So he’s even researching on the can. This is looking bad indeed.


There is no substitute for face-to-face reporting and research. But it is now much easier to do all the things that go with it. I basically did all the library research for this book on Google, and it not only saved me enormous amounts of time but actually gave me a much richer offering of research in a shorter time.

(From the inevitable Amazon interview.)

This would be with his celebrity-signature-model Thomas L. Friedman Blackberry (with the custom inlays and chrome-plated hardware) — and you know, those Blackberries have a small interface that really makes you prize concision and simplicity. (hey abdullah its tom wassup? u drivin the cab 2day? gotta bounce times needds a colmn asap) (Google search = ‘I’m feeling lucky.’)

Riverbend reams him a new one in the latest lap of the ’05 Friednapolis 500, sponsored by his new book, I Embody the Peter Principle.


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One of my university professors has set a rule that over 50% of the bibliography and citations in any assignment he receives must come from non-internet souces , or the assignment will receive an automatic “fail”.

I think that’s the mark I’ll give Friedman


WHY is Friedman getting paid by ANYONE anymore?

Surely someone must have noticed by now that this man is a fucktard?

Or do they just want fucktards these days?

Okay, yes, obviously. That’s it, isn’t it?


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