Why can’t there be some things just for me? Is that so selfish?

You really have to give credit to people who can seriously (?) claim this:

Religious intolerance that has grown since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States and the U.S. invasion of Iraq has especially persecuted Christians, the Rome-based Jesuit magazine, Civilta Cattolica, said this month.

Especially Christians. The mind boggles.

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“These are fictional characters, FICTIONAL CHARACTERS!”

Oy vey. Those accursed conservative bishops make us all (Catholics, that is) look stupid.
I’m surprised and disappointed at the Jesuits though, they tend toward liberalism more (but they are “The Pope’s Men” after all- doing what Daddy- sorry, the people at Daddy’s retirement home want them to do).

I can’t wait for the follow up- Apparently 50% or More of US Catholics Don’t Care


“What would have happened…if a novel had been published that manipulated the history of the Holocaust?” he asked.

Uh…you mean like “Fatherland?” Where Germany won WWII?

The normal, average, mentally-functioning person would probably muse, “Hmmm, that’s an interesting piece of fiction,” and move on with his or her life.

I reiterate: normal, average, mentally-functioning person.


Well, there has been more persecution of Christians – IN IRAQ, SINCE THE INVASION!!!!


“What would have happened if a book like this had been written . . . on Muhammad . . . ?”

That did happen. The book was the Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie, and for his blasphemy the government of Iran issued a fatwa against him calling for his death. Instead, the notoriety only increased the author’s profile and undoubtedly earned him lots more royalties. So there, you stupid ignorant fuck.


“”What would have happened…if a novel had been published that manipulated the history of the Holocaust?” he asked.”

Allow me to speculate on the speculative nature of speculative fiction . . .


“Don’t read and don’t buy ‘The Da Vinci Code.’ “

Don’t worry. I won’t.


Look, as long as some Christians persist in committing acts like flying airplanes
into buildings then we’re just going to have to view them all as possible terrorists.

It’s as simple as that.


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