Can Somebody Fact-Check This?

Are there any Sadly, No! readers out there who grew up on a farm? If so, you might want to check out Alan Colmes’ interview with anti-abortion extremist Neal Horsley:

Alan Colmes: “You had sex with animals?”

Neal Horsley: “Absolutely. I was a fool. When you grow up on a farm in Georgia, your first girlfriend is a mule.”

AC: “I’m not so sure that that is so.”

NH: “You didn’t grow up on a farm in Georgia, did you?”

AC: “Are you suggesting that everybody who grows up on a farm in Georgia has a mule as a girlfriend?”

NH: It has historically been the case. You people are so far removed from the reality… Welcome to domestic life on the farm…”

So how about it, you country bumpkins? Did y’all screw farm animals growing up? Or is Horsley (oh, what an ironic name) full of it?

(Thanks to Kristin for the tip.


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I grew up on a farm. We occasionally *ate* the animals, but not the way that this mulefucker might have.


I’m from Illinois farm country; I worked on a farm quite often growing up. I never molested any of the livestock (no matter what that lying ewe says), nor do I know of anyone who did. Jokes about sheep screwing were rampant (har…ram-pant…fergit it), but I’m pretty sure that’s as far as it got. Horsley did say he was talking about Georgia boys, though. Maybe if we’d had some sweet Georgia mules, things woulda been different. Or not.


So, let me get this straight. Now the thing we big city folk don’t understand about the heartland is their god-given right to fuck livestock? Is this some kind of goddam joke they’re playing on us to see what kind of crazy things we’ll actually believe? Or is this just why Rick Santorum is so frightened about manimal couplings?

Floyd Flanders

Reporting in from PA farm country. I don’t know anyone who buggered mules. Must be a Georgia thing.

Hysterical Woman

How can you claim any higher ground if you’ve raped (yes, raped) animals, and are proud of it?


How can you claim any higher ground if you’ve raped (yes, raped) animals, and are proud of it?

Hey, he was just a kid back then, Hysterical Woman! How was he supposed to know screwing a mule was wrong. I blame teaching condoms in schools.


Hey, if the mule likes it, it’s not rape. Did you see the way it was dressed? No clothes at all. He was asking for it.


I think we need to hold off on rape charges until we hear from the mule.


Until this came up, the most common question I received about growing up in the country had to do with the myth of “cow tipping”. Knowing my urban and suburban friends, I’d bet that is about to change. “Yep, we would slop hogs in the morning, plow fields all day, put up some hay in the evening, and then go fuck my friend Flicka for relaxation just before beddin’ down. Hell, we had some livestock orgies, fer chrissakes! Heh, heh, those were the days. … Whut you lookin’ at me like that fer?”


So man-on-man monogamy is wrong… but anally violating cattle isn’t?
My head hurts. :\


I grew up on a farm, there was definitely no animal fucking going on! Gross!


Ewwww! That’s cruel! What would Jesus say?

It’s rape unless the mule agreed to it. Any sex with a mule without a notorized agreement is rape. Such agreement should be notorized in front of 7 (four women, three men) judges and the mule’s agreement has to be given in human speech.

Well, having read Kneel Horsley’s claims about Georgia, I am led to wonder if such is also the case for Texas? After all, First Lady Laura Bush did out her husband’s other activity as a horse wanker.

Now we know that farm boys in red states practice on animals. This so distorts their sexual development that it reflects in their views regarding Darwin’s theories and about a woman’s right to choose. These red state boys’ views are going to be markedly different from states where a boy’s first experience will be with a girl and not with a horse or a mule or a gopher or a dog.

I am confused though. Apparently, in other places, practicing on animals may make for a liberal outlook. Yet, in the red states of these US it is the other way around.


I grew up in rural central Georgia, and then the mountains of North Carolina, which made my previous habitation look like NYC. I never heard of anyone schtupping the livestock. I can’t speak for the personal experiences of Horsefarker… er, Horsely, though.


