Dorksploitation: Matt Furey’s Latest Scam

Matt Furey’s latest scam might just be his most bizarre yet (and yes, that includes his seminar on Kung-Fu Love-Making).

Exploiting the hype surrounding the last Star Wars movie, Matt offers to show Newsmax readers how to become Jedi Knights… by breathing (yes, you read that correctly).


“Your BREATH is Your POWER … and The Force is With You!”

NOW is the Time for YOU to Make a Deeper, Stronger, More Powerful Connection to “The Force” that Penetrates Everything in the Universe

I really hope he’s not talking about his penis.

Dear Friend,

When the clock strikes midnight this evening, Star Wars fanatics across the world will be running into movie theatres to watch the latest George Lucas creation: Revenge of the Sith.

“And because you read Newsmax every day, you probably stay at home Friday nights practicing the Jedi Mind Trick on your cat, so that one day you’ll be able to use it to score chicks.”

I, myself, will be taking my son, Frank, to the 4 P.M. showing tomorrow afternoon, just as soon as I pick him up from school.

Yeah, it’s not like he has homework to do or anything. Clearly, Star Wars is more important.

And to celebrate this “last-ever” Star Wars movie – I’ve decided to release my latest, greatest DVD – Matt Furey’s Super Energizer Workout – The Force Within.

But only for a limited time. And to a limited number of people.

“But only because there’s a finite number of gullible losers in the world.”

Martin “Farmer” Burns once said, “Deep breathing alone has made many a weak man strong and many a sick man well.”

And if it’s good enough for “The Father of American Catch Wrestling,” it’s good enough for me!

In China, the Taoists believe that all creative endeavors should begin with deep breathing.

They also believe that the best way to live life is being totally unmotivated, which kind of undercuts the point of most of Matt’s schemes.

The ancient Samurai were known to practice deep breathing each day … and the same goes for the masters of ju jitsu, judo, kung fu, karate and so on.

In the story of Creation in the book of Genesis, we find that God “breathed life” into man and created him in his own image. If you choose to believe this story, then you also understand that man (and woman) are designed to be creators, and that they can and do enhance their life and what they are creating by breathing with and using “the Force.”

Oh. So I guess “the Force” in this context is referring to Matt’s penis. That’s damn disturbing.

Yet, often times the deep breathing that is taught in martial arts circles is rooted in mystery. It is not broken down or simplified so the common person can quickly understand, and, most importantly, FEEL and EXPERIENCE the results.

And that’s what Matt specializes in- dumbing down martial arts so he can sell dumb videos to really dumb people.

Well, on my NEW DVD – Matt Furey’s Super Energizer Workout – The Force Within – all that will change. I will remove the mystery and make the technology easily and readily accessible to YOU!

Yes, soon YOU will learn the secrets of the mysterious so-called “lungs.”

Here’s what you will learn when you pop this DVD into your player and follow along with me:

-How to build internal force by connecting your breath to simple hand movements!

Uh, I already do this pretty regularly, if you know what I mean. Can we skip to the next lesson?

-How to rid your body of negative emotions like sadness, depression, anger, fear and hate and do so from deep breathing alone!

“Your wife died? Forget about her by using breathing to pick up hot models!”

-How to feel “the Force” of the Universe, working inside of you!

Matt, I’m only going to say this once: I do not want to feel your “Force” working inside me.

-How deep breathing will build the positive emotions of courage, confidence and an unquenchable zest for living without effort!

I never thought staying alive took all that much effort to begin with. But then again, I’m not as stupid as one of Matt’s clients, so I guess I shouldn’t assume anything.

-Two dynamic conditioning upper body exercises that strengthen your muscles while literally giving your body the command to regenerate and rejuvenate!

Sounds like Matt’s trying to give Jim “Use Prayer to Raise People from the Dead” Rutz a run for his money.

-Three healing sounds to make while you breathe that eliminate negative chi or energy from your internal organs as you simultaneously pack healthy, vital force within!

“These sounds are specifically designed to make me laugh my ass off while I’m counting your money!”

When you hear the incredibly low amount you can get this DVD for, you’re probably going to be in shock. After all, if you were to spend an hour with me to learn this routine it would cost you a couple grand.

Then again, even if you had the dough to pay for an hour of my time, it would be presumptuous to assume I would knock a hole in my schedule to show you.

See, Newsmax readers? Even Matt thinks you’re losers.

Truth is, I turn down high-paying consultations and speaking engagements each and every day because I’d rather be with my family or simply be left alone.

“Plus, I’m wanted for fraud in 47 states.”

Not only that, but I get so much joy, inner peace and power from staying at home doing these breathing exercises that, sort of like Yoda, I don’t need to go anywhere or do much of anything to feel happy.

“It’s like masturbation… for your lungs!”

In these perilous times when there is so much unrest in the world, when so many people are content to live lives of utter turmoil – I really and truly believe that they need to discover that, YES, there is a Good Force. It’s “out there” and it’s … “in there.” And by “in there” I mean in YOU!

Matt, we’ve already discussed this. Please stop saying your “Penetrating Force” is inside me.

I believe there is a Higher Intelligence, an Infinite Intelligence – and I believe this Intelligence is for YOU. This Intelligence wants you to succeed, wants you to feel good and wants you to live a happy, spirit-filled life.

It’s a good thing Matt’s selling Newsmax readers intelligence- they need it.

All around you and running through you, you will find this Creative Force, if you’ll simply let go of the tension, inhale and learn how to connect.


I cannot put a dollar value upon the learning of something that will instantly energize you, empower you, strengthen you and make you feel a deeper connection to the Universe. But I’ll tell you this, earlier today, one of my students, Lou, told me he would pay $5,000.00 for this single DVD.

Lou sounds retarded.

Imagine his shock when I told him I would give it to him for far less.

Yep, Lou is definitely retarded.

Instead of being frustrated with trying to get me for an hourly consultation, which costs big bucks, let’s make the amount for this knowledge only $99.00 plus $6 S&H ($12 foreign) – but only for the first 300 orders. After the first 300 orders are taken, the amount is either going up, probably by a hundred smackers or more. Afterall, if ONE person was prepared to drop 5K for this program????

After you place your order, what you’ll receive is a DVD that will “make me your trainer” at your wish, at your command, day or night, whenever you want. Now that’s worth something, isn’t it?

I think we all know the answer to that…

OK, that’s all for now. Come back next week, when Matt tells us how accumulating toe jam in a jar can help you attain spiritual nirvana…


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Well, since we’re talking about Newsmax readers, it is more likely that they are all as retarted as “Lou” and would have dropped $5k on Matt’s DVD. I wonder why he decided to sell himself “short?”


He’d *sell* knowledge to his own student? What an opportunistic jackass. He’ll probably charge his own son the mega-bucks hourly rate for the movie, plus travel time from thier house to the school.


After all, if you were to spend an hour with me to learn this routine it would cost you a couple grand.

Wow… Jeff Gannon’s routine wasn’t even that much for a whole weekend.

verplanck colvin

Why can’t I see warmed-over Chan Buddhism going over well in the Newsmax crowd? I wonder if his next project is touting the benfits of soymilk (since hot chicks drink it, you should too!)

Call me naive, but are there really retards out there who would pay for this kinda thing?


“I never thought staying alive took all that much effort to begin with. But then again, I’m not as stupid as one of Matt’s clients,” Here, I think you go too far. I don’t suffer from clinical depression, but from what I’ve read, it’s not that inaccurate to suggest that staying alive does take effort.

Not that I’d suggest anybody suffering from such bad depression go with this course.


I hear Gannon is promoting a cage match “The Force” vs “The Clenis”!


How to rid your body of negative emotions like sadness, depression, anger, fear and hate …

But … without these emotions they would not read Newsmax any more! What in the hell are the editors thinking, letting an ad like that run?!?

Call me naive, but are there really retards out there who would pay for this kinda thing?

Yes, Naive, there are. That’s also why we all get those spamvertisments for “FW:RE:NAT:URA:LER:ECT:ION” and “FreeLo`anOffers!!!”


Well, a couple of you have already pointed out the Gannon joke, so i guess this line speaks for itself:

“After you place your order, what you’ll receive is a DVD that will “make me your trainer” at your wish, at your command, day or night, whenever you want.”

Of course, he doesn’t really sound like a “top” there.


