My wallet’s gone! My wallet’s gone!

RIP, Barney Martin:

LOS ANGELES ( Barney Martin, who played Jerry Seinfeld’s father Morty on more than 20 episodes of “Seinfeld,” died on Monday (March 21) at the age of 82.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Martin suffered from cancer.


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I do remember that there was a different father in the first season. Even more interesting is that the woman who played the mother (Liz Sheridan) was engaged to James Dean back in the day.

Bury me in the beltless trenchcoat!


If ever there was a Barney Martin, Barney Martin was he. And you haven’t been to bizarro world until the day arrives when you’re watching one of the episodes set in Mr. and Mrs. Seinfeld’s Florida retirement community while staying at your parents’ place in a Florida retirement community. Multitudes of Jack Klompuses (Klompi?). RIP Barney Martin, in the eternal happiness of Del Boca Vista (Phase LXXXII).


“Take the pen.”

He was a good one. Look him up on and you’ll see he had a long and distinguished career.


These are some comfortable pants!

Tell him to eat a plum!

Too bad…


He also played Amos Hart to Gwen Verdon’s Roxie in the original Broadway version of “Chicago”.


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