I Predict a Riot

(UPDATE!!! We got video!!)

Via Drudge, we learn that Ann Coulter’s still getting heckled at her university lectures:

Above: Ann threatens to crush liberals with her genetically-engineered bionic man hands.

Ann Coulter causes stir at KU Heckling, standing ovations interrupt right-wing commentator

By Mike Belt, Journal-World

Conservative columnist and author Ann Coulter was greeted with a mixture of standing ovations and heckling after she took center stage Tuesday night at Kansas University’s Lied Center.

Ann Coulter talking at the Lied Center… if that ain’t poetic justice, I don’t know what is…

As soon as she stepped up to the microphone, Coulter fired off one zinger after another about liberalism while promising to answer questions from left-wing members in the audience who could "thrash their way to a coherent thought."

Right-wing audience members, on the other hand, could spout whatever inarticulate gobbledygook they wanted, as Ann fielded questions from Kaye Grogan (who stood up and said, "Ann I, just wanted, to quote, the Bible… and say quote, ‘This above all to thine, own self be true,’ unquote.") and Pastor Joseph Grant Swank (who muttered something about "womb babies slaughtered with hands of murderers global").

"I’ve come to find I like liberals a lot more," Coulter said early in her speech. "They’re kind of cute when they’re cold, shivering and afraid."

I think she’s referring to the time she sodomized Alan Colmes with a glow stick.  She even wrote a song about it (to the tune of "Sittin’ in a Tree"):

"Ann bends Alan over her knee,

A-S-S R-A-P-E…"

OK, back to our story:

Coulter received several standing ovations during her speech, but she also found herself interrupted several times by a small, scattered group of hecklers.

"I think there are some people in the audience who meant to be at the sexual reorientation class down the hall," Coulter said, in response to the heckling.

And since Ann looks like a sex change operation gone horribly, horribly wrong, I can see how they’d get confused.

Moments later Coulter stopped and called for assistance from students when hecklers started in again and no one of authority was seen trying to stop them.

"Could 10 of the largest College Republicans start walking up and down the aisles and start removing anyone shouting?" Coulter asked. "Otherwise, this lecture is over."

Ooooo, "ten of the largest College Republicans!"  While we don’t know how beefy the college Republicans are KU actually are, we can look at some other prominent campus Republicans to get a feel for the kind of burly studs those liberals were up against.  Check out these fearsome Republican hunks:

From left: John Plecnik, Rudy Takala, Ben Shapiro and Isaiah Sterrett.

OK, so they’re not as fearsome as I thought.

But now that I think about it, it’s no wonder young Republicans have a thing for Ann Coulter.  Even though they talk tough, most of them are just sensitive flowers longing to be scooped up with her protective man-hands and nuzzled by her throbbing Adam’s apple.


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Am i the only one think Michael Jackson look and act scary?


The Kaiser Chiefs? Honestly, Seb…

In any case, why does that pic of Ann make her look like she’s up against a wall, getting a big, black, liberal night-stick in her scrawny ass?

Or is she begging for a feeding tube?


Uhm I believe *I* wrote that entry, not Seb (whose been mysteriously absent of late…)

And there’s nothing wrong with the Kaiser Chiefs. (Except that they’re a complete rip-off of the Clash. But as Grandpa Simpson said, “Everything nowadays is a rip-off of something else… the fax machine is just a waffle iron with a phone attached.”)


There’s this great video clip I saw somewhere of Ann delivering her harangue somewhere and someone runs up on stage to throw a pie in her face.

For just a moment, in her confusion as to what was happening, she had the most perfect expression of pure terror on her face. She actually jumped back and sort of, well, “squeaked” I guess is the best way to describe it; then she threw her hands up to guard against whatever was coming. Sadly, it was just a pie.

But the moment was precious nonetheless


Since I happen to know it’s pronounced the LEEDS center, the joke is lost.

Re the pie, remember, it’s not funny. It will NOT make you die chortling.



Appy-polly-logies accepted πŸ˜‰

“Since I happen to know it’s pronounced the LEEDS center, the joke is lost.”

And since I didn’t know that (and will pretend I didn’t see your comment), the joke is still funny πŸ˜‰


Speaking of pies, I hear that Kristol got pied successfully whilst giving a talk at some university or other.


John Altevogt, a conservative GOP activist from Wyandotte County, also welcomed Coulter.

“Ann Coulter is logical, rational and an independent thinker,” he said. “In essence, everything the left hates in their womenfolk.”

That was by far the best line in the article. If I weren’t so lazy, I’d criticize the content of that quote… but instead, I’ll just point and laugh about someone using the word “womenfolk” (and laugh twice as hard that it is a reference to Ann Coulter).