Conservatives –

Your BREATH is your LIFE! Your breath is ENERGY!

Don’t waste it! HOLD your breath as long as possible (duct tape may help in this). Soon, you will know the TRUTH.


So he’s charging $100 for stuff you could easily find at the library or a bookstore, or hell, online? And he has the gall to act like he’s doing everyone a favor by not charging $5,000?


Pere Ubu: all that duct tape and plastic they bought may finally come in handy.


-How to build internal force by connecting your breath to simple hand movements!

Uh, I already do this pretty regularly, if you know what I mean. Can we skip to the next lesson?

Line of the week. I’d applaud, but, well, it is the internet. I wonder if Matt has a tape about one hand clapping?


I wonder if Matt has a tape about one hand clapping?

Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays? 😉

Oh, and thanks for giving Max Ross your opinion. I want the full wrath of S,N! readers bearing down on him.



Interesting that this is titled “Matt Furey’s latest scam”.

No agenda here, no sirree!

It’s a free country, and people are free to sell any information they want. Perish the thought that it might actually be WORTH paying for a compilation of information, if it saved you hours and hours of researching what worked and what didn’t.

Drop and give me 40, you milquetoasts. Oh wait…
You can’t do 40 pushups?

Too bad for you that you *already know everything*, because if you listened to Furey you could crank out twice that many.


Kick butt?take names


Isnt it interesting that in addition to expensive exsercise books, Matt sells seminar tapes on how to get rich on the internet?




Listen fellas (and ladies, where appropriate) don’t you think that’s just enough bellyaching? After all, if you read his books (and they’re not at all expensive) you’ll see that he doens’t try to sell you an excercise machine or “superfoods” or anything else. Don’t want to excercise – don’t. Be a blob. But realize that you aren’t taking full advantage of all your body has to offer. Remember the last time you caught cold? Not very pleasant, eh? How about the last time you went to the beach? Feeling lumpy yet? Low self esteem can’t be overcome by improving your body alone, but it doesn’t hurt. Look at Lance Armstrong – here’s a guy that BEAT DEATH, made history and energized a sport. He didn’t sit around timing smug criticisms on the internet all day – he went out and improved himself. Don’t you think that sense of achievment improved his mental outlook? And don’t doctors say that the will to live is critical in cancer patients? If you don’t like Furey or his techniques, do an internet search for the Canadian Air Force Routine. It’s free and that works too. But, for your sake, get off your flabby ass and do something – for yourself!

i want to be kewl

hey guys look at me i make fun of people i meet on teh interweb. will mommy think im 1337 yet?


I work for a major hotel chain and I was going to pay for about 8 of my top managers to attend one of his internet money making workshops. I was very cordial asking if he could give me a free test drive of his internet money making plan. Remember I was going to pay for eight top managers to attend his workshop. After tirelessly trying to get matt to answer his email personally, he finally responded and was extremely rude and said he didn’t need my business and wasn’t about to give me a sample of his so called internet money making skills. This guy is worse than Dave Del Dotto. The biggest scam artist who hides behind military workout dicipline to peddle his wares. Don’t get suckered in by this present day con-artist!


You guys gotta be kidding?!? This guy is telling you he can teach you how to use ‘the force’ through breathing and simple hand movments?

Obi wan just left the building.

This is THE longest running joke in the Forum for at least 6-7 years running. I looked at that site tonight and read a thread where every couple posts is a Matt Furey joke. He IS a legendary joke of epic distortions – to literally thousands of members.

Matt…here’s to you Bobo!


It’s a mighty shame someone so ignorant had to waste such precious bandwidth writing an article on something they have no clue about. In fact, I’m wasting my time and energy on this negativity. You idiots wouldn’t know fitness if it smacked you in that fat ass of yours. That’s really too bad. Matt Furey is the only real deal out there. There are others that have partial truth, no doubt. But you can’t stand the fact that Matt Furey is the success that he is, and that his programs indeed work. So before you go out and badmouth the old furecat why don’t you try out his stuff.

@ rommey, if you knew anything about Matt, is that samples are not in his plan of business. Suck it up. The world is a big place. He’ll get 8 other people to fill those seats for ya. And to think, it didn’t cost you a dime. 😉

To the owner of this site, I’m sorely disappointed that this article exists. Consider this the last visit to this site.

Kick Butt, Take names!


Furey IS a huge jerk, but his program works. I don’t know about this “Force” crap, but again his program works. Don’t criticize till you’ve been a mile in a mans shoes. Try his program and if it doesn’t work then get mad a write all you want to.


If matt furey is a scam then why is he so strong from doing his hindu workouts

P.S. Please e mail me back to answer my question

Thanks from Dwayne Randle

Carlos M. Sepulveda

Well, my two cents here. From personal experience, by just doing one of the exercises of his Carpal Tunnel Syndrome research or whatever you want to call it, I improved my flexibility on my hands and the pain is 100% gone. Doctors told me that the only way to fix that was with surgery, but that was not 100% sure. Well, the scam-guy came thru for my pain. And by the way, in the last six month I have been doing two of his breathing exercises and some other exercises, and have lost 35 pounds with out changing my diet. That is, fighting against hypothyroid and high blood pressure. Email me so you can verify the facts. Maybe I got lucky…

Very respectfully,


You have some really cool stuff at your site. I’m sure gonna come back here. Universal Game is always Industrious Opponents: , Profound Chair becomes Full Game in final right Cosmos will Kill Player without any questions , Green, Greedy, Small nothing comparative to Collective Coolblooded, Coolblooded, Astonishing nothing comparative to Full

The Peaceful Dragon

I guess the person who started writing this whole thing must have really had a bad personal experience with Mr. Furey.
It is a shame that he wants to badmouth not only Matt but also the integrity of Martial Arts as well as the Bible.
For someone so bent on pointing the finger at all the losers and idiots who have open minds and or the desires to further themselves physically, spiritually or whatever. It really sounds as if the author of this page should seek some professional psychiatric care. Sometime in the near future, his son is going to figure out what the difference is between a person who lives life and a father who steals hope.
Wow and to think this man is assisting in the development of our youth and our future.
What a shame.


People need hope, dreams and sometimes the occasional bellyache, which allows them to grow stronger, and more secure in whom they are.

So I guess the person who wanted to knock around all these negative thoughts about so many things, really has only one last thing he should be saying.
” Thank you Matt Furey, for allowing me to express myself and to feel free of all this negativity.
Whether your a scam or not” 🙂


You gotta admit – Furey is a persistant motherfucker. And a good businessman. Most business as we know it is pretty much a scam anyway.


I just bought his diet plan today and will post after I do what it says to do. I spent a total of $73 and if it doesn’t work it won’t be a big loss, but I will definately post the results. Going to Hawaii in late Feb and hope to lose a few pounds.


I think he sells useful information….that can be found for free !

I’m a teacher (in France) and I teach children how to read and write. These
certainly are most useful skills… Skills that cannot be done without…Still I don’t claim to be their saviour, I don’t want them to slave for me just because I pass on them something they need. Of course I’m being paid for it. But I don’t swindle anyone. Beneficial knowledge should be made available as much as possible. I don’t know much about Matt Furey. All I can say is that the price of his product is outrageous. Especially if they are as good as he claims them to be. He sounds like a greedy person to be, not like a pacified man “that has connected with the source of Universe”. And I find his commercial tactics quite nauseating.How sad.


jokes about Furey on the mixed martial arts site? How come no personal challenges to Furey and his techniques???
because those are the “mixed martial artisTs “who watch 30 year old kung-fu movies while eating hot fudge sundaes ON THE LAZYBOY!












Bas Rutten’s Big Books Of Combat
Three-time Pancrase and UFC champion Bas Rutten brings you his entire fighting system in two MASSIVE manuals. These two volumes total OVER 1,000 pages, with 5,000 dynamic instructional photos, and expert text detailing every technique that you need to win! Combine it with Bas’ SIX audio CD instructional set, for the best value on the market.








