“Gee, Now The Racist Liberals Are Going To Racistly Accuse Me Of Racism…”

Shorter Michelle Malkin:

Above: America’s sweetheart

What happened when they “spread the wealth” in Zimbabwe

  • Barack Obama’s tax proposal resembles the confiscation of white-owned property by Negroes in the former Rhodesia.

‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard. We are aware of all Internet traditions.™

D. Aristophanes adds:

Above: What happened when ‘they’ ‘spread the wealth’ in America


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Right, cuz nothing mimics what America will go through like a former colony reapportioning for forty acres and a mule.

But hey, at least she’s acknowledging that the middle class have been slaves for the past eight years!


So you see, um … Barack’s dad is from Kenya and that’s in Africa. Abd so is Zimbabwe. So what happened when people in another country kicked out the colonialists is what’s going to happen when … uh … Did I mention Barack is a NEEEEGROOOOW?

Charles Giacometti

Wow. Just wow.

The entire right whinger punditocracy

This has nothing to do with race and I’m not a racist. I would never even think of bringing race into it. And Obama’s black, you know, a porch monkey. Blackamoor. Bongo lips. Darkie. Nigra.


From comments:

As Morpheus said to Neo

Making your point with quotes from science fiction movies. We’re lost, we just can’t match this intellect.


Also, Barack Obama will personally bash in the skull of anybody wearing eyeglasses.


If anyone knows good government it’s Filipinos.


I wonder if she has a lot of shoes?


Remember what the Red Russians did to the White Russians? Made them drink Black Russians.

And why did Warren Beatty, noted librul islamofascist, make a movie called “Reds” anyway? What does he know about the heartland?


Do they have anchor babies in Zimbabwe?


Damn, I never realized how many brain cells you could kill by hyperventilating. That is really impressive.


How can we trust Michelle Malkin after Leona Helmsley?


Our Lady of the Camps™ would never make the connection. Too few functioning neurons. Every time I encounter one of her oral or typographical shit eruptions I’m reminded of watching the chickens run around the barnyard after we chopped their heads off. She needs no brain to engage in what she does.

™ If I’m not mistaken, that particular mark belongs to the The General.


PS – The chickens were far less disgusting and way more entertaining.

PPS – FYWP with a rubber chicken


Does anyone else imagine the right-wing wank-o-sphere looking something like that South Park episode when the kids did nothing but play World of Warcraft for days?


From that same comment with the Matrix quote:

The truth is that the Democrats ran the plantations, and the Republicans freed the slaves.

I think a Stephen Colbert quote is an appropriate response: You don’t need a lot of knowledge if you put a lot of anger behind those few things you do know.

Look! We have the same name as a party from 150 years ago! It’s the same thing, and it excuses all our current indifference and bigotry, because, well, shut up.

I try to avoid right-wing blogs as if they had some kind of fatal disease which infects you just by looking at what they’ve spewed, but somehow I manage to encounter this “point” on a regular basis. It’s a stunning example of cherry-picking facts with a blindly willing ignorance of history.


Above: What happened when ‘they’ ’spread the wealth’ in America


Was expecting another “goatse” post…


After that mom drowned all her kids I find it shocking that we would listen to a mother about anything.


OT – if any other great northwesters are tuned in, take a moment to drop by TPM and click on the anti-Merkly ad “Americans for Higher Taxes.” It costs those assholes some change and puts some change in TPM’s pocket.

I’ve mentioned this before but it’s time to refresh – if there’s an ad for a group you don’t like on a site you do like, ALWAYS click for the reasons above.

Dragon-King Wangchuck

It’s true! Malkin’s uncovered the plot.
1. Increase the marginal taxe rate by 3%
2. ???
3. Pogroms, baby. Kill Whitey!


3. Pogroms, baby. Kill Whitey!

It’ll work now that there are 666 black people for every white person.



They’re these things that, once a communication medium becomes sufficiently popular and expressive, muscle in and poo all over everything.


Just when you think they can’t get any dumber, the idiots on Teh Right somehow lower the bar. That said, I think Hewitt, the Corner and the rest of the morans are going to have to work extra-hard to outdo Malkin.

Tim (The Other One)

That picture of Michelle reminds of those soldiers that kept pushing & prodding me along the Bataan Death March.

That sucked.


Dateline: January, 2009 — Bumfuck, Arkansas

Lord Obama Hussein X: “My brothers and sisters! It turns out that the revolution was fought for nothing more than a jumble of Precious Moments figurines and particle board furniture. Let’s all go back to Da Chi.”


I feel sorry for Michelle. Having to toil down on the wingnut welfare plantation day after day for dopes and simpletons. That would like totally bum out mere mortals. But not her.

I hope America is ready for the next US Surgeon General:


Oh, socialism. You bitch. You sexy, funky bitch.


They’re these things that, once a communication medium becomes sufficiently popular and expressive, muscle in and poo all over everything.

So, they’re kind of like wingnuts, except they have a purpose and they’re relatively easy to get out of your face.


Oops. that anon. was me.

In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle, The Goddamn Batman Sleeps Tonight*

Yep! After the Chocopocalypse, the brothers will rise up and slay the ofay and take their houses and SUVs and make drumheads of their white skins to beat out their savage rhythms while they ravish the fair Aryan maidens of America!** Of course, MM shouldn’t have anything to fear from that, but when she looks in the mirror, in an anorexiesque distortion of her body image, she sees Jonah Goldberg.***

*After wailing on OS X 10.5.

