Debate Thread Yaah! Zarg! Fleen!

ABOVE: Comment from the story, “African Press Publishes Shocking
Michelle Obama Quotes?

ABOVE: Servicemen in Iraq with the Ohio state flag.

Hanx! John Cole via Matt Ortega.


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I was just going to post a link to that JC post in the comments, because it is the funniest EVAH.


Fake but Accurate…

Indeed, that this was an actual flag and not an Obama flag only strengthens their point.


You need to examine the kerning between the stars…

Gary 'r€nato' Ruppert

The fact is, this merely serves to prove that the Vast Obama Conspiracy goes back at least over 100 years to the adoption of the “Ohio” flag.


Yep, we’ve been found out in Ohio–no matter what the polls say, this is ObamaLand. Grandpa McSame and Georgette W. Palin shoulda got while the gettin’ was good, you betcha.


It seems those soldiers are in the tank for Obama, but I don’t see any tank.


Jeezus christs tits in a mason jar, these people are deeply defective.

Dood. Obama could “create” ten thousand fifty eight “countries” in the US, and do you know how many of them would be “african”?

Come on now. You can work this one out all by yourself. Here’s a hint. Ten thousand fifty eight of those countries would be “North American”. Now, how many would be “African”?

That’s right. African countries, in order to qualify as such, pretty much have to be within shouting distance of the continent of AFRICA.

None of which at all addresses the mechanism by which the President of the United States is going to “Create” a country in the US. Under what authority could he do that? How would it work? Do you suppose the people who lived in the place where he designated this new country to be might be unhappy with that? Do you suppose if the President started strutting around “creating” countries, somebody might take him to a nice, quiet place and relieve him of his duties?

Now go sit in the corner…



Clearly those phony soldiers are in the tank for Obama. Troops from Ohio are the Schutzstaffel of Liberal Fascism. Jesus Christ Townhallers are stupid. This is an embarrassment to one celled organisms.



SamFromUtah said,

October 16, 2008 at 1:48

It seems those soldiers are in the tank for Obama, but I don’t see any tank.

That’s because Dukakis parked it just outside the picture.


Zarg! Fleen!

Damn, I didn’t know Miss Althouse was joining us!

Smiling Mortician

OK, look. The current condition of wingnut observational powers being what it is, I can forgive the the lack of knowledge about the state flag of the state in question. I can even get past the nearly inexcusable confusion about whether that circle might be the Change-thingie. But I really must draw the line at the notion that one had to look closely to determine that it’s not an American flag.

I urge Clendon to look on the bright side. Perhaps under the upcoming administration, s/he’ll finally have some decent health benefits that include coverage for mental illness.


John McCain on the integrity of the vote in Florida. Charlie Crist on same:

Despite claims by the Republican National Committee that the integrity of Florida’s voting system is at risk thanks to the registration efforts of ACORN, a liberal leaning group that backs Sen. Barack Obama, Republican Gov. Charlie Crist said he’s not buying it.

“There are some who sort of enjoy chaos,” Crist told reporters this morning.

Crist said he has “enormous confidence” in his secretary of state, Republican Kurt Browning, who reports there is no widespread voter fraud in Florida. A handful of bogus registrations, including one for Mickey Mouse, have been submitted by ACORN in Central Florida, but they’ve been caught by elections officials or the organization itself.

Watch your back, Gov. Crist. Dissent from party dishonesty is viewed as disloyalty.


I don’t wanna hear about any damned fags! I don’t care how sparkly they are!

When I was a kid, we didn’t have any fags.. Or stars, either! Except for the Duke! Boys were men and Bill O’Randly talked with their fists and the women were legs up to their necks and Glen Miller, he’d shoot ya dead in the eye, and I killed my grandma cuz she talked and talked and talked and that’s when I mambo dog faced to the banana patch!

God damned friggamumshemamblumdadorm…




Two more things.

First. Man. Ohio’s got one butt-ugly flag. They shoulda used an outta state design firm.

Just sayin.

Second. No. Not gonna watch the debate tonight. Nothing gonna happen that I want to see, and frankly, I already know who I’m going to vote for.

I don’t want to hear McCain try to parse the truth, and I don’t find any entertainment value in his obnoxious dishonesty. If I thought there was at least some hope that he would go all wacko on Obama’s ass, I’d at least have it on without sound.

But no. They’ve figured out his dosage. He’ll do fine. He’ll lose, but no worse than with the other two. He’ll try something desperate, like demanding more debates (Obama will refuse). He may even bring up Ayers (BILL! AYERS! ATE! ALL! THE! COOKIES!).