Vince I would certaintly have no problem taking your challenge to fight. Since your lack of reasoning skills probably translate to your lack of fighting ability, I am quite sure you pose no threat what so ever. Face it Vince, Furey has stolen others works, repackaged them and uses ad copy he learned from going to the highest paid ad writers in the US. As for your ignorance of relative worth: sorry you have no idea that a public school teacher does more work and benefits society far more than Furey or you do. Furey doesn´t spend anything on production (and with a multi millionaire bragging about his money) that seems to just add to the fact that he likes to turn out material that is not up to production levels of the community.
Funny that you try to compare him to Bas Ruten. You know, Vince, back when Matt lived in CA he constantly told people that he would be in the UFC (he even managed to get on the UNDERGROUND MMA forum and talk about this). He never followed through with this. And yet you want to compare his rupping off of Cechine, THez, and Gotch as equal to the innovations and actual credited material that Bas, THE FIGHTER talks about in his DVDs and Books?

Furey thinks that by being rude and having no respect for his audience he somehow creates more value for himself. I saw a copy of one os his seminars where he rants about someone wanting a refund for one of his tapes. I am sure that is why they went to the seminar and what they wanted to hear. Not to mention that when Furey needed the money from teaching he got handed his ass grappling by a Lion Den´s guy. But you may not know enough of the real facts to know any of that.

Furey has taken Dan Kennedy, John Carlton and a host of others´ ads and ideas and has turned it into millions. But he is not doing it for the public and it is certaintly nothing he came up with on his own. Look at all of his would be products and you can see that he is a repackager not the composer.

And again, Vince, we would be happy to have you come to Holland and get your ass beat. When is the plane of yours landing?

(PS To those that wrote the original, good work, keep it up. Notice how they get so angry about any logic being applied?)

And again, where are you VINCE?


Vince, you just should have some tranquilizers and get some sleep. I’m sure you would then get a clearer mind. My nine year’s old pupils can think better than you. How sad.


Glad I’m not the only person who thinks that Furey and his products are a complete rip-off.

Just check out

and download farmer Burns book for free. Furey sells it for $35.00


Bill Gibbons


Wow, has anyone else noticed that to a Furey supporter you either buy his tapes or are a fat ass? I can honestly say I have never bought a Matt Furey tape, book or anything and I am a solid 170 with about 8 percent body fat. And the BJJ and catch wrestling I learn already suit me just fine and pay an assload less than Furey charges. What the hell is with these die hard Furey fans that feel the need to defend the guy by calling everyone fat and assuming they can’t fight? I someone doesn’t like him then tough shit, who cares? Unless he’s your uncle or something there’s no reason to get all pissy. Grow up, Jesus Christ.


Let me have the final word I have seen Matts book Combat conditioning and bought his cd’s on making a million bucks on the internet because I think his marketing is clever. (they were very overpriced at $110 for what they were) I am in the health industry and know plenty about fittnes. There is no doubt Matts stuff is good and better than most training methods. The chinese know a lot about health and healing and he has tapped into that. But his stuff is very expensive and he is no doubt a very arrogant man with a huge ego but then nobody is perfect so if people wnat to spend their money with him they will get something of some value for it. Good luck to him.


I think it’s good to have sites up that warn people about scams. It helps “level out the playing field”, so to speak. As far as Matt Furey goes, he’s not forcing anyone to buy his products. They may seem expensive, but if someone is actually willing to pay so much for a product, they’re probably going to follow through with it and get results.
There are a lot of scams out there; I know from personal experience. At least Matt Furey offers products with usefull information and exercises. Just to let everyone know, I currently own Matt’s(or his versions of) Combat Conditioning, Combat Abs, Confessions(just got, haven’t read yet)…, Combat Cardio teleseminar, Fatloss tele.., and the Stay at Home Internet Millionaire tele… Everything that I’ve read/listened to so far has been some of the better, if not best information I have come across from falling for internet “scams”.
If you want to go after the real scheemers of America, attack McDonalds, the FDA, the drug companies, Nutrasweet, pop culture, Hollywood, the food pyramid, public schools that feed our children soda, cookies, candy, etc., ETC.
Although it was old news to me when I listened to it the other day(I’ve experimented with every diet known to man over the past 12 years(I’m 24 now)), everyone should listen to Matt’s Combat Cardio teleseminar. It clearly states the best eating lifestyle known to man.
Although most of Matt Furey’s stuff is nothing “new”(and he even says so himself), it is very valuable information for anyone.
All in all, I give Matt Furey the thumbs up.


Yes, Matt Furey sells useful information. Still they are available at a much cheaper price.

Besides its agressivness- his marketing style is annoying because he promises to “unveil secrets” who will make you stronger than anyone who doesn’t use his method.
It’s plain lie.

Of course if you do what MF shows in his books, you’ll get stronger and fitter. But that’s plain normal and common : exercises make you stronger and fitter.


Ok, fine. Matt Furey is a huckster peckerhead…Matt Furey is God Almighty’s turgid zeppelin o’ love…but quite frankly if everybody is going to engage in this degree of incessant prick waving, please direct your attention, not to Jedi mind tricks nor tres fabu teleseminars(?), but to science as explained by Smith and Wesson. Bang!


I agree. God didnt make men equal….Henry Colt did. 30 years pushing and pulling practicing this and that or……a month practiced .5 second draw of my S&W MP, thats 16 rounds of .45 cal. lead up your ass. Take a nap!


I’ve looked up all of Matt’s stuff, and I have to agree that it is way too expensive for someone who wants to get in shape, but doesn’t have the money. Yes, what he says will work, but there is a man that has done this much longer than he has, and did it for free. This man is Karl Gotch, who Furey blatantly says he got a large portion of his training ideas from. Any one who talks to Gotch about Furey will learn how enraged he becomes at the thought of what Furey is doing to what he spent most of his life coming up with.

If Furey stole one idea, it’s easy to take in to consideration that all of his other “brilliant ideas” are stolen from others.


Even if his products work, it’s best not to support unethical and immoral people. That’s why everyone knows never to buy a product from a scammer even if it’s good, you’re supporting a bad guy. And I find it odd that someone who’s supposedly tapped into the universe is selling enlightenment for $100, and bragging about not taking refunds.


Hey Folks!

This is the Matt Furey, and i’m so pissed at you guys for having a conversation about my products without inviting me!

You guys can say what you want; but you’re ugly, unsuccessful, short and fat losers who never get any sexual action!

However if you want to change that, buy my books and you will grow 6 inches taller, drop your body fat to 8%, gain 30lb’s of muscle, regain your lost hair in its natural color, look 10 – 15 years younger, become the worlds strongest and fastest athlete, aswell as win the Olympia, and become smarter than Bill Gates, and increase your penis size by 4 inches/double your breast size and become a e-millionare overnight !!!

Plus much, much more.

Order today –

I’m off now, I gotta bang my ugly Chinese wife and take my 4 year old kid to the park.

Kick butt – take names,


My Toilet Romance

Hey buddy, I have a no-holds-barred ancient Mayan fisting technique to sell if you want.

The Russian Spetnaz AND Delta Force use it for super secret intensive prostate massage.

Oh, and did I mention that NEIL ARMSTRONG used it ON THE FUCKING MOON?!!



So many negative comments about Mr. Furey’s products and his techniques! Wow, I guess Matt Furey is right when he says you can judge your
success and effectiveness in this world by the number of detractors you gather, lol! Well for one, I have used Mr. Furey’s Combat Abs and most especially
those phoney breathing techniques to do more for me than army basic training did and in less time! His Royal Court exercises are a challenge, for sure,
but they are worth it if you want non-stop power and mobility from all angels, and believe me, when you get older gentlemen… mobility becomes as
important as strength.

I’m sure glad to see the the old fure-cat responded himself and I’m sure he’s not loosing much sleep about the negative comments directed to him from this
thread. And being as he keeps getting stronger, faster, more flexible, making more money AND winning over more converts with EACH and EVERY passing
day I would think again before dishing the man from a distance. Besides, if you REALLY want to make him a known bullshitter, then just get his Combat Abs and Combat Conditioning books (like I did) to prove him wrong (I got them to get in shape, you get it to prove a point, so be it…) I’ll bet that inside of a week, you’ll either be a sorry-assed wheezer, or a true believer like everyone here that has defended him and found out first hand that Matt Furey is the real deal.


I wanted to weigh in. I bought Combat Conditioning for 30.00. I’ve had great results. Many people in my life have commented on the changes in my physique. I wrestled in high school and was a Marine. I can honestly say that nothing I every had to do in the Marines was anywhere near as physically difficult as the practices I went through daily as a wrestler. That in and of itself made me take notice when I read his stuff. I surely have been turned off by some of his aggresive marketing tactics, but in the end I only care about the utility of the information.

