Is There Anything Matt Furey CAN’T Do?

Matt Furey seems like a pretty busy guy. Between teaching his “politically incorrect fitness” program (which presumably involves beating up immigrants) and learning the ancient art of Chinese kung-fu sex, I don’t know how he finds the time to be an internet millionaire. I guess some guys have it all (or at the very least, they have a bunch gullible Newsmax readers who send them money).


Anyway, let’s take a look at “Mr. Ultimate Fitness'” latest letter:

Dear Fellow Adventurer,

That’s a pretty gay way to start off a letter, Matt, and it makes me doubt your supposed hyper-hetero sexual magnetism.

If your work life is at all like most, you get up each morning, shower, get dressed, grab a cup of coffee and a bit of grub – then you get in your car and drive to work. Eight or more hours later you leave your job and as you fight through the rush-hour traffic to get home, you think about how much you hate your job and how you would gladly give it up in a heartbeat … if you simply knew of a better way to make a living … preferably doing something you love.

And since Matt’s already cornered the “scamming Newsmax rubes” market, he’s probably gonna recommend a different career path for the rest of us.

Back in 1995, when I lived out in the wild, WILD west coast of Caifor-ny-yay and was busting my hump day and night as a personal fitness trainer, I logged onto the Internet for the first time.

And after downloading some wild, WILD pornog-ro-fay and busting his hump, Matt started wondering if the Internets had other, non-masturbatory uses.

Had no earthly idea what this so-called Cyber-World was…

“…I was having enough trouble with those new-fangled TV Re-Mote Con-trols…”

…yet, a few months later, with the help of a friend who knew far more than myself, I had my own website … and was making money. Certainly nothing to brag about at first … yet, over time I used the Internet to make millions. And I did it from the comfort of my home, with no employees and no overhead.

“Yes, I scammed the morons at Newsmax and made millions… and you can too, if you buy my book!”

Now, just so you know, the money I have made on the Internet was not from some MLM or pyramid scheme. Nor from SPAM email sent to millions of people who don’t want to hear from me. Or even from selling Internet how-to courses.

Uhm, do I need to say “Sadly, No!” here, or is that too obvious?

Or from selling porno.

Well that’s good. That line of work didn’t work out too well for Mr. Gannon…

Nope, I’ve made my money selling “real products to real people.” And I can show you how to do the same, even if you don’t have your own product to sell. Even if you currently don’t own a website. Even if you don’t have a single idea about how you can use the Internet to make money.

“In fact, you can be illiterate, brain-damaged and missing ALL your limbs, and I can STILL show you how to make a FORTUNE!”

Now, do you want to know something mind-blowing? Today, I use very much the same structure as I did some 10 years ago. A structure for start-up Internet Success that I have NEVER revealed before … that you can easily model on your way to extraordinary success.

At this point, Matt tells us about the “amazing secrets of internet success” that are obvious to anyone over the age of six months. And because I’m a dick, I’m going to spill all of Matt’s secrets so Sadly, No! readers can start up their own websites and make a fortune:

For example, learn how, to this very day, you CAN ….

-Get a website for no cost – or incredibly low cost!

I.e., use Geocities.

-Pay zero dollars to have it built and/or maintained!

See also: Geocities.

Get an email program for free!

See: Hotmail.

Get access to a computer, if you don’t have one, and use it to get started … again, absolutely FREE!

Translation: Go to your local library.

Get graphic artists and other creative people to create your logo, ad, even your future best-selling book, for zero dollars!

In other words, steal their work… for FREE!

Get search engine experts to get you a #1 ranking on all the major engines, for FREE!

I.e., title your website “Paris Hilton/Pope Benedict/Sponge Bob Threesome”- then everyone will link to it!

Get other people to advertise your website and products … for FREE! Or, if you’d prefer, find other products that you can easily market and sell – for FREE. Most of the time, you won’t have to pay a penny to promote, sell and get paid for your recommendations. And if you follow my precise formula, you can earn as much as $100,000.00 inside of six months, starting from SCRATCH!

Hey, it worked for Homer Simpson (a.k.a., The Internet King).

One of the often painful realities about today’s world is that most people literally hate everything about their jobs. They hate what they do. They hate the commute. They hate the people they work with. They hate their boss. And they hate the amount of money they take home, which, more often than not, doesn’t even pay the bills.

“That’s why most of us come home at night, flip on FOX News, rant about illegal immigrants, and fall asleep in a bowl of Cheetos… but wait! There’s actually a BETTER WAY TO LIVE!”

One final comment: It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete moron … or ma-rooon, when it comes to the Internet or using a computer…

And for the purposes of this scam, Matt probably prefers that you’re a complete moron.

(I)f you’re an industrious, adventurous, ambitious and “game” for the good life person – then you instinctively know exactly what to do. Let me be your guide to the great life!

If this sounds like hype – I need only say two words to convince you that what I’m saying is true: And those two words are “Farmer Burns.”

Well… I’m convinced.

But guess what, I know a LOT MORE than those two words. Wouldn’t you like to know what they are? I’ll reveal them on this series.

Believe me now and listen to me later, when you learn exactly what you can do to cash in on this EVERGREEN GROWING TREND – you are going to be in shock!

I bet you will be, especially after you give Matt your life savings for a packet of “Magic Beans.”

Yes, this strategy DOES require a bit of work – but it’s most likely nothing compared to what you’re doing NOW. No, I cannot guarantee that you’ll succeed. All I truly CAN do is promise you that Matt Furey will always give you the honest-to-goodness straight scoop. The strategy works.

Yes, the strategy works to make Matt money, but he can’t guarantee it’ll work for the rest of you losers.

That’s it. Let’s see who’s got the drive, ambition and desire to take a step forward.

Matt Furey

The only thing I can say to that is, “Would you trust a guy who posts pictures of himself doing things like this?”



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How much does it cost to run an animated ad on Newsmax or Wingnut Daily? Cause I’m thinking that while it might not be an effective way to make $100,000 within 6 months, it might be a very easy way to make a few hundred dollars/month.

I’m sure I could think a few things that the libruls don’t want you to know and put them in a spiral notebook to sell for $49.99 (order within the next 10 minutes and I’ll send you TWO notebooks!).


All right Stacy, you wanna start a Newsmax scam with me? Let’s think REALLY HARD about something the liberal press REALLY doesn’t want people to know about…


…after downloading some wild, WILD pornog-ro-fay…Well, it took most of the day, but I finally found something to make me laugh out loud. Thank you, Brad.


Hey, I wanna get in on the Newsmax scam. Here’s my idea:

“Click here to get what you WONT FIND in the NEW YORK TIMES, ‘Ferenheit 9/11’ or ‘Muppets in Outer SPACE.’ Tried and true secrets that have MADE MILLIONS for people all over the USA! Learn how to cash in and drive those liberals crazy!!11!!1ONE!!11!!!”

And then we’ll send them a photocopy of that lottery ticket where I got the powerball right and won $5.


One of the often painful realities about today’s world is that most people literally hate everything about their jobs.

Sign me up for the magical fairyland where nothing worse than having to go to work ever happens.
Oh, and at $1,980 per week, those ‘advertorials’ are a steal!


Count me in on the Newsmax scam.


Has anyone ever seen scams like this (or anything else like what Mr. Ultimate Fitness sells) on liberal or moderate sites? Does anyone who isn’t a 18-35 year old conservative guy send $49.95 for a get rich quick book, or a book that teaches Lao Tzu’s Secrets of Kung Fu?


I can’t find the Gong-Fu Sex DVD on my Netflix list. They don’t even have the Gong Show.


Has anyone ever seen scams like this (or anything else like what Mr. Ultimate Fitness sells) on liberal or moderate sites?

Nope. Conservative white men eat this stuff up. The reasons for this are the same reasons they are conservative in the first place: they feel disaffected and are not too bright. They feel as though they are not getting what they deserve or are entitled to.

Any chance they get to get what they have coming to them, or to blame others for why they don’t already have it, they jump on it.


Count me out for the scam. Furey himself says you can’t make any money:

“Or, if you’d prefer, find other products that you can easily market and sell – for FREE.”

