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Dear Jesse at Pandagon,

You wrote: “Lord Jesus, I know we don’t talk much, but I’m just gonna flat-out ask you: the overseer of all creation, and you make dumbasses like this? What’s up with that shit?”

As experts in the field of right-wing dumbasses, we should like to say that you’re merely skimming the top of the barrel. Dig down, deep down, and it is splendid what one finds.

For instance, in the piece you linked, in which Publius Pundit (a new friend for us! yay!) does zany Google searches trying to demonstrate that the whole media in the entire world blames the US for spurious human rights abuses, while turning a blind eye to flagrant abuses elsewhere, we find the Googling of the peanut gallery.

For instance, ‘thebronze’ gives the following iron smackdown:

Last, but not least:

human rights abuses north korea – 10

That pretty much says it all?

Comment by thebronze ? 6/1/2005 @ 11:34 pm


But let’s do that search again just to check.

Results 1 – 10 of about 397,000 for human rights abuses north korea. (0.09 seconds)

Yup, he’s right: Out of about 397,000 pages on the Internet, only ten mention human rights abuses in North Korea.

(But now there are twelve, counting his comment and this page!)

This must be from a smaller Internet, but it comprises an astounding 50% of all total Web pages.

Anyway, this new ‘Googling’ pastime on the computer sure has a lot of bugs in it, but we think it can be worked out soon.

Dwarf Henchman #2 at S,N!

Update: the Apostropher notes that this, like Publius’s original searches, may have been on Google News, not Google Web. If so, we have made a mistake, and we instead get the following result:

Results 1 – 10 of about 109 for human rights abuses north korea. (0.05 seconds)

So there’s that ’10’ again, but with a funny ‘109’ after it. Was his number merely 1000% wrong, instead of nearly 4,000,000%? Our thought is that anyone unable to read a Google result would also be stymied by the confusing Google Web/Google News distinction, and would just pound out a search on the first thing that said ‘Google’ on it.

But it’s ten hits either way, although the Internet keeps expanding and contracting or something, and we say again that he’s absolutely right: This proves the treasonous menace of the liberal media.


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He coulda at least been like Ann Coulter and done a phony Lexis-Nexis search…


let’s do that exact same searchUm, not trying to defend him or anything, but he’s searching Google News and you’re searching Google Web.


Well if so, then we get these results:

Google News: ‘Results 1 – 10 of about 109 for human rights abuses north korea. (0.05 seconds)’

My bet is that anyone unable to read a Google hit count would be unable to find Google News, but to be charitable, maybe he’s only wrong by a factor of ten.


No to mention the fact that you’re only getting results based on those terms in English. Over 50% of Internet content is in languages other than English (and this % is growing).


I get 50 hits! Of course, I also know how to use Google’s advanced settings.

Even some computer geeks don’t know that Google supports Boolean logic–it’s up to the librarian to school them. 😉


That is a really stupid research method, with no conclusive results. If I do a search for “mother theresa human rights abuses” I get 30,100 hits. If I do “Jennifer Aniston human rights abusies, I get 735. Call Amnesty!


*abuses. Not abusies.


That’s very strange. Publius has not found the time to update his post, but he did -twice- delete my comment pointing out that the traitorous MSM has 11,800 articles showing up under ‘bush terrorist’ and only 334 articles for ‘moussaoui terrorist’. Really shows who the MSM thinks is the real terrorist, doesn’t it? I was going to read some of the articles for more outrage, but my monitor had way too much spittle on it to read by that point.


He deleted your comments but left up the loony racist rants? That’s quite a trigger finger he’s got there.

Why do we never get any trolls, btw? Does anyone know?


Why do we never get any trolls, btw? Does anyone know?

Because we stopped mocking the Cotillion 😉


This reminds me of something my mom did about 15 years ago. She claimed it was uncanny how every time she got gas it cost $5. But then we noticed that every time she got gas, she ASKED FOR $5 worth. It had just turned into part of the ritualized interaction.


“Why do we never get any trolls, btw? Does anyone know?”

What I’ve seen in the past is that the folks here go after destruction whenever a troll shows up. There’s no trying to reason with them, just annihilate them.


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