One Day, When They Have a Cure for Stupid (Part II)…

…I think Mr. Smith’s gonna be right behind Doug in the brain injection line:

The Minuteman Project has been the subject of all sorts of hyperventilating hysteria but it seems that border crossings have dropped incredibly. The leftist media has been trying to sell the image that American civilians are a bunch of standard “gun nut” lunatics who will shoot first and let the buzzards stick around to answer the questions and care for the corpses…

Just like our own jailed convicts, the illegals care nothing about government functionaries and have a much greater fear of armed homeowners and private property protectors.

So apparently, jailed convicts have nothing to fear from government functionaries, especially the government functionaries who arrested them and threw them in jail.

No, the only way to stop jailed convicts (and illegal immigrants, who are just as bad) is to have a bunch of armed homeowners blow them away and let the buzzards answer the questions asked by government functionaries whom nobody cares about.


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Hoplophobic hysterics (oh – the word refers to fear of weapons. That’s for those subjected to government schools and NEA tutors instead of educators)
I may have gone to a shitty public school (thank you Republican state senate!), but I think my poorly funded hellpit beats out the homeschoolers for “quality education”.
He cannot be real.


Not to pick nits or anything, but I feel obligated to point out that, when they have a cure for stupid, the people who need it most will avoid the line for injections like the plague and will have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to receive their medicine, panicking in the knowledge that they will not only be smarter afterward but will also have to live for the rest of their lives in full awareness of what dolts they had been up until that point.

Best to put it in the water supply.


“Best to put it in the water supply.”

Hey, don’t get us into trouble! I don’t want to go to WorldNetDaily tomorrow and read about “Leftist Website Advocates Putting Commie Syrum in Water!!” 😉


In Blue States they call that commie syrup “Flouride”.


I remember seeing once how they were using rifle-fired contraceptive darts to control a deer population. I think they should set up snipers outside high schools.


Much cheaper and simpler to use a straight razor and a soldering-iron to cauterize.


Much cheaper and simpler to use a straight razor and a soldering-iron to cauterize
Yes, but they do scream so…
Actually to consider it- it would be cheaper just to shoot them (you save on the psychological treatment costs and hourly wages).
Either’s effective though.

suburban refugee

You might want to figure out the LD 50 first. Something tells me SS Barbie, I mean Ann Coulter, is going to shot with a great many darts.

But is this really such a good thing? After all, who would we have to belittle and laugh at?


border crossings have dropped incredibly

A group of volunteers located at one sliver of the border caused a statistically relevent drop in illegal immigration? Really now, last I heard they were bumbling around the desert setting off false alarms on the motion sensors, and potential border crossers were being tipped off on the locations of the volunteers. But this is America, and we’re all free to define personal success however we want. Gooooo Minutemen!


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