Why I like Rachel Maddow

She’s able to be forceful and confrontational without shrieking and craziness. Compare and contrast with, say, this:

I still laugh my ass off when Malkin says, “There’s only one whore on this split screen, Mr. Shabazz, and it’s YOU!!!!” Ah, memories.


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Frum’s face seems made of soft putty, or butter left to sit in a warm room.

What a wanker.


Answer the question SIR…


Maddow schooled him.


After eight years of Frum and his cohorts at the AEI calling any dissenters “traitors” and questioning their patriotism, now he wants to play nice.

Fuck off, Frum.


Ms Malkin always has such class…


While I was watching that clip over at Crook & Liars, the first thing that sprang to mind about Frum was “concern troll.” Thank you, Sadly, No, for enriching my vocabulary!


Every time I see a clip of Malkin, I’m reminded of Invasion of the Body Snatchers – the scenes in which the aliens in human form do the maniacal keening thing while pointing at the real human as if screeching, “HE’S NOT ONE OF US!!! GET HIM!!!”

Trilateral Chairman

Comical. He tried to pull a Jon Stewart and failed entirely.


ask not for whom the frum trolls. he trolls for thee.


Well, Frum has a point. It does seem sometimes irresponsible to be making fun of the self-delusional bullshit policies that Frum himself has espoused that have damn near permanently fucked the entire world.

On the other hand, addressing them logically and rationally and unhumorously has never worked.


Do you think David Frum was aware of all Rachel Maddow traditions? Lol! Obviously not. On point discourse, no end runs or obfuscations allowed. And throw in the related joke here or there. David Frum, flag on the play! A right wing ballon in slow pinhole deflation. Hissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


Rachel Maddow is cool. She didn’t back down, and Frum ended up squirming. The poor sap clearly is not used to having his assumptions questioned.


Wow. What an insufferably smug and pointless little shitbag that guy is. Rachel Maddow is the best. Thanks for posting this.

And also thanks, I guess, for the reminder of what an insufferably horrid and hateful little snotbag that Malkin thing is. I’d almost forgotten.


Doesn’t Maddow know that TV Pundits are supposed to unquestioningly support the “Both sides do it!! Bipartisanship, bipartisanship NOW!!” screeching that is to be operative whenever the Democrats manage some modicum of power?

It’s like they didn’t give her the manual or something.


Now Frum is a classic axample of the more you get it wrong, the more you get invited onto the TV, but why does Shabazz get a free pass for calling her a political prostitute? What civility is to be expected after that?
My skin is crawling from the unusual sensation of having any sort of empathy toward the shrill, unhinged MM, but still… Rachel is the only one of the four I see doing anything admirable.

The Goddamn Batman Frequently Fights Those With Unfortunate Appearances

Well, Frum has a point.

The haircut covers it nicely, though, don’t you think?


Man, Rachel Maddow is really incredible. All I can think watching clips like that is “wow, I sure would fuck this up if that were me.”

Everyone please read my blog that talks about similar things thanks so much?



That Malkin bit is pure. comedy. gold.


All optics all the time for concern-school wingnuts.

Media reports of eliminationist yahoos have suddenly ruined Frum et al’s chances of being taken seriously as they alert the world to the dangers of creeping socialism and foreign appeasement that will surely follow a Democratic sweep.

But really it’s the fault of snarky liberals and their disrespectful tone these last 7.5 years. Otherwise Sarah Palin would have never been so emboldened as to whip up tribalist fury with dogwhistle attacks on Obama’s race, religion and character.

Not exactly a shorter David Frum, but the best I can gather from his hangdog blithering.


I think the point is that Malkin and Shabazz deserve each other. If you invite Shabazz on your show, you should pretty much expect what you get. Malkin intended for him to insult her so she could (once again) play the conservative victim of left-wing intolerance.


The poor sap clearly is not used to having his assumptions questioned handed to him.

Better, no?


Not that Shabazz is even really left wing, the nationalism thing is sort of a disqualifier there.


Ahhh so the party that cultivated the atmosphere of hate-mongering for sixteen plus odd years now wants to play nice and be “thoughtful.”

Yeah, thanks but no thanks. At least not without genuine groveling and pleading for forgiveness first, and that only for the laughs.

Freichtard: “I’m sorry, libs, for all these of calling you a freedom hater. Pleeease, pleeease, let’s be serious!”

Libs: “Hahahahahahaha!!!”


why does Shabazz get a free pass

He doesn’t. Enjoy the pie-fight between lunkheads.


Shorter David Frum:
You are just as bad as the worst of our side. What? No, I don’t mean that. You’re not as bad. Not at all.
You are just as bad as the worst of our side. What? did I say it again? I didn’t mean it.



The strike went right through ‘questioned’ in preview…

Not worth trying again.



why does Shabazz get a free pass for calling her a political prostitute?

Because she is?


The Frum-bag obviously doesn’t watch Maddow’s show. She consistently uses satire after laying out the facts. This is just another example of consistently wrong wingnut whiners equating pointing and laughing at their idiocy, to THREATS OF FUCKING VIOLENCE.

Poor Frum-bag is being oppressed by the mean Rachel Maddow (who is a lesbian!!!!1)


The only thing Rachel Maddow and Michelle Malkin have in common is that their last names begin with M.

Screamin’ Malkin isn’t in Maddow’s universe, let alone her league.


Malkin on Maddow’s show – now THAT would be TeeVee worth watching. I’m sure she’d be delighted to make her case on Maddow’s show & defend her unconscionable gibberish against someone who’s obviously her intellectual superior for 10 minutes or so – if Malkin wasn’t such a totally spineless coward, I mean.

Just tell the floor-crew to make sure & fit Michelle with a no-bite-collar first.


The strike went right through ‘questioned’ in preview…

Not worth trying again.

Although you used to have to type strikeout, now it’s just strike, I think.

We’ll see.



Heh, indeed. I tried to post right after that strike comment and FYWordPress said, “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”

That’s the first time that bastage WordPress gave me that message! I’d love to slap WP across the face and challenge it to a duel.


It really pisses me off that NPR goes to Frum for commentary day after day.


Yeah. I type, proofread, rewrite just barely fast enough to keep myself from dozing off between keystrokes (which makes it particularly excruciating when a typo or grammar error or fucked up tag gets through anyway), and yet I’ve received that “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” message several times.

I figure WP is either in the john or has stepped outside for a quick smoke and just hung that sign up while it’s away.

Either that or I’ve somehow become Kwai Change Commenter without knowing it.


I love Rachel Maddow so much I wish she would consider switching teams, just once.


I love Rachel Maddow so much I’M ready to switch teams.

Teh Great Gazoogle

Results 1 – 10 of about 73 for “Rachel Maddow” “I’d hit it”


Buskertype, you win. MzNicky, I’m with you. Maddow is teh hawt – there’s nothing like a smart, politically savvy, mouthy woman to make me wish I was a lesbian.

Obviously Malkin doesn’t do it for me.

Big Bad Bald Bastard

I just wish Rachel had taken Frum to the woodshed as soon as he mentioned Wolfowitz. F-in’ Wolfie has been wrong about everything, and no more deserves to be taken seriously than Bozo, or Frum.

Also, call me guilty of lookism, but Frum totally has that Bill Kristol grimace/smirk thing going on. It’s clear that they were engendered in the same vat of protoplasm in the Cato Institute basement.


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