Darby Crash ODs, age 22. Mr. Crash, singer for punk-rock band, The Germs, was… Waaah! John Lennon Shot! Stop The Presses!

So S,N! pulls off the first scoop of its counter-illustrious career, outing the super-anonymous Rude Pundit (the listing for his Fringe Festival appearance went up early, sez he; we were astonished to happen across it). And what (I say, what) happens the next day?

No, guess.

How ’bout this?

Insert gigantic, flashing ‘breaking’ banner. With break-dancers spinning on their heads, and crockery breaking.

Laugh all you want, we’re out of here, and we’re not coming back until we find the fabled Mokele-mbembe.


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May I assume that your search for the Mokele-mbembe means that we’ll soon be reading in the LA Times that InGen has accidentally released a fully-grown Tyrannosaur upon San Diego?



He busted out Deep Throat this time, who knows what type of smoke screen he is liable to pull out next time. Maybe the source of the Plame memo or the identity of the unknown comic.

America can’t take any more of this. We need our myths. Please, for the sake of mystery and conspiracy, leave the poor fella alone.


darby is my life…and will be my death..darby is my life…and will be my death..


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