Then, tomorrow, it will be back on with the lies and the slime and falling poll numbers. And ultimately, in three weeks, mercifully, it will end. Not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Palin will return to Wasilla, irrationally convinced of her own national importance. McCain will return to the Senate for a couple years of spotty attendance and irrelevance. We’ll be arguing about who Obama’s SecDef and SecState should be.

Consumer spending will tank, the finance markets will finish cratering and Obama will spend the first two years of his first term trying to keep the leaky dike from collapsing completely.

Most of the fun part is over…



They’ve figured out his dosage. He’ll do fine.

That’s about what I figured. Though I wouldn’t watch anyway, because I’ve been allergic to politics-on-TV since about 1990.

If anything really good happens, the young’uns will put it on that youtubes thing anyway.


Why don’t you do these things in the afternoons so it’s not 2.00 am for some of us by the time it starts, you American BASTARDS?


That has to be a gag. How could someone that stupid even figure out how to turn on a computer?


So, to conservatives, anything vaguely crescent-shaped is an OBVIOUS plot by the Muslimonazis to foist their vile paganism upon Amurrca.

And any circle using the colors red, white and blue–or any combination thereof–is the “Obama Seal.”

Just last night my friend and I were wondering how Bush’s approval could still be as high as 23%–who could be so stupid and clueless?

Who indeed…


mikey said,

October 16, 2008 at 2:00


Two more things.

First. Man. Ohio’s got one butt-ugly flag. They shoulda used an outta state design firm.

You’re right, mikey. My mind’s made up, I’m movin’ to West Virginny!


Noo, Looney/Thunder.

Go west, young man.

You could stop at silly valley, or just keep going to the Kona coast.

Why not?



I’ve seen a lot of stupidity, but this just boggles the mind. How can someone like that manage to type? It must be a 24 hour struggle to remember to breathe in and out.

It’s relatively well typed as well. Must be a moron with a secretary. A Dilbert character. The Republican base is reduced to Dilbert characters. I bet they genuinely go “duh” out loud when they’re not speaking or remembering to breathe or clubbing their hands together like seals in front of Fox News.


It’s not a flag, it’s a burgee.


AFRIHIO, ya’ll!!!!


It’s not a flag, it’s a burgee.

…someone gave me one of those once – I was sore for a week!


That’s right, suckas. Keep thinking it’s simply a state flag misunderstanding. Just don’t ask yourself in which state I’m building reparations camps!

Just. Don’t. Ask. Some other pitiful peckerwood will be happy to take your ramen rations.


AFRIHIO, ya’ll!!!!

That’d be a pretty pasty African country…


Ole Clendon is going to be convinced Obama’s fealty lies with the Spanish Crown after Obama makes his next appearance in Florida.

Dragon-King Wangchuck

Okay you Sadlynaughts, made of sterner stuff than I. I refuse to watch the debate as I can not risk seeing the cringe inducing “smile” – but I’ve got my bourbon and will be drinking along whenever you folks tell me to. Good luck to yous.

Alaska Independence Party

mikey asks:
“None of which at all addresses the mechanism by which the President of the United States is going to “Create” a country in the US. Under what authority could he do that? How would it work? Do you suppose the people who lived in the place where he designated this new country to be might be unhappy with that? Do you suppose if the President started strutting around “creating” countries, somebody might take him to a nice, quiet place and relieve him of his duties?”

Dear mikey,
Thank you for your interest in AIP. If you fill out this questionnaire we will be happy to provide with our multimedia educational package.


DKW, did you see what that a-hole Murphy wrote back at Time-Swamp?

Fucker’s all like:

I got mine, suckas! HA HA HA!


Is this related to the liebrul plan to have both coasts secede and join Canadia? (And then, from what I’ve been hearing, mass-vote liberal there and try to save it? :p)


Even Michelle Malkin can work out that they were Ohio state flags – perhaps Clendon’s real name is Cletus.

Dragon-King Wangchuck

I got mine, suckas! HA HA HA!

Umm, as dumb as TIME is, I don’t think they signed Mike Murphy to a ten year contract – but yeah, fucking asshole. Sadly, also the most honest Swamplander they got.

Eric (an halibut)

I’m with the Dragon-King. I can’t hack it.

I’ll keep watching the Phillies.


As for me, highly-strung is my default mood, so in anticipation of the inevitable swearing and throwing things I’m going to do when Johnny Crash starts in on the Ayers/Acorn/Anti-American rubbish, I’m all jacked-down on warm milk with honey and cinnamon (hell, it’s a school night). BUT if McCain’s creepy heh-heh grin gets to be too much to bear, the next two mugfuls are going to be at least half Mount Gay. Maybe more.


First. Man. Ohio’s got one butt-ugly flag. They shoulda used an outta state design firm

Doing that usually winds you up with shit like this. Flags have a certain sort of old-world gravitas that capitalist civilization is incapable of dealing fully with.

