdrowie / Sto lat
Portuguese: Saúde
Rumanian: Noroc
Russian: Vashe zdorovie
Serbian: Zivjeli / U zdravlje
Sesotho: Nqa
Slovak: Na zdravie
Slovenian: Na zdravje
Spanish: Salud
Swahili: Afya / Vifijo
Swedish: Skål
Tagalog: Mabuhay
Thai: Chook-die / Sawasdi
Turkish: Serefe
Ukrainian: Na zdorov’ya
Welsh: Llechyd da / Hwyll
Yiddish: Lechaim
Yugoslavian: Ziveo / Ziveli
Zulu: Oogy wawa

Possibilities are now possible.


Way to Go, Americans!



check out the graphic on wonkette


This is the God DAMNDEST Place in the whole world.

Just when you’re ready to give up on the whole bunch of shitheads.

And then, they rise above and do something SO clear and honest and desperate and perfect.

And then the next morning they go to work. Ho hum.

Goddam it. I LOVE this fucked up place…




This makes up for 2004 and then some.


Ted Nugent just came up on my iTunes.





I wish HST was still alive to see the ‘crooked used car salesmen’ get chased off the white house lawn.

Thus ends the long night.


Thank you, Gentlewoman. Qet faded over months, and had to be put down finally to save her from suffering. Luschka, the Burmese who loved nothing more than to curl up with Qet and give her a wash and a cuddle, was utterly bereft. I’ve got another from the pound, who’s a sweetie, but she’s a bit afraid of Lushy, and Lushy’s a bit irritated by the young one, so things are still a bit sad at Chez Alison. But life goes on, and I make sure they get plenty of cuddles – they have to provide their own furballs.

Henry Lewis, here’s one from Oz: Cheers, mates. Fucken’ oath!


This is the God DAMNDEST Place in the whole world.

Just when you’re ready to give up on the whole bunch of shitheads.

And then, they rise above and do something SO clear and honest and desperate and perfect.

And then the next morning they go to work. Ho hum.

Goddam it. I LOVE this fucked up place…


Me too, Mikey. Congratulations and JOB WELL DONE.


Weeping, screaming on the phone with my friends, trying to assimilate the awesome ramifications of what this means — which will take a little while, this is so FUCKING historic and amazing — what this means to liberals down here in the deep South, you may not be able to imagine — holy shit. Holy Shit. This is the most amazing thing since — what Kennedy’s assassination was on the horrible side, this is on the wonderful side. So much. I can’t even articulate.


Live blogging on my blackberry from 125th St. in Harlem. Getting hugs and kisses from strangers. So happy, schadenfreude can wait til tomorrow, best party evah!


I’m with you mikey…through all the fucked up shit, it’s brilliant to be alive on a night like this.

love to all,


Hey, Truth? Nothing bilious to add?


Whew. Finally I can unpucker.


McLame is conceding. I swear he looks like he’s relieved.


McCain is speaking now… Let’s hope he can manage some graciousness.


So happy, schadenfreude can wait til tomorrow

Not for me it can’t.

Gargle my jizz, wingnuts. Choke on my junk. Ya’ll have a nice night now, y’hear?


I hear Gramps conceding in the next room.


McCain is conceding!


Stay Classy pubs. Pricks are booing Obama during the concesion. Jesus. A little fucking humility, maybe?


Jesus, he is being gracious. Maintain that, McCain…


McCains supporters, booing ’til the end.

Stay classy, whitey.


Congratulations to President-Elect B’lack bin Hussein Osama X.


Geeez, it’s like McCain just woke up from an evil spell or something.


I want Obama to ask McCain to be on his cabinet.

1) If he can salvage Old McCain to deal with immigration, awesome!



It’s a way better speech than he ever made in the campaign.

It IS like he’s relieved.



Now,finally, at the end, John McCain has decided to go back to being a moderately decent human being.

You shoulda run that way, John.


Oh god, Truth.

I even love YOU right now.


Truth, come on! Devastate us some more with your political insights.


Get yer head around it. Barack Hussein Obama will be the next president of this country.

Now we can start letting ourselves imagine what can now happen in this great country, now that our long, long national nightmare and reign of terror is over.

It’s OVER!!

Our Day of Liberation is HERE!!



my friends……..trails off.


