I just want some things to be about me, is that so selfish?

President Bush classes it up, old school style:

President Bush is used to taking center stage, even when sharing the dais with other presidents in their own countries. …

After Bush finished, Vike-Freiberga then explained that they would take four questions ? one for each president. Again, Bush tried to interrupt, saying, “Or you can have all four questions to me,” knowing that foreign reporters usually want to use the opportunity to probe the U.S. president.

Vike-Freiberga ignored the remark as she called on a Latvian journalist, and Bush threw his arms up and looked to help from aides offstage. The Latvian journalist said he would prefer to question the U.S. leader, and Bush responded, “Yeah, I thought that might be the case.”



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spoiled little rich kid

hope every question was about the british memo. God that guy is a pile of steaming dog shit


What a peace duke.


Reporter: Yes, thank you, Lord. Now, as Jesus Christ of Nazareth, King of Kings, Prince of Peace, Savior, what is your plan to bring all true believers to paradise to live out their etenal life with You and God?

Jesus: Well, Bill, I…

George W Bush: JC, I’ll take this one….


Glad to see you made it back safely from that threesome with Neal Horsely and Oskar, Seb… 😉


Don’t most people grow out of that shit by the time they reach middle school?


I read about that on Monday. I was hoping John Stewart could get some footage of that, but… (you know!)


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