Don’t forget the Judean People’s Front!

CNN writes:

Violent animal rights extremists and eco-terrorists now pose one of the most serious terrorism threats to the nation, top federal law enforcement officials say. …

“Just like al Qaeda or any other terrorist movement, ELF and ALF cannot accomplish their goals without money, membership and the media,” the Republican senator [James Inhofe] from Oklahoma said. [Emphasis added.]

The media. Because if it weren’t for CNN and MSNBC, 9-11 would have never happened. Better keep an eye out on the People’s Front of Judea too, just to be safe.


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Seb! Thou hast returned!!!


That’s right, we’re coming for you! Now that we’ve got rid of foxhunting in England, we’re sharpening our swords on our tofu blocks.

(“Gimme all your asparagus or I drop this load of lentils on you!”)


You gotta wonder if they fail to see clinic bombers as terrorists because they basically agree with them.

Can’t find the anthrax mailers, so may as well mot list them.

Random violent white male bombers are unpredictable, so they can’t be listed, either.

So to justify their funding, they gotta pick on *some*one….


Don’t forget the Judean People’s Front.


though a man, I’m willing to fight for my right to be prevented from having an abortion


According to the article neither of the “terrorist” groups (ALF and ELF) have claimed a single life yet, nor does it appear they target human beings specifically. If that’s our biggest threat,then i feel pretty damned safe. Maybe we should divert the Homeland Security money to safer automobiles, or cancer research.

Don’t forget the Judean People’s Front.

What about the People’s Front for Judea? Hmm?


Not to mention The Front of People from Judea…


There certainly hasn’t been any deadly terrorist attacks by Oklahoma Republicans…right?


The People’s Front for Judea? SPLITTERS!!!


jesus. I’m just glad you pointed to one of the articles that correctly reflects what the fbi said. alot of news sources and the blogs who have linked to them are saying the fbi called eco-terrorists “the top threat,” rather than “one of” the top threats.

Still ridiculous that they even said this, but it’s not as bad as msnbc and the independent are making them think.



Groups that only destroy property and refuse to take life, human or animal, are among the top threats to the US when there are Islamic Terrorists activly seaking to nuke us? I don’t know what they are smokeing over there at the FBI but I want some.

Just a Passerby

Methinks ELF and ALF are some sort of saboteurs, not terrorists.


I thought we were the popular front.


Ecoterrorism is like, so passe. It went out with The Cranberries, Zima, crochetted dresses and rollerblades.


Someone needs to send the FBI, Inhofe, and the SCLM over to Orcinus, quick.


One of the most serious threats to our nations is that SUVs might be spraypainted in the middle of the night. And the threat shall be called “terrorism” not “vandalism” because they spraypaint for political and not recreational reasons.


What do you think? One week or two? Before they classify Sierra Club and ACLU under the heading of ‘terrorist’ organizations…


I never trusted Alf. Sure, he looked like the kind of kooky, fun-loving space alien you’d like to hang with, but he had that don’t-turn-your-back-on-the-Muppet thing going on…


Vestal: Don’t forget vintage floral print dresses paired with combat boots.

Janice: No shit, huh.


Also, is this kind of like a certain Mr. Paige labeling the NEA a terrorist organization?


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