Yup, grew up on a farm. Nope, never had intercourse with the animals. Of course, my grandpa was primarily a chicken farmer, but still…

So man-on-man monogamy is wrong… but anally violating cattle isn’t?

Well, to be fair, much of this bestiality is not anal:-) Oddly enough, the Bible does in fact forbid bestiality in the same section that forbids homosexuality (somewhere around Leviticus, i think). Of course right-wing christians ignore many of these Old Testament proscriptions but not that against homosexuality.


Shorter Neil Horsley:

“I was a boy then, until that bittersweet summer when Frances came. And I became a man.”


“I was a boy then, until that bittersweet summer when Frances came. And I became a man.”

Vespa, if you were a mule, I’d marry you. I grew up in Erie, PA, where there’s not much lovestock, never heard of it there. I then moved to State College, PA. That’s gotta be the world’s capital of bestiality if there is such a place. But I never heard of it there, either.

Hey, if the mule likes it, it’s not rape.

No, it’s “If she gets wet, it’s not rape.”


Well, I’ve started a discussion about the logistics of mule rape.

I never thought I’d feel more ashamed than the time I peed my pants in Kingergarden, but I think this tops it.


Vespa, if you were a mule, I’d marry you.

Sigh. Always a bridesmaid, never the mule.


I TOTALY SAW THIS ARTICAL ON NERVE!! news travles fast i guess. I think this guy would make a great vegan activest (yikes I cant spell)


I never seen such a pack of lying farmboys in my entire life. [wide-eyed innocence] “Oh, no – we never did anything like that.” Bullshit. If there’s a swinging dick among you that doesn’t know the meaning of “stump-broke” I’ll eat my hat.


Derek, you’re one of my best friends, but no, you can’t spell 😉


This gives new meaning to the phrase “fuck ewe.”


Don’t people realize that this guy should be stoned to death. And the sinful mule as well. God’s will is clear.
I expect Pat Robertson will cast the first stone.


Dozens of girls would storm up;
I had to lock my door.
Somehow I couldn’t warm up
To one before.
What was it that controlled me?
What kept my love-life lean?
My intuition told me
You’d come on the scene.
Lady, listen to the rhythm of my heart beat,
and you’ll get just what I mean.

Embrace me,
My sweet embraceable ewe.
Embrace me,
You irreplaceable ewe.
Just one look at ewe — my heart grew tipsy in me;
Ewe and ewe alone bring out the gipsy in me.
I love all
The many charms about ewe;
Above all
I want my arms about ewe.
Don’t be a naughty baby,
Come to papa — come to papa — do!
My sweet embraceable ewe.

I went about reciting,
“Here’s one who’ll never fall!”
But I’m afraid the writing
Is on the wall.
My nose I used to turn up
When you’d besiege my heart;
Now I completely burn up
When you’re slow to start.
I’m afraid you’ll have to take the consequences;
You upset the apple cart.

Embrace me,
My sweet embraceable ewe.
Embrace me,
You irreplaceable ewe.
In your arms I find love so delectable, dear,
I’m afraid it isn’t quite respectable, dear.
But hang it —
Come on, let’s glorify love!
Ding dang it!
You’ll shout “Encore!” if I love.
Don’t be a naughty papa,
Come to baby– come to baby– do!
My sweet embraceable ewe.


The preceeding was inspired by the NFL’s St. Louis Rams cheerleading squad which are (or at least were) known as the “Embraceable Ewes” in a parody of the jazz standard altered above.


I’ve seen this posted on other blogs, but somehow I knew that the Sadly, No! comments would be the funniest.


I was a farm boy and honest to god there was a rumor about a guy fucking his horse. Gotta tell you, there were some but ugly farm boys out there, and a few pretty nice looking horses.

