You mean like drool and fall asleep and wander around the White House like a suit with a man inside it? I’m not getting the scenario here.


Not that one gets surprised enough, anymore, to spill one’s herbal tea or startle the fifteen cats in the sandalwood-candle scented nook in which one surfs the Internet barefoot with a Holly Near record playing quietly, etc.

But check out the catalog text for these dorkass T-shirts:

“What Would Reagan Do” T-Shirts

The next time terrorists attack the United States, the next time the UN tries to impose its will on the US government, the next time our allies chicken out on removing a brutal dicator from power, ask yourself, “What would Reagan do?”

The next time terrorists attack the United States? Well there’s this and this and this.

There’s also this.

What would Reagan do? This.

Not to mention Bush, who’s been sort of quiet on these issues lately. You could say that he’s not taking any great pains to mount the chautauqua stump and make a resounding statement of principle.

Because actually, you probably didn’t know this, but when white American extremists blow people up with explosives, everyone who gets blown up just turns sooty and frazzled like in cartoons, and shakes their fists going, “Curses! You got me!”

Whereas, it’s only those foreign terror threats that you really have to watch out for.


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Yes. Like Cat Stevens a.k.a. Yusuf Islam. Who threatened America with his mighty Voice of Mass Destruction. Obvious terrorist there! Eric Rudolph? Why, he’s just a warm, cuddly god-fearin’ Amurrican, by Bush!

— Badtux the Snarky Penguin


Hey, you forgot the terrorist attack in Boston last year.

What’s that? Yeah, I said “terrorist attack”. Remember? Somebody used a pipe bomb to blow up a stem-cell research facility…? Oh, you’re right – it’s the white Christians who hate stem cell research. Never mind. Boys will be boys. It’s all good.


Damn. Smoking crack while drinking moonshine and masturbating make it hard to type your own name properly.


You’re being too kind to Reagan. His response to terrorism was
consistent: buy them off, appease them, back down, and in some
cases, help them.

The first terrorist threat against America that Reagan faced was
the Iranian kidnapping of U.S. citizens from U.S. soil. His response
was to negotiate with the terrorists, releasing $8 billion of their
assets and giving Iran immunity from lawsuits, in exchange for
releasing the hostages.

April 18, 1983, a suicide bomber blew up 17 Americans on U.S.
soil, at the U.S. embassy in Beirut. Despite claiming we knew who
did it (Iran and Syria, through Hezbollah), the Reagan White House
took no military action in response.

Oct. 23, 1983, a suicide bomber blew up 241 U.S. Marines in
Beirut, which stood as the worst act of terrorism against Americans
until 9/11. In response, Reagan repositioned a battleship, which, as
Frontline remarks with delightful understatement, “was seen as
largely ineffective.” Four months later, he pulled the Marines out.

Throughout the 1980s, of course, Reagan taught terrorists that a
great way to get a supply of weapons is to kidnap Americans. By
trading arms for hostages, Reagan made sure our enemies both
could and had reason to attack us. It’s hard to
argue that the terrorists who have been taking hostages in Iraq for
the last few years weren’t inspired by Reagan.

And I assume nobody needs reminding of how Reagan rebranded
terrorists as “freedom fighters” and decided to put them to use in
our service, in Nicaragua… and in Afghanistan. Because it was
politically expedient — because it was easier to fight the Soviets
covertly with paid proxies than to try to sell his citizens on the
need to do the fighting ourselves — Reagan funded and trained Osama
bin Laden, and helped him raise a terrorist army of mujahideen.

So I think the question is not “What Would Reagan Do,” but “Dear
God, What Has Reagan Done?”


But Jamie, he did invade Grenada shortly after the Oct 23 bombing. If those damn towelheads thought they were gonna have a tropical vaction spot they had another thing coming.


But, Cornfed, that was also an attempt to manipulate the world market in Grenadine Syrup. Probably for the benefit of Republican activist Shirley Temple Black.


my answer to the question posed by the tee-shirt is read some papers and have a nap, then consult your pshychic

Hysterical Woman

I would slowly rot in my grave.


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