Christ, the supporters suck. McCain is doing really wonderfully, but the crowd just can’t shrug off the soulless hate.


All they can see is whether or not “their team” is winning, regardless of the effect on America.



whereas an actual person getting assaulted left them unmoved.

There’s an example of your lying. There was beatings all around, black and white. The police chief thought the white boys being beaten was a terrible offense; the black kids not so much.

Yes, the white kids got a little worse than they gave. But they started it, and bullies getting their nose blooded is not a bad thing. But the difference in injuries were not that great.

You are lying. Again.


Ken, I wouldn’t go that far. But I sure luvs the rest of ya!


I want to hear from Obama…. enough of McSucks.


It’s a way better speech than he ever made in the campaign.

It IS like he’s relieved.

And he seems to have noticed racism all of a sudden. :p


I am not convinced that all of these conservative talking heads are easily giving up on their party losing power. I will not rest at ease until the Cheney Administrations is OUT of the White House and the Obama Administration is IN.

I’m sorry, I do not trust a single Republican.


I must say, this is a pretty gracious speech by McCain, even if it sounded a little weird when he effectively declared racism over.

Also, listen to the cheers for Palin. I really want to see more of her in 2012, ‘cuz she’d get destroyed.



McCain Concedes, With Dignity, This Is Awkward

Ugh, must we do this, too? Yes, we will watch John McCain, who is looking down with disgust at his supporters, who are booing and hissing. It is no fun to lose a contest. But good god, his supporters are garbage. McCain looks like he’s going to cry. What a bunch of trash. Good god, they’re a mob. A mob. They never even liked him, and only really came around when he stupidly hired a moron to fill out the ticket


More boos. Fuckers.


Geeez, it’s like McCain just woke up from an evil spell or something.

Lesley: I’ve long wondered how much McCain’s heart was really in this thing. I think it may be admitted now that the Rethugs fucked themselves from the beginning by being associated with Chimpy. I mean, look at the paltry lineup they came up with; McLame was the best of the lot, which sums it up. I think McCain is actually smart enough to have realized that from quite a while ago.


I want to hear from Obama…. enough of McSucks.

Obama will have the class to wait until McCain is done before starting the victory speech, unlike some other folks…


McCain sounded relieved his dreadful journey with the Republican campaign slime machine is over.


“Americans don’t hide from history”.

Aw crap, John. You were doing so well.


Lesley, re:wonkette,

Yah, that kinda sums it up. I’d be willing to bet the Obama crowd is a little nicer.


Wheeeeee! *Dances around* Oh, hooray hooray!


You said it, SgtD.

In dubya’s words: Were gonna smoke em out!


Good on NBC/MSNBC for giving John Lewis time to speak. An American hero.

Wow…the church bells are ringing here in Little Rock.


justme: I hope there are no boos or ill feelings.

I do hope he comes out with a big clock hanging around his neck, though.


In the end, he found his humanity.

It might actually be he never was invested in the hate.

That kind of makes it uglier, but whatevs. At this point, he’s a fading star.

The future is President Obama.

The next four years aren’t going to be easy, and I’m wary of this man who will be President. He has seemed, at times, awfully willing to run to the right, to run away from what it clearly means to be an american.

I welcome the end of the disastrous bush/cheney administration, and I welcome the Obama administration to our leadership. But I will be watching, closely…



The Truth said a bunch of meaningless crap

Don’t make me stop this car, you fuckwitted little peckerwood.



Horns honking, fireworks going off, and yes the occassional 9mm being emptied. More of a reaction than I expected.


CBC “We are just waiting for the president-elect…”

Man, I am just tickled. I want to cry. America has elected a statesman.


Mikey, what we’ve all got is a chance. No, it won’t be easy, and there’s a high probability that lots of people will lay back and think it’s all sparkles and ponies from now on – it won’t be.

But the world has avoided something very nasty, at least for a while, and actually has a chance of moving in a better direction. That’s why we’re all so giddy. And I’m sure that once the giddiness wears off, we’ll all remember that.

But for now, I’m gonna be very very silly, because it feels so good. 🙂


On this day of all days, I wish I had a teevee just to see that crowd in Chicago.


