Maybe we care after all…

Earlier this week we saw a reference to the Koufax awards. We paid no attention, assuming it was just some other pointless award of no interest to us. Learning that they are awards for the “best of the left” blogs did little to change our interest (that’s how we are, what can we say.) And so we continued not caring, until (wait for it!) we noticed that someone had nominated us for “best new blog” and someone else put us down for “best writing.” Then we started caring a lot.

Once we completed this trifecta by nominating ourselves for funniest post (The Dickification of the Western Female) our level of interest skyrocketed.

There are many (much more deserving) blogs nominated, but if we learned anything in 2000 it’s that sometimes the less deserving, less articulate, unelectable, miserable failure of a candidate wins. With your help, Sadly, No! can become the George W. Bush of the Koufax awards.


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