Malkin Definitely Not-equals Cunt!

A firestorm of criticism has brought us, as Debbie Daniel might say, to a bolt of self-doubt, becoming an earthquake of clarity that whipped into a line in the sand. That line became a vicious circle that talked turkey!

Many commenters told us that the word, ‘c___,’ as found on Malkin’s blog and quoted by ourselves, is unacceptable and offensive, and may not be used.

For instance, a hypothetical phrase such as, “Michelle Malkin, a vile racist whose every lying utterance reeks to God, who tarts herself around like a der-headed twelve-year-old mall rat, has said “I’m nothing but a c___” in a public forum; and would indeed profitably be avoided by all decent people for the sulfurous stench she gases out every time she attempts to imitate human speech,” would be an acceptable and uncontroversial phrase (hypothetically) save for the use of the word, ‘c___,’ which is offensive.

(Malkin on Matthews, claiming Kerry ‘shot himself’ to get his combat medals)

Instead of being all like, “Wuh? But she left us a huge, gaping opening — as it were,” we promised to avoid anatomical references in the future, and to concentrate instead on our core endeavor of making fun of big, bouncy dicks — or calling people rude euphemisms for fat whangers, or penises. A hypothetical example would be, “Jonah Goldberg is a big, fat, throbbing, doinking ding-dong of a penis!”

This move away from anatomical humor seemed to make folks relieved and happier, and that’s what we’re here for — to educate and comfort through mirth. Or, as Louis Untermeyer said so lucidly:

Laughter shall drown the raucous shout;

And, though these shelt?ring walls are thin,

May they be strong to keep hate out

And hold love in.

For being a spokesmodel for ethnic concentration camps might be bad indeed, but some things just aren’t funny. We extend a wreath of friendship to Malkin and to all who sail upon her. And we promise never to do it again at the earliest possible opportunity.


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Meh- call a spade a spade (or in this case a cunt a cunt).
If we want to censor ourselves based on etymology then we’ll be forced to eliminate nouns from our language (until verbs become nouns and over the years appriciate their own connotations… wait- Damn!).


Dude, you didn’t have to be such a choad about it.


Frankly I find the usage rather tickles my munt.


As Brad R. said below, given that Malkin called herself a cunt, I didn’t find the fact that you expressed agreement with her offensive. But otherwise, calling her that is offensive, and just hands her an easy way to say, “See! Those liberals are disgusting misogynists!” and to avoid discussing the merits of her vile positions. (Likewise if you’d called Armstrong Williams or Thomas Sowell a nigger.) Just point out the facts: that Magalang/Malkin is a Scaife-paid right-wing shill who endorses concentration camps for whatever ethnic minority the government doesn’t like at the moment. (As for calling someone a dick and the like, for whatever reason that’s not as offensive as “cunt.” For that matter, calling someone a “pussy” isn’t nearly as bad, either. I’m not sure why that is, but that’s the reality.)


Yes, I can’t say the letter ‘b’
It was all due to a trauma I suffered as a sbool boy; I was hit by a bat.
A cat?
No, a bat.
Well can you say the letter, ‘k’?
Oh Yes.
car[sic]-key, kettle, Kipling, […]
Well, why don’t you use the letter ‘k’ instead of ‘c’?
Oh, I see, spell bolor with a ‘k’….Kolor.

What a silly bunt!


Michelle Malkin is smegma.

…Don’t you just hate that word? Michelle hates it so much, she’d rather be called a cunt.

Michelle, I do nothing but your bidding. You’re a cunt.


You can escape all accusations of misogyny by calling people of EITHER gender “assholes,” “bstards,” or “dick-breathed shiteaters.”

Come on now, use your imagination.


If you can’t call a cunt, a cunt then what does one call her?



Do you suppose I could get into Malkin’s pants wearing Powerline Boxers? What about a Daily Kos messenger bag.

Vote here on the Worst Blog Gear on the market.



Also… was anyone else as shocked as I was to learn that this _____ is an Oberlin grad?!? She must have crossed over to the dark side after one too many take back the night marches or something…


hey – since Malkin’s husband Jesse also blogs under her name on their site, does that make him a cunt too? I say yes…Jesse Malkin is also a cunt.


Don’t lower yourself to Malkin’s level. She’s talking dirty to build greater brand loyalty with her unfuckable rightard fan base. “Oh, damn, she’s so hot when she’s right.”

The only thing left for her to do is have a hot homo-partisan chat with Coulter.

“I’ve been a very naughty ‘c’ word, and must be punished.”

“No, no, spank me!”



Floyd Alvis Cooper

I have no comment at this point in time.


This issue is irrelevant. The word ‘cunt’ is actually Anglo-Saxon for the bottom of a valley. Following the norman invasions of England in 1066, the Normans decided to alienate Saxons from their culture by taking obscure Saxon words and giving them anatomical meanings.

There were, in fact, several dozen of these words. ‘Cunt’ is the only one that survives to this date. I fail to see what is so shocking about calling Malkin a valley floor.


“Well can you say the letter, ‘k’?
Oh Yes.
car[sic]-key, kettle, Kipling, […]”

Er, that’d be “Khaki”


Steve – its a metaphor, obviously. ‘vagina’ is latin for what you keep your sword in. (ie sheath) Many words are figures of speech in this way, even if we dont remember what they originally referred to


talking of bats.
the swedish word for bat is fladdermus – which happens to be a derogative word for a ‘loose woman” since, mus sounds similar to moese, which is cunt. so bat means flapping … ah well you get the picture


apologies for this last entry … I have to wash my mouth now.


did you steal that screengrab from Busybusybusy? that has to be one of the best unflatteringly amusing shots i have ever seen of anyone. ever. still laughing.


Following on from Steve’s and Just Wondering’s etymology and metaphoria – there’s a whole complex of c*n and k*n words in English (some of them place-name words, some not), most seeming to come from Celtic. The asterisk above is standing in for various vowels; the terms have that same fundamental meaning of valley or channel or hollow place, often with associations with moisture or water. Welsh “Cwm” means valley; “cundy” in obsolete/dialectical English means sluice or drain; for that matter “channel” comes to English thru French from Latin “canalis”. Two important streams in England are named Kennet. The hare (and later, the rabbit) was associated with lust and sexuality from pagan times – and the old country terms for rabbit were “coney” and “puss”. If you like to take a Tantric tack, you can muse upon the old words relating to special knowledge and wisdom, like “ken” and “cunning” – because Enlightenment is found within the cunt, after all.

All a lot better than “pudenda”, which means “the shamefuls”. And thus we see that Mz. Michelle doesn’t deserve to call herself, nor yet be called, a cunt.


I may be mistaken, but I think the picture of Ms. Malkin captioned “Malkin on Matthews, claiming Kerry ‘shot himself’ to get his combat medals” is actually from “Real Time with Bill Maher”, not “Hardball with Chris Matthews.”


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