Oh man, my throat hurts from constant shrieking. I kinda want to go running up and down the sidewalk with a sauce pan and a wooden spoon like it is New Years Eve.

Every thing feels…



When does President Obama speak?


It’s not about race. It’s not even really about the economy. It’s about enough US citizens rising up, finally, having FINALLY had more than enough, and repudiating war, racism, imperialism, blind capitalism, hatred, global bullying, and everything else that we have finally, nearly too late, realized the rest of the world has for some time thought about us. That’s a large part of what this is.


By the way, has anybody said the word ‘landslide’ yet? ‘Cos I really, really, really want to hear that – it’s almost a drinking game, but the word itself would be like taking a whole swag ‘o drinks.


Fuck, I am opening a beer.



what we’ve all got is a chance. No, it won’t be easy

Now, the tough work begins. I have never been a crazed Obama fanboi, but I like the guy well enough. He has his work cut out, and then some. I truly hope he’s up for the gig.

The fetid Radical Right is going to try to make this as hard as possible, regardless of the cost to the nation as a whole. They are the sort to burn the house down just to piss off Democrats. Spite is all important to them. They only play zero-sum. The rabid weasel-pack that rode Clinton is going to look like a day out at the circus compared to the shitstorm the asshats are going to fling at Obama.


Just Alison:

Bush called his <1% thing a “mandate,” so this is basically “an epic ass-whooping.”


listen to the cheers for Palin. I really want to see more of her in 2012, ‘cuz she’d get destroyed.

Don’t count on it. She’s done for. Good riddance.


CBC just spoke to some political somebody in Nairobi. It’s 8 in the morning and 2000 people are partying outside the palace. They’re not going to bed until they hear Obama speak.


Electoral votes: 338 for Obama, 155 for McCain.


Frankly, I would have to question the emotional stability of someone who, on a night culminating the efforts of both candidates, decides to spend anytime at the site of people who took the opposing view.

I mean, why would you celebrate – or mourn – with people you despise?

In fact, I bet that Twoofy actually doesn’t have any community to speak of over on the right. I would pity him, if he weren’t such a contemptible douchebag.


I read somewhere that Palin is negotiating a talk show for herself on Fox or some such shit. That’s where she belongs. If the Republican party has ANY brains it will dump her ass, pronto along with all the other asses just like her. The era of neocons is over.


Twitter celebs…lovely.

stephenfry writes: Oh hurrah! My American friends have just texted me the news!!! Good old America, good old Americans! xxx

JohnCleese Huzzah!

JohnCleese Yodelling

warrenellis And that’s it. Nice work, America. You got your country back.


Holy crap. North Carolina, Indiana and Montana all leaning to Obama at the moment.


Hey, America, this is your song.


warrenellis I’m presuming Louisiana going to McCain is an aspect of the post-Katrina depopulations? I mean, goddamn…


stephenfry writes The rest of the world is so pleased and happy for you America. I’m (almost) dancing with relief xxx


Here he is!


Cheers, motherfuckers.


The eloquent man has the victory microphone. YESH!


By the way, has anybody said the word ‘landslide’ yet? ‘Cos I really, really, really want to hear that
Is this any good to you, Just Alison?


Good always triumphs. In my bones I believe this.


“you have earned the new puppy that’s coming with us to the Whitehouse”



I’m not a drinking man — Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging — but to share in your celebration, I will open that bottle of low-alcohol beer I’ve been saving.


I’m a cynic and and a skeptic but tonight I’m celebrating good old fashioned idealism. tomorrow I’ll be cranky and critical…tonight I just want to celebrate with my fellow humane humans.


I’m with ya, Lesley. I don’t choke up easily, but man…


Nick Cave is always good, Smut.

And as soon as anyone can provide a linky for Obama’s victory speech, I’m on it. All over it.


I am so envious that you have a leader with a voice like this…I believe in this guy.

I believe he’s sincere.


I’d bet cspan has it live.



I’m ready to suit up and go.



I am so proud of Americans right now.

This was not an easy victory for Obama, it was never a shoe in. Even though McCain ran a terrible defeatist campaign, Obama and liberals had to fight hard for this. He won the popular vote… Republicans have never won the popular vote. They stole the first election and lucked out/manipulated the second.


Not with a whimper.

Not with a sigh.


