Yummy yummy yummy, I’ve got Sadly in my tummy

Warning: By our standards, this post is actually pretty serious. Consider yourself warned.

Well, the most observant among you, our dear and esteemed readers, have likely noticed a couple of new people have been contributing to Sadly, No! of late. Brad R. started messing with the place when we left for CeBIT, and Gavin M. (no relation to Pete M.) made his first post on Friday.

If the emails we’ve received so far are any indication, you believe they are both fine people with small penises who need all the AbsorbShun they can get their hands on. And S,N! is well known in the field of blogging for being a good source of penis enhancing material. So the marriage is, in effect, a great one. Brad and Gavin will help us offer something that was, until now, impossible: instead of one man offering sub par material on a semi-regular basis, you will now have 3 men offering sub par material on a totally regular basis. How much would you pay for this service? If you answered nothing you’re in luck because that’s how much we’re asking you to pay (and how much we’re paying Brad and Gavin.)

Why didn’t we look for women to provide some balance? Well, it’s true what they say about funny women: the good one is taken. The ones that are free tend to be funny in that unintentional sort of way that probably isn’t right for Sadly, No! at this time. (Besides, Susan Estrich won’t return our calls.)

We won’t be going away (sadly!) although what we said a few days ago is true: with the scheduled birth of our first child in June, chances are our time will be somewhat limited. We didn’t want to say anything about it until now to postpone the unavoidable parade of “So, have you caught the guy who did it?” Now that you do know however: send in the clowns.

In addition to new writers, we’ll also be tweaking the design of the site and will (at last) bring back the style switcher feature so that those who prefer dark-on-light no longer have to suffer from our fondness for light-on-dark. The redesign will also incorporate the first ever S,N! logo, because having someone do that for us proved to be a great deal easier than writing new and witty material for the site. Take it as a “sorry we’re not funny anymore” token apology.

Well, that’s it from us. Flame on!


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“sorry we’re not funny anymore”



Sometimes I feel like a woman, Seb.


Yeah, Seb, I consider myself a lesbian with a permanent strap-on…


Where’s Pete, btw? Everybody knows that when a cartoon series hits its crappy, low-budge end-phase, there are supposed to be three little comedy nephews….


Brad and Gavin: you two are scaring me!


If it’s okay, Seb, I’ll send in the child support via paypal. Thanks for being such a sport about this, and dont blame the kid for having red hair.


You homos don’t have any room to rag on Cody and Chad from Janicek Online. Not only is their website better, but they make valid points that are backed up by fact, not mindless aggression. Take some notes.


Take a look at this video and tell me who’s participating in “mindless aggression.”


How did he know we were homos?


Not me, I mean. But you guys.


“You homos…[practice] mindless agression”

Jesus…Jesus…Jesus Fucking Christ on a stick. It is so true: irony is wasted on the stupid.

I swear, a significant portion of my countrymen are nothing but drooling zombies.


Excuse me, but the penis enhancer stuff just isn’t working. I don’t wanna hear anything about being a woman and all. You said in your brochure that it would help anyone grow a penis. You didn’t say I had to have one first.

I feel so used.


Gotta love it when the wingnuts chip in their mindless criticism.


Congrats! Will baby’s arrival cut down on your blogging? Sadly, No! When baby can walk and climb – that will cut down on your blogging.


Seb, the Steve Guttenberg of blogging.


I’m just glad to hear that you’ll now be “totally regular.” Irregularity can be such a pain in the ass.


I hate this!!!!!!!!!!!grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!


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