To The Breaches…

In an otherwise quite sensible post at our favorite treehouse, the comments section at Publius Pundit, ‘the english guy’ suddenly goes wild in the head and hurls accusations at our friend Retardo, of Elementropy.

Totalitarian regimes tightly control their news, their internet, everything that might affect their image. That?s why a lot of countries we KNOW have human rights abuses, DON?T appear in Google. In your post, 400 for Sudan, yet how many MILLIONS of people have died there because the Government sanctions the Ganjaweed militia?



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suburban refugee

No one is safe from the Rasta war machine….


But… it really IS the Ganjaweed militia. I laughed at the name too, until I read about their tactics (rape, etc).

Wow, that brought the room down.


It’s ‘Janjaweed’ — a Sudanese acronym pronounced with a ‘juh’ sound.

We wish there were a Ganjaweed Milita to join, but somehow nobody seems motivated enough to organize one….


I’ve pronounced it as a “J,” because that’s how I’ve heard it said, but I’ve seen it with both a G and a J, come to think of it. When I Yahooed it, I got back correct results for the G spelling…. Although Yahoo! did ask me if I meant “ganja weed.”


Well, since that whole thing with Publius Pundit and their Googling project, we’ve sort of become experts in comparative Googling….

Results 1 – 10 of about 804 for ganjaweed. (0.56 seconds)

This means that of about 840 pages on the Internet, 10 of them mention ‘ganjaweed.’

But input ‘janjaweed’, and the internet EXPANDS…

Results 1 – 10 of about 144,000 for janjaweed. (0.13 seconds)

…making room for 144,000 pages, of which ten are about ‘janjaweed.’

It’s all about how big the Internet gets when you press the Google button. It’s always ten hits for anything you put in.

At least that’s how that guy at Publius Pundit did it. I don’t really understand either….


there are several aknowledged ways of spelling the name of this originally government-related group of ‘armed men on horseback’ (which is the meaning of the term). Most of it spell a ‘J’ though. I used the name as a mock reggae band in a festival poster I made for a Photoshop self-tutorial.
Anyhow, these dudes started off as a militia to counteract rebellious activities in Wherewasit. Every country has one. Sometimes it’s the State Police, sometimes it’s the Rijkswacht. Most of them are infamous. The Janjaweed are no different, except maybe for their efficiency, partly achieved by excelling their opponents in cruelty. I still like the name and will continue to use it, cause it’s a perfect way to make liberal potheads become aware of what’s going on in the rest of the world (as is demonstrated by this topic).


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