Farmer has a bunch of sows he’s trying to get fertilized, so he puts them all in the trailer and drives them down to farmer Jim, who has the best hog in the county. Jim tells him, “when you see those sows rolling around in the mud, it means it took, and you’ll get your piggies. Farmer tries this for a week, but after every visit, still no rolling in the mud. Sitting at the breakfast table at the end of his rope, he asks his wife to look out the window and tell him if those damn pigs are rolling in the mud. Nope, she tells him, “they’re all loaded in the trailer, and one is honking for you to come on”


farm boy and his girl are leaning against the fence watching a bull and his cow going at it. The fella looks sideways at his girl and says “I wouldn’t mind trying that about now”
“go ahead” she says “it’s your cow”


Can’t speak for American farm boys (for which God be thanked).

However, when I was in the Army, one of the cavalrymen on our base was caught screwing his favourite mare.

How many of them were not caught cannot be revealed.


If I recall correctly, Guadalcanal Diary (who gave us that immortal paean to farmyard love Cattle Prod) are also Georgia boys. Should I ever visit that great state and bring a pet along, I shall have to look into getting a chastity belt for it.


It’s a Georgia thing:

To my mother in the long grass
Of the west pasture, where she stood like moonlight
Listening for foxes. It was something like love
From another world that seized her
From behind, and she gave, not lifting her head
Out of dew, without ever looking, her best
Self to that great need. Turned loose, she dipped her face
Farther into the chill of the earth, and in a sound
Of sobbing of something stumbling
Away, began, as she must do,
To carry me.


Special award to Andrew A. Gill for saying “lovestock.” I think we should all use this word as often as possible.


I lived for some years on a pig farm, and it actually never once crossed my mind to experiment in that way with a pig. My brother may have but there’s no reason to necessarily think so.


How ’bout this classic:

2 old country men are sitting on the porch when they notice the dog licking his balls. The first guy says “I wish I could do that.” The second guy says “Be careful, he bites!”


Ummm, I hate to bring this up, but Mules are always male. So boning a mule is a sort of peverse pu pu platter of beatiality and homosexuality all rolled up in one.

Female “mules” are hinnys, and hinnys are always female.

I think the breeding goes, male horse and female donkey equals mule. And, hinnys are from a male donkey and a mare.

Stump broke cows are more “rural legends” than reality in most cases, not all, but most cases.

but as for the Mule boning, it would seem to me that no self respecting mule would allow itself to be cornholed, and I grew up in the rural dairy country of upstate New York, not far from some Amish and Mennonite farmers who had horses, mules, and hinnys all working in the fields and pulling wagons.

Remind me to NEVER invite Horsley to visit here, the Amish family down the road raises champion quality Black Shire plow and draft horses and the males would no doubt “inflame” this Horsley character.


I grew up in rural Mississippi, and while I didn’t exactly grow up on a farm, we did own chickens, goats, two ponies and various other livestock at different points in time not to mention animals we had as pets. I would have to say from my own limited experience that while I did hear a few lewd jokes on the subject, Mr Horsely’s view on animal-human sexual-pairing was very far out of the mainstream. The only example of such a case I can think of is a guy on ecstacy who was caught having sex with a horse in a barn outside of biloxi. Apparently he had done this before, and the farmer had gotten suspicious so he set up a video camera in his barn. But this doesn’t really help Mr. Horsely’s case that it is normal for people who live on farms to have sex with their livestock. The individual in question wasn’t living on a farm and having sex with animals. This was a guy who took ecstacy and then went to someone’s farm and snuck into their barn to have sex with animals.

Mr. Horsley (hmmm… horse-ly… mule… wonder if there’s a connection there…) has a long history of being a psychotic right wing nut job. Comparing this guy to the Taliban isn’t at all unfair either. I first ran across him back in the mid-90s when he had a website up in which he posted the sickest pornography he could find on the internet in an attempt to inflame people into starting a right-wing Iranian style revolution in America. He was then the leader of the “Creator’s Rights Party”. He advocated arresting and giving the death penalty to homosexuals. He also wanted to restrict voting rights to only land owning Christian men. He was running for governor of Georgia (Although I didn’t think it was an election year). The main thing he claimed he would do if elected is seize control of the federal military bases in Georgia that had nuclear weapons and them use them to protect Georgia when he seceded the state from the union and set up the Christian Country of Georgia. He was using the “Holocaust of Abortion” as justification for this.