That’s right- we Lefties hate strong-willed, independant women.
Those damn feminazis and their attempts to get all women back in bonnets and floor length dresses and back in the house, cooking and cleaning as God intended…


“I’ve come to find I like liberals a lot more,” Coulter said early in her speech. “They’re kind of cute when they’re cold, shivering and afraid.”

I had no idea that information on the political affiliation of Abu Ghraib prisoners even existed. mAnn sure has ‘her’ connections.


Yes, there’s nothing more to digest after seeing ‘womenfolk’ in that quote.


Well, the joke wasn’t entirely lost…
I’m just sorry that my alumnifolk weren’t capable of doing something more amusing or shaming to Ms. Coulter.


Question someone should ask Coulter at her next forum:

Are you not in fact the real-life role model for Christina Ricci?s character in The Ice Storm?


it is a pleasure to see that ms. coulter is symbolizing all the refined dignity republicans can muster.
the verbal harangues against people of opposing opinions [which as a leftist i do find impolitic–there is a venue–she should be verbally ‘corrected during q & a], the plea for a mob of ‘right-thinking’ [sorry for the pun] bullies to correct dissent…
she sounds great.
it is obvious she embodies the best republicanism has to offer.

this is a threat to liberal thought, why?


I wish I could find that clip of Ann and the attempted entartage I always get a kick watching her clomp away like a Clydesdale.


Your wish is my command.

I’m pretty sure I can hear some applause right as it (almost) happens. Terrifying!


Credit where it’s due, Brad; Unapologetic Atheist and I posted this story first.

Incidentally, I understand the College GOP muscle, while not scrawny and weak like your typical Young GOPers, were just as cowardly.


“this is a threat to liberal thought, why?”

When someone with Ann Coulter’s history of vile and bigoted comments gets treated as a legitimate columnist and speaker rather than as a fanatic and nutcase, it helps to push the envelope of what is acceptable in public discourse. How would we respond to a Muslim who called on Muslims to attack the US, assassinate our leaders, and convert us to Islam? Was her comment wishing that Timothy McVeigh would have attacked the New York Times building any less horrific than what Ward Churchill said? Her comparison of the Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident to National Geographic was racist and highly offensive. And almost every week she demonizes liberals as pro-terror and America-hating, and trivializes prison abuse and civilian casualties. Yet she is welcomed as a speaker on Fox News and at major conservative gatherings, and no major Republican official has ever condemned anything she said.


I attended KU for a year. I can honestly say that, hearing the story of the heckling of Ann Coulter, I’m proud of my brief tenure as Jayhawk.

I must confess, though, that those photos of the big, bad campus Republicans make me feel all shivery, cold and afraid. I think I might have send my four-year-old neice in to kick their butts.


Doesn’t really matter it “Lieds” is pronounced “Leeds,” because this is a visual medium, and anyone not familiar with the name will get the joke.

But Coulter is the real joke.


Make that, “Doesn’t matter IF Lieds is pronounced Leeds…”


She’s been going around accusing us of treason and worse for years. As far as I’m concerned, those are fighting words. The closer this fight gets to the streets, the happier I get.


I was there, and it wasn’t the little College Republicans who came to bounce us– but they weren’t so large that I couldn’t stand up and explain that they WOULD have to come through me to get to the hecklers down my row. I’m only 5’9″ tall and 165 pounds, and there were six guys facing me down on my end, and at least another ten on the other end of the row where most of the hecklers were.

I cover it here:


ms. coulter is just a symptom of dramatic systemic flaws. particularly in the education system, but i shouldn’t get started about the ‘dumbing down of america,’ cultural indoctrination, and the methodology of social acculturation as a means to achieving conformity, as i could talk all night about those things…
jefferson had his ‘marketplace of ideas,’ and i believe it to be correct [still]. good ideas rise to prominence and the foolish or ill-favored ideas sink, to be recycled into something better or raised, only to be dismissed, yet again.
fact: she has a right to be wrong and bleat her hatred and vitriol as much as she’d like. it’s appalling, but we must be mindful; censorship has yet to be a positive thing in any liberated civil culture. i would fight to the death, even with my pacifist leanings, for everyone to have their say, whether they be total idiots, reprobates, or actual post-enlightenment thinkers like many here seem to be.

i guess that makes me a better patriot than her, but…

she is her own worst enemy. time is not on her side; ms. coulter may be in a state of ascension now, but she is not in the right, and as the pendulum shifts, she is sure to be a casualty.

so, i restate:
she is a threat to liberal thought, why?

[have a great night everyone.]


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Ann Coulter is being treated like a real intellectual. Several universities, including Kansas University and Vanderbilt University, invited her to speak, as if Republican Barbie on Crack were a deep thinker. You can call Ann Coulter a lot of things,…


I guess there are only a few good-looking Republican guys like Todd Palin. It seems like most handsome guys are Democrats and liberal. πŸ™


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