Contest Winner!

So…who’s behind door number four?

Posted by lensman at June 3, 2005 03:41 PM

Lensman wins, because the writer of the unsigned passage about Islamofascist moon-devils was none of the three wingnuts pictured, but…

[drum roll]

Jonah Goldberg

[cymbal crash, applause!]

Must have been too much root beer on a late night at the computer. Doesn’t Lucianne…? Well let’s not get into that.

Lensman wins primacy above all the animals and seed-bearing plants of the earth, the duty to multiply unto the number of stars in heaven, and a beer if we’re ever honored to meet him.


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Jesus H. Christ, MY EYES….


Thank you for putting that below the fold 😉


Ze goggles! Zey do nothing!


Lovely picture of Jonah.


Jonah looks he swallowed the whale.


Wow. He’s been working out.


But now you should follow up with a post on the strange relationship triangle between Jerry, Dylan and Leticia.


That was so fucking unfair. You could have warned us that clicking the link would result in the spewing of anything contained in the mouth. And me without a blue dress….


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