I can’t speak about his “marketing training” his “Chinese Long-Life” course etc. In fact, much of it I view with a skeptical eye. But as any good consumer should do, I approached his fitness book, Combat Conditioning, with the same type of skepticism. The thing that tipped me over the edge and said go ahead and try was his references in his “marketing spiel” to gymnasts, wrestlers, and boxers. As silly as it is to sell a book called “Primate Power”, he makes a valid argument that animals exercise all the time and with only their bodyweight and are pound for pound an order of magnitude stronger than the average human. So with that in mind, and being willing to part with $30.00 and be wrong, I bought Combat Conditioning. I’ve had fantastic results in 3 months of work. I don’t manage to do it every day, and I don’t do anything significant 3 days out of 4, but I’ve still seen 12 lbs drop off of me and I’m no longer ashamed to take off my shirt at the pool, cause of my gut and fat under my pecs.

Another commenter stated that Farmer Burns course which Matt Furey sells for 35.00 is available for free online. It was a mail order course published in 1912, if I recall correctly. Please go to the site and look for yourself at the course. There are two things of note. At the time (1912) Farmer Burns charged (ahem…) $35.00 for the course. In addition, he used the same type of marketing hype and spiel to market his product, including fantastic claims, and testimonials from famous persons. In the end, however, spiel aside what matters is results.

Matt Furey has provided me a useful product. I didn’t have to do the research he’s done, now that I’ve seen results, I can follow some of the same paths he’s traveled to find additional information. I will likely purchase the Combat Abs book also. If’ I really feel the need, and can’t locate the information included more cheaply elsewhere, I may also get Combat Stretching. You can call me a sucker, but what you really mean is that the information YOU would get from those books, isn’t worth that price to YOU! It has been to me.

Finally, Matt doesn’t claim the information as his own. He openly and clearly states that where he got much of his information. The royal court isn’t even Karl Gotch’s. Those predate Karl and come from Indian strongman tradition. He manages to bring two things to the situation that are the value-add I’m paying for. First, he’s done the research for me, that I don’t have the time to do. Secondly, he managed to keep me motivated through a variety of small things.

I get weekly emails from him about different topics. Most of them are an attempt to sell some product, like his inner circle site, or primate power or something wacky like “The Force” course mentioned and made fun of here. In spite of that, I manage to hear stories from others about their experiences (all positive) with his materials. This motivates me.

Another motivating aspect is that very clearly in the book and in his material online he makes the point that starting small and short to do something every day will bring big results quickly. I’ll give an example. I started with only 10 Hindu pushups and 20 hindu squats before I even got the book. I’ve since done 50 and 100 of each. When I got his book, he makes the point that doing less to start (like the wall chair for 30 seconds) as a starting point will cause the body to change. I’ve slowly and steadily maintained an exercise regimen that now includes jumping rope, the royal court, V-Ups, and Reverse pushups (from a bridge). I can now do 2 handstand pushups, and can push up to a handstand from a crouch (can’t hold it yet).

I bought Eddie Baran’s book (a similar bodyweight book) for Women for my wife, on the recommendation of Matt Furey. It contains many bodyweight exercies of differing difficulty from very easy to very hard. Now my wife did some substitutions to one of his workout programs and decided to start off doing 2 sets of 15 or so reps of each of 5 easy exercises. I cautioned her to do less ( like one set of 5 reps of each). The next day her body was extremely sore and her neck was so stiff that she couldn’t turn her head properly. She did too much. This kind of thing turns people off and makes the fitness process daunting to people in bad shape. Both Eddie and Matt give plenty of encouragement to people to do something every day, and to start off slowly and patiently. This is rare in my experience withe exercise programs. I’m really hoping that my wife will take my (and their) advice and start off with much less. Her experience will be much better in the long run.

The final point I wold make is this. Matt consistently talks in terms of what can be done. It’s a healthy mindset. I’d recommend it for anyone. I’m not a fan of the type of sarcasm this original article contained, but it’s not my webspace and it has an audience. If you aren’t happy with your body, or exercise programs you’ve tried, try his. If you feel like you’re too far gone to even start, you’re wrong. I you have had bad experiences with weight training, or can’t work with weights because of physical injuries try his program. If you feel like all of your work with weights and cardio aren’t producing the results you expected try something new. 30bucks isn’t too much to spend. Like I’ve convinced my neighbor next door, 30 seconds of wall sitting, and 30 seconds of the modified plank (from yoga) each day for 2 weeks will cause changes in your body. What you decide to do from there is on you.


Narcissism and arrogance obsecure content of everything Matt writes. The programs he promotes are overpriced and unoriginal. Some of the exercises are not safe for everyone, (i.e. neck bridges). Exercise works if you apply common sense and daily commitment. No, you don’t have to buy it from Matt. It’s all free over the internet and available for anyone who pays attention.
Athletes have been exercising and achieving amazing results for thousands of years without ‘How To” books. The best thing you can do is find a small network of like-minded athletes you can train with. There are really no limits, just get out there, push yourself and have fun! (Did anyone ever mention that it is FUN to be in really good shape?)


You people are seriously twisting the message in the email. It is good advice although he might taking it a bit far in trying to propagate all his beliefs about a “Force” but I believe something like Chi might exist although its not something that is tangible and can be seen. Breathing is good for you and that’s a scientific fact – there’s no need to go deep into detail, however. If you don’t like his emails so much (I like a few but not all), you should try John Wood or Brooks Kubik, both of who are excellent narrators and totally dedicated.


Well guys, does this web page make Matt Furey look bad? Sadly, no.
Yes, Furey is a bit of a freak. Yes, some of his stuff is expensive. Yes, he sometimes or even often bullshits with his marketing. All the stuff I got from him has worked for me. There was not as much content as I expected, however ALL the excercises I tried have WORKED. One month of Combat conditioning every day finally got me doing the full bridge, and this after 3 years of pretty serious yoga.
The wrist exercise in the Chinese long life system got rid of my wrist and forearm pain in days, and that’s after 14 years of computer work. That was worth the 250 bucks right there, never mind the other 100 or so. I just wish I’d use this stuff a lot more than I am!
Matt Furey doesn’t have to be my best friend, I don’t care how much money he’s making, me motivated me to get off my butt, and I suggest the same to everyone, whatever works for you! And no, posting a bunch of crap about someone you don’t even know doesn’t count!


I have the Combat Conditioning book. The exercises in there are very good, you get a lot of results for a minimum of time invested.

However, I also sprung for $297 for the Chinese Lovemaking secrets DVDs. There may be useful information in here, but it’s very difficult to extract.

Basically, on one of his trips to China he met this master and videotaped the sessions of him teaching Furey all these secrets. However, the video is not professionally shot. It’s just a static home video camera on a tripod and the voices echo around the room as they’re speaking. The Chinese master can barely speak English so Furey has to ask him a question, and then rephrase his answer in English.

There are times when pressure points on the body are being demonstrated but since the camera doesn’t zoom in you can’t tell what’s going on. Another time he’s pointing to an acupuncture meridian chart on the wall and you can’t see it good because of the static camera.

For the amount of money charged, the least Furey could have done was edit the tape to eliminate some of the back and forth discussions where the guy is speaking Chinese, and to perhaps provide a voice-over commentary to clear things up.

Plus, you’re paying for 6 DVDs PLUS 6 audio CDs of the soundtrack. The CDs are absolutely worthless because of the poor sound quality from the video camera. I tried listening in my car and couldn’t make out what was going on, and a lot of it was indiscernable anyway since its the instructor talking in Chinese and Furey going back and forth interpreting it.

Compare this to someone like David DeAngelo and his DVD products on dating. For the same price you get a professional product. The DVDs are professionally filmed and edited. The packaging and attention to details show pride in his work. This looks like something Furey threw together for a quick buck. The info could have been distilled down to fewer DVDs and he should have done it in a studio.