He’s also appeared on the Jerry Springer Show where he was hit in the face with a pie by a member of the Church of Euthanasia.

The Church of Euthanasia is awesome.


Mules are always maleHorsley: Damn! And after I spent all that money on AbsorbShun, too!


Where I grew up there were rumors of one or more monks-to-be from a nearby abbey getting caught having there way with a cow. Probably utter horseshit, but led to some funny comments about “moolesters.”

The proper term for Horsley would be, of course, a “mulester.”


Some kids from my high school in Connecticut raped and killed some goats at a local petting zoo.

suburban refugee

Apparently, it’s perfectly to be screwing your mule, but when you have sex with another guy, that’s wrong. So as long it’s a different species, you’re not gay.

No wonder Senator Santorum is worried about the puppies.


Is it true that Seb has left his pregnant wife and run off with his true love Oskar?


So as long it’s a different species, you’re not gay.

Gotta agree with this. After all, if you’re a man who wants to have sex with boys, that doesn’t mean that you want to have sex with men–the typical definition of gay.


Is it true that Seb has left his pregnant wife and run off with his true love Oskar?

Actually, Seb’s wife is fathering Oskar’s child, but sssshhhhh! He doesn’t know yet.


What’s so wrong with growing up on a farm? I mean, we raise those animals to eat, so what is so wrong if they get a little pleasure before, you know, we slaughter them… I mean… golly Moses… sure, you can condescend all you want, but Pretty Polly Pony… No! We didn’t eat the ponies, but the Chinese do, and they pay top dollar… uh, we didn’t want to sell… it’s just that, goddmanit, Frances wouldn’t put out for free.


It’s kind of indirect evidence that fucking the livestock is rare, but I have a feeling that if it were as common as Horsley claims, Faulkner wouldn’t have made selling tickets to the yokels to watch one of the half-wit Snopes boys fuck a cow a central image of The Hamlet. I mean, if it was such a common thing to do, why would Faulkner (who knew his way around farms) make such a big deal out of it? And as I remember there’s a scene in Larry McMurty’s The Last Picture Show in which the boys decide to fuck a heifer and the heifer gets spooked and shits all over the heiferfucker, but as I also remember, it was a once in a lifetime experience for all — plus, the real life folks in McMurtry’s home town of Archer City (a dead ringer for the town in the novel) were so pissed that McMurtry had put this episode in the book (and thus stained the honor of Archer City forever) that he didn’t dare come back to the place for 20 years. And Horsley claims he was fucking a mule? Well, it would be more enjoyable than fucking Ann Coulter in the ass, but it’d still be an ass-fucking ’cause a mule hasn’t got any other place for Horsley to stick his dick.

I also spent some formative years on a farm in west Tennessee, and though there were plenty of jokes to be had about diddling the livestock, the reported instances of such behavior were about as reliable as the urban myth about the girl at a party who was given some Spanish Fly and who then fucked herself to death on the shift-knob of a ’57 Corvette.


As a New Zealander friend of mine says, “lamb is better with a creamy filling”.


hey remember when god spoke through a donkey to saul man if you have sex with a animal you better be careful not to fuck the ones who talk!god may be one of them.


I grew up on a farm in mo.Of course i am a female,and i think beastiality means having sex with devils ,whitches, and ,anyhting against the will of god is sinful…I do however think many country people male,and female do experiment with animals, and people of same sex…No i do not think this will send you to hell,but god may frown upon you…So remember animals are still animals,people are human,and for the rest of them they are an abomination to god!!!!!!!!!!!!


I lived on a farm…and still do,
*%#*ing mares is one of my favorite hobbies…I still do it. There is nothing wrong with getting a little action almost every-other-hour…I mean hey, my mares love it and whinnie with excitment…and so do I!


