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David “The Lion’s Share” Frum asks:

Did Maureen Dowd of the New York Times really compare Terri Schiavo to the corpse in the weird-teen comedy, “Weekend with Bernie?” [sic]

The answer is:

The scene on Capitol Hill this past week has been almost as absurdly macabre as the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s,” with Tom DeLay and Bill Frist propping up between them this poor woman in a vegetative state to indulge their own political agendas.

We copy and paste, you decide.


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“There may be a 70% majority in favor of letting a loving, caring husband remove a feeding tube from a vegetative wife. But let American women get the idea that Schiavo cared a lot more about his $700,000 malpractice award than he did about Terri ? and that majority will flip fast.”

Shorter David Frum: the best way to get people to agree with us is to lie about Michael Schiavo and insinuate he’s a gold-digger who tried to strangle his wife.


Man David “my mother is a saint but i’m a smug ass” Frum needs his canadian citizenship revoked on the grounds that he’s a war criminal or something


Oh, and I’d be remiss to not point out this dandy from Adam Graham:

“President Bush talks about a respect for human life in terms that make us think Christ’s return may come sooner.”

Actually, I agree with him- when I hear Bush talk, I think about the apocalypse too.


The answer is, sadly, Yes!

Or rather, Awesomely, Yes!


not directly, but it sure sounds like she did. and god bless her for it. just cause frum sucks at the same teat as those clows grandstanding with this schaivo thing, doesn’t mean maureen wasn’t right in her analogy.


Isn’t it “Weekend at Bernie’s” anyway? Jesus, this guy could use culture tips from Doug Giles.


So is Frum proposing a corollary to Godwin’s Law? Is he saying the first pundit to mention “Weekend at Bernie’s” loses the argument?


I made this analogy the other day . . . my mom was shocked and gasped at first, but then agreed. “They’re dragging her around like they own her, like she’s a ventriloquist dummy,” she said.

Go mom.


Dowd’s comparison is precisely spot on.

And Mrs. Schiavo’s parents are ghouls.


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