Do NOT Read This If You’re Not a Baseball Fan

OK, I’m putting the main contents of this post below the fold. DO NOT READ IT IF YOU ARE NOT A BASEBALL FAN- I wish to hear no whining about “Ooooh-hoooo-hoooo, we come to S,N! to read about Justin Darr, not your silly little men playing with their balls.” I’ll have none of it. This is you last chance to stop reading.

Ready? Here we go:

Yeeeeeeah, that’s the shit I’m talkin’ ’bout right there.

OK, that’s it. Promise not to blog about baseball here until the Red Sox make it to the playoffs again…


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Jeeze, what’s with all this stupid baseball crap.


Did they take the banner down after the first game with the Yankees?


THANK YOU! Darn skippy it is okay to post about baseball.

‘Cept I’m peevish because I put a bunch of Red Sox on my fantasy baseball team, and they are TRASHING my stats.


About time the perenial LOSERS won something. You guys didn’t do anything until you got a cast-off from the Twins. hehe


I’ve only been to Boston once. I loved it, I loved the people–especially all the pale Irish guys–I liked that the friend I was staying with lived within a 10 minute walk of Fenway, but….I’m sick to death of the Red Sox and their fans. Now that you won’t have the “poor, angst ridden Red Sox fans” thing to fall back on anymore, what other bit of annoying fandom are they going to latch on to? An no, I loathe the Yankees and their fans even more.

And if I hear one more time that “the Red Sox v. Yankees is the greatest rivalry in sports”–oh REALLY? Real Madrid v. Barcelona, Manchester United v. Liverpool, Everton v. Liverpool, England v. France, England v. Germany, Ajax v. PSV, Inter v. AC, Juve v. everyone else in Italy and so on and so on kick the crap out of that little bit of Northeast media bias–I *will* scream.


I’m a Cubs fan myself (yes- I love pain), so I can only hope to feel similar emotions at some point in my lifetime :sigh:.


The Boston Red Sox have consistenly been a patchwork of personalities, and occasionally, a great team. Especially the last few years.

When the Red Sox were winning the fouth straight game of the world series last year, Red Sox fans allowed themselves to be cautiously not entirely pessimistic. about year 87. That lasted for the last 2 pitches, then they won, finally.

this is a new season. We get a new hairshirt.


I’m a Cubs fan myself (yes- I love pain), so I can only hope to feel similar emotions at some point in my lifetime :sigh:.”

Well, I don’t think we have what it takes to stop the Evil Empire right now (David Wells for Pedro Martinez? Please), but I’m hoping the Young Guns in Chicago (Prior, Zambrano) or Minnesota (Santana) are up to it. *Someone* has to beat the Yankees, y’know? I wanna be able to chant “2000” at A-Rod for years to come…


Hell yeah.



Took ’em long enough. It only took my team 41 years. GO ANGELS!!


What we need is some more picture of Derek Jeter watching the flags go up…


Baseball? I came here to read about Justin Darr, goddamn it!!


Nice. Now all you need are what, 20, 21 more to catch up to the Bombers? 😉

Go Yankees!


Ajax v. PSV

Ajax v. Feyenoord is the big rivalry there.


Feyenoord? They suck!

(I have no idea what I’m talking about.)


Wait a second, isn’t it the New England Patriots who are the world champions? I’m so confused.


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