Golly, fellas, we’ll just have to practice harder, for next time.

Surprisingly, nobody seems to have picked up on this yet, and indeed it puts quite a damper on our own musical revue, ‘The Year of Living Sadly,’ which debuts practically right across the street the same evening, and features guest appearances by Adam Yoshida on banjo, and Pastor Swank with that hula-hoop trick he does… And a rousing, all-cast dance number at the end that…

Well, crap. Because anyone in New York City, or within range of an airport that flies to New York City, must attend the Fringe Festival in August, and see Lee Papa, the Rude Pundit, in:

The Year of Living Rudely

Writer:Lee Papa

Director: Mark H. Creter

Based on the cult blog with thousands of fans worldwide, the Rude Pundit attacks assholes and pisses on the powerful. In this (very rude) one-man comedy, he gives a scatological skewering and a pornographic wedgie to preachers, politicians, and presidents.



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It’s kind of disappointing to find that his given name isn’t actually “The Rude Pundit”.


Holy f***, Lee Papa? I hope he isn’t the Lee Papa that I knew in Shreveport, Louisiana many eons ago. Or maybe he is, because that Lee Papa was big, fat, rude, and crude, and funny as hell, and intent upon getting as far away from Bugfuck USA as possible. Hmm…

— Badtux the Reminiscing Penguin


You mean the Rude Pundit is… somebody I never heard of? Where’s the fun in that? It’s supposed to be, like, you rip the mask off and say “Oh my god, it’s Larry King!” or “Sweet mother of pearl, it was a sleepwalking Walter Cronkite all along!”

I’m going to turn my back for sixty seconds, and when I turn back around, I expect something really nifty to be there, and we’ll say nothing more about this disappointing episode. Okay, here I go…


I am so there.


Dr. Lee Papa formerly @Ball State U.now @ a Long Island U.?


Well, I would contest the “funny as hell” part–he wasn’t very funny at BSU, but I totally concur with “big, fat, rude, and crude”! That is exactly the Lee Papa that we knew and didn’t love…. Well, some students did (pun intended).


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