I live on a farm…and always have ever sence I was born. I don’t personally think nothing is wrong with fucking horses.
My Story:

Ever sence I was little {about 6 years old}, I would un-noticably stare at my dads stallions every time it was mating season. I would secretly take pictures of his stallions mounting the mares and I found it very fascinating…and I still do. When I was then 16 and very much mature, I walked out to the farm while everybody was gone for the WHOLE WEEKEND and so I was left by myself…of course, I wanted to be, and they let me…but I only did it for one perpose…to see the stallions. So I went in a few hours after everyone left and I walked over to the first stallion, Joker. He was our top breeding stallion and I was most interested in him then any other one of the stallions. When I started to turn 14, I would look on the internet to see how many girls had actually done it with horses…to my surprise, A LOT! Even boys found mares quite plesurable. I was fascinated by the photos and videos it made me more nervous, they even done it with deer, dogs, a lot of animals, even blow jobs…also on horses. Well, the stallion Joker happened to like doing it with mares whenever he got the chance, even out of mating season. So I started with something simple first, tickling his testickles{balls}. All of a sudden his cock just came out. So I grabbed his cock by both my hands brought it over and started to suck on it. All of a sudden he felt the sudden urge to burst out loads of cum, this was warm and cool stuff. Then I noticed it was getting a little messy, so I undressed completely! And went back to buisness…only this time he decided to make some moves and tride to shove in and out with his cock from my mouth and began to breath hard along with high whinnies. I was so fascinated and desired for more I just started moaning as I sucked…the stuff tasted surprisingly good but didn’t want to swallow too much for it was coming out so desiringly. It started to spill out of my mouth and onto my body…it felt {and still feals} great!

All of a sudden I felt the sudden urge to support him in his desire to move his cock around, I started to lick the cum off of his cock that was coming everywhere, but didn’t bother about my chest.As I was sucking I began to move my hands up and down his cock with even louder, more wanted groaning. This was so great I started to wonder, If this was so great what about penetration? I continued to soothe his cock as I tenderly pulled it from my mouth, then I remembered a routine they used for the next step. I grabbed to large bales of hay and placed them under him, then I went to get a large blanket none of us would have use for after this…except me. And I layed it on the bales of hay. Then I got on top of the bales of hay lying on my back…Joker didn’t even seem to care though his cock still moved for more. I then skooted down a little more, grabbed his cock and slowly showed the way into my me. Once he was in there I didn’t even have to use my hands, I could just lay there and enjoy the moment…for he immediatly started to force his cock in a movement of a hump without even having to move his rear end…I found this fascinating!

It smoothly and painlessly slipped back and forth with soo much cum it started to flee down my butt. I moand loud and fascinated as he shoved into me with more force and more cum. My legs started to quiver and I started to rub his belly as he done this…his belly was tence and he too was whinnying with compassion for more!

I lifted my head to see exactly how far he was penetrating me…ALMOST HIS WHOLE COCK!!! I had no idea that I had that much room but I didn’t even care, I just kept moaning and groaning with love and compassion…A PERSON COULD NEVER BEAT THIS! And I never will do it with a person…it will always be horses. I still fuck horses to this day, some BIGGER and some just a little smaller then Joker…but still had as much want and compassion for it as he did…even my PONY.

All I had to do for him was walk around his stall on four legs and he would prace over to me whinnying and mount me on his own for compassion…this was fairly easier to blow him because I could just kneal down.

One day I was in my barn and my mare, Saphira, kept aiming her rear at me as if I was a passioned stallion.




I really don’t know what all the “hupla� is all about when it comes to farm boys fucking there female animals. We all have dun it. See there is two types of farmers/farm boys out there, ones that have either fucked one of there animals at one time or the other, an liars.