There just might be some hope for us after all…



You know, Obama started speaking about “hope” a couple of yeas ago and people like me wanted to believe, but were too fucking cynical to ever really get behind the idea. Even believing he was the best candidate, I thought the “hope” stuff was fluff to get people to vote, people that didn’t read policy documents.

But what else do you say about a man who takes that half-assed, cynical support and gets an entire nation behind him without ever once losing his cool?

John Cole‘s post is probably the best I’ve read so far:

I am still in shock. This was a damned landslide. It seems so long ago that I was the skeptical one, mocking Obama as the Magical Unity Pony- I think people forget that I was one of the folks who was simply going to support Hillary as the alternative to the GOP disaster.

This is just stunning. This changes everything. He treated us like adults, he converted the skeptics, and now he has a chance to make his mark. I was an Obama skeptic, and mocked him as the Magical Unity Pony, and mocked him “transcending” things. People forget that, I guess.

But now, no more fake nicknames- this is President-Elect Barack Obama. And I am so very, very proud.


Is anyone else bawling like a fool?


Joe Biden’s grinning like a lunatic, bless him. What a day. What a fucking day.


From Bush – incompetent bumbling sociopathic inarticulate asshole – to this!



The crowd is so subdued… dignified.


Lesley: yep. I’m surprised you can’t hear it from the other side of the world where you are.


Is anyone else bawling like a fool?

Most of Chicago, from the look of it.

And an awful lot more.

Like I said in the other thread,

“I’m just a little verklempt. Talk among yourselves.”


I wish my mother was alive to see this… she’d be so happy.


hey, i hope they keep that theme music going for the next four years. it’s very west wing ain’t it?


But damn, I only caught the last couple of minutes of the speech, so I missed all the best bits (I’m guessing). Now tapping fingers until youtube gets it up…


Stephen Fry writes: Malagasy people grinning from ear to ear. The world so wants to love America and now they can again x

Fry’s in Malagasy right now. Cool huh?

This is huge, people…huge.

Trilateral Chairman

Lesley: I’m a heartless cynic too. My wife’s the softie. But do you know what that means? My wife’s been crying since 10 PM EST, but I’ve only been crying since midnight.

I never thought he could pull it off. Never ever ever. I lived in North Carolina for nearly a decade. I was a grad student there. While I was going for my doctorate, my university celebrated the 40th anniversary of the admission of the first black student. Forty fucking years. Every day, I encountered people who couldn’t’ve gone to my university because their skin was the wrong color. Some of those people worked there–the older cafeteria workers, janitors, and so forth. Hell, the older black profs couldn’t’ve gone there.

I always believed that this day would come, but I never thought it would happen so soon.

Like I said, never ever ever. I didn’t believe he could win the nomination. I didn’t believe he could win the election. Never ever ever.

Jesus. We have a president who can speak. Can you imagine?


alison, cspan has live coverage. i find it only works in Explorer though. Never works in Firefox for me.


Lesley, I just told my sister that I wish our mom was still alive for this. She would have loved Obama.

I’m bawling my eyes out. I just have to keep saying it to myself, and it sounds so splendid every time:

President Elect Barak Obama. President Obama.

I’m so fucking happy right now. I’ve never been so proud of my country. We’ve finally come through.

Thank you to you all.


Oh my God, Tbogg is the dickens

I love that guy.


Lesley, I’ve had to open up Exploder (I’m a Safari girl), but the speech was nearly over by the time I got there. So I’m hoping for a rehash to hit the innertubes real soon now.


well i’ve had a bit to drink tonight while out celebrating . . . holy fucking shit this has been an incredible night. wish it wasn’t on a dang tuesday, what with the getting up and going to work tomorrow. just . . . awesome. i could not be smiling any wider right now.


I’m sniffling in fits and starts and I’d like to apologize to Mikey because a month or so ago I joked that Obama was just another Frank Capra movie, a fantasy of American politics.

Now I’m not so sure what’s not possible. The real world is cruel, this I know for sure. Still, I have this quiet hope for humanity. I want to believe.