The main problem with the Ohio flag is not who designed it (vexillographers tend to do good work – c.f. the poll of state flags they did, which picked out some really beautiful ones and excoriated exactly the ones you’d probably wind up spitting on), but that they tried to be both clevar (who the fuck flies a burgee? Were we looking to one-up the Marquis of Brabant or something?) and US-y (the American flag is fuckin’ ugly from a purely vexillo standpoint, and it’s got far too many imitators to make a new one look good, especially in the same colors); they basically crippled themselves from the word go.

The region actually produces a lot of really good local flags – Indiana’s isn’t too bad, and Indanapolis’s and St. Louis’s are damned beautiful, and NAVA’s top city flags has the Mideast pretty heavily represented.

But fuck the Buckeye State.


This headline should get big laughs
Quayle to Palin: ‘Just be yourself’


Is this related to the liebrul plan to have both coasts secede and join Canadia? (And then, from what I’ve been hearing, mass-vote liberal there and try to save it? :p)

Now listen, if you’re going to join us, you’ll have to learn a few things.

1. Liberal (we call it “big L liberal”) is centrist (“small C conservative”) up here – and some of us don’t think they’ll save us.

2. The left-of-center vote is strong but split (some Liberals, NDP, etc.), so with a multi-party system and a first-past-the-post electoral system, it gets lost in pluralities.

…just two of many (boring) realities. Don’t look for an easy time up here. But you’re welcome to join the fun.

You Can't Put Lipstick On A Repig

No flag pin on McPOW!



Hurt, anger, greed, more angry, angry again.

And Nancy Reagan’s sick.

Fanny and Freddie are to blame.


Annnnnd they’re off!


Buy my fucking house, Mad Jack!


Nancy Ray-gun? What, no love for Cheney, who I understand has been discovered to have a heart?


McCain’s already incoherent.


The fundamentals are weak?

I thought they were sound.


Doctor Missus Marita

In lieu of a drinking game, I’ve obtained a box of Entenmann’s chocolate pop ’ems, and will be eating one for every “My friends…”.

How fat will I be at the end of the debate?


McCain looks like the Wizard of Oz Scarecrow.


Fanny and Freddie are to blame.

Without low information voters, the goopers would only have a couple of billionaires at the polls.


Joe the Plumber. Right.


How fat will I be at the end of the debate?


/Marv Albert


Being in a higher tax bracket means higher taxes?

Who knew?

And McCain’s going into the plumbing business. Well, he will need some kind of job.

Doctor Missus Marita

John McCain will take care of Joe the plumber, but fuck the rest of us.


Barry X can’t suppress a grin at Gramps’s incoherent blather.


C’mon, Barack. Ya gotta be punchier.

Punchier. More punchy.


Next up, Bob the Builder.


Joe the Plummer is not a good theme for this debate…


Wow. Imagine a president who speaks clearly, makes sense, and puts words in the correct order. Wouldn’t that be nice?

“Spread the wealth around.” SOCIALISM!!! CLASS WARFARE!!! Jerkbag.


McCain took his vitamins.

‘Class warfare.’ Nice way to bring us together.


God, get off Joe the Plumber already.

Doctor Missus Marita

Memo to McCain: Never, ever laugh. CREEPY.

Dragon-King Wangchuck

Was it “Class Warfare” or “Class Warfare, my friends”?


Yeah, Warren Buffet got my attention.

But Joe the Plumber? Fuck him.


The record deficit is the result of pork, right?


Great, I can look forward to a refund.


NOT spread the wealth around? NOT?


That’s a lot of lines and even more pages.


Oooo, Jack’s sweet on Hillary.

Doctor Missus Marita

Note to McCain Part 2: Don’t say things like “In the Depression we had…”, that make you sound like you were active in politics in the Depression.


Hatchet first, scapel second.



Yup, it’s all about the pork and the barrel and that stupid overhead projector.


Hey, am I the only one here?

I’ll shut up for a while.


Surplus. Bush. Get it goin’ Barry.

Doctor Missus Marita

What am I, chopped liver?


I’m not President Bush.

Just look in the mirror.


Oooh, out with the canned lines. Falls flat, McSame. Douchebag.


Mmmmmmmmmmmm, liver…..


I love Obama’s facial expressions. He’s so cool.

Trilateral Chairman

I actually think that the “I’m not President Bush” schtick will work for him.’s OK – you’re entertaining us (a la Plato)


Trilat Chair: I don’t think so. He’s not Bush but there’s that voting 95 percent of the time with him thing.


Obama’s thinking in eight-year terms.


Shit, McCain just repeated Obama from the previous thread debate.


“I got the scars to prove it.” Translation: “Did I ever mention I was a POW for 5 1/2 years?”