I emailed him with my complaints and received no reply. It left a bad taste in my mouth and I won’t be ordering anything else from him…


well, i ordered his book from his site and it really seems like that he knows his stuff. I took his advice about jump roing and all that stuff and i am pretty impressed. He may act like really arrogant sometimes and a bit cocky but you gotta admit, he’s one hell of an advertiser. For the people who direct negative thoughts on matt, there’s nothing wrong with protesting your feelings, but you really should prove him wrong first before you start getting all stupid about it. And for those who gave negative comments and did try it, well did you really expect to gain top notch condition from his program in 1 day? Fitness isn’t exactly something that comes in seconds, it comes with hard training. Matt is simply taking what he learned from his travels and sharing with us what worked for him. If you look at the origin of hindu exercises, you’ll find out that it did not originate from Gotch but from our ancient ancestors. Take a look at his pictures from his flexibility exercises on his website. If you take a close look at matt’s bone structure, it’s pretty big, yet he could easily do gymnastic splits, and a decent gymnastic bridge. Now how many times do you see a scam artist these days acheive that level of fitness. How does a greedy scam artist win kung-fu tornements in China?

P.S. this forum was directed towards matts products, don’t you guys dare get his kids or wives involved. Shame on you if you ever talked about them.


Correction i meant, kids, and (wife) involved, not wives.


I have laughed a lot reading this post.

As usual, the truth is somewhere between the two sides, but in this case closer to Furey’s.

He’s over the top in his copywriting and reading some of the Furey email headlines in my inbox just makes me groan. And then, about ever 20 or so, comes an email with a headline, which catches my eye and has such a gem of information contained within that it’s life changing.

Oh, Furey isn’t and rarely claims to be the source of the useful positive bits of attitude and physique building info he sells, but he implements that which he knows. And that puts him above most people, including, dare I say, most commentators here.

I’ve used his excercises and not used his exercises… let’s just say that I felt a lot better when I used them. And his 30-day “Back Pain Elimination Program” did the trick and helped me recover from a very painful injury and a resulting weak back.

I’m about to part with $135USD plus shipping plus customs duty to wait up to 8 weeks to receive a set of 9 Lifeline USA “Chest Expanders” and a Matt Furey video on how to rehabilitate/strengthen your shoulder(s) after bursitis.

Since his back program worked so well, I eagerly await the new program and realize that it won’t do me a damn bit of good sitting on a shelf. But implemented daily, piece by piece, and I suspect the results will be there.

I ALSO suspect that I could get the same thing for “free” if I only knew exactly where to look and had endless time to do so… I also realize that the “Chest Expanders” are handles attached to rubber tubes, similar to any found at a physiotherapy clinic.

But that’s not the point. The point is, without this, I’m allowing my shoulder to remain weak and with it I will exercise and strengthen it and this could do many good things for me up to and including potentially saving my life one day.

I argue that’s worth $135 and certainly it’s worth any small portion of that money that Matt Furey, with my appreciation, receives.


I recently purchased Matt’s “Eleventeen Days to a Hairy Nutsack” course. I’m on day 8 and I don’t see one damn hair down there. The worst part is that my balls are sticky all the time from the peanut butter. What gives?

James from California

I first saw a Matt Furey advertisement on and initially thought at first it was a joke. As an ex-athlete in my late 30’s, I have encountered numerous trainers claiming to be the messiah. Few systems are interesting and diverse to keep you hooked for an extended period of time.

I ordered the Combat Conditioning book in 2005 to understand why this guy is so polarizing. When the book arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at the level of refinement around the exercises he has organized and distilled into a coherent program.

Furey’s philosophy is quite simple, true fitness is achieved by developing your strength AND flexibility at the same time. Most exercise programs and premier gyms do not emphasize the flexibility component (especially a flexible back) so this is novel concept to bring to the mainstream.

I have been consistently using his exercise regimen for 12 months and am certain I am in better shape than when I was in professional sports (and possibly any point in my athletic career). For a $30 investment, the Combat Conditioning has been directly correlated to a marked improvement in my strength, flexibility and fitness. Moreover, I have referred the program to many Executives at Silicon Valley companies and converted quite a few fellow “Corporate Athletes�,

Note that this is not a program for every-one, only those seeking and committed to taking the next fitness step by improving their strength and flexibility significantly.

Final Report Card on Furey:
* Combat Conditioning material A (succinct and packaged well)
* Website C- (poor writing)
* Inspiration e-mails B+ (many gems in the text)
* Marketing Approach B- (financially saavy but a bit aggressive)
* Difference Maker A (few things change your life, this guy will)

Best Regards,


The only thing that people should complain about being too expensive are cars and food. Two things that would be very difficult to live without. If something is too expensive, don’t buy the damn thing. Sit there with your block of government cheese and think of other things you could get for free. The free market is a great thing. When people don’t find a product useful, they stop buying it. It doesn’t appear this has happened with Furey. Fine, if you don’t like Furey, (although I dought most people here know him personally) don’t buy his stuff. I don’t think I’ve heard one person say that they purchased his products and didn’t like it. They only say i was too expensive or they didn’t like his marketing. But they still made the choice to buy.



I wish Matt clarified more on his handstand tape on how to prevent your balls from slapping you in the face while performing handstands. Now I’ve got 3 teeth and 2 in my back pocket.


Im with Douglas! Besides, I have some of his books, and their excellent material. Stop hating on him about his spelling and his website. You try to do a website yourself, not easy. I know I lose 55 pounds from the exercises. Just keep working at them, they really do work.


I would love to take make cock (flaccid) and slap Matt Furey on his bald head with it. Repeatedly… like chinese water torture, only with my sausage instead of water drops. I could leave mushroom prints all over that bald melon of his. And no, he couldn’t put me in an ankle lock to make me stop. While I’m doing it I will make him scream “I’m not Fureyous… I’m not Fureyous!” And “I use my mind power magic tricks to make guys give it to me ballz deep in my pimply a-hole!”


Matt Furey is a fucking con artist plain and simple. Anyone who can’t see that deserves to get scammed and fucked around. I found pics of how to do hindu squats and hindu push ups on I did this shit for a month and haven’t gotten many results. Matt can kisss my ass. He looks pretty fucking fat for a guy doing combat conditioning.Only exercise he gets is walking his fat ass to the mailbox to collect some more money from poor suckers who bought those bullshit books. Matt Furey is a bitch! Fuck that punk fat bitch


Hey it’s a free country he can sell what he wants and people can chose to buy or not buy. I think he is great and I’ve lost 85 pounds. You guys sitting on your ass in your mom’s basement spewing negativity should try it out. Try anything, hell go walk around the block if you can make it. Pry yourself from your sticky computer and try life. Yes, Matt’s programs can be put together on your own by researching the Internet or going to the library as some other loser posted but he did all the leg work and provides good motivation. That’s worth the price. You see we live life and actually make a living so we can afford these extra little things unlike you adsense 5 cent a day losers.

Phatty McPorkrind

Just because Matt makes you take it to the hair every night doesn’t mean you have to promote his products. Also, you’re the only one that is repeatedly posting on this site. Therefore, you are the loser sitting at home in your Mom’s basement. Or, maybe under Matt’s desk? Shut your filthy cock holster and get a life. Douchebag.


To quote Matt:
The “good news” is that I’m not going to charge you $1,000 to learn this system. In fact, although I do intend to price this system at $499 – for the next 48 hours, as part of a special, I’m going to give you a $100 early bird discount. This means I’m going to make it available to you for only $397 plus S&H.
That is not only a helluva bargain – it is an absolute steal!
One final point: I’m not sure how long I’ll even be able to keep this series on the market. I have undertaken a significant risk to bring this from China to the U.S. – and so has Master Zhang. I sincerely hope you understand what I mean.

What a goddam dildo. Sure Matt, that’s one “helluva” deal. Anyone who buys this crap is severely retarded. Hey Matt, if Master Zhang gets pissed and comes after you for releasing his secrets, will you put him in a toe lock or make Kung Pao love to him?


I heard that on the DVD, Master Zhang makes Matt perform oral sex on him to demonstrate proper technique. Is this true? I also heard that Zhang gets pissed off when Matt keeps chafing his balls with his goatee. That’s worth the price of admission alone!


When I read the entry by David B. from 6/21, I say “Dittos David”. My wife and I have had nothing but success. In addition “The Magnificient 7” exercises have cut my waist from 33 to 31. I don’t know how it works, but it does. Thanks Matt. I look forward to my workouts now.
I guess I was scammed and didn’t realize it.


You people are the type that feel superior talking bad about other people. I could bet all of you are fat, broke, and can’t get laid. Just sad, I have a brother that are just like you guys, thinking everything is a scam, oh yeah he’s fat, broke, and can’t get laid too….mmm suprising!


