Uuuuh… You SURE You Wanna Give Bush Credit for This?

It’s been a while since Pastor Swank wrote one of his biographical essays, so “Pastor Swank’s Story Hour” is on hiatus until further notice.


However, the good pastor has provided us with this rousing account of George W. Bush’s “freedom spread” extending all the way to Nepal:

This morning’s headlines read: “Nepal king pledges civic elections in 2006.”

Thank you, United States President George W. Bush.

There’s hardly any other conclusion that one can reach these days when nation after nation is promising democracy to the people. What’s going on here? Obviously, Operation Iraqi Freedom’s three-week-win war, toppling blood-letting despot Saddam Hussein, has ignited freedom fires here and there.

Yes, the people of Nepal, who are mostly agrarian and have an unemployment rate of 47%, were inspired by Bush launching a war for faulty reasons to rise up and overthrow their tyrannical king.

Of course, that ain’t what’s happening.

According to the BBC:

Nepal will hold municipal elections by April 2006 to activate the “democratic process”, King Gyanendra has said, 10 weeks after he seized power. He made no mention of parliamentary elections or polls in rural areas, where most of the population live.

The king’s move has been criticised by opposition parties who accused him of “playing political games”.

He seized power in February, saying it was necessary to tackle Nepal’s Maoist insurgency and widespread corruption.

Well, that’s interesting. So the King has basically seized total power in Nepal and is calling for phony “elections” in 2006 to make himself look more legitimate. Let’s read a little more, from the BBC’s “Nepal Q & A”:

Why has the king sacked his government now?

He accuses Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba’s government of failing to win the support of Maoist rebels for a 13 January deadline for peace talks and failing to prepare the ground for elections in the spring.

However, analysts suggest the king may be using these issues to strengthen his own role in Nepalese politics, perhaps seeking to create an absolute monarchy.

Supporters of an absolute monarchy in Nepal argue that if the United States can back Gen Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan in its war on terror, why should King Gyanendra not be allowed to conduct the war against the Maoists?

So really, Bush’s support for Pervez Musharraf is being used as an argument in favor of establishing an absolute monarchy in Nepal.

Thank you, President George W. Bush!


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Any similarly inspiring news from Gaddafi’s new pro-US Libya lately?


It appears Democracy Spread is full of nasty preservatives and chemicals, and is a major source of trans fat.


At the risk of stating the obvious, it does sound pretty much like Bush-style democracy is on the march.


Perfect.”Bush style democracy”.


I have to get my eyes checked – I thought the passage said “has ignited freedom fries.”


has ignited freedom fires here and there.

Who do we call for that? Smokey the Islamofascist Bear?


I love that Pastor Swank is crediting Bush for the victory of monarchy over Maoism 3,000 miles from Baghdad.


Operation Iraqi Freedom’s three-week-win war . . .

Whew. That was one long three weeks. Apparently the Bush Doctrine can bend time, too. Does that mean I’m stil 21? Sweet.


You forgot Kyrgystan!

Because having your third coup in 18 months is just like having elections, sorta.


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