New Contest? Sadly, Yes!

From our new favorite hangout, the comments at Publius Pundit:

The moon devil worshiping, islamo-fascist, Israel and U.S. hating lunatics who don?t care who they kill as long as they kill someone. Ya, I?m really upset that they were tortured to get info from them. Only the America hating socialist left has any interest in this story. These are the same people that want to legalize fellons to vote in elections. They can?t win at the ballot box so they fight like heck to get and keep kook leftist, constitution ignoring judges on the bench. These islamo facist moon devil worshippers think that it is fine to kill their own women, children and other non-combatants to serve their moon devil. The left and the current president would even have you believe that islam is a religion of peace. On the national news right now the Persion islamo devil worshipers are chanting (Iran) death to America.

Which one of these three wingnuts is the author?



or Dylan?


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ohhhh, pleeeeeease be leticia……


We shall go with our man Jerry.




That was Seb again, ghosting around the site and checking up on his dwarf henchmen.

The jury, Nilsey, is still out. Unless it’s a (heh heh heh) trick question….


I bet the trick is that Jerry and Leticia are the same person (i.e. Linda Tripp.)


As the owner of Publius Pundit, this is hilarious. Whoever wrote that in my comments is…. well, my vote for Dylan should be enough.


the author needs to put down the Chick tracts and pick up a dictionary. Persion? Fellons?


Waitaminute – there’s a devil in the moon that I should worship now?


I’m going with Dylan too. I believe Dylan is the alter-ego for Leticia and Jerry is Leticia’s boyfriend.


These islamo facist moon devil worshippers think that it is fine to kill their own women, children and other non-combatants to serve their moon devil.

That sounds a lot like Pastor Swank, but since he’s not an option, I’ll say Dylan.


I submit that there is no clearer sign of a man’s insanity than that he parts his hair in the middle.


So…who’s behind door number four?


My bet is on Letitia, the moon devil.

Liberal AND Proud

The faces of America.

No wonder we’re so fucked.


it’s obviously jerry.

he looks unbalanced enough to write this.

looking at leticia, she would probably claim that homosexuality is a bigger threat to america than terrorism, and dylan would probably talk about how those “moon devil worshippers” would be getting their asses kicked if he was there.


also, i have to commend the owner of publius pundit for being aware of who his readership is.


who the heck is Leticia?

Hysterical Woman

How do you chant (iran) death to america? What’s (iran) death? Shouldn’t those three be in class?


No idea, but the second picture looks like a drag queen and the third one looks like a ventriloquist’s doll.


Upon closer examination, I think Jerry is actually WWE wrestler William Regal, as this picture proves. A pro wrestler would have the sense of theatrics and over-the-top showmanship to write this.

What do I win?


Ohhh… Well, the PP bossman’s vote for the kid that looks like Batboy solidifies my vote as well- though I was tempted by the Kaye Grogan-like appearance of Leticia.


Motherfucker! I would jump out of my seat on the bus to give the whole thing to any of these nutballs ready to sit down next to me!


Well that just tears it! There’s a new moon devil and no one even called me for the worship ceremony. I am deeply, deeply wounded. And here all this time I thought that Islam rejected the whole idea of devilry and worship thereof.

For the record, I would love to believe it was Dylan, but it is almost smoothly written. I have to stand with Seb (in itself an act of evil, I understand) and vote for Jerry.


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