This Week In Sadly (An Infographic):

sadlyno graphic.jpg

That says ‘poutine’ if your monitor is by Mattel like ours, or if it refuses to reproduce the word, ‘poutine.’ Stay grippingly engaged for a Wingnut Twins adventure, probably some good-natured ribbing of the veal-sculpted Mark Crutcher and his jumping-poodle show, Life Dynamics, and crucial updates on Seb’s double-penis auction.


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You forgot to include a barely-dressed Amber Pawlik sitting in his lap, but other than that, pretty accurate. 😉


you’re screen refuses to show the word “poutine”, why does it hate canada?


I thought Seb and America’s Worst Mother (trademark sign, TBOGG) were having a baby. That’s what SZ is saying, anyway.


I see you are trying to dethrone UggaBugga for best blog graphics.


Poutine? Isn’t that Andrew Sullivan’s drag name?


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