All things must come to an end

This holds for our Festivus Caption Contest as well.

After the kind of careful evaluation you would expect from an outfit that runs a contest like this, the judges decided to award the prize to one “Dr. BDH” for entry # 6 (with # 4 a close favorite.) provided s/he contacts the management. Victory was achieved in spite of strong competition from S,N! emotional favorite, s.z. at World O’Crap. In the end however, the judges felt they could not be seen as condoning the kinds of activities with gerbils s.z. seems to be implying. (Besides, we didn’t think she’d give us her address anyway, as we are no Rittenhouse.)

Our thanks to all 5 people who entered, and to the 1,000 Corner readers who saw the contest but whose enly entry (as best we can tell) was a caption “French sign for surrender,” showing the rare comedy skills of NRO readers.


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In light of the fact that S.Z. (World O’ Crap) produces more funny stuff in one day than I could produce in a lifetime, I humbly defer the pornographic stick figure award to her, assuming you can get her address.


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