Why the fuck would you sell something for free?

Oh, and in case anyone forgot, Seb at one time figured out how to get his website as one of the top rated ones: Lucianne Goldberg’s Vagina!


OK, this librul never did like working out, but in my advancing years I have managed to find a good post-work routine to help me physically. And the fact that Matt Prick would talk about a secret workout while withholding it for my money really pissed me off. If you care, there are several web sites that reveal the mysteries of the Hindu pushup. But fuck Matt, it’s better known as a dive-bomb pushup, and various fitness experts and sports team coaches have made seeing how it’s done avialble on the net, some in cool animated gif format. (Sound familiar fucktard Matt?) Here’s one:
A team in SoCal shows a girl in a gym doing the whole, cool, fluid move. It’s not easy, but I’ve found a strange kinda yoga-zen response when I get into a groove of these. So, no, don’t pay fuckwad to see these; htey’re here:
And yes, fuck you, Matt.


Pardon my spelling when pissed, but did I mention “fuck you Matt”?


Sorry guys, but it’s true. It’s all true. I took Matt’s advice and bought his book, his tapes, and his personal massage ointment; and now I’m a million-zillionaire. And I owe it all to Matt Furey. I’ve pissed off a lot of people and am now wanted in fifteen states, but it was worth it. It was all worth it. I’m now the top-rated elephant masterbater and dog humper on the internet, and I’ve got nowhere to go but up! And I can’t wait to get my next lesson, on how to properly cut off your testicles for fun and profit. Thank you Matt Furey. For everything.

And remember: It’s not pornography if you’re having fun.


Why are the words “real products for real people” in quotation marks?


Why is everyone so pissed at this guy? Is there something wrong with him making money on the internet or do you not believe that he does? I’m confused as to why he’s so hated.


They don’t hate Furey. They hate the fact he advertises on Newsmax, which exposes stupid-#ss granola-eating, Das Kapital-reading, consdescending, chronic-election-losing leftist nutjobs for who they are.


So, why can’t I get any of Furey’s services for free? Damn! I must be doing something wrong.


I’ve attended Matt’s seminars. There is no way he is strictly scamming. Essentially, though I haven’t really checked out his course, I’ve seen others like it. You get products, usually information products, and you negotiate for resale rights, set up a website, and cut out whatever percentage you owe to the person who created it. If you really know what you’re doing, you can make a lot of money doing this. Ten grand a day is going to require a lot more than luck, though, like contacts and various people attached to your site who will have a vested interest in your success.


You guys sound jealous. Combat Conditioning and Gama Fitness are pretty good products. I’m sure that Matt is sensationalizing how easy it is to fall ass-backwards into money with his marketing program, but given his personal success, he may have amassed some real knowledge on the subject. Surely, if you don’t have the determination to actually work hard and do the Hindu Squats, plunking down your money isn’t going to change your body. Why should it be any different with respect to getting what you want financially?


Hey Matt, keep up the good work. Here we have a bald headed guy that keeps physically fit, without the aid of bow flex or free weights, with excellent results. It’s no wonder that so many people are pissed at him. Success always brings contempt; it’s especially true in Matt’s cases because of his “in your face” method of telling it like it is. If you are willing to put in the effort you too can be both physically and financially fit. It’s all up to you; you can either continue to bitch at Matt or get off of your ass and get going. Remember, auccess is not a spectator sport.


Okay, let me get this straight. You don’t like Matt Furey’s product or the way he markets it, so you label it a “scam”. You can’t just say his advertising or his product irritates you; you have to find some way to blame him for your irritation.

You probably think Mr. Furey has no “right” to sell information that can be obtained for free elsewhere. It may come as a surprise to you, but LOTS of the stuff we all buy could be gotten more cheaply or even for free if we cared to look for it or had the time to look for it.

Like grocers… you and I could hunt, grow, or gather our own food. I mean, food grows anywhere there’s dirt, right? I can’t believe these ripoff artists are allowed to SELL it! And have you seen their ads??? And don’t talk to me about those coupons for 50% off name-brand tuna – the generic stuff is still 5 cents cheaper per can. I mean where do they get off? There ought to be a law. Oooh – I know, a BOYCOTT! That will show them the power of the free market!!

Ahem, back to my point. If you can’t stand capitalism you may want to move to a socialist country or bury your head in the sand.

You devote an incredible amount of energy to trying to convince everyone else to hate Matt Furey right along with you. Perhaps you just aren’t confident of your own opinion (if you can convince a few people to agree with you then you’ll “prove” you are right). Maybe you could divert that energy into doing something constructive rather than destructive. Ever heard the phrase “Get a life”?


He promises the world with no guarantee, then sells you some dirt. When you complain and want a refund he cuts you off from ordering anymore of his scams.I have two words for you, “Farmer Burns”. Big hype, little content!


I’ve got to agree with Rob and everyone after him. Athough I’m not fond of Matt’s advertising copy-he sells more sizzle than steak-he does have some useful info out there and more to the point, it’s his right to sell his product under our American capitalistic system. He’s only supplying what the market demands. More power to him. If you don’t like him or capitalism, I suggest the lunatic-left fringe, Newsmax-hating, “Karl Rove is to blame for AIDS in Africa and my headcold”-believing, “Michael Moore and Howard Dean make perfect sense, but Christians who volunteer to defend our country are insane”-campaigners should either not buy Furey’s stuff or simply move to a “worker’s paradise” like communist Cuba or Red China and see how well their utopian dreamworld works.


Matt Furey can suck my balls because he has a picture of himself infront of a waterfall (the set of many gay pornos) and his fat rolls are clearly visible. My point, why would anyone wanna look like HIM?


Everyone that is hating on Matt Furey is a complete and utter idiot.

He scams no one. He offers no guarantee because he doesn’t like people that want to kick tires and get their money back when they had no intention of actually using the products in the first place.

If his products are such scams why is the “testimonials” page on his website one of the longest pages I’ve seen on the internet.

His stuff works. He sells the crap out of it. Good for him, we live in the land of capitalism. His products work if you actually make up your mind to use them and not say “well, if it looks good I’ll try it but if It’s not what I was hoping for I’ll refund it” and he can teach you to sell the crap out of stuff too. Be happy.


All of you are missing the point that you’re all little babies bitching and moaning about one another when none of you even know each other, so grouping people into nice categories of things you dislike makes it easier for you to justifiably write off their opinions.

Also, this was a humor article. You people all missed the boat on that one. While I wouldn’t agree with it if it were printed in the newspaper as fact, since this was written to make me laugh, and it did, I commend the author and hope you all wake out of your dream world where you can’t laugh at funny text like that.

Lighten up, folks.


matt will butt fuck you


Honestly guys, grow the fuck up!! The vast majority of you slander Matt Furey as a scam. Well, guess what. I’ve done his exercise routines. I’ve read his books. It’s no scam. I am far better off, physically and mentally, than I was before I started his workouts. You jackoffs act like no one has ever sold workout videos before!! Get a job, man! I wonder how many of you that are perpetually shit talking Matt Furey are fatasses, too shitkickingly overweight to do a Hindu squat. And as a side note to the schmuck who made the comment about the Hindu pushup being known as a divebomber…you’re an idiot. “Divebomber” is the American appelation to an exercise that predates America by about 2500 years. So, in conclusion, before anyone here has too much more negative to say about anyone, Matt Furey or not, maybe you should develop an intellect, then develop a real arguement, and then maybe shut the fuck up anyway. Find something better to do with your time than slander. Peace.


I agree with cluttefish. Matt Furey’s combat condtioning book is one of the best exercise books I have ever purchased.I don’t agree with all the man’s politics and he does like to sell sell sell,but he is a business man and thats how he makes his money. I only got two books from the man,I am not a Matt Furey worshipper in anyway,but I do respect him. The man is an awesome Martial Artist and is genuine in his fitness products.. The people slandering Matt Furey are clearly targeting the wrong person(as usual)and I guess a bunch of you people are just feeding off information from what people are saying without properly analysing(UK spelling) who the heck he is…Yes I guess the original article was printed as a joke and his ads are overblown laced with humour and you can see the funny side(i thought his ad was originally funny) but people just slagging him off and claiming that the article is aimed at “Conservative white men” obviously don’t understand who he is and how famous/infamous he is in the Martial Arts community. And I am not a “Conservative white man”
Makes you think that if he is a scam if so many people are defending him, don’t it?
Thats what I don’t get people who seem to live to hate and not interested in anything else.


and heydave..the Hindhu push up is not a divebomber.


