Amber Pawlik, Comedy Genius!

Sadly, No!’s best friend, Amber Pawlik, is happy about the capture of Saddam Hussein. (Indeed, we think she just may have gotten her first ever orgasm, but we’ll need to check with our sources.)

Amber writes that Hussein being captured is the United States’ way of sending a message to the Iraqi people:

Every American should be not only thankful but proud to be an American today. Message to the Iraqi people: Merry Christmas!

Or, as Mr. Garrison might put it, Merry fucking Christmas.

I heard there is no Christmas,
In the silly Middle East..
No Trees, no Snow, no Santa Claus,
They have Different Religious beliefs..
They Believe in Muhammad,
And not in our Holiday..
And so every December,
I go to the Middle East and say..

Hey there Mr Muslim, Merry Fucking Christmas
Put down that book ‘The Koran’
and hear some holiday wishes
Incase you haven’t noticed,
it’s Jesus’s Birthday
So get off you heathen Muslim Ass
And fucking celebrate.


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Nice to see Amber doing her part to win the hearts and minds of Muslims everywhere.



It’s been said before, but her parents ought to be demanding their money back from PSU.


“Nice to see Amber doing her part to win the hearts and minds of Muslims everywhere.”

She’s obviously done with the hearts and minds of American men.

allison guerrero

run out of town you iraqian merry christmas la la la tra la la la ba pop goes the weisel amber person friendl


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