Eating children? Heh heh >burpmurder!

An esteemed colleague, in comments, turned us on to this:



And also this:
Holy disco-dancing HTML blink-tags!

This is Messr. Mark Crutcher, whom we might get to know quite a bit better in coming days, and here’s the homepage of his outreach-ministry and traveling snake-oil show, Life Dynamics Inc., which educates fearful red-state crowds on the sex abuses and murders committed by Planned Parenthood, among other things. Not plain old ordinary fetus murders but, apparently, the bang-you’re-dead kind.

We’re scouring the old brain to come up with a term that is to ‘wingnut’ as ‘mountain’ is to ‘molehill.’ Until then — why do all these guys look like penises molded out of veal?

[Update: Nice catch from HemlockEcho:]


But what if I WANT to make babies for the Aryan race? The pill’s good? It’s bad? — WHAT!?


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Goodwin says you lose.

Also, this handy abortion clinic locator comes in handy if your girlfriend catches the preggers.


I live just down the street from these people. Stranger, scarier folks do not exist.


Clicked on some links on the page and followed a few more to a few more and came across this page:

Rap is pro-life.


When will these sub-defectives learn that Hitler banned abortion?Sadly, Hemlock Echo, Godwin’s Law (not Goodwin) also says that whoever explicitly invokes it loses as well.


Especially considering that Hitler was continually pushing for German women to have more children, calling it their duty to the Aryan Race.

But this is the same mindset that’s convinced the UN will invade Montana (not that anyone would notice, or even care), and that gun control is part of the UN invasion plan.


The ‘100 Pictures of Abortions’ on this lunatics page is some of the most absurd, depraved propoganda I’ve ever seen. I’m sure this guy gets off on perpetuating this horror show, but does he know anything about real abortions?


Molehill is to mountain as wingnut is to …uebernut? Or, for easy pronounciation in Red States, oobernut. Oobernut. I like it. Woody. Not tinny at all.


If you ever lack for material, Crutcher will gladly supply you with a neverending stream of wingnuttery deserving of your signature reply. You’ll have to find his cable show to get the real gems though. His web site doesn’t do it justice. The live callers are the best (comedy gold, Jerry, comedy gold!).


When will these sub-defectives learn that Hitler banned abortion?

Exactly. Hitler banned abortion and contraception — for the desirable persons, anyway.


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