I have been using Combat Conditioning & Combat Abs for 2 months and have so far lost 3 kg, have improved strength and speed (sprints), have substantially reduced my back pain, etc.. No need to go into anymore details.

When it comes right down to it, the proof is in the pudding. Matt’s programs work. Additionally, with the money I will save from not having to sign up for a gym anymore, his program has already paid for itself and then some. As for his emails (I get them daily) some are great, while others are a waste of time to put it mildly. But at the end of the day, as long as his products deliver results he’ll always have a market. There will always be some who deride his success. Just goes with the territory, I suppose.

Dan in Taipei, Taiwan


Blah blah blah

No: Blah blah blah

Nuh uh: Blah blah blah



The farmers burns book is what you see is what you get. You know a old book like that won’t reveal devlish power secrets. It’s show’s some simple submissions, and some exercises., the dumbass above should know that the divebomber is not the hindu push-up


I don’t really care if he charges because I can find some of it for free using Limewire.
I only have two concerns. One. Is it legit? I’ve read on some forum called Budo something that doing all those hindu squats won’t really give you that much strength. What’s the point of it then? It’s supposed to be exercises without weights yet I’m being told we have to go back to to them.
Two. What’s wrong about complaining about illegal aliens? They are a real problem.


Um, does anyone here realise that the reason Matt Furey can get so many testimonials, is because if you didn’t exercise much before, any exercise program will make you feel like you’re doing awesome, and the program is great.

Sure, Matt Furey’s shit works, but guess what:

He’s a liar. He trys to make his junk sound better than it is. How many “secrets” does this son of a bitch have? He says that “hindu” pushups are some “secret” exercise, and it has magic strengthening powers. If it’s so secret, why do so many people know about it? Not only that but it’s not even that great of an exercise. Jesus Christ, people.

Take someone that’s never done any real exercise, and get him to use one of those shitty exercise machines on the infomercials religiously. You know what’s going to happen? They will be in better shape, resulting in testimonials.

And what the hell? You’d have to be a sucker to fall for this guy. You want to see some real exercise books?

This guy charges little for his books, with infinately more information. He doesn’t have all that hype for the soul purpose of selling shit. Do some research about Ross’s stuff vs. Matt’s, and see how people compare them.

And stop being dumbasses, please. Matt isn’t out to help you, he’s out to make your money.


Here is the original Hindu Dude’s
(Karl Gotch) DVD for 36 bucks…

also check:


yeah this matts stuff is just a lot of crap, only a load of exercises from elsewhere, there are much better books. and hindu squats bending up and down hundreds of times is a bit crazy how the fu*k can that make u strong.
matt doesnt look like he got springs for legs why doesnt he play soccer and prove it,
some1 just blow him away please so we dont gotta hear his crap


Why are liberals all such jerks?

Matt (NOT Furey)

Why are liberals jerks?

Because they can’t stand to see somebody succeed without their “help.”

And all these guys saying, “How can you get strong just by doing a Hindu Squat?” Have you *tried* to do Hindu Squats properly? They WILL kick your butt (and the rest of the exercizes too), provided that you are doing them PROPERLY!!

How about doing some research before you criticize something?


I think you are all idiots.


I think everyone here’s a fucking moron, and wouldn’t be able to push pencils on a desk, much less work like what’s in his program. Besides, I learned most of his exercises through reading his “Website” first you dumb fucks, and not just buying the product.


You guys are morons.

How many of you writing here are fat, pathetic, piss-poor losers?

I’m guessing nearly every one of you.

So the guy is successful. So he makes more money than you. So he looks better. Do you think he gives a flying fuck that some piss-pot loser flings some dirt his way out of spite and jealousy?

I’d like to see you go against the man in REAL life. He’d kick the living shit out of you.

My Toilet Romance

“So he looks better”…

Hey buddy, I have a no-holds-barred ancient Mayan fisting technique to sell if you want.

The Russian Spetnaz AND Delta Force use it for super secret intensive prostate massage.

Oh, and did I mention that NEIL ARMSTRONG used it ON THE FUCKING MOON?!!



Liberals aren’t all jerks, these guys just make the honest to goodness liberal look like a panty-waisted, fat-ass with a bad case
of chronic jealousy! In short, they make real leftists sick! I am and most of my friends are leftist but most of us got in shape with
Matt Furey’s programs or something close to them, yoga, pilates, body-weight exercises. To them and to myself staying in shape
the way Furey teaches it is not only smart to the body, it’s eco-friendly as well, no equipment needed! It’s revitalizing to both spirit and mind since
who wouldn’t get off on seeing his flabby ass turn into a solidly muscled machine that could move fast like a sprinter, strong like an ape and nimble like
a cat ? What tofu eating, zen quoting liberal in his right mind WOULDN”T be thrilled to develop a razor sharp focus and
a calm, zen-like demeanor ? Any liberal worth his salt should know by heart that when you develop the body you sharpen the mind and
fortify the spirit SO WHY WOULDN”T a true alternative-loving, open-minded, zen-quoting, natural-ways loving LEFTY not like Matt Furey’s programs?

Seriously, the Fure-cat leftists of the world should unite! And overthrow these lazy, non-contributing (to anything except their pants size) imposters?

Signing off~ Kevin

P.S.~ Comrades unite and overthrow the lazy leftist imposters!


I think some of you are missing the point. Bodyweight exercises are the best at keeping you slim, agile and strong. They are the best exercises for combat in martial arts, and you will know what I mean when you are being attacked by some muggers. His exercises give you the ability to move yourself with strength and confidence (useful in all areas of life), and since their bodyweight exercises you might just about be as strong as a baboon, but still definitely less so, and they will make wrestling and grappling much easier. You don’t know the guy: he wants to enable people to be able to live their lives more better – you can see this in his emails. Don’t you think it is really worth paying for (albeit the prices are high). I know for sure that if I knew before as a child what I now know, I might have lived a better childhood. And if you really think these aren’t anywhere as good as free weights, then you should know that strength lies in regular training of the nerves (for mind-muscle link), not just bloated muscle fibres, and bodyweight exercises are among the best (I believe in cross-training with emphasis on bodyweight exercises – weights don’t allow much flexibility or ab-work, and they do damage the body slowly, noticable in the middle-age). I don’t know why some people really hate him – he doesn’t care about those people, so there’s no point. Let sleeping dogs lie. Sure he wants to make some money – the point probably is to tax the rich 😉 but he does help people – he founded a school in China for poor children. I think Ross Enamait was partly inspired by him, and you should also check out role models like Clarence Bass and Brooks Kubik.

Try these Limewire links for some free information based on some collections.





der gurrrd an help a lot but i dint pay for it so yeh.


lol matt furey is fat


i take that back


Haha! You had me laughin my ass off Brad! The hilarious part is some people are actually dumb enough to believe and buy Matt Furey’s bullshit!


For a bunch of heartless warmongering conservatives, you all sure know how to swear and get into porn like us liberals! I would have to surmise that all the bible thumping you Bushites do is just a front? Or, was Jesus actually a gay fudgepacker who would condone whatever you can dream up in your sick little minds?

Anyhoo, what I would like to really know is Matt’s latest secret to losing fat. Don’t like draggin this bongo-booty around anymore, but need something fast and easy to do about it. Just don’t wanna pay for it.


The hindu pushups were things I did as a kid when my father was stationed in Japan back in 1969. We did them in Judo class so it’s not something the hindu’s invented in my honest opinion.

I can say I agree with Matt Furley that using your own body is better than weights or all the other gimicks out there. Don’t believe me try some exercises on your own and see what happens. The point is he uses his style of training for conditioning and that’s what he is selling. He also has a record of achieving outstanding results with his career as an athlete.