Obama is challenging the “I’m not Bush” soundbite. “If sometimes I confuse Se. McCain’s policies with George Bush, it’s because….”


I’m here, I’m busy drinking.

Also, considering mikey’s advice.

West Virginia: close, few people.

Maui: far, and better snorkeling.


Obama doesn’t need to defend standing up to the leaders of his party, shitbag. YOU do.


False equivalence.

Schieffer is a fucking cobag.

Doctor Missus Marita

Here comes the Ayers bit!


Oh christ, again with the fucking town hall meetings. Get over it Gramps!!


Oh, negative campaign. It’s all Obama’s fault.

And that other black guy’s.



is that even a word?


“That to me was hurtful.” Blow me.

Obama doesn’t have anything to repudiate, McLame. YOU, on the other hand —


For 5 and 1/2 years I could not kiss my friend Joe’s plumber butt.


Hmm, McCain answers a question about negative campaigning with some negative campaigning.


“100% of your ads have been negative, John. It’s true.”

Doctor Missus Marita

How many lies per minute can John McCain manage.

What a complete and utter shitbag.


I can’t believe McPoopy went into the negative campaign thing. He’s counting on Obama being more of a high-roader to point it out.

Trilateral Chairman

Mz: I’m not judging by facts; I’m judging by rhetoric. It’s a gut feeling sort of thing. I don’t *want* that to be true, but I think it is. So it goes.


McCain may pop a blood vessel tonight. All he’s got is his being pissed off.

Dragon-King Wangchuck

Okay that’s half an hour, I’m fucking drinking anyways.


Obama is really good at the patient but firm correction, isn’t he!


“Attacks on my health care plan.” WHAT health care plan, shitbag?!


When you attack my health care plan, you’re attacking me, mother fucker.

Doctor Missus Marita

Is misportray a word?


And AGAIN with Joe the Plumber!! Holy hell.


“Of COURSE, I’ve been talking about Joe the Plumber.”


If it talks about POLICY it’s not an ATTACK ad. It may be wrong, but Jesus H.


Get into it Obama. YES. Make McBlowMe repudiate his hate.


McCain’s a real piss head.


Say it ain’t so, Joe the Plumber!

Doctor Missus Marita

Note to McCain 3: Try not to snorf into your microphone while Senator Obama is speaking. We can hear that.


Hey, I love my bigots!


He’s proud of those fuckin’ lunatics!

Doctor Missus Marita

10, 15 thousand people is a large rally to McCain? Piker!


Military women…veterans…I’m not oging to stand for saying people who come to my rallies are dedicated and patriotic blah blah blah” You duplicitious oaf. FUCK YOU.


Wow, McCain has absolutely no self-awareness.


Is it just me, or does McCain interupt Obama a shitton more than Obama interupts McCain?


Dedicated patriots who yell “terrorist” and “kill him”. And he’s so proud of the people that come to his rallies!


Obama is really good at the patient but firm correction, isn’t he!

He’s got that down ferdamsure. He’s starting to sound more pissed now, yet he doesn’t let it take over, he just let it simmer just right to give his word some edge.

Now McCain’s blathering about veterans in his audience. Don’t you dare challenge their heroism by criticizing the behavior at my rallies! Obama comes back with an authoritative tone, “OK look.”




Ayers and ACORN. Bring it!


Obama shouldn’t have let McPOW get away with that military veterans jab. He’s unconscionable.

Oh, “washed up terrorist.” Here we go.

ACORN? You wanna go there? What a dick.


Here comes Ayers, ACORN, blah blah.


Heh, Obama sounds like a nice dad talking to a nasty toddler.

Doctor Missus Marita

And with the Ayers mention, the voter response TANKS on the CNN meter.

ACORN too. Again, what a shitbag.


Ayers, old washed up terrist! Way to go Grampy, could you look more ridiculous?


Ah, Obama lays it down, including Annenberg.

Doctor Missus Marita

Oh, Obama. Handling this so well.

Trilateral Chairman

Zowie, Obama handled that well. The rightists were no doubt hoping for a McCain slam-dunk, and Obama stuffed his ass. Well done.

Doctor Missus Marita

So very, very, very well.

Smirky McAneurysm just sits there and smirks.


Wow, McCain’s quoting wingnut blogs. With enthusiasm.

Game over.


McCain sounds like a fargin’ bastage 24K loony.


Don’t forget Joe the Plumber or Poland


I do like the fact that they’re letting them go back and forth, like a real debate.

McCain is looking even worse in this format.


Attack and go negative, McLame. Do it. That’s worked for you so well so far.

Segue right into raising taxes from Ayers? YEAH!!!! You’re RIDICULOUS!!!


Aha! Now we talk about Caribou Barbie.

