Thing Two Reporting

Oho! Someone finally got his site password sorted out again after a gargantuan mess of moving and a couple weeks of jet-setting in near-Seb fashion.

I visited the land of Canada, where Canadians are. On the street everyone’s a Canadian — it’s really bizarre. They look just like ordinary people.

But anyway. I notice site stats are up since my absence. I suppose I have to get to work on that….


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They look just like ordinary people.

Look for the beady eyes. The flapping heads all full of lies (like, say, that they didn’t send troops to Vietnam, or that they’re happy with government involvement with health care).

Plus, I hear they’ve got this thing called “satire.” I don’t know what it is, but it’s probably too dangerous to be in the hands of such America-haters.


You know, come to think of it, they seem to be doing an elaborate satire of Americans. They dress up like Americans and walk around speaking English with an almost-American accent, and yet…they’re foreigners.

I’ve got this money here. There’s this coin with a normal outside and a weird gold-toned inside. It says ‘Two Dollars.’

They’re, like, making fun of regular money! It’s like a goofy three-dollar bill with a big hole in the middle of it, or something.


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