It’s a good thing no matter what , especially if he has success in motivating others to get off their assess and try to get fit without filling up the basement with weights, bow flexes, elipticals, etc. that all mostly get used to hang clothes or just provide a better environment for the dust mites.

I thinks his web site is kind of low budget/ cheezy, and his ebook that is sent to you for free is simply chocked full of customer testimonials… I was disappointed in that…

Anyhow, I’m a believer now in getting back to the basics. Come to think of it in my Army days in Basic training I don’t recall any fancy equipment either… We just busted our butts all day at the DI commands, using our own bodies to discipline us every day of that grueling 12 weeks of hell. Got in great shape though!!!!


I think Matt Furey’s stuff is well worth reading for FREE.
I recommend you try to get it from your library.
Also searching the web you can get most of it for FREE.
I actually enjoyed the DVDs I got on eBay for 1/3 price.



To: owner of

My name is Zhannie Furey – Matt Furey’s wife. I suggest you remove this web page about my husband and stop doing all the other things you’re doing to tarnish his reputation, slander and defame him. I will give you 48 hours to fix this. If it isn’t done you will be hearing from an attorney and a law suit will be filed. You can hate my husband all you want but you will hate attorneys one million times worse than him.

Zhannie Furey


Hey, Leave the guy alone. I havent bought his stuff but I happen to have got some mails from colleagues, i tried out some of it and it works. My friends think I go to the gym yet i just rope skip, Deep breath, swim, do hindus and other push ups.

Whoever doubts this shud try it out for just 3 days, U won’t regret.



What in the hell is wrong with YOU? Matt furey has been an inspiration to me! What have YOU ever contributed to the planet other than your hate for others. Grow up man. He sends out free info all the time, sure alot of it is spam but who cares. He has a right to try and make money off of his products. At least he is going about it the RIGHT way unlike YOU!


the secret of double flexible of matt furey, read that from magazine. oh how nice, but i didn’t try yet, because i dont have money, im from philippines, and im only
17. how can i learn that double flexibility,

ahmm… these is my comment, hope you will help me too,..


Zhannie Furey? Aren’t you that mail order wife he ordered during his sojourns? Cool fella, he avoids the UFC but sprints over to China to “beat them at their own game”. Are your kids mail order as well? j/k


well thats great matt haters, im real happy for you that you really despise him for selling products on the net, erm like millions of other clever money making fuckers do.

did he fraud your credit card?, erm no

did you purchase combat conditioning & get captain fucking porno instead without an entitle to a refund? erm no

has his products had positive impact on many if all people who have followed his routing? i believe so.

If you dont wanna feel scammed – dont buy his fucking products you fat brainless assholes, go fuckoff & die somewhere & be a fat fatigued lazy lampnoodle


oh & buy the way who thinks he scams people.

after one week of following his hindu pushups workouts, i have not had any periods of being short of breath or exhausted which ive had for over a decade.


But wait,

Order now, and for only $100.00 Matt will throw in his secrets for having a gorgeous, thick head of hair that won’t go gray even when your in the rest home.


And yes, Mr. Furey is a scam artist. Charging insane amounts of money while calling it a steal, for widely disseminated information that is out there for free, is scamming. He charges ridiculous amounts for his “Combat Conditioning” crap, posits himself as some kind of fitness and combat master, and puts you on a mailing list for life sending you volumes of sales adds getting you to buy his shit, even if you just buy the manual, as I unfortunately did.

Matt Furey states that he is an accomplished NCAA wrestler. This is true — many fucking years ago he was a succesful collegiate wrestler with a good record. He also brags about about being the only “non-chinese” to win some obscure hole-in-the-wall grappling contest in China, where he slammed around a couple guys about half his size who had very little grappling experience; an NCAA champion winning a novice grappling competition in a country where there is little opportunity to take up said sport; great accomplishment Matt.

He treates dive-bomb pushups and free squats like amazing secret techniques that only he and a few physically elite supermen in the Himalayan mountains know. Guess what Matt: I was a high school and college wrestler too. In 1997-98 I won first place in a couple of school tournaments that no one but me remembers. On the way to winning these tournaments, I used incredible, secret movements called pushups, sit-ups, and chin-ups, to get me into the best shape of my life! Anyone wanna buy my new book?


And his successes as a wrestler came before he was preaching the body weight calisthenics as his patent pending routine, so go figure.


Why even bother to do this deconstruction?

Look, seriously, I’m just about sick to death about the “no-spin” garbage that’s been shoved down our throats by the butt-kissing media and the current White House. I’m no fan of Newsmax’s message and they’re aggressive disdain for those who don’t embrace it.

But Matt Furey? What, did he steal your girlfriend in high school or something? Mess up your sand castle when you both were kids? Geez. The guy is just one of a jillion information marketers, the material in his seminars has real substance, and his intentions are as genuine or more so than many other people in the information biz.

He helps people.

Yes, sure he gets paid for it. He’d have to be an ass not to be. That’s what puts the “business” word into the “information business” phrase. Are some of those concepts fundamental, even basic. You bet they are. Because people seeking answers, 9 times out of 10, have breezed right past those essentials and THAT’s where they need the most direction.

Does he look flabby? Okay, I’ll grant you, I’ve often wondered who his photographer is. Because he’s not picking the best photos, it’s clear. I’ll still bet Matt could kick my ass (and I also used to wrestle, I’m 6’1″, and weigh 215 lbs). I’m willing to bet he could kick yours too. Though question whether he’d lack the class to offer.

And Henry… in your post you also mention you’re an ex-wrestler. If you trained to be one, then you know that while there are plenty of basic, better known exercises that get you into shape, there more that most people don’t know or do. I know because, like you, I spent many hours doing them. And so what, anyway, if he’s repackaging what people know to get them into shape?

How many very effective exercise and weight loss programs, when you boil them down, add up to “eat less crap, burn more calories?” Just about every one of them, though they come at it from different angles. If that’s what some person who’s been looking desperately for inspiration needs to hear… that there’s a new way to think about solving an old and rather serious problem… what do you care?

If you want to unleash this kind of venom, unleash it on the people leading our country into a pointless war, screwing us over while collecting our tax dollars, or pretending they’re looking out for us while exploiting the national machine to better their private interests.


If you want to unleash this kind of venom, unleash it on Matt Furey, because what the heck.


I think that it is sad, that all of you guys waste your time doing these stupid blog things every day. Where do you find the time. I never have the time to do any of this stuff. Maybe its because i work. Is this all you do for your free time? If so, I wished I was that lucky! Well you enjoy your boring life.


Hanx, Jenifer B! Do stop by and see us again.


Matt Furey is a swindler. He’s dishonest. Period. That’s plain obvious.

Now what people need is education. If they had a smattering of proper education, they wouldn’t give away their hard-earned money to a crook who’s more than willing to cash in on human ignorance, frustration and fear.


How insightful Rene,

tell me, have you actually tried combat conditioning, or are you just talking out your ass like so many others on this sight?


Man, you’re telling me you guys wanna do fake ads, badmouth something you’ve never seen-because the guys does adds on a conservative website?
Lottttttta character and integrity on this blog whatever. Are you all seven years old? Save your “protest everything” dumbass whinery for other scams-like “the secret” or virtually EVERY self esteem book Oprah shoves down our throat. No wonder no one votes for Dems with enthusiasm. Come up with a plan instead of trying to vandalize everyone who doesn’t agree with you-oh yeah you can’t.


I’ve been recieving Furey’s emails for a while now, and have mixed feelings about the whole issue.

First, Furey definitely knows what he’s on about when he talks about exercise. His “Royal Court” IS a fantastic exercise system (if done correctly) and does get one fitter, as do hill sprints, walking, bear crawls and the other stuff he advocates.

Thing is though, ALL this information can be gotten for FREE off the internet. I simply read the emails (his, and others that I’ve signed up for), then do a google, and any information I need I get for free – there isn’t a need to pay big bucks for his combat conditioning book. Ditto for the Farmer Burns exercises – they work for sure, but can be gotten from the Internet.