This’ll be funny.

Trilateral Chairman

A well-timed laugh by Obama–he hit McCain exactly as McCain produced the non sequitur.


“I want to get this campaign back on track.” Liar.

Doctor Missus Marita

Yes! Why did you pick your running mate?!?!?

Trilateral Chairman

heh heh. Cue the righties complaining about the question.


McNumbNutz has got NOTHIN. Nada. He’s sitting there looking all pissy and smirky, while Obama calmly and straightforwardly explains his positions.

Doctor Missus Marita

Can the rest of you hear McCain snorting into his mic?


Caribou Barbie’s a reformer!


Is Obama droppin’ more g’s than usual?


Very classy; talk about how great Biden is, no need to say a word about Palin, reality does all the talking for him.

Doctor Missus Marita

She took on a member of her own party when running for governor? You mean… she ran in a primary??!?

How mavericky!!!


Yes McFuck, let’s hear all about your fabulous choice of running mate.

Reformer? NO.
Role Model to All Women? Eat me.
Oil pipeline? Up your butt.


Doctor Missus Marita

That nearly came out as “breast of freth air”. Careful there, Senator.


Johnny’s in looooove!

“But is she qualified to be President?”


“Do you think she’s qualified to be President?”

Obama doesn’t take the bait. I sorta wish he would.

“Special needs will require funding.” OOOOOOHHH Kick him in the balls!!


McC sounds like a grandfather toasting at graduation.



Your special needs kid is simply a prop, McCain!


And in turn McCreepy goes negative on Biden.

“Cockamamie idea”? GET off my lawn Obama!”

Trilateral Chairman

Marita: Yes. I presume it’s McCain, though I suppose it could be the moderator.

Oooh…a good response by Obama with regards to the scalpel.


McCain is so full of shit it’s coming out his eyeballs.


Wrong on foreign policy? Says the guy who thinks Pakistan borders Iraq.

Doctor Missus Marita


That last snork was definitely McCain.


Canadian oil is fine, but fuck that Venezuelan shit.

Doctor Missus Marita

Nuclear power is always safe! Just look at Cherno… never mind.


Nuclear power plants, bitchez! If the Navy does it, civilians can do it!


Heartland! Clean coal!


McStain is definitely one cranky old fuck, and it’s as clear as a bell.


So, during the first debate, I felt sort of sorry for McCain. During the second, I started to have mixed feelings of pity with a slight dash of uncomfortable dislike. But this debate? Fuck him. He’s disgusting.


But no money for research?

Doctor Missus Marita

Why research things before doing them? That’s just time-consuming and expensive.


Obama’s making sense.


Marita, I just snerked in my mike.


Um, Hamels is dropping the hammer on the fucking dogers.


Is there something else going on?



Obama’s making sense.

Yeah, what a concept.


Drill, baby, drill!

Did I mention I’m a tiny man with small hands and feet?


That’s just time-consuming and expensive

…and sometimes (depending on the answer) awkward

Doctor Missus Marita

What the holy fuck is that cobag talking about now?


Ooooo, Obama’s against Columbia but for drugs.

Speaking of no brains…


Huh, McCain wants to do a lot of stuff that costs money.


McCain is anti-drugs flowing into our country. Screw ‘im.

“Free trade with Colombia is a no-brainer!” Takes one to know one.


“Maybe you should travel down there and understand it.” Condescending old fartbag. He keeps trying to get Obama’s goat and Obama’s having none of it.


what the fudge is oldy mcsenile babbling about? the people who kidnapped americans and then freed them are getting food for more money and we have to get it for free. drugs killing kids. never blinx


So, apparently when they say “Let McCain be McCain,” they mean “let the old fool ramble and say whatever the fuck comes into his head at any given moment.”


McCain admires Obama’s eloquence. Is that a jib at him being biracial or because he is an elitist?


mikey said,

October 16, 2008 at 3:51

Um, Hamels is dropping the hammer on the fucking dogers.


Is there something else going on?


I’m going to the store. Alcohol shortage.


I really wouldn’t mind seeing Obama take at least one glove off. I think he can afford it at this point.


Oops – I mean jab


When McCain brought up Colombia, he handed Obana a human rights speech on a plate.


I can feel McStain’s blood pressure rising with every second of the clock that Obama’s taking up.

It’s gotta be killing him.

Doctor Missus Marita

And then rolled his eyes at the human rights speech.


It’s all about Obama. Obama sez what he thinks, McFail attacks it. This is sweet.


Oooooohhh it’s the eeeeeeeeeeevil Hugo Chavez!


“He wants to raise taxes.”
Herbert Hoover. Depression.
Fuck you.

Doctor Missus Marita

I hope that the next time Obama laughs at McCain’s idiocy, Senator Cobag dive across the table at him.