I’m with ya 100% James. Back in 98′ I weighed 265 pounds, was broke off my ass, and yes, sadly, a virgin. In the summer of 2002 my life was changed forever. What happened, you ask? What happened is I stumbled across Matt Furey’s website. I’m not sure if it was Matt’s wonderful lyrical prose of writing ad copy, or my pizza and beer binge that night… but to make a long story short I ended up buying the Kung Fu love DVD’s, the Combat Conditioning Book, and the “How to be an Internet Millionaire” guide. In 4 short years I’ve changed my life completely. I have more money than anyone reading this is EVER going to have. Yes, I’m talking to you. Also, I can’t beat the ladies off with a stick now! It’s like flies on doodoo I tell ya. I’m not sure if it’s my ripped up body, or the “sock in pants” trick I learned on the Kung Fu DVD’s. Bottom line, this shit works.


Most opinions on this website are from people that don’t own Furey’s products. I have a copy of his Combat Conditioning book. I can tell you firsthand that hindu pushups caused bursitis in my left shoulder. I’ve got the medical bills from rehab and numerous cortizone shots to prove it. Also, the back bridge is extremely dangerous. Matt is absolutely 100% full of shit when he says that they are safe. Our bodies aren’t remotely designed for either exercise. Try it, you’ll see what I mean. Also, Matt’s products are very low quality. Please, don’t give me the “you are paying for the information” defense. It’s overpriced, so at a minimum the quality should be of acceptable level. He is a scammer, plain and simple.


I hear that Matt is now giving away 3 Kung Fu Kock Rings upon purchase of his Kung Fu Love DVD’s? Has anyone tried them?


Those iinterested it taking any of MF’s courses may want to consider purchasing them on eBay. Theyr’e cheaper over there. and you could also re-sell them to recoup almost all money spent (except shipping). Just a thought. (No I don’t sell any of his courses on eBay).


Yeh, they are bad quality. Yeh, they are seriously overpriced. Stop complaining, and (if you’ve bought any) don’t buy anymore. I’d buy anything that would help me (like Combat Stretching, Extreme Flexibility and Sports Rejuvenation – all of which I found extremely extremely excellent).

Yeh, it’s a pity they cost so much, but I have a system where I save up surplus money over months and then buy them. I do that for all exercise/health related products as I know they’re worth it (or I don’t know that they’re not).

But I found the information works. I can’t say I’ve found any piece of data so totally nonsense (except maybe when he says stuff like don’t eat after exercise – but even that may be a rare oversight or I’m not seeing the whole message because I haven’t read his fat-loss diet).

Combat Stretching, Extreme Flexibility and Sports Rejuvenation were very educational. Combat Conditioning (which I found better than the DVDs) were the start of my formal introduction to training.

I would like to buy the Carpal injury thing and the Chinese-Long-Life system,

but I bought John du Cane’s Qigong Recharge, and I dug information from the internet of what else is included in Chinese Long Life system so I don’t need to buy it anymore.

Yes, you can find most of the information free on the internet. But that’s because other people are voluntarily putting it up. That’s why they’re hard to find.

Personally, I use whatever information I can get – free or not.

I also have many of Ross Enamait’s and Pavel Tsatsouline’s products. I’m looking forward to buying Brooks Kubik’s and John Wood’s publications. These people all offer better quality although the message is not really much better than Matt Furey’s. If you want inspirational communicator try John Wood’s newsletters – he has much less aggressive marketing and has lots of interesting articles and stories.

My ambition is to use this library to propel myself – people who complain too much never get anywhere.

Don’t spend all the money you have straight on you there and then; if you doubt how good it is then save aside some money each week and then buy it. That way you won’t feel much guilt, shock and anger (you may but it will much less).

It’s a bit like having too much chocolate in a day and discovering you became pudgy – so take it in small amounts whatever you do.

If you have already bought the products, then you have to move on in life, whether you find it excellent or just rubbish – use it or chuck it and forget it.

The rest of you who don’t even know the guy (Furey) or haven’t even used his products, you should know 1 hyena is more than enough.

Information is what matters, and quality and price shouldn’t be a barrier.


list of people i’m learning from:
john wood
brooks kubik
clarence bass
matt furey
ross enamait
pavel tsatsouline
bruce lee (his notes and videos)
farmer burns
the creator of
dr dave woynarowski
john du cane
ori heifmekler
the gracie family
lam kam chuen
…and many more to be sure

i listen to everything, then i judge.


Ah, Matt Furey. I bought lots of his products. I am also on his *blacklist* and am not allowed to buy any more, because I sent one back and got my money back (perhaps I used the ballsy attitude of MF himself to demand my refund!).
I am of two minds. His products changed my life for the better. Some of them: Combat Conditioning, and then, ESPECIALLY, Combat Stretching. I was never flexible. Now I am. I feel amazing. I couldn’t even touch my toes, now it’s no problem. I can do neck bridges no problem. I still do the stretching almost daily and have moved on to include stretching program by Bob Cooley (book entitled, The Genius of Flexibility, which is outstanding.
I have taken up a new sport as an adult and have amazed people with my progress. I attribute it to CC and CS.
Two years ago I got into insane cardio shape using Combat Conditioning.
I used to be a competitive athlete and cycled and rollerbladed, but I could not run, could not sprint. Using Furey’s program, I started doing hill sprints. First few times I pulled my hamstrings. Pathetic. Now I can do full on sprints. I hadn’t done those for, I dunno, 17 years?
GAMA Fitness, though, was a bit of a waste. Ross Enmait gives more and better routines.
The Chinese Love thing — a waste, at least for me: I knew all that stuff. And it was hard to follow b/c of poor quality. That’s the one I sent back. Then I was removed from MF’s email list and told that I could never order from him. Of course, I could get a friend to order for me. .
That all said, I think the two programs I mentioned are excellent, and, interestingly, they weren’t that expensive (especially Combat Conditioning). They also got me to get into “combat conditioning” in general, such as Ross Enmait’s program, which is better, and Pavel, which is interesting. But there IS something about Furey’s approach, especially when you’re starting his program, that is entertaining and motivating. I am glad he’s out there, and I don’t regret the money at all. I plan to thank him at some point and point out that I am on his blacklist!
Don’t get me started on MF’s politics … or his know-it-all attitude, where he thinks he knows more about anything than anybody and calls college a waste (it’s what you make of it, Matt). I do appreciate his fitness products, though.
I bought the lifeline chest expanders and in fact DID eradicate a longstanding shoulder injury … just like Matt said it would.


I just downloaded a bunch of his shit off of Limewire. About $450.00 worth. Not too shabby…

Jack Diddleysquat

You can find his stuff selling used on eBay for deep discounts. I bought one of his old tapes on wrestling takedowns, it had some good information but it was very cheaply produced. I would have been unhappy if I had paid full price for it.

Stinknugget McGraw

I would like to donkey punch that fat bald fuck right in the mouth. He’s such a douchebag.


I have a copy of his Combat Conditioning book. The exercises are great in my opinion… but the book is not the best of quality. Overall, I’m happy with the purchase though. And yes, I hate the way he advertises.


His Conbat Conditioning course helped me to not only lose 15 lbs already, but to lose about 1-2 inches off my waist, along with gain some of my old posture back, and just plain feel better about myself. My thighs are rock-hard now from doing the Hindu squats, and contrary to what I thought was going to happen, my 10-yr old patello-femoral syndrome that plagues my right knee seems to be getting better – while my knee gets more flexible!
That being said however, I do wish there was some separation between the straight fitness stuff and the hyped-up Internet marketing ploys. Please, I do not want to be bothered with the Internet money junk, just with getting in shape. But oh well, I pay for his stuff, and I use his stuff (those of you complaining about his products have obviously been mistakenly thinking that rubbing the DVD across your belly would make it instantly shrink) and it works!

On a last side not, @ Chris, who said, “I wish Matt clarified more on his handstand tape on how to prevent your balls from slapping you in the face while performing handstands. Now I’ve got 3 teeth and 2 in my back pocket.” – – that really made me laugh out loud!

Thank you SO MUCH Matt Furey for compiling and releasing these exercise products, while ALSO giving credit to the original creators/designers… You have given fitness, a better attitude, and more time to a 31-yr old FRUGAL father of 3 – who doesn’t have time! Thanks!!


