While we were doing nothing

Happily, others are doing something.

Over at TBOGG, Tom tells Jonah to crawl back into that vagina he came out of:

Jesus. If Jonah was any lazier his wife would have to chew up his food and spit it in his mouth.

At No More Mister Nice Blog, Steve M. (who posts more while bareky out of retirement than we do on a good day,) does a fine job of debunking some spin:

She’s absolutely right. And it’s a vital distinction. Now and for the foreseeable future, no one’s going to get up at a Republican convention and make a speech the central thrust of which is opposition to the Iraq war, or support for higher taxes, or advocacy of gay marriage or abortion rights. Everyone knows that. Thus, in order for the Casey story to retain potency, it must appear that the party kept him off the stage because of his beliefs, not because the point of his speech was to rebuke to the presidential nominee on a key issue.

Tim Lambert does what Tim Lambert does best: make John Lott look like a dumbass:

Lott is wrong to say that these people used guns to stop the attacks. In all three cases the shooter had already stopped and was trying to leave the scene of the crime. In the last case, the defenders? guns did not have much of a role since Odighizuwa was out of ammunition, had put his gun down and had to be physically tackled.

Finally, The All Spin Zone has the latest news from Senator Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog:

No, even that is a lie, as Santorum has been greeted by hecklers at nearly every stop on his Town-hall speaking tour, including one in Warminster, a Philly suburb. I heard also from a witness at Drexel University that Santorum was received by a raucus crowd against his proposal — she told me the report by the Daily Pennsylvanian understated the protest a great deal. Hey, maybe the results of Santorum’s own online poll tells us the truth.


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Odd that you should say that last bit should be coming from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. One of allspinzone’s regular readers goes by that nickname, and he even used to have a blog by the same name.

Boy that guy is funny. I still run across him at a Philadelphia Eagles message board.


Tsk, tsk, poor bit of blogwhoring over at Tim Lambert’s place, Seb. Mention the third item when you were in the comments relating to the second item? [mild slap on Seb’s wrist with ruler]


And I’m a farking idiot. I didn’t count TBogg’s smackdown of The Spawn Of Lucianne’s Loins, so that’d be third = fourth, and second = third.


I think Santorum scrubbed the poll from his site after it reached over 75% against SS “reform”


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