Back Again

Since Seb’s still recovering from his double-penis operation, he’s asked me to stick around for a while to help keep Sadly, No! fresh and AbsorbShunny.

I’ve decided not to blog about Terri Schiavo.  It’s too depressing, and I only blog to have fun- you know, the same reason Judson Cox dresses his pet hamsters in Barbie clothes and sends them on play dates.

But since every wingnut site is Schiavo-obsessed this week, the pickings for Grade-A right-wing tomfoolery are very slim indeed.

Desperate for something to laugh about, I decided to check out NewsMax to see if they had posted any funny new ads.  This one caught my eye:

As S.Z. has pointed out, it seems like every ad on NewsMax is marketing something that CRAZY Left-Wing Liberals/Hillary Clinton/The Mainstream Media DON’T want you to see.  Speaking as a CRAZY Left-Wing Liberal, I don’t really care if NewsMax readers learn the secrets of having ancient Chinese sex or earning "Wealth Beyond Dreams of Greed," but I guess it helps them sell their products.  Maybe Jeff Gannon would have made more money if he’d taken out a NewsMax ad with the caption, "Dan Rather Does NOT Want You to Toss This Man’s Salad!!"

At any rate, I clicked on the ad’s link and it took me to the site of "Jason Juliano."  And because Jason knows the grave personal risk we took by clicking on the site that Hillary had forbidden us to visit, he wrote us this swell letter:

Dear Friend,

The crazed left-wing "tree hugging" liberals don’t want you to be rich!

To be fair, most of us crazed left-wingers are too busy having butt sex with potted plants to care about the personal fortunes of NewsMax readers.

They want you to believe that if you make a buck, some else loses.

And since Jason’s whole career revolves around making a buck off losers, he knows what he’s talking about.

If making money offends you, then stop reading right now – because that’s what this free course is about. Frankly, I’m not one of those "money is the root of all evil" liberals. I’m not a Birkenstock wearing hippy that lives in a grass hut.

That’s good to know, because I don’t even think NewsMax readers are dumb enough to take financial advice from someone who lives in a grass hut.

I think money is important in life. It’s what feeds your family, puts a roof over your head, and money is also what buys you luxuries and freedom in life!

So for years, the liberal media tricked NewsMax readers into thinking money wasn’t important, which is why most of them are flat broke and live in grass huts.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I specialize in making ordinary people, extraordinarily wealthy.

"I don’t know shit, about comma placement but I can STILL make, you RICH!"

I want to show you how to line your pockets with an additional $300,000 ? $500,000 per year (or more) with a NEW extremely profitable revenue stream. Give me a few minutes of your time, and in a FREE instantly-downloadable online course, I?ll show you a whole new approach to real estate investing that takes NO money, NO financial risk, and you can do it WITHOUT using your credit.

So Jason wants to tell us how to invest in real estate without using any actual money or credit.  Since this violates just about every economic principle I can think of, I’m going to guess his plan either involves stealing or selling your children into slavery…

This will NOT take a lot of time! If you can ?afford? an extra 1-2 hours per week, you can easily add an additional $25,000.00 or more to your monthly income. (That?s $300,000.00 a year! What can you do with an extra $300,000.00 this year? Buy a new car? A new house? Pay off some bills? Take the family on that dream vacation? I?m sure you can make the list of things to do with your new found wealth!)

OK this doesn’t make sense.  If everyone in the country followed Jason’s plan and made an extra $300,000 a year, government tax revenues would go through the roof, allowing us craaaaaazy liberals to fund all the zany tree-huggin’ social programs we wanted.  So really, regardless of what he tells you, I *do* want you to take Jason’s advice.

This is NOT about personally guaranteeing any debt, either. You don?t need to spend any of your own money and you won’t risk your credit? If you don?t put up any money and don?t use your credit ? what do you have to loose? NOTHING!

You?ll learn how to make large 5-figure (and 6-figure) profits on every real estate deal you do? and you?ll get it all and get it in cash ? not wait for the money over time. And I can even show you how to put everything on autopilot so you only need to spend at most 1-2 hours a week.

"I can teach you how to spin gold from a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch!  Then I’ll show you how planting magic beans in your great grandmother’s rotting corpse can make you a FORTUNE!"

