Someone Get That Boy a Medal!

If this is true (and it’s from Drudge, so I’d be skeptical), it’s the greatest thing ever:

Coulter said she supported the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman on the basis that a good woman civilizes and inspires a man to strive for something better, leading to a question that was met with a stunned silence.

“You say that you believe in the sanctity of marriage,” said Ajai Raj, an English sophomore. “How do you feel about marriages where the man does nothing but f*@k his wife up the ass?”

UT Police officers approached Raj to arrest him, resulting in a mass exodus of protesters chanting, “Let him go.”

See, that is so, so much better than throwing a pie. Someone dedicate a monument to this kid. Me likes the cut of his jib.

EXCITING UPDATE!!! The Smoking Gun has more details. According to the police report on the incident, Coulter’s lecture was attended by “several children under the age of ten,” so it probably wasn’t cool of Mr. Raj to ask that particular question. Of course, I don’t think it’s appropriate to bring your children to see a woman who advocated blowing up The New York Times, either.

You know what the BEST part about this is? The next time WorldNetDaily Googles “ass fucking sex,” they’re likely to get a link about Ann Coulter…


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That reminds me ? did you know that I f*cked Ann Coulter in the ass, hard? btw, your stupid anti-spam software, which wouldn?t let me spell out f*ck either in text or in the URL, sucks. You guys sure are getting puritanical in your old age.


Oh for Christ’s sake. What is this Nazi anti-spam software you have?!? Substitute “u” for “*” in the following URL and go there if you desire to laugh hysterically: http://if*


I’d rather fcuk her in the ass.

This kid shows blog snarkyness out in the open, where it belongs.

Most 10 year olds have heard their parents swear more than a few times, some kids have potty mouths that would put a sailor to shame.

She’s just pissed she didn’t have a comeback line


Well said. What demented lunatic brings their ten-year old to see Ann Coulter?


I think it was wrong for this guy to imply that conservative men’s sexual activity is limited to fcuking their wives up the ass. As Laura Bush can attest, conservative men sometimes jerk off horses, too. They also like to go on “man dates” where they hold hands with other guys. (btw, note that the anagram of “Prince Abdullah” is “a phallic burden.”)


Wow…if saying the eff word in an auditorium is considered “lewd” behavior (and a misdemeanor), I hope someone warns Kevin Smith before he gives any more hilarious “Evening With”s.


Were the parents who exposed their children to Mann Coulter arrested? They should have been, that is child cruelty.
Even Drudge is right sometimes.


What demented lunatic brings their ten-year old to see Ann Coulter?

I assumed the 10 year olds were bringing their parents.


The Soviet Union never occupied the Baltic republics at the end of World War II, but took over in a mutual agreement, the Kremlin said in an angry response to EU demands for a historical apology.

Ewww, creepy! That’s got VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED written all over it 😉


I know it’s a bit late and all, but I just wanted to add that after seeing the mugshot of the guy who asked the question, I would *totally* do him.


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