Allez maintenant tous ensemble!


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Oh, pooh. Big Brother is blocking the video.


LittlePig, use this to make big brother leave you alone…



Good thought, mikey, but that’s blocked too (which didn’t surprise me).

I do appreciate the suggestion.


Oh what a night?

OK, I don’t get. Of course, that’s probably because I only speak Murkin and not surrender-monkey.


Well, it is nice of them to let the white women in at least.


My French is really rickety, but I am left with the impression that it’s your run-of-the-mill “I’m out on the town tonight with my friends, the club is hopping, and I just might get laid” number, underlaid with some classic 70s pop.

I liked it. But I am easily swayed by yummy men speaking French.


I suppose it’s good to know that disco is still alive somewhere out there.

Rugged in Montana

I had a truck driver friend who makes deliveries in Canada translate that title for me and he says it means “Always maintain a semblance of your toes”. I don’t know what you DEMONcrats are on about half the time but this time you’ve really got me scratching my head. So it basically means “Watch where you step”?


It’s hip-hop, Jim, but not as we know it.


yannick, from the early 2000. Blue Raven is right about the meaning. And it sucks and I don’t get it.


Sarkozy is confusing yer wingnuts these days but still, that crazy rap in French? Black guys hitting on white women? Sweet. The racist trolls will hate this.


Also it should be clear that this is *not* french hip-hop. And it was a cover of Claude Francois’ “cette année là”, which was a cover of “What a night”.

Some more contemporary french hip hop artist are :

La caution :
La rumeur :
grems :


I want to bear your children, Falconer.

sheer genius…


Mr. Vegas did a dancehall version a few years ago.


“Always Maintain a semblance of your toes” has been my lifelong raison d’etre, but there were no guitar solos, so it sucked.


Huh. Never knew Marlo Stanfield spoke French.


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