May be I should not say it that way. As a young boy I started fucking my Mare Pony at age 10, I’m 47 now and have been married for 27 years. Steal fucking the Ladies (Mares). There were guys that would not fool around with the livestock, but later in life we found out they were gay. (Talk about a sick motherfucker) Any way that’s the bottom line on reality, hell even kids suck and fuck there dogs in areas like cities. It’s just human nature. Either you fuck you animals pr the fag down the road. (wink)


Just wonted to add this for those out there who judge others by there standards… There is but one final “judge� we need to fear in this life. This is his words and how many of you readers fall into this category?

1 Corinthians 6:9
Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

Use you dictionary to look up these words, notice for some reason the “zoophileâ€? was left out…

Brings to my mind a quote from old Abe Lincoln, (a fellow zoophile).

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all ought�


Wow…such disgusting and disturbing topic. Well done. I’m thinking twice about going to America…


i think heres a lucky guy to put his cock in a mares cunt ive always wanted to do that the best thing ive enjoyed doing is wasning a stallions big cock


i have fucked a mare by placing my cock up its cunt


ive mounted many mares by putting a table behind a mare and moved her tail to expose her cunt and placed my 20inch cock up her cunt and pump away until i shot my load up her you can feel her cunt squeezing your cock


iv always wanted 2 c a guy fukin a horse


Was Abe L really a zoophile ? Appaloosa guy, tell me where you got your information ? Let me know and I will look it up also.



Who the hell screws horses? americans… get a life find a HUMAN girl


Moma caught me fucking my Pony mare in the Barn and said you’d better not do that again, but I did every Saturday while the folks were in town


I have been having sex with horses for, well, a long time. Sex with a mare is the most exhilerating experience of a life time. You just have to experience it! You will never go back to human pussy again!
If mares are not “ready” or available, a geldings (castrated male) ass hole will give you the thrill of your life! You will come back to the barn time and time again! I once had sex with my stallion. I gave him all I could in his anus. I watched as I thrusted forward, his penis grow with excitment! When I finished voiding my cum in his anus, I climbed down from the bale of hay and began to manualy, manipulate his penis with my hand, (and some k-y jell). After he became fully erect, I placed his very large head in my mouth. I realized there was no return as he thrusted his erection into my face and blew his load full force into my mouth and down my neck and chest! What an experience! You will never understand untill you experience sex with a horse!


Dear all, I am reading this discussion, I would love to try this, but I live in a conservative germany… can somebody maybe help me? Do you know anybody over here? or any web sites?


Scottish commedian Billy Conolley tells a joke about a shepherd. He says the shepherd gets the sheep near a cliff. That way she keeps up the “back pressure.”


These people are sick.


Per the ancient Kinsley studies, this was somewhat more commen in rural areas. But that was 50 years ago, I’d argue that times have changed. For one thing, traditional family farms no longer really exist, they’ve given way to commercial mega-farms who rent or have bought out the land. Consequently, rural areas have a lot less easely accessible animals then there used to be, and per Kinsley this was assumed to be the major contributing factor. And frankly, it seems each time I go out in the city I see at least a handfull of big unneutered dog owners “because you have to respect nature.” Yeah, right… Who do they think they’re fooling? It’s not like they have any other use for theese animals.

On a side note, as a city dweller I’ve lost my virginity to a palomino mare…
It was great, I highly recommend it.


You people who try to inflect your beliefes on other people should be deported to another planet==I grew up on a farm and there wasn’t a female animal alive that I didn’t fuck at least once = My favorite was a three hundred pound sow==After a couple of times she would grunt and push back into me and when she saw me she would start her grunting==We had neighbor girls that we would get together with on Sunday and play games but would they fuck hell no==They would tease and make you run around with a stiff dick but wouldn’t indulg==So I say when the urge comes fuck what is the handyest, cause you are only young once and what you miss can never be picked up later==I am now 85 abnd live in town==If I had a animal I would still fuck her to the day


