And yet, questions remain…


Truly a caring soul, Realtor Lee Papa joined our CityShare Network last November to help with the Can & Coin Campaign. She was a huge contributor to the success of the food drive and helped many people get to know about the good work going on over at the food bank.

That is, won’t she have some ‘splaining to do over at the Can & Coin Campaign, once these ads start appearing?

Click the link and donate to the Rude Pundit until it hurts almost this much. If not for the Rude Pundit, we’d be forced to return to the Times and Post for reasonable and fair-minded commentary on the issues of the day, and as we know, they’ve gone totally apeshit in the past-few.

[Note re: Lee Papa (pictured above): Ceci n’est pas une pipe.]


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I have no idea what the venues are, and I can pretty definitely not get to them, but – YEEEHAAA!!


I guess when Lee Papa isn’t selling homes or helping out charitable causes, she is seriously pissed off.


Huh, I see that Lee claims to be male:

Because he wants to advertise the shit out of the show and bring a new audience into the world of rudeness, he?s fundraising.

Maybe Lee is so pissed off because he’s a man trapped in a woman’s body.


(That’s not actually him.)


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