Also, I think Furey sometimes tries to pile it on a bit too thick – for instance, it’s highly unlikely “fat will fly off one’s frame within a week”, for instance … it takes time as does everything.

Oh and by the way, all those exercises from the Royal Court are originally Indian, not Chinese as Furey loves to keep saying (hey, I love China personally, been there, loved it and would go there again any day, but gotta call a spade a spade here ;)).

And as for Furey’s other stuff – Chinese long life system, his so called ways of making money from the internet, his ridicuously overpriced seminars – well, I call bull shit on that. Some of the stuff is downright stupid and laughable (see his internet page on the Chinese long life system) – I don’t even know how he gets people to buy such nonsense, but apparently he does and good on him for that, however, I feel it’s pure bunk. Making money off the internet “easily”, without “working hard”? Sorry, but thats a pipe dream. Money just don’t come easy. Fact of life. 😉

Bottom line – about 20 percent of Furey’s advice should be read, and the rest of the 80 percent, well, it’s good for a laugh once in a while!! 🙂


PS: Something else I hate about Furey is that he never personally responds to emails. I’ve signed up for other strength guys mailing lists, and they’ve responded a lot of times – and their strength stuff actually feels as if it’s coming from the heart, not just a bunch of marketing crap – does anyone else feel this way?


To Rahul,
Furey does not say that his royal court is from China, if you read his books correctly he says very clearly they were from India, and used by the great Indian wrestlers.
To everyone else, Furey is a great guy, his stuff works very well. If your bashing him, try his stuff. I can guarantee they will work, and if you still don’t like him, your probably jealous.


You know what…..Your blog is listed “Is there anything Matt Furey couldn’t do?” Yes, I have an answer to your question…He needs to go back to the 2nd grade and learn how to spell. I think you where trying to say thanks…Yeah, thanks is not spelled HANX. Good job LOSER!!


I think you where trying to say thanks

Speaking as both typo king and spelling nitpicker, I love when the spelling flame bites people in the ass. Good job LOSER!!

(Psst, I think thunder meant to spell it that way! Mind-blowing, yes?)


Matt Furey Exposed by a Guy who writes to Carl Gotch-Who Matt Furey stole information from and gave no compensation to.


@Brian –

Yes, he calls them “hindu pushups”, but he has ALSO called them “Chinese exercises” a bunch of times too.

Further, I find it interesting he keeps focussing on China and all this “Chinese” stuff, while leaving out India, which on the face of it would appear to be just as full of knowledge waiting to be exploited (as far as his fitness, sex – didnt Indians write the Kamasutra etc stuff goes, that is) . . .

Or is just because China is the “flavor of the month” these days in the US, much like Japan used to be in the 60’s and can make him $$? 😉

Don’t get me wrong, I love China, but I’m just pointing out that Furey really isn’t anything other than a very succesful scammer of sorts . . .



You are too funny. Good work.


Thomas – You referring to me? 🙂

Anyway, there are plenty of laughs to be gotten from Furey’s latest piece of nonsense. As of late, Furey’s been including news from his visits to China in just about every email, and here’s the latest gem from
his silly “Rags to Riches on the internet” page at . .

That’s why I love the Internet so much. It’s a ZERO RESISTANCE WAY to run a business, if you do it the Furey WAY.

Right now I’m in Hainan Island in China. I’m slurping a drink while getting my feet massaged. I get my feet massaged so that I’m happier and healthier – and so that there’s no resistance anywhere on my body – from the bottom UP.

Furey paints a convicing picture, doesn’t he? First the sales pitch, then a long, drawn out story about his life on the page. . . and then finally, the kicker. Ah, look at me, the high roller, getting my feet massaged while writing you emails!

However . . .

1) Furey neglects to mention that Chinese foot massages are hardly “relaxing”, so to speak. Traditional Chinese foot massages are conducted by the massuese digging her fingers into your soles, and when I mean digging, I mean digging HARD! It can be painful as hell, at least while it’s being done and generally is. Not at all like the western style foot massages. . .

Now, Furey might be going to one of the dodgy parlors which massage more than just the feet (which may explain his apparent relaxed mood), but I really think more and more people are latching on to Furey’s BS, and this explains why he HAS to do something else other than push his fitness products, since the halycon days are long gone as far as those are concerned.

2) Slurping a drink? Perhaps sipping on green/black tea, but that hardly equates to the “drink slurping” picture he’s trying to paint.

Don’t get me wrong here – I love Chinese massages, and have been to plenty myself. However, I just couldn’t resist pointing out this latest gem from Furey’s BS factory. . .

He also sent out an email recently claiming to sue all those who wrote this type of stuff about him. Hey Furey, if you want to sue me for saying things as they are, go for it!! 😀

In the meanwhile, make sure and increase your readership by including controversial topics from China in your daily emails.;)


Latest junkola from Furey – and this is REALLY nonsense. Just take a look at this latest message. . .

This evening I met with Master Liu, a friend here in China who is the only person in the entire country who knows a particular form of kung fu that develops internal power like no tomorrow. He’s 53 years young and doesn’t look a day over 35. His muscles are hard as steel and he doesn’t have a single wrinkle on his face.

Master Liu is a Taoist who grew up outside the Shaolin Temple in Henan Province. His teacher taught him this form when he was only eight years old. And he has practiced it ever since.

He let me kick him and punch him in the balls as hard as I could. He didn’t feel a thing. And I kicked him several times to make sure I wasn’t delirious.

We got all this on film. We also have plenty of photos.


Uh-huh! Suuuuuure! Riiiiiight! Look, dude, your tough and everything, but I really don’t think ANYONE could take a kick to his balls like that multiple times. Further, anyone who’d LET you kick his nuts is freakin crazy to begin with.

Ok, I really didnt mean to bash the nut again so soon (no pun intended!) but this was pure [i]garbage[/i]. . . Just had to put it out there.



Doing dive bomb pushups (or hindu pushups as Furey call them) are good for strengthening tendons, which is great for grappling, but you will soon hit a limit with how much good they are conferring on you for overall fitness, especially if you’re not engaged in competitive grappling. Doing regular pushups slowly and correctly in cicuit style set is far more beneficial, not to mention taxing. Like pyramid pushups, that gymnasts train with:

Do two pushups, rest for a couple seconds. Do for 4, rest a few more seconds. Do 6, etc. increasing by two reps up to 20. When you reach 20, you’ve done 110 pushups in the span of 2-3 minutes, and you will feel it! You’d also notice way more muscle tone and strength than you’ll get from Dive Bombers–oops, Hindu Pushups, © Matt Furey, inc.



While dive bombers are different from Hindus (dive bombers have an elbow bend at the end of the motion while Hindus don’t – you simply push back), I agree with your statement about regular pushups being far better. I could do a lesser amount of regular pushups than Hindus. It’s also easier to rest in the “downward dog” position of the Hindu pushup and continue on to further reps, than it is to rest in the “up” position of a regular pushup. . .

Furey claims Hindus are great for the shoulders, but excessive numbers of Hindus done fast made my shoulders feel like they’d been through a cement mixer. Handstand pushups are far better for the sholders than Hindus are.

The only part of the body that the Hindu trains far more vigorously than other forms of pushups is the hamstring. 🙂



Oh, and is just me, or is doing high reps of Hindu pushups not incredibly freaking BORING?

I started to dread my Hindu pushup routine once the number of consecutirve reps pushed past 45. . .

Needless to say, I gave ’em up soon after!


With any exercise program you have to change intensity to see results or you will plateau. That is not new to anyone who know anything about exercise.

Yes, anyone can find anything for free on the net, just because webmd gives medical advice doesn’t stop people from going to the doctor. Same goes for fitness marketing.

My advice is spend less time bashing people and spend more time focusing on yourself. If you don’t like Matthew Furey’s products then don’t by them.

As a matter of fact, I use Matthews fitness routines several times a week and other exercises. Its not the fact that these are new exercises, but Matthews product gave me a new prospective on exercise. I am now 20lbs lighter and 100 times stronger and mentally focused. And I would pay for it over and over again.