**Really an impressive feat of coordination, when you think about it.

***That should be more than punishment enough for her misdeeds. Too bad she gets off on it.


Obama said, “My attitude is that if the economy’s good for folks from the bottom up, it’s gonna be good for everybody. If you’ve got a plumbing business, you’re gonna be better off if you’re gonna be better off if you’ve got a whole bunch of customers who can afford to hire you, and right now everybody’s so pinched that business is bad for everybody and I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

It’s like he’s saying that for example, you had a boat, and everybody else had a boat, and like the tide came in, and umm boats float and stuff. Some guy I heard explained it better.


…and like the tide came in, and umm boats float and stuff.

I heard that too, from some guy saying like “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Problem was, his way of making the tide rise was to dredge the ocean floor and dump all the dredgings onto the mountaintops.


What, you mean the U.S.A. as a Zimbabwe-style economy dependent on farming in which the vast majority of the best arable land is in the hands of a white upper class remaining from colonial days and from which the black majority is excluded, first by law and then by inheritance and wealth?

I’m pretty sure she’s thinking of Barack Obama getting elected President in 1868, which I think is unlikely at this point.


Well, at least they are no longer worried about the Mexicans.


You know, because shit that hasn’t happened yet always resembles shit that has.


the idiots on Teh Right somehow lower the bar
Slightly OT, but I will sign up to any religion that promises me a decent Limbo Bar in the afterworld.


El Cid said,

October 21, 2008 at 21:28 I’m pretty sure she’s thinking of Barack Obama getting elected President in 1868, which I think is unlikely at this point.

Well, McCain is not U.S. Grant . If he wanted to run against Grant, he should have run in 1868.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said,
She’s scary on the inside.

ITTDGY is giving me flashbacks to “This Ain’t the Summer of Love”. Not that I’m complaining, of course.


Well, I wasn’t going to go over there, but Snort reminded me there would be comments


Oh, Lordy. Teh vaypahs.

I can’t pick the most precious one. They’re all so full of fail. Romanticizing Baden-Powell’s contributions to colonialism

Such good has come out of that area and sadly now much terror.

ranks up there, as do the varied “Oh noez, teh blackie black black one iz going to take ourz everythingz and gives it all to hiz blacky black frienz!!!” aka “A 4% rate hike for the top bracket = Stalinism and plantations” aka “Nigga gwanta steal mah bike”.

The leaps of projection are pretty fine, too.

We have redefined the “center” to some position between Lenin and Stalin and either few people realize it or care.


Communism kills the middle class. Look at Russia. You end up with the rich ruling elite and everyone else lives in poverty.

stick out, but I only got a half page in before needing to stop.

The posting of Martin Niemöller’s best known work, which I suppose should be expected, is amusing nonetheless.

The sweetest schadenfreude comes from the denialists, though. I mean, come on.

Great news: According to Drudge, RCP has Obama’s phony lead DOWN to an average of just 4.8 – President McCain’s lead will be seen by the end of the week!

We are winning, whether the MSM will report it or not!

How can you not love reading that?


And in a couple of weeks it could well be “We won, whether the MSM will report it or not!”

Quaker in a Basement

Is Ms. Malkin aware that she is dressed like a Maoist in that picture?

The only reason I ask is because she raised such a fuss about that black-and-white scarf Rachel Ray wore in that ad, so I’m sure Ms. Malkin would be very distressed if she realized some people might suspect her of being hypocritical on the very important issue of garments that suggest support for the enemies of our great nation.

Thank you.


I remember reading another article called “What happened when they ‘spread the wealth’ in Zimbabwe”. It was about the British, and the writer wasn’t too happy with their wealth redistribution plans. I can’t remember his name, because five seconds after he finished the article, Cecil Rhodes’ men cut him to ribbons with a Maxim gun.

Giant Farting Walrus from the Scab Peninsula

Everyone would feel a lot better if you took down that “America’s Sweetheart” picture and replaced it with an image of the real Swamp Thing.
That is all.

Chubby Checker, God of Limbo

Hey, there! Stop messin’ around!


Here at the Limbo bar and Grill, we don’t take too kindly to that sort of thing. You know, that thing….that someone else …said.

Malkin is undergoing ketosis similar to that which affects Coulter where body tissue is used as food. It starts which the juicy succulent brain mmmm.


Everyone would feel a lot better if you took down that “America’s Sweetheart” picture and replaced it with an image of the real Swamp Thing.

Actually I think she looks more like this.


Obama could win 510 to 28 and the right-wing will still spend the next four years crying that the election was stolen. Conservatism cannot fail, after all, it can only be stabbed in the back. By gay nigra islamos.


Getting sorta back to the topic… if you’re looking for a once-prosperous country with a ruined economy, due to policies founded on inflexible and unrealistic ideology (combined with a government of kleptocrats with a dimwitted autocrat at the top who doesn’t give a damn about anyone who’s not part of his support-base), then Zimbabwe is no longer the only example.


As the saying goes (and that screen capture reminded me), beauty is skin deep, but ugly goes to the bone. How do you get through a day with so much hatred in your system? I really doubt La Maglalang, a/k/a Supreme Commandant of The Camps, is that good an actor.


Now that’s hyperbole!

If Hulkin is THAT terrified of the impending Negrogeddon, why hasn’t she emigrated yet?

I’m guessing it’s the anticipation of the inevitable cheering crowds waving “Good Riddance” & “Don’t Come Back” signs whilst they party hearty at the airport.


Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty liberal!


Why is the Statue of Liberty not brandishing a toilet plunger?


Wait, a colony ruled by a powerful nation on another continent won its independence in a violent revolution and then took by force the farms and property of those loyal to the colonizers?

Well, that certainly could never happen in America.


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