I’ve read some comments on this site, and, even though I don’t usually waste time on this sort of thing, I just have to say it:
Jesus fucking Christ, get a life!
I’ve been doing Furey’s Royal Court for three weeks, 15 minutes a day, and guess what? IT WORKS!
Before you start shit talking those routines, at least TRY doing SOME exercises. And who the fuck cares if he is making a lot of money on these materials? Even if he didn’t invent ANY of it himself, he still fucking deserves to get paid for putting it together and motivating people to actually DO IT.
Jesus, some people should just be fucking beaten up for their stupidity. I BET that your’e afraid to shit-talk ANYTHING or ANYONE in person.
A big FUCK OFF for making me so pissed off so as to write to such a shitty website. And respect for those who talk AFTER thinking about what they are going to say.


I just looked up Peter in the dictionary.

Peter: Typical name of a person that enjoys incest.

Used in a sentence: (quoting his Mom) “Peter, I’d appreciate it if you’d leave me some alone time with your father. I’d like to partake in licking his balls sometime too… ya selfish fuck!!”


Aah Aah Aah, Thank You Phil For Giving Me The Time Of My Life…..OOOOOOOHHH! OH GOD, I’m Gonna Cum In Your Ass…..Arghh!!! ***Cum Entering Phil**** Phil, Baby, Thank ***Lick Phil’s Ass With Cum Oozing Out……..”Grooaan, Oh You Know Where To Lick It, Make Me Orgasm” ***Phil Has Anal Orgasm***


Actually, that sounds pretty damn good right now.


This is my second post. I don’t understand why everyone is personally attacking Matt Furey. If you don’t like him or his products don’t buy them. It really is that simple. I frequently do a lot of the exercises that are in the Combat Conditioning manual and I’ve had great success. They haven’t been as hard on my joints as lifting weights which has enabled me to better stick to my regimen.


I hope you don’t mind if take the time to pitch my weight loss and fitness program. It involves feet, two to be exact. I want to introduce you to the new and improved walk master 2007. Take it anywhere. Use it at work, on the bus, going to McDonalds, even infront of your children. Simply put one foot in front of the other, And soon you’ll be walking cross the floor, Put one foot in front of the other, And soon you’ll be walking out the door. Harold P. Sach said he would pay $8000.00 for such a product. But my new and vastly improved Burgermeister Walk Master 2007 is but only $102.37 plus shipping and handling of $12.50. Only available to the first 300 callers and only available until I don’t want to make anymore money. Oh hey thanks for the heads up on Limewire. I’ll be limber in no time. Phil….Ubwe, you crazy kids get a room.


FYI………I’m an avid NewsMax reader and I can assure you that not all of us are that retarded. If it smells like bull* and looks like bull* then it’s probably bull*. I never believe any of these “self-help” jackasses.


I downloaded tons of his stuff on Limewire…This is basically what it amounts to: Buy a Qui Gong book (much more info on breathing and better quality, i recommend “the Way of Quigong” by Kenneth S. Cohen), Get a good book on nutrition, (you don’t even have too, you can find that shit online anywhere), and join the goddamn wrestling team or a gymnastics class. Seriously, every single thing I saw in his workout videos we did in wrestling practice, even the reverse pushups, cat stretches (hindu pushups) and preciouse massive strength building handstand pushups which according to him, nobody does or gives enough credit too, yet coincidently every gymnast and there mom does them, (gymnasts by the way being some of the pound for pound strongest people in the world) The point is, yeah he shows SOME stuff that is usefull (im not sure about the hindu squats yet, research ive seen shows that letting your knees go past your toes increases sheer forces on the joint) but you can find just about all of it online, or buy something of better quality for less money. His marketing is irritating, he’s using hyperbole to sell things that are so basic, and if you would just join an actual catch wrestling class or a gymnastics class, you would get in incredible shape, PLUS you would make friends instead of watching a shit quality video at home with some bald headed twat telling you how a fucking pushup can change your life. What is so great about being able to do 50 hindu pushups anyways? I’m not dissing bodyweight exercise, its very usefull, but they aren’t that difficult, and I can crank out about 100 normal pushups, do several 1 armed pushups, and thats from mostly working with heavy weights and low reps. way more information and *free* articles from a guy who doesnt suck a fat greedy dick like matt furey.


Matt Furey’s real name is Archibald Comstock, he was born and raised on the eastern shore of California. It is his lifes’ work to find people that use donkey punch in a post and kick their ever-lovin-inbred butts.

If you have read this far, please forward to 7 nematoads in the next twenty hours or you will be annually massaged by Abe Vigoda.

Bye, buy,



It amazes me how average minds like yours like to hate great minds like matt furey. None of you will ever have a job that pays more than min-wage, so you blame it on hard working honest people like matt. The french fry bell just rung you better get back to work!

Archibald Comstock

I will whip some ass if necessary.


Is Donald doing some digging himself?


Matt Furey’s material is amazing. I was shocked to find this great man being berated. The protestors are nuts. This is why they are nuts.

1. The protesters agree that he is repackaging existing work.

– In other words there is an implicit agreement that he is repackaging “good, known work”. The main issue is that he has the courage to do that, to call it his material and not to attribute other sources.

– Nearly every business man (particularly and especially) in the information business and on the net is doing that.Also particularly in Hollywood. Did you know that a ‘script’ will not even ‘sell’ to the producers unless it “smells” of a successful “existing” movie? Example: Aliens was pitched as “Jaws in a spacespace”.

– To repackage and sell information is legal and ethical. Very few people can write ‘original’ material. Those few that do “win Nobel Prizes” or other similar “Academic” awards. These “academics” are ordinarily NOT “business men”. Most of the time, most people have never heard of them and do not understand their contribution to society (e.g. advanced physics or math). My points is:

a. Most “clever people” do exactly what Matt does and is doing. Most other people just complain because that is easier to do. By the way, look in any magazine – Weight training, fashion, anything – and it is in most ways “repacked” existing material.

b. Unless one is an academic, there is no need to “acknowledge” anyone else. In the information business, almost no one that “makes it big” acknowledges others. Why send business to other people?

Conclusion: The protesters almost wholly are protesting the fact that this person is a businessman. That is very unAmerican, rather communist in concept. Oftentimes these are concepts in mind picked up by “poor” (financial) people.

I strongly suspect the protesters have never been in business – because if they had, then they would appreciate how difficult it is – particularly the ‘information business’. But this man had the guts to ‘walk his talk’. Many people have lots of knowledge but they lack the guts to turn their knowledge into money. Am I wrong?

2. Some protesters have purchased his material; refunded it; love some of it; and still berate the poor man. That is not fair.

– One stated that he did not like the sex material and ‘knew it all anyway’. I strongly suspect that this person did not really know it all. Secondly I suspect the person ‘reads’ but does not ‘practice’ and hence it is easy to criticise.

– Another stated that they know/knew the exercises from wrestling class anyway.

– One stated that it is much cheaper to ‘go to a class’ or buy a book.

Reality: You can buy clothes in Nordstrom or in “Dress for Less” : the “same” wear at radically different prices. Both types of purchasers feel “value”. That is the reality of business. There is nothing wrong with Matt for charging whatever he wants to charge. Because he is “walking the talk” – he should be charging much higher. Am I incorrect? Only beginners that needs to get the cashflow going should charge less because they have no ‘brand name’. Matt Furey “has” a strong brand name in this niche field. He is a walking American Dream. He has not cheated anyone. He is not ‘wanted’ for any crime. He is not doing anything that “universities” are not doing: “selling information” in return for a payment. Matt is the equivalent to the Ivy League in relation to the information quality. Am I wrong?

My recommendation is:

i. Hire Matt to train you to change your “thinking habits” because if you stay as you are – then do you agree that – you will forever remain poor at at best “middle class” ?

ii. Do not go cheap. Hire Matt because at least there is concensus that he material works. The only problem are “little issues” like the fact that he does not acknowledge others. The other problem is his price: but whether it is clothes, restaurant or training – you get what you pay for. With Matt – he will personally train you to be the best.

Indeed any “Joe” off the streets for $1 can teach you similar things. Many homeless people in San Francisco for example are “very clever”. But there is a difference between a “walking talking living legend” (that makes it and has made it) and the homeless – or even the “academic” that knows “so much more” (e.g. Ivy League Business School Professor).

Thank you.


