Thursday Sox Blogging

Is David Ortiz the greatest clutch hitter of our time?

I’m gonna say, “Yes.”


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They were chanting Papi about a million minutes after the game. Answer, “Happily, Yes” to your question!


Were you there???!!


I was listening online, you could hear them all through Joe and Trupes interview with Papi, also my friend works in the Fens- he said he could hear the crowd going insane after the game. I work across from an O’s fan, I had to go pour abuse on him after the game


He’s the Man. I’ve never seen anyone come through so consistently.


My ’83 Toyota Tercel was slipping a bit off the line when I was starting off going uphill. I was thinking at least $400 to fix it, but my mechanic just taps the transmission bell housing underneath with a ball peen hammer …


I’m going to say, “Go O’s!” 😛



Baseball is dead. The sooner you accept it, the better you’ll feel.


There’s no such thing as “clutch” hitting.


congrats mate! Fine job and fine site!


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