Thank you Matthew Furey!!


Quoting “As a matter of fact, I use Matthews fitness routines several times a week and other exercises. Its not the fact that these are new exercises, but Matthews product gave me a new prospective on exercise. I am now 20lbs lighter and 100 times stronger and mentally focused. And I would pay for it over and over again.

Thank you Matthew Furey!!”

Well, you are welcome to keep payin for information the rest of us can get for FREE.

Oh and the analogy about doctors isn’t accurate – Furey’s hardly the know-it-all professional he makes himself out to be on the topic of fitness – everything he says is regurgitated stuff that can be found online for FREE. 🙂



I’ve read some of both and prefer Ross Enamit much more than Furey, since they both deal with similiar exercise ideas. I also prefer Enamit’s website where I don’t feel like I’m having someone try to con me into buying their works for info. Enamit has quite a bit of free, interesting info on his site. Just wondering if you’d looked into Enamit, and what some of the other site’s you’ve signed on for are?


Who ever says bodyweight exercises are better than lifting weights are fucking morons.

Weights allow for heaveir and heavier lifting which result in massive muscle gain for both size and strength.

Doing pushups for 100 reps won’t do fuck all for strength but will work on endurance which is usless if you’re looking for hard muscle.

This is all scientifically proven and if matt truely believes the opposite then he is spreading nothing but lies and deceite which is deserving of criticism.


@TJMax –

No, I hadn’t heard of this guy uptil now. Is this the site: Not sure if I have the right site. . .

But, I completely agree that such sites are far less annoying than Furey’s gimmicky sites, with an infomerical for a silly product being thrust in one’s face all the time!

@Brent –

I disagree. Doing pushups for 100 reps will certainly build muscle if the pushups are done in correct cadence and/or form. As will doing 25 straight pull ups, or 15 straight hand stand pushups, or 100 straight Hindu squats. Not to mention the LUNG power all of those will build, compared to what you’d get by lifting a weight once, and putting it down. . .

The difference between weight lifting and body weight exercises is that the former seems to be build bulky, stiff muscles, while the latter builds pliable muscle, perhaps not bulky like weights will. . . but hard muscle neverthless.

As for strength, try doing handstand pushups and pull ups for reps, and THEN tell me body weight exercises don’t build strength!

Furey talks a lot of nonsense, but he’s spot on about body weight exercises building strength and endurance both. . .


@Brent: I’m totally against this weightlifters vs. bodyweight fans war. Weightlifting is good, but BW exercises also have potential for building muscle.

Of course you won’t get the giant bodybuilder look doing BW exercises, but who really wants to look like a bodybuilder?

In short BW exercises can be used for building big muscles, getting strong and for conditioning. Weights can be used for building big muscles, getting strong and conditioning.

I do BW exercises and lift free weights and I appreciate both methods. Read Infinite Intensity from Ross Enamait. He uses BW, weights, bands, sandbags,… to get you in bad ass shape. But be prepared to do A LOT of REALLY HARD workouts if you want results!


Hey Guys –

The email address I used to sign for Furey’s list doesn’t currently work, and I’m curious – any new garbage he’s been putting out as of late, or is it some sensible stuff for a change?

Last I read, he was squatting on the road eating water melon in China, and made up a tale on that. . .


Oh, I just mosey’ed on over to the blog. I saw the same ole regurgitated Chinese culture secrets email on the top. . . This has been doing the rounds forever.

Anyone else get a giggle out of the regurgitated emails? Seems some of Furey’s products are particularly hard to sell. . . 😆


Hey guys,

I just saw this amazing guy on the internet. Said I could get rich quick, fit quick, score babes, umm, read latin, uuummm, get rich, uuummmmm, get fit. And I think that’s it.

Think it’s a good deal?

Should I?

I might have to get rid of one of my other books to fit his in. Hey but then I will have 325 self-help books again! (all that will fit in my car trunk, yeah don’t have an apartment.)

gonna find some cans, bottles to trade in.

Yahhooooo, I am stoked!


Seriously now.

I was a competitive swimmer for ten years. All I ever did was body weight exercises and I was ripped. Not big, not bulky, but strong and I had amazing stamina. In high school my swimming buddies would kick the pants off the ‘runners’ in PE since we had the aerobic conditioning. By the end of the season they caught up but it was kind of funny.

Still do body weight exercises. Makes it easy to exercise too, since I travel some I can do the execises in the great outdoors, not some smelly gym


LOL@lowiq’s first comment!!

But your right – swimming is a fantastic exercise (not to mention a great OVERALL muscle builder – all major muscle groups are worked at the same time). Swimmers also have tremendous stamina. . . Though that can be developed by anyone if one follows the right pattern (uphill sprints, long hikes etc).

In fact, swimming by ITSELF will leave you in great shape if you swim enough, even if you don’t do any other exercises.



@ Rahul:
If you so busy doing exercises, how do you have so much time to investigate, research and bash Furey? Please list the accomplishments that you have achieved in your life (other than breathing and bitching), and post a copy of your W4. If both are greater than what Furey has done, then maybe someone will listen to your mind numbing blather and buy into your seemingly disconnected drivel.

Everyone (save a few souls who have the ability to comprehend good vs. junk) seems to be missing the point: you can help people in one of two ways; putting them down or picking them up. Furey picks up more than a vaccuum cleaner, yet you (and others here) spend all of your time putting him down. Why don’t you take all of that negative energy, harness it, and put it towards something positive – like helping at a soup kitchen? You don’t have the time you say? Well, then remove your arse from in front of your computer screen and go outside in search of some semblance of a life.

To quote the ol’ Fure Cat….RISE UP Jackass! (Ok….I added the Jackass part)


Whatever..I personally never bought any of his products, and never will. Why, when I can get less expensive AND better quality books elsewhere?

For those of you who buy his stuff..More power to you. I’m not helping him buy another Hummer, LOL!!



First off, there’s no reason to get your knickers in a twist. . .

Exercising is one thing – researching is another. Furey does both, and more – why shouldn’t I (or others)? 😉 Or are you saying it actually takes more than 15 minutes a day to workout in a manner that’ll benefit you – which contradicts what Furey says? LOL.

Not sure about you, but I certainly wouldn’t list my W-4 on a public web site simply because some yahoo on the internet wanted me to. . .

Mindless drivel? All you’ve done so far is froth at the mouth, and have not pointed out anything remotely illogical or mindless about my post. I’ll take the lack of explanation as proof enough for the fact that you are just mouthing off with no real base for your statements.

If so many people are saying negative stuff about Furey (according to you), I’m sure there’s a reason behind it. You may try READING what’s been written before dismissing it – that helps sometimes. 😉

But, feel free to continue with the ad hominems – they can be quite amusing. LOL.



I have tachycardia (rapid heart rate) and the Combat Conditioning book has been a tremendous help for me. My resting heart rate is now 68 BPM. Which is better than alot of ppl’s. Sure, some of those exercises can be pretty tough, but it is well worth the effort. If u don’t like his stuff, dont buy it. If u give it REAL try, u will notice a BIG difference. I am twice as strong as i was b4. My stamina is also better. I also got his Combat Cardio cd’s, and they helped alot as well. Don’t knock it just b/c it is different.


Yeah – the exercises are good – and VERY helpful. I never denied that. In fact, I’m currently in the best shape of my life right now, purely due to a routine of body weight exercises and gymnastics. Ditto for the experience regarding pulse rates. 😉

Quoting from my initial email

** start quote **

First, Furey definitely knows what he’s on about when he talks about exercise. His “Royal Court” IS a fantastic exercise system (if done correctly) and does get one fitter, as do hill sprints, walking, bear crawls and the other stuff he advocates.

** end quote **

Now, if you read beyond that. . .

** start quote **
Thing is though, ALL this information can be gotten for FREE off the internet. I simply read the emails (his, and others that I’ve signed up for), then do a google, and any information I need I get for free – there isn’t a need to pay big bucks for his combat conditioning book. Ditto for the Farmer Burns exercises – they work for sure, but can be gotten from the Internet.