I mean…I have no illusions about our governments and business. The crooked lobbyists are still there and Obama’s part of a shitty system, but there’s something different about this guy. He’s not like any person I’ve seen before or recently on the political scene. I don’t believe he’s just a charmer. I believe he’s sincere. I also think he knows what he’s up against. Maybe I’ll be proved wrong in the coming months, but I’m very happy about this choice. Although I held some support for Hillary, I’m glad it’s him and not her after Bush.

I may be naive. It’s difficult to be persuaded by one person when you’ve been betrayed so many times over years and years. But my instincts say this guy holds promise. That he’ll really try to live up to what he says he stands for. One man has limits, but clearly whatever he’s got to offer is contagious. I mean, even formerly racist shitbags and hard core republican loyalists voted for him. Their eyes have cleared a little…they’re moving forward. This gives me hope.


Is anyone else bawling like a fool?
pass the damn Kleenex, would you please?


When I think of how bad we all felt back in ’04-05. How christawful the prospect of yet another day watching some shitsmear retard tear the heart out of our country, shit all over it, and cram it down our throats…

How bad it felt then. How good it feels now.

This place was one of the few places I could go in those dark, dark days. A place where I could laugh to keep from screaming & going insane.

Thank you all for being here. For helping me laugh then, and cry now. I can’t stop, dammit. This can’t be happening.

Please don’t let us fuck this up. This is a once in a lifetime shot at really turning this country into someplace that lives up to our principles.

Thank you Seb & HTML & Retardo.

Thank you Mikey & ittdgy & Smiling Mort & a different brad & mznicky & everyone else who’s cracked wise here and made me choke on the Diet Coke in these comment threads.


Trilateral Chairman, hugs to you and your wife, though I’m sure they are tears of joy.

If there’s an upside to living through the dark ages, it’s emergence.


RETARDO (12:02): Obama: “with malice toward none, with charity toward all…” Classy. Good on him. Of course, I’m the opposite: ‘To the labor camps, Gary, go!’

There’s gotta be a place in the new admin for the Retardos. Because shit’s got to get done!


Did I mention that our Doktorling Sonja is well-chuffed? We happened to be in Berlin at the time of his Tiergarten speech, and she insisted on going along to join the crowd, so that in years to come she can boast that she knew Obama before he made it big.


Jesus. We have a president who can speak. Can you imagine?

Not only that, but one who can, and does speak to and with adults.



Ah the look on palin’s face was priceless. I haven’t even had time to dsrink yet, off to do that now….

Mostly Not Richard Cohen

Ok, now that all the fun and games of electing our new overlord are finished – may he crush teh Wingnuts with his mighty boots of stomping for evar and evar, world without end, amen – it’s time to get down to business. I’m planning on applying for the post of Commissar of Thought Corrections. I will be in charge of all the “re-education” camps. The problem is I don’t really have the right outfit for the interview. It needs to say: “this guy will force people into gay marriage” without beating you over the head with it. Any ideas?


Joe DiMaggio’s done it again
Joe DiMaggio’s done it again
Clackin’ that bat, gone with the wind
Joe DiMaggio’s done it again

Some folks thought Big Joe was done
Some just figured Joe was gone
Steps to the platter with a great big grin
Joe DiMaggio’s done it again

I’m gonna tell you just the way I feel
Man can’t run without his heel
Watch that raggy pill split the wind
Joe DiMaggio’s done it again

All three fielders jumped their best
Trying to climb that high board fence
They all growed whiskers on their chins
Joe DiMaggio’s done it again

Up along the clouds where the eagles roam
Joe cracked that ball to whine and moan
His buddies all laugh as they trot on in
Joe DiMaggio’s done it again

Grandma’s home by the radio
On the television watching Joe
She jerks the beard off of Grandpa’s chin
Joe DiMaggio’s done it again

The puppy dog barked at the pussycat
How does it look from where you sat?
Looks like a cyclone slidin’ in
Joe DiMaggio’s done it again


[…] to Sadly, No! RETARDO (11:07): ZOMMFG!! This is better than when the Cubs lost! Their misery was so great I […]


This thread is dead now, but I thought I’d get in a parting shot:

Troofy- Epic. Fail. Toodles!


For those stopping by to remember the good times, you’ve gotta watch this Troofus character. He’ll go on from here to still claim victory at every turn…still doing it as of this post, in fact. Amazing, ain’t he? Anyway, welcome to Sadly, No!


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