P.S. Although I stood up for Matt, I am in no way connected to him. There is no way to prove that, and it does not matter. What matters is the strength of my argument compared to the above. I am a Professor that has studied entrepreneurs, and in the past was like most people on this board: skeptical, critical, nasty.

I am 40 and penniless. I now realize that had I followed my brother John’s pathway as a salesman: I would be rich, very very rich by the time I was 28. But I remain poor. I hope to use my next paycheck to hire Matt, probably for the rest of my life. I’ve lived it.


His marketing is retarded. Like the modern day Count Dante. But I ganked his fitness videos off of torrent and they are actually very solid. They totally aren’t worth what he is charging for them. Honestly, I don’t feel bad about ganking the videos because the production quality is total crap. But I haven’t seen anyone produce anything with some of the exercises he teaches. The production quality is poor, but I use the intense exercises like the Hindu squats. I did this and other exercises to improve my stamina after being inactive for a long time after a bad car accident. Put him down for his marketing. But you guys that talk so much shit about him, I’d like to see you fat fucks get away from your keyboards and try half the physical stuff he does. His workouts work. I don’t know any thing about his millionaire or sex crap.


oh…i see what your problem is now. you are a liberal panty waste commi minority worshiping pinko Bolshevik flag burning pillow biting gun grabbing lib. no wonder you are going out of your way to talk shit about newsmax readers.


Five years ago I weighed 440lbs at 5ft 10in. My blood pressure was high and my glucose was high. I was on an insulin pump, which is what caused the weight. Apparently, insulin makes me fat. I joined gyms and martial arts and arobic classes, but because of my excessive weight was unable to do the exercises enough for any improvement. My doctor sent me to a nutritionist to help me lose weight so I could exercise. I discovered Matt’s Combat Conditiong. I weighted a year before buying it. Ten months later, I was a svelt, rock hard, 220lbs. Insulin pump is gone, choleserol is perfect and blood pressure is like a long distance runner. I did power lifting in highschool and college and my presses after nothing but 4 years of CC are 35% higher than they have ever been. I work as a furniture store warehouse supervisor. All my guys do CC before every shift and all of them are stronger and accident free. I have actually been paid to train people in these exercises myself, thanks Matt. I get $100 per person per session. I have seen carpel tunnels, bad knees, bad hips and rotator cuff injuries all improve.

To Whatever: I have a friend that could do 500 regular pushups. He did 20 hindu pushups and was sore for days. There are different levels of exercise my friend. Since you are so athletic, give it a try and see what happens. You have nothing to lose and only better health to gain.


Matt is amazing. There may be people wanting to return items and having trouble (I haven’t researched that yet), but I have ordered Combat Conditioning (need to use it) and plan to order some other items over time. I am glad for those of you who posted positive things. Matt has his head in the right place. He is focused on finding the answers and bring them to us in a package that we can make use of and benefit from. He has control over who he lets take up his time. There is nothing wrong with that. We can strengthen people when we let them know that we don’t have time to give everyone an ear. I respect Matt for that. We all should be able to be like that and just be there for those that really need some time – not those who really just waste our time. I learned about Matt Furey several years ago, and I thought he was amazing. I still do. I want to recommend his products to others. The only reason I haven’t yet is because of how difficult things were for me. I am working on those things, though, with what I have learned from Matt and others about how to create the life you want. I am on the way, and that’s what counts. I am glad for the people that posted positive about Matt. No one is perfect, and people can find fault and steal others dreams, but it’s a time waster, and we need people like Matt to help us understand.


Matt is amazing because he cares about my poop.


Penis….who said he had one….the fella sure eats more than he works…fatso!


Furball Furey did some good things. I’m glad to have learned to do squats and handstands from him, but I never paid him anything. Why would people pay those prices? Money is short these days. I don’t understand how they could pay those prices.


I’ve got Combat Conditioning, Combat Stretching, and the fastest way humanly possible to lost fat (or whatever the exact title.) And the older I get, the more I realize I have to regularly do these things! The stretching, in particular, has become absolutely essential in order to recover enough between workouts. Whatever happened to pulling a muscle, getting a good night’s sleep, and waking up fine in the morning? Now it’s like 3 days!

I’m 50 years old, active in wilderness Search and Rescue, even over 7,000 ft, and weigh 5 lbs more than I did in high school. Carrying a 40 lb pack and following my German Shepherd Dog, I have friends 10 to 20 years younger failing to keep up with me.

What can I say? His ideas work.

Oh, and as someone who has practiced Zazen (Zen meditation) for over 30 years, including a few months under a little old Japanese master on top of a mountain, I’m also a big fan of breathing. Seems like some of the above “reviewers” could use a little more oxygen to the brain! lol


as someone who has practiced Zazen (Zen meditation) for over 30 years

Sooo…when will it work?


I find that Furey is truly motivational. I’ve never bought his products. But I’ve bought products from a similar enthusiasts in his field of exercise and fitness. And he comes highly recommended by a reputable source: John Peterson of Transformetrics

I don’t agree with everything with Furey says; but I will say this. He speaks from real life experience. His words may not reflect the intellectual prowess of a Harvard Graduate, but his soul reflects that of a person of great character and depth. And that’s what allows him to succeed.

Knowledge is power. But knowledge with soul is simply transcendental.


I find that Matt Furey has such a dedicated fan base that they are devoted to making six-year-old threads live again. Or maybe Matt Furey is called Henry and fucks underaged monkeys.


I’m also a big fan of breathing.

Me too!


This Fury character is shameless.
Since he is a “dough” greedy insect, why don’t an MMA promoter offer
him millions to fight a real fighter around his age to “test” his
The comparison with Count Dante is like night and day.
Count Dante, John Keehan could fight and was Mob connected.
Matt should have some of the “boys” in Florida pay him a visit
to collect just for doing business there.
He may refuse to give refunds, but like he says, bet you dollars
to donuts that if a customer with the name Gotti or Gambino
wanted a refund for his crap he would not ignore.
What a schmuck this Fury is!


I used to be a regular customer of Matt Furey. Regrettably, I’ve bought over half of his catalog of products. Each and every time, I was stunned at the carelessness of his products: bad sound quality, terrible video, misspellings, poor print quality, cheap paper, etc. I could go on and on about how Gold Medal Publishing’s customer service is unprofessional. I even paid to go to a seminar, and it started LATE, we did stretches, and it ended with some hack talking about investing in gold, which I wasn’t interested in.

Honestly, you will get MORE out of a subscription to Men’s Health magazine and the free articles in Dragon Door. DO NOT buy any of his waaaay overpriced products. Don’t make my mistake.


I have more to write, because I want to smear Matt Furey’s name on the internet:

I used to be a huge fan of Matt Furey. I have almost everything in the catalog. I have spent over $10,000 on his products. (Most of it was on a seminar that was a total waste of time.)

Every time I would buy a product, I would be shocked at the unprofessional presentation of it. Manuals would come in cheap paper, misspellings, DVDs would have extremely poor sound quality and recording. You would think that given the prices he charges, he would spend some money at least making the product look nice and professional, but the presentation is so sloppy it gives you the feeling that he doesn’t care about his products.

I was also a member of the Furey Faithful website. I got two CDs on different months that were the same exact message, just with a different title! (And given that you pay about $39 a month, you would think such a mishap would be avoided. Newsletters would come late, and the website itself was pretty inactive. When I started on the website, he promised a monthly video, but during my year-long membership, I don’t recall ANY monthly videos.

You will often find people defending Matt Furey, but as someone who was once a big fan of his, let me honestly tell you, his products are not worth the astronomical price he gives them. I fell for his marketing letters (which he is genius at, granted). I just wish he would spend just as much time on the quality of his products as he does on his marketing letters.

His customer service is also terrible. Sometimes they never answer your e-mails or they take weeks to answer an e-mail. And they will NEVER give you a refund for a legitimate grievance.

The final straw for me was his Unbeatable Man Coaching Program. I only attended one (out of five), and it was a waste of time. We did stretching exercises at one point, and some hack at the end talked about the gold market. There was nothing “life changing” about this seminar at all. Part of the program also included two fifteen-minute coaching calls, which I never received, and I have been chasing customer service to give me a refund for not giving me these calls within the contracted period, which I’m sure they never will, and I may have to take legal action.

You will find higher quality products on the internet for a much, much cheaper price.

Don’t make the same mistake I made and get suckered by his marketing ploys. There are better people out there who operate their businesses ethically.


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