Also, I think Furey sometimes tries to pile it on a bit too thick – for instance, it’s highly unlikely “fat will fly off one’s frame within a week”, for instance … it takes time as does everything.

Oh and by the way, all those exercises from the Royal Court are originally Indian, not Chinese as Furey loves to keep saying (hey, I love China personally, been there, loved it and would go there again any day, but gotta call a spade a spade here ;)).

And as for Furey’s other stuff – Chinese long life system, his so called ways of making money from the internet, his ridicuously overpriced seminars – well, I call bull shit on that. Some of the stuff is downright stupid and laughable (see his internet page on the Chinese long life system) – I don’t even know how he gets people to buy such nonsense, but apparently he does and good on him for that, however, I feel it’s pure bunk. Making money off the internet “easily”, without “working hard”? Sorry, but thats a pipe dream. Money just don’t come easy. Fact of life. 😉
** end quote **

THAT part of things is what I have a problem with. . .



@ Rahul
I have to agree with you about everything you are saying.Yes his excercise programs are great, but not worth what he is charging. Its also funny how when he has a “sale” the prices seem to be the same. Its always was $129 but is now $99. I have never seen it for the price he says it was, only the sale price. But I do love his stuff.

I bought Combat Abs and combat conditioning a while back and ended up giving it to my friend after I memorized it all. But his newer stuff is readily available on the internet (can someone say torrents?) I have every single books and video he has released for free. I signed up for his Inner circle for less than a month to get his Exercise bible then got a refund. There is always ways to get free stuff my friends.



Yes, the programs are not worth the price he charges. Those “sales” of his are quite hilarious – every time right at the end of the sale he “forgets” to increase the price up to where it was before the sale, and the sale “continues” (due to some BS reason). LOL – He obviously isn’t getting enough sales in one day, even with the reduced prices.

Yup, most of the his new stuff (as well as his CC vidoes) are freely available on the Internet. In fact, someone had posted his CC videos on You Tube and they were on there for quite a while before they got removed!

As for the torrents, I don’t have file sharing programs on my computer – too many viruses, but, I’m sure I’ll find his videos hosted on some site or the other should I choose to download ’em!

🙂 Rahul

Scammed in Chicago

I purchased Matt Furey’s “How To Build an Info-Publishing Empire” course and he slipped in some Mastermind course that is subscription based. By the time I received my credit card statement I had been billed $80 TWICE. When I contacted Matt to complain and request a refund…I was given the run around…delay…we are still deciding…line of BS. Con man…pure and simple. His products are all mostly Public Domain (free) information that he repackages and sells to you for money.


Well, the Furey fitness exercises look good. Maybe you can get them free from the internet but I never would have if some big fancy pants name like Matt Furey didn’t get behind them and market them. I can think of a strategy the small guy could use to package the same thing, but they haven’t done it and Matt Furey packaged it so people like me can find it. People who don’t know the value of all the exercises and need someone to tell us.

Having said that, to all you fucking guys who posted before me, BUT… MY DAD IS BIGGER THAN YOUR DAD BITCH.


King said,
May 30, 2008 at 0:21

Yes, go on King.

Matt Furey packaged it so people like me can find it.

Oh dear. Kingship revoked. “People like me” indeed.


So much collective time spent debating over something so pointless.

If you like what he sells, go the the website and buy it. If you think his stuff stinks, let the guy sell what he wants and let the suckers fall where they may.

People have opinions. Accept it and get on with your life. Go do something constructive. Go do something you enjoy far more than posting on this little corner of the web. It’s a big world out there. I’m sure you guys can think of something.



you know what your problem is? its that you have no drive to do anything for yourself. you just want to sit and take it in the ass all day. whatever dude, you go ahead. look deeper down at all this and say. “hey theres a guy that did what he wanted with his life, maybe i should too” or sit at home and be angry at yourself and take it out on other people because you’re too lazy to take it upon yourself to change your life.


Sadly, I purchased Matt’s exercise “course” or whatever it was, a few years back. I also sadly made the mistake of ordering “ancient chinese secrets of stretching” or some such nonsense. The pictures and the hype made it seem possibly worthwhile. Sadly, when I got the items I spent my hard earned cash for, it was a real dissappointment, and real reem rip off job to boot. The stuff is all hype. The “chinese secrets” are non-existent, and it was a total sleeper. I teach yoga, and I thought I may pick up a few “trade secrets” from Mr. Self-professed Expert, but, I found it to be once again the by product of more of his narcassistic sales hype. His sales hype permeates all of his products. He produced the stuff in his living room mostly, inviting friends over, and using his minimal production equipment to go over his third grader calesthinics much to the chagrin of hoodwinks bufoons such as myself. To add insult to injury, the charlatan had also been extorting money from my credit card for several months before I realized it!! I was very busy with my own business, and then one month as I got my credit card statements together, I noticed this recurring charge! When I realized he had helped himself to monthly charging my account to be some kind of member of an “exclusive club” (of which I did not sign up for, nor did I recieve any benifits). I called, and emailed him, and requested he cease and desist, and refund my money that he had stolen from me. It took several attempts to get him to stop, as he picked my pocket on three more occasions, but, finally he did stop. As for my refund, I’ve never gotten even a word back from the con artist. I didn’t mind licking my wounds from the waste of money his products are…but, to continually and sneakily draft my credit card every month!!?? Wow! Great idea! Now there is a money making scheme. Too bad the guy is nothing but a con artist, and a blow hard. I am not writing this because I am some woos who can’t do his exercises, or someone that expects the exercises to instantly change me. I am an instructor, and exercise is part of my life. Oh, and by the way his “Furey push-ups” (like he invented them), is a nice way to blow your rotator cuffs. I think it would be a good idea to expose this guy, and start as many websites as possible to expose this scam artist.


I personally see him as FAT. He has quite a gut under those chinese shirts.
Another problem I have with him is his routine amount. Combat conditoning via body weight exercises work great, however you do need rest. Even animals rest, to buck with Furey! Lions lay around and sleep until they need food again. I tried doing squats and pushups and chinups EVERYDAY, and yes it does keep you sort of motivated, but sore and tired. But lets face it, we also want some results with our look. Your muscles need at least a day of rest no matter what weight proportion. Your body is a weight, so you have to be tearing tissue even doing pushups or body weight squats. I switched to upper one day and lower plus abs the next and low and behold, I achieved better results. Muscles have fibres which are torn and need rest repair. Also you do not need to do a horrendous amount of reps. Just make the rep count. By doing 5 very slow chins, 10 very slow pushes, and 15 very slow squats, you will get results. Watch the Navy Seals, Marines, etc. They know you have to rest muscles. They work you hard on push ups one day and then legs the next. Now I don’t know why Furey looks the way he does, either because he works out too much by doing everyday Hindu squats or he just over eats. He certainly doesn’t show what he preaches or reflects what he says.
Eddie Baran is in much better shape for a internet exercise instructor.


has anyone on this site heard the song by justin timberlake called “cry me a river”? If not, take a listen because there sure is a lot of “crying” in here!!! ha ha lol.


Justin Timberlake? Bwaahaha nice forte of music! Yah he’s crying, he’s a got a gimpy body.


Matt Furey is the man. I would bet he would kick most peoples asses. Man up call him out on his email vs bashing him on this message board. You could do this by becoming a memeber of matt furey’s inner circle. You might learn something.


Matt Furey: worse than Hitler? All signs say yes.


Dammit, RB. Beat me to it. Although you could call him gay.


Information is spotty but I believe he is mean to cute puppies.


Check out this link, most on this site could use it


That is awesome! Matt Furey is concerned about people’s poo!


