A Break in the Monkey Trial Action

My friend Kristy noted that I’ve been on an “evolution kick” lately. And it’s true- watching fundamentalist goobers trying to push their pseudo-science onto Kansas’ schools on the tax payers’ dime really pisses me off.

But unfortunately, my obsession with Kansas’ “Scopes Trial II” has let a lot of high-quality wingnuttery go by the wayside. Ergo, I will not blog about evolution until the “trial” concludes on Wednesday. In the meantime, be sure to check out these blogs, which write about evolution (and science in general) far more knowledgably than I can:

Pharyngula, by the estimable PZ Myers, who is far and away the funniest biology professor ever.

Thoughts from Kansas: the blog of a Kansas biologist who’s attending the hearings.

Red State Rabble: Another brave Kansan braving the deadly waters of the ID Twlight Zone. Very thorough, very well-written.

The Panda’s Thumb: A large group blog dedicated to evolutionary biology in general.

Also, be sure to read John Cole, who’s predictably (and entertainingly) outraged by the whole ordeal.


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Dammit, mdhatter, that’s the stupidest fucking site I’ve ever seen (and it’s really, really addictive).


Holy crap, I just click on the “Losingest Kittens” link. Thems are FUCKED UP LOOKIN’ CATS. They seriously look like something Satan vomitted out of his ass.


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