At any rate, you can download Jason’s FREE real estate course here if you want.  As for me, I think I’m gonna bow out.  While the extra $300k a year sounds nice, I’m still scared about what Dan Rather and Hillary will do to me if they find out…


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You don?t need to spend any of your own money and you won’t risk your credit? If you don?t put up any money and don?t use your credit ? what do you have to loose? NOTHING!

As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.


Very good research Nuke Cop-

I like this line in particular-

“Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.”

Meaning, your success depends on the fact that you’re not an average NewsMax reader… but please send us money anyway.


If it’s so great why is he not using it himself? I’m too scared of Hillary to find out.


To be a complete pedant:


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In a loose manner.


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Hey I tried, his course, and it WORKED!!! Now I make $300-500k a year and my penis has TRIPLED in size too!


A similar pitch appeared in my in box a few weeks back, but the sender’s name was Archibald Wang and he was hawking toner cartidges.


This is a pyramid selling scam, right?


I would find his business plan more believable ifn he moved to Nigeria and then contacted me. I only do this kind of business with my Nigerian busness partners. I know that the American ones are scam artists.


I prefer the program where I avoid the risks of weight training and bulk up like James Guckert on an all-semen diet.


And you can buy all the cheap Xanax and porn and cut-rate mortgages and fake Rolexes you could ever want!


Yes, on my blog I recently noted an ad on NewsMax that had the following text “Imagine, No More heartbreak from women ever. . . using these forbidden attraction secrets the liberal media is terrified you’ll discover.” read about it here:


…double penis operation…Upon reading that, I instantly flashed back to the movie City Slickers and the quote “I’m happier than a puppy with two peters.” Here’s hope that Seb will be as happy.


Actually, if you read the article you’ll learn that Seb’s wife was horrified by the second dong, and now he’s getting it sawed off in an effort to win her back. He’d better hurry up, though, cuz I heard Judson Cox has the hots for her, and that man ALWAYS gets what he wants… (note: just kidding Mrs. Seb!)


They don’t call him Judson “Cocks” Cox for nothing, ya know. Nope, they call him that just to see him cry.And Brad, I think by now we all know that I don’t read anyone’s postings so much as I just giggle and type whatever my inner 8-year-old tells me at that moment. I thought that was pretty clear. Poop! Heh, heh…that never gets old!


Stupid winger.

It’s not MAKING the money that is bad, it’s what you DO with it.

Buying african diamonds for instance. pretty, bloody.

selfish twit, I be he owns a lot of gold, no, I will bet he SELLS a lot of gold….

and bridges.


It’s pretty clear what this is going to be. You will be instructed in the fine art of setting up a website and posting ads to sell exactly the same pitch to other poor slobs. I love a good pyramid scheme.


What a strange, contrarian universe these wingnuts inhabit. I am so confused.

“Hillary Clinton doesn’t want you to read this…” So it must be good then. Quick, read it before the Hildebeast can stop you!

Why does Hillary want me to be poor? What did I do to her? I don’t even know the woman for God’s sake. Jesus, can’t she leave me alone? I would be rich if the fucking Hillary just kept her nose out of my business. Why does she hate me?


Very nice site!


Very nice site!


Very nice site!


Very nice site!



I invested a large sum of money on a house with Jason Juliano of Western New York Homebuyers, LLC. with a promissary note stating he’d pay interest and return the investment within a year.

To make a long story short:
1. Jason Juliano used his disappearing act. He took in money from me and then was GONE. When I finally got hold of him (after MONTHS of unreturned phone calls and emails) all I heard were promises to pay me back. I’ve lost the entire investment of about $30,000 due to his incompetence on paying the contractor BEFORE work was done and the contractor running off with the money, so he says. It has become more clear to me where the rest of the money may have went when he said “the reason he didn’t call back was he was on vacation several times.”

2. Jason Juliano claims the contractor lost other investor’s money, but not mine so this must mean he spent/kept my money designated for house repairs (and never placed in an escrow account) without consulting me.

3. Started selling advice on how to profit in real estate courses based on his blunders in an apparent desparate move to recover the lost capital from his failed “rehab” business.

4. Seems to get a thrill out of deceiving and tricking people which might explain why he’s a magician. He has shown little remorse for his trickery and dishonesty to me although he has tried to return a few thousand of the money he stole from me.



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