Actually what works better, is to do a 3 day plan. Work hard the upper body day one, mid section core for day 2, then the lower day 3. Technically your still working each section 3 times per week. Substantial rest is achieved.
Some say, Bruce Lee worked his ab section everyday or it is a different muscle so it can be worked everyday……yah right. All muscles are the same. Its not like your abs are some alien muscle group. They work the same way as rest of your body. I’ve seen people with the same set of abs as Bruce, and they work them and rest them.
Say you injured and really tore a ab muscle. Then try doing squats or pushups. Guaranteed you won’t do it. You will scream in pain.
The core section IS worked everyday when you do any exercise, so you only need to do a blasting work out concentrating on that area 3 times per week.
I think it is wise to really focus on a certain area of the day and work on some tricks the same time, such as standing your hands for upper body, or one legged squats on the lower day. It makes it more fun and gives more time for stuff like that.
Sorry Matt, doing 500 squats everyday just doesn’t cut it. Seems boring, unproductive, and limited.


kinda worked with him and his bro a few years back. he seems to be a pretty nice guy, but it bothered me how they new they were producing crap and making money. All stuff is from books with expired copyrights and reprinted. All the testimonials are written by his network of friends that are involved in similar business schemes so they help eachother out. Most of them have never used the product.

the GOD slayer

I can now do 10,000 Hindu push-ups without stopping to rest. Thanks Fatt Murey.


Hi Guys,

Furey is over-priced and over-hyped. If you want a first rate bodyweight muscle building course that will deliver, then check out all the great free materials at the following website:

The best one is the Hercules II course, written by Bob Kennedy with the exercise photos posed by Mr. Australia Robert Nailon.

See here for all 12 great lessons.

best of all, its free!

Forget Furey. he’s a blow hard.


Go to,
That’s a large source and community of people who do bodyweight exercises. Much more resourses for free then Furey asks money for.


Matt Furey will kick all of your asses


Matt Furey will kick all of your asses

Would that aid or hinder progress in Furey’s successful pooping program?

Need to know in about ten minutes.


Liberals are fags.

I was going to write a lengthy treatise, but this will work. Dumb f*&ks.


Pretty entertaining read you have here.


i have tried the royal court excercises as described in fureys book cc.

i proceeded to the point where i was able to bridge for 3 minutes. i am 6’3″ about 185 lbs and have a long neck so it did concern me at first. i mostly hold it for 1.5 to 2 minutes just to stretch out some back pain. i usually feel refreshed after doing the bridge so that excercise was sort of a revelation for me – and it does strengthen the neck. the reverse bridge doesnt seem to come as naturally for me so it always resluts in an uncomfortable pain rather than a benficial one.

the hindu squats i was doing regularly about 150 per day. they are a very good deep aerobic excercise and quickly wore off knee pain that i was having while jogging. adding some snap to the up portion of the rep will quickly get you breathign hard. but getting into the really high reps is where progress will likely be seen. aside from alleiviating some knee pain by doing the squats i didnt notice much strength increase from the 150 i was doing. it may be one of those areas where your breathing is tougher than you muscles then your muscles begin to outlast your breathing until some sort of meshing between the aerobic and strength part meet.
i havent gone that far with them.

i do about 75 of the described hindu pushups (keeping my feet nearly shoulder width apart and hands just beyond shoulder width, i have a 36 inch arm so i never looked like the photos when starting) and i try to perceive myself doing a floor-swim or a strange swimming stroke. i believe the same principle may apply – breathing/aerobic and muscle stamina/strength aspects will begin to equillibrate in some way once the higher reps are reached. for me im thinking that may begin in the 130+ range.
so for now i experiment with them.


the internet maketing stuff i stay away from no matter who it is.

as for the excercises, aside from the bridging, and perhaps some compound aspect of the pushps they dont seem like a secret. but do enough and i expect they will improve fitness – in some ways differernt than weights perhaps.


You are a very knowledgeable writer. This is a fantastic article.


I laughed my ass off. Well done. The comments on this thread are golden. If people want to pay that asshole stupid money for a bunch of hype mixed with some info any retard with Google can find free, more power to them. Just take away their license to reproduce (coz we’re all fascist liberal commies, eh?).


C’mon, Furey is a marketer. He knows how to peddle his product. I’ve used his materials w/out ever having to purchase one dvd or video from him! And btw, I didn’t hear about him from Newsmax!

After I found his claims about Hindu pushups (which are different from the dive bomber in that you return to the beginning position with hindu pushups…READ the stinking website please) and squats I googled them and found them demonstrated with pictures by a weight lifter who wanted to try the Furey exercises. He pointed out they were all very good. I started using them, and when I was following them (even adapting his “deck of cards” by using a normal deck) I found myself losing weight and in better shape than ever. Since then I’ve slacked off and am not in as good shape as before…but that’s due to my lack of discipline, not his methods.

If you want to pay top dollar for it, that is fine. If not, that’s fine. But c’mon–don’t condemn the guy for marketing and selling a product. Most of the books on goal setting and management aren’t offering anything new either! No one complains about them!


I’ve used Furey’s methods and at the age of 54, I’m in better shape than when I was 19. And I was an exceptional athlete at that age.

Matt Furey just shares his experience of success whether on the mat, on the exercise floor, or on the Internet.

And that’s what makes Matt Furey, he wants to make people better based on successful life experiences. He doesn’t waste his time investing in those who waste their time tearing down others.


And that’s what makes Matt Furey, he wants to make people better based on successful life experiences.

We should all poop so Fureyously.


matt furey is a joke. one more name on a long litany of has been scam men peddling snake oil preying on the hopes of people filled with desperation and/or ignorance.

besides, he has a mega douche mustache.


I initially thought this Matt Furey guy is worth following. But soon I realized that he is just out to make money. I checked out his website, and nothing there is for free. Everything is quite expensive too. So, I stopped bothering about his stuff and went on with my own workout regime. Soon, I started being bombarded with all sorts of stuff from Furey on becoming fit to becoming a millionaire! He is trying so hard to sell! One has to be seriously fucking stupid to not see that.

As for the “Royal Court”? Well, we all have to find our own “Royal Courts”.

There are hundreds of exercises there that will get you into elite shape. People all over the world have gotten into elite shape much before this internet guru was born and will continue to get into elite shape long after he is gone.

So, my advice would be to go find your own royal court. And if you have serious daddy issues that you don’t want to acknowledge, go and follow Mr. Fat Furey!


I’ve known Matt for a long time. We used to work wrestling camps for U of Minnesota Coach J Robinson. Imho Matt is a super great motivator and inspires many many to do more than they would have had they never met. That to me is called making a difference. He routinely helps others to make a change and not just any change but change for the better – and imho that’s some pretty valuable stuff these days. Matt is definitily bold and perhaps thats what some don’t like. He is confident but of course thats essential for a Coach. He knows how to write and uses those skills to help people make decisions and take action which sometimes requires a bit of hype or whatever you wish to call it. Matt imho has a good heart and is about helping people. His ways are a bit outside the box at times but again, selling things requires getting another’s attention and it appears he’s gotten everyone’s on this site and many many more. All in all my hat is off to Matt Fury and I’ve never seen him say something that isn’t true about who he is, what’s he accomplished or assertions about his products/information. Simplicity is sometimes key.


And holy smokes I find it inappropriate to disrespect a man’s wife on line — and to write defamatory comments about a child is perhaps over the line and believe host this site consider removing them at their earliest convenience.

Thank you.


And holy smokes I find it inappropriate to disrespect a man’s wife on line — and to write defamatory comments about a child is perhaps over the line. I personally believe the host this site consider removing them at their earliest convenience.

Thank you.


Matt Furey’s wife and child are worse than Hitler.


Hey…us NY guys don’t appreciate fibbers.
IMHO Matt should fight an MMA contest someone close to his age,
maybe Tank Abbott.
Prove himself….that will hawk more of his stuff than his ad gimmicks.
The “boys” here in NY would like to bet on this.
Come on Matt us gumbas is waiting to make you an offer you’ll gladly accept:)


Matt Furrey seems to have become the Chuck Norris of strength and conditioning 😉


This thread is not dead yet.


Comparing his wife and kids to hitler is just wrong. Grow up man and let him do his thing. If he wants to sell stuff – it’s his right.

If you don’t like his stuff – don’t buy any more of it. It really is that simple.


Comparing his wife and kids to hitler is just wrong.

Hitler: breathed.

Matt Furey’s wife and kids: also breathe.

Case closed.


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