McCain is blinkin’ and terrorist-in’.

He brought up Hoover. Schmuck.


Doesn’t the US export a shit load of oil? How about bringing that up.

Now Obama is Herbert Hoover


“Mister, we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again.”


Oh, way to piss off EVERY OTHER COUNTRY in the region.


woo toledo. sigh


Wow, McCain’s quoting wingnut blogs. With enthusiasm.

Is he singing “O! Solo Mio”?


I want national health, not a discount.


Health care

How about letting Medicare and Medicaid negotiate with the drug companies to take advantage of economies of scale?


But that would make sense.

Trilateral Chairman

Marita (belatedly): No doubt. I’m listening but not watching, so it’s a bit hard to tell. McCain seems like the snarfy sort, tho’.

Doctor Missus Marita

Oh yes! He’s telling americans not to be so fat!!! Awesome!


The problem with health care in america, per McStain?

Fat people.


McCain’s babbling about trivia, not health care.

Doctor Missus Marita

Joe the fucking Plumber. Again!


My wife is shouting, “You can’t get health care with a tax credit!”


Seriously, did Joe do the plumbing in McCain’s 50 houses or something?




and who could love Canada? certainly not Joe


McFuck’s health care plan:
Put records online.
Have nutrition plans in schools. (No cost for that, huh?)
$5,000 tax credit. Big Fucking Deal.
Joe the Plumber again. My friend.
Attack Obama on some phantom “fine.” Joe Plumber doesn’t want that.

Obama: Reasoned, well-thought out plan. McFuck: Attack Obama.


Oh yes – join a health club when you can barely afford to feed your kids.

$5000 – I just spent about $4000 on dental not covered by my health plan

Oh yeah – single payer doesn’t mean that the big health providers like Aetna or Humana will disappear


Love it. Obama’s getting all the talk time.

Wingnut bitch tomorrow – McStain didn’t get enough talk time.


I know its been said before, but fuck Joe the Plumber.


Obama seems to know Joe, too…. should we know Joe?


Obama’s hitting him on health care now.


$5,000 is my health-care PREMIUM for less than three months via COBRA. After that, We Can’t Get Health Care, McCreep. At Any Cost.

Obama is ripping him a new one on health care. He knows his stuff. McJackshit is like he’s never given it a second thought.

Doctor Missus Marita

I think what Obama is doing is pwning him on health care.


E- health records – the cost of positively identifying that the people who possibly can access your records are truly the appropriate people is incredible.


I just heard America collectively tell McStain to shut the fuck up and go away.

Really. I just heard it.


Joe is rich now! Oh no, poor Joe. Those Democrats are going to tax him so bad now!


“Joe, you’re rich, congratulations!” What The FUCK? And again with the “fine,” after Obama has just painstakingly explained how that’s not the case.

On this issue alone McBlame should go down in flames.


How does all the nutrition education and exercise and dietary counseling fit in with the spending freeze? I guess you only get those things if you are in the military.…mandates….blah, blah, blah


did he say no transplants?

but I really need that lungQ!!!!!


He puts cosmetic surgery into the same category as transplants?

Is he even a real human being?


5000 is less than 5800


McStain wants us all to buy cheap junk health insurance from a guy with a post office box in oklahoma.

For $5,800.


No one who has ever been to a doctor in the last ten years knows how full of shit this blowbag is.

Doctor Missus Marita

Senator Government! You’re no breast of fresh air!


“Senator Obama wants GOVERNMENT to do the job!” And……?


take your $5000 and choose your future!!! (Senator Government)


“Senator Government..” lol


Senator Government?

So he thinks that the Dems will be in control for the next 8 years.


Make that “any one.” This shit is really pissing me off.



Doctor Missus Marita

No litmus test. Bullshit.


Wow, let’s get rid of the supreme court, and just have a few states.


“No litmus test” for the S. Ct. my ass.

Doctor Missus Marita

If he picks people based on their qualifications, how does he explain Palin?


Qualifications for the Supreme Court – How do you explain Thomas?

Doctor Missus Marita

Obama voted against Breyer?


He’ll pick the best nominees for the Court just like he did with his VP running mate.


Uhm, Obama wasn’t a Senator when David Breyer was nominated by Bill Clinton…


in 1997


“women in consultation with their drs. etc. are in the best position to make this decision.” Well THANK YOU Mr. Obama.

Trilateral Chairman

Well, if McCain gets elected with a Democratic Congress, he won’t be *able* to get an anti-abortion judge through.

I hope.

But of course he would otherwise have a litmus test; even if he didn’t want to, the Republican Party wouldn’t have it any other way.

Oh, well done with the “Roe v. Wade hangs in the balance” bit.

