Mr. Smith acknowledges me in his latest column (emphasis added):

From the land of fake boobs and real a**holes, leftists should just follow the MTV polls and change the constitution so that Ozzy can finally be recognized as their true leader.

As you no doubt remember, I advocated making Ozzy a party leader just the other week.

The cat-and-mouse game can only continue for so long, “Mr. Smith…” I WILL discover your secret identity, one way or another…


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I’m always up for forwarding links (Ozzy Osbourne’s invitation to the National Press Correspondents’ Dinner, banter with GW Bush) to people in the hopes that spontaneous cranial combustion will result.


I’m still backing Jizzy Pearl as our Wanted Man.

“…irrelevant doors of the UN…”

Perhaps Mr. Smith is Pastor Swank? He certainly has a misplaced problem with adjectives…


having just read mr. smith’s posting, i can not help but be frightened. people of that stripe just scare me, rarely examining their personal belief-systems and readily incorporating ‘top-down’ dogma into their thinking as though it were seamless and not at all hypocritical or problematic.
i hate to slander others, but it seems he would be happy goose-stepping into the future like a good germa–i mean, american.

i did send him a note suggesting he seek the help of a professional counsellor [not a priest].


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