The many opinions of Ahmad Chalabi

Sadly, No!’s favorite Iraqi speaks out:

Saddam Hussein is alive and co-ordinating terror attacks inside Iraq, a leading opposition figure has claimed. May 29, 2003.

Based on information “from credible sources,” he said he believes the former Iraqi president wants revenge, and has obtained two suicide bombing vests for attacks on U.S. forces. June 11, 2003.

Chalabi has insisted that Saddam is alive, has $1.3 billion in cash and has put a bounty on U.S. soldiers. He said forces under Saddam’s control were responsible for shooting down a U.S. Army Apache attack helicopter today in western Iraq. “It is not useful to deny that Saddam is coordinating these activities. I believe he is,” he said. June 12, 2003.

Chalabi said he does not think Saddam is personally coordinating attacks but had put in motion a plan to fight U.S. forces after his ouster in April. June 29, 2003.

Exile leader Ahmed Chalabi said his Iraqi National Congress believes Saddam has taken refuge in a “long and big area” about 150 miles long from northeast of Baghdad to the Euphrates Valley west of the city. June 30, 2003.

That sounds like a really long and big hole:

The soldiers found Saddam hiding in what they called a “spider hole,” six-to-eight feet deep, equipped with a rudimentary ventilation system and camouflaged with bricks and dirt. December 12, 2003.


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Well, thank God Cheney, Rummy, Wolfie, Condi and all the rest of them (I guess we should include President Bush here?) relied on Chalabi’s & Co.’s “intelligence” for so long.

Oh, and Judith Miller!


From 2003 to 2006, 650,000 Iraqis were killed due to President George W. Bush’s war against terrorism. It was estimated that 300,000 Iraqis died as a direct result of our war and military and an estimated 350,00 due to the ensuing civil war. Later Secretary of State Colin L. Powell said, I believe to Congress, in chiding, (I guess your esteemed dignity implores that) If you break it, you own it! And surprisingly many in Congress agreed!

US-Iraq government-to-government negotiator 1990-91.


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