Doctor Missus Marita

Yay! Pay discrimination!


I don’t understand the CNN monitor thing.

Good – Obama makes it personal with Ledbetter/


McCain looks absolutly insane. (blin, blink)

Doctor Missus Marita

Well, acrannymint, women care more about women getting paid less than men do.


“A trial lawyer’s dream.” What a dick.


Obama eats babies!!11!

Trilateral Chairman

hee hee. “we have to change the culture of America,” says McCain, and righties’ heads explode.

Doctor Missus Marita

McCain is really just giving Obama a chance to dispel this bullshit on national TV.


I did notice that. I like the way that McCain is tanking on abortion. It is interesting on the male response.


If the drinking game only allowed a drink when Mccain uttered a coherent sentence I’d be stone cold sober.


McJackAss can only attack attack attack. In turn, Obama calmly explains his position. This is not working well for Grampy.

Doctor Missus Marita

I do not agree with him on this point, but at least he’s stating his viewly lucidly.


Look at McSmirky. I just wish Obama would pull out a sock full of quarters and smack him senseless. I swear his poll nos. would rise even higher.


Worst. McCain. Performance. Yet.


Obama is coming out in favor of sex education!

McCain is sneering at “health”.


“The extreme pro-abortion position is the health of the mother.”



Looking at McCain, I can only think of the audience response in the Rocky Horror Picture show – Where’s his fucking neck?

Doctor Missus Marita

Women’s health! Pshaw!

She could have a hangnail! And they’d let her have an abortion!


Oh yeah McFuckhead, attack Obama’s eloquence and his definition of “health of the mother.” How dare Obama favor erring on the side of women’s health and lives. You irredeemable sack of shit.


McGrampy: Education? The world needs ditch diggers too, son.


OMG Obama is literally off the charts with the Uncommitteds on CNN with that education answer.



When schools compete, students win.

And when teachers fuck up, they wash cars.


Equal access to schools? How about putting money into poorly performing schools?

Doctor Missus Marita

McCain’s platform: job retraining for shitty teachers.


Oh – improving poorly performing schools isn’t the answer.


The civil rights issue of the 21st century!

Doctor Missus Marita

I think based on CNNs meters, Obama has won the shit out of this debate. He’s pegging the meter with every answer now. McCain, not so much.


Oh snap – they left the money behind.


I am fascinated by that stupid meter.


Obama seems to be scoring well with the women.


Hmmm, I think Obama’s been getting ready for this gig – y’know, running for president. He seems prepared.


First half hour was rocky, but omg, someone needs to drag that corpse out of there, because Obama done killed him.


Vouchers – what bullshit.
There are only so many slots in the good schools.


Wonder how much 1,000 a year will get you in private education.

Doctor Missus Marita

Wow. McCain’s voucher response just FLATLINED.

Eat it, Senator.


“A great first beginning.”

I think I’ll use that phrase tomorrow.

Doctor Missus Marita

Reform Head Start! Performance metrics for three year olds!!!


What crap on Head start. My niece was able to go to head start and was helped greatly




Doctor Missus Marita

Does McCain think Palin’s baby is autistic? WTF?


Blinky blinky.


Let’s have a total funding freeze, except for the quadrillion for CURING TARDS.


The B’more school district is in worse shape.


John McCain somehow manages to be both repetitive and contradictory.


Autistic, developmentally disabled, emotionally disturbed, two left feet…whatever.

It’s all retarded to McStain.



Doctor Missus Marita

My friends!!!


America needs a new direction and I will pander to morons to find it.


Time for McStain’s incoherent rambling and mumbles closing remarks.


You’re right; no human being would arrange stars like that.
Listen! You smell something?


We need quality education that I won’t pay for.


McCain cannot stand it if Obama gets the last word in. That last nasty jab might be final sprinkle on the huge cake Obama planted in mccain’s face.


Vote for me because of my grandfather.


stop the spending!!!


Serve serve serve.


“We have to make health care avoidable!”

Doctor Missus Marita

McCain points out that he comes from a long line of McCains that have served this country. And that wasn’t dog whistle at all, no siree.


McCain is actually doing nonverbally what Gore was accused of doing in 2000 debate.


Those “uhs” drive me nuts, but not bad.


He actually met Obama with only moderately forced cheerfulness.


Of course, Obama’s proposing to try kick-starting that old unsustainable model. Y’know, the one where this whole middle class thing tries to get bigger and consume more.

How long can that really go on?


Now there’s some couples body language.


Well. THAT certainly went well.

We’re just gonna sit back and watch the poll numbers roll in…


I think Obama took the high road while McCain didn’t. At least McCain shook Obama’s hand.

The symbolism is pretty heavy with the wive’s dress choices.


