This Should Be Fun

I’m going to bed now, but I can sleep soundly with the knowledge that today’s filibuster deal will give me ample wingnuttery to mock all week.

ARingMD2B has a round-up of Freeper reactions over at Kos. Just trust me, they’re really funny.

And to tide you over ’til tomorrow, here’s Pastor Swank:

This is an evening of weakness to a Republican presence that should have been exceptionally strong. That is so particularly when dealing with such a nonsense issue as the filibuster. If it had even been a more crucial measure; but the filibuster? Yes, the filibuster waste still has an edge in the esteemed United States Senate.


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I got into the car today, and all I heard was “nuclear option,” “nuclear option.” I thought we were going to get bombed. What is the point of such inflammatory language?


Maybe I haven’t read enough Swank, but I can’t help being impressed by the phrase “bloated ego thrust”.


Is that your ego? Or are you just glad to see me?


What is it with people that can’t speak english, and why do wingnuts love them so much?


wha?, I think you mean WHITE people who can’t speak English….


Pastor Swank sure has a way with words. You don’t see many native speakers of English whose syntax is so screwed up.


Honey: The phrase “nuclear option” was coined by Trent Lott (although those sneaky Rethugs have been trying to claim it’s a Democratic slur). And the point of the inflammatory language is to inflame, of course.


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