Ever since i was a boy(now 20) i’ve owned a mare. Ilove to have sex with my mare. Her vagina around my penis feels so good. Its so warm and when i hit a spot a lot of wet warm lube squirts out around my penis. It really feels good when shes in heat, standing for me like she would for a stallion extra wet! It is the best orgasiming you can ever feel.

qanimal pleasuerre

i wish to


i have enjoyed sex with my boffallow alomost 4 years , it` really great ! i was use to spend one to two hours in her room evry night before sleeping, some times she was n`t coperative but while the time she was in heat she treated me like a her bull-ox to me, she even welcome me for sex being indicating me with her tail and some times by voice moooaaah moooaaahh, and during heat she coperated with me in sex much better then any of my girl friend she was ( makinf great body moves and specially pushing her pussy towrad my dick) it was great to cum in her wet tight hot pussy, she was around always after having bath and welcomed me for having sex with her, i also tried with her she baby in her ass but it wasn`t same with the same as bufellow and i always noticed she was alawys agrresive when ever i treid with her baby, so i didn`t tried much, i wish to have love making with mare , but never got chance yet, i s some one can help me ? is ther e any paying animal sex escort for it?


hi, plz help me some where to get mare ? plz i have been thinking to to fuck my mom so badly but lately i m wondering if my mom or mare is standing naked in front of me and i have to chosse to whom fuck with, i will chose hot mare and fuck her so hard and long and leave my mom plz help me to full fill my fantacy


Not for me, but a friend confided to me that the only negative was that you couldn’t poke and kiss at the same time.


well then… what an interesting conversation… well, I can’t say that I’ve ever had a friend who said that they have screwed mares or any other “lovestock” (as andrew a gill calls them; good one! ) but I do have a friend with an infatuation with japanese catgirls…

oh and a random guy that dated an ex-friend of mine that tried to do a cat… he was high…


I’m 19 and since i was 14 iv been desperate to have sex with a mare, i live in south west scotland, iv heard about some animal brothels before but dont know any, if anyone could help me please let me know at, thanks


it is just sterotypical


No wonder when I visited a farm in georgia this pony mare kept reversing its way toward me with her pulsating vagina ….

somewhat alike this ……

tail up & reversing toward my crotch,..(trying to trap me into a corner) .

so the animals also invite to action , butt sorry I prefer 2 legged ladys
with better looking vaginas …. thoose you can kiss ( In mouth OK IN mouth ! , I cant think how to french kiss a mule ! LOL ! but something interesting to see might be someone doing a 69 with a mule !

Thinking of Being seduced & raped by a mare pony ….

with my luck many month later the Pony mare sues me for manuntenance of her centaur son …

So i told her no , & to go and get split in 2 by a budweiser horse …




maurinsky said,

May 11, 2005 at 21:22

I grew up on a farm. We occasionally *ate* the animals, but not the way that this mulefucker might have.
I know some people after having sex with the animals kills them so they dont talk …..

Just immagine a 12 year old cow filing a rape charge on you at the police station…. you get life , she is a minor !

Get on with the cow burger !

Many bestiality sites must be closed ! most of the animals are under aged ! – < 18 years ! fed law is aplicable ….

ROLF ! Hahahahahahaha !


grew up on farm and had sex with cows and horses , wrong maybe but our animals were better cared for than many peoples kids , they were loved and not just sexually


Listen my dream is to have sex with a dog and a horse N i’ve been a city kid all my life. Theres nothing wrong with it @ all


People against the zoo are the thieves in the temple. Luke 6:45: K J V Cambridge ED.:John 10:10: The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life. The enemy of the The enemy of the zoo wants to kill the zoo wanting to steal the right of the zoo to zoo when they want to zoo seeking to destroy the zoo. The enemy of the zoo gives nothing that is good at all.


I live on a farm and I have a mare. She and I get along real nice. We’re really close, if you know what I mean. I have a twelve inch cock, nice and thick, and she loves to lick it before I shove it into her.


When an animal enjoys it, it’s not rape. My mare practically begs me to be fucked.


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