Please do not be near me in public John.


Can I just say, “F*** Joe the Plumber?”


C-SPAN had the debate on a split screen. Do you what that line was running down the middle, dividing the two candidates? Joe the Plumber’s Buttocks Crack!


Has McCain asked Obama if he’s a terrorist yet?


Goddam it.

My kitchen faucet is ALL fucked up.

Joe. Call me. OK?


A la lanterne les aristos

Unfortunately my feed was for crap. The audio was fine but the video keep freezing on Obama talking and McCain staring intensely like a crazy old ‘Nam vet.

Oh… wait…


thank god that is over. i hate this fucking shit. let’s swear in obama already


Is anyone else having trouble with YouTube video’s audio? Or is this problem on my end?


Should we focus all our g** d*** economic reconstruction policies on $250,000 / year earning aspiring business owners? What the f***ing f***?


I can’t figure out why Joe the Plumber want to buy a business where he workes 10-12 hours a day, seven days a week. I think I’d get into another line.

Trilateral Chairman

McCain’s closing statement made him sound like he was begging for the Presidency. “Three generations of my family have served, and I’ve served all my life.” He wants one more chance.

Sometimes you just have to say “Thank you, sir,” and move on.


I didn’t know Joe the Plumber earned $250,000 a year.


McCain said that if Joe the Plumber bought the business, it would put him into the higher tax bracket that Barack Obama would tax — i.e., over $250K.


To be horribly regressive. Could Obama make a seal for me? Not too big, a leopard seal is too big. Sort of a californian fur seal sized thing.
Boooo! McCain did not say get off his lawn!


Could someone please tell me how to marry this election?
I’ve never known a love like this before. Not even with Dan Riehl.


McCain: You hurt my fweewings. Apologize on behalf of Democrats not associated with your campaign for hurting me.

Obama: 2/3rds of the those polled find your ads negative. 100% of your ads are negative. But campaigns are tough and this campaign isn’t about my hurt feelings. I can handle having my feelings hurt. Americans are concerned with what’s hurting them, not us.

McCain is toast.


I like that McCain answered his own question on the cause of autism; it’s an extra chromosome, apparently. 9.9

And man! That guy blinked a TON. I felt like my eyes were watering just looking at him. Isn’t excessive blinking supposed to be a tell for lying or something?

But yeah, McCain’s whole “culture of life” bullshit thing really pissed me off. As some other commenters mentioned earlier, he was blatantly *disdainful* of taking the woman’s health into consideration! Don’t those whackjobs usually at least pretend not to hate women?


The only thing uglier than wing nuts when they’re winning is wing nuts when they’re losing.

This kind of bad craziness is going to make the Hillary-Clinton-murdered-Vince-Foster insanity seem like an episode of Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood. We laugh at them now, but these people are capable of more than just writing demented blog posts. Just ask the people who worked in the Oklahoma City federal office building.

The Obama administration is going to need a SERIOUSLY beefed up domestic counterterrorism unit.


caption for second photo:

“John McCain Spots Gene Simmons in the Audience”


Bollocks… wrong thread…


Isn’t excessive blinking supposed to be a tell for lying or something?

Hell yeah. As is unusually constant failure to look you in the eye – which can be very helpful info when you want to know if someone’s full of shit or not.

I didn’t see this one*, but in the other two, McCain seemed literally TERRIFIED to look Obama in the eye, even momentarily (& I assume this one was no different).

Liar liar, pants on fire.

* McCain would’ve had to have gotten Palin to gun Obama down from a chopper for him to even have a fighting chance at this point – & even THEN, Biden could step in & still win it.
From what I’ve read here, what with all the nastiness, nasal snurfing & rambling, not to mention screwing the pooch on education & health-care, he may have somehow done slightly more damage to himself, which is a weird kind of feat in itself. You can pull the stick out of ol’ Wet-Start & stop turning him over now – he’s done.


You’d think that a flag-waver would know about flag bunting.


McCain’s closing statement made him sound like he was begging for the Presidency. “Three generations of my family have served, and I’ve served all my life.” He wants one more chance.

I’m not normally a praying man, but if you’re out there, save me, The Man!


Clendon might want to add a “g” at the end of his name…


You’d think that a flag-waver would know about flag bunting.

They’re more the hit-and-run kind of ball team…


Could someone please tell me how to marry this election?

I just want to have sex with it, so can you let me know the wedding date? I promise to be done by then.


Goes to show that after 8 years under Dubya Dimwit, it just doesn’t dawn on them that someone might actually obey, honor and uphold the American Constitution, rather than use it for toilet paper. Also proves that Darwin was right and evolution is a two way street, as these hordes are devolving back into their simian forbears.


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I am